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Documents relating to ecclesiastical patronage of Ulceby cum Fordington, East Lindsey, Lincolnshire (Diocese of Lincoln), held in the archives of Balliol College, Oxford

I.4. Ulceby-cum-Fordington

1. Extract from the first codicil to the will of the Rev. W.G. Peacock decd. 1937

2. Conveyance of Advowson – S.B. Carnley and J.A. Staley to Balliol College 1942

3. Indentures between William Massingheed and Thomas Wallis 1702

4. Bargain of sale, Thomas Wallis to Thomas Thompson 1703

5. Settlement, William Dawson to Thomas Williamson 1728

6. Bargain and Sale, William Dawson to Rev. Thomas Thompson 1745

7. Conveyance, Thomas Thompson to Thomas Marwood 1747

8. Fine, Thomas Marwood and Thomas Thompson 1748

9. Conveyance, Thomas Marwood to Edward Bailey 1748

10. Conveyance, Mary Bayley to Henry Colston 1777

11. Release from Rev. Dr. Elliston and others re the will of Henry Colston 1797

12. Release, Rev. H. Kipling to John Kipling 1797

13. Grant of Advowson – John Kipling to John Robinson 1799

14. Copy of will of John Robinson 1810

15. Release for a year, Rev. John Robinson to Mary Preston 1835

16. Mortgage, Rev. John Robinson to Miss Mary Preston 1835

17. Reconveyance, Miss Mary Preston to Rev. J. Robinson 1841

18. Estimated value of Advowson 1842

19. Extracts from Registry of Diocese of Lincoln (2 copies) 1702-1842

20. Letters to Rev. W.A. Peacock from B. Brackenbury 1842

21. Agreement for sale of Advowson: Rev. J. Robinson, Rev. W.A. Peacock to Robinson 1842

22. Grant of next presentation: Rev. Robinson to Rev. G.A. Robinson 1840

23. Bond - Rev. J. Robinson to Rev. W.A. Peacock 1843

24. Declaration of James Bradley 1843

25. Copy of will of Henry Colston 1796

26. Bond. Rev. W.A. Peacock to Thomas Brown 1843

27. Sarah Penelope Robinson, acknowledging deeds 1843

28. Conveyance, Rev. John Robinson to Rev. W.A. Peacock 1843

29. Mortgage, Rev. W.A. Peacock to John Coupland 1853

30. Transfer of mortgage, John and Thomas Brown to Mrs. Mary Brown 1854

31. Conveyance of Fee Farm rent to Rev. W.A. Peacock 1859

32. Transfer of mortgage, Messrs Lambert and others to Mr. Oldman to the use of Mr. Coupland, and reconveyance John Coupland to Rev. W. A. Peacock 1860

33. Conveyance, I.A. Peacock and others to Rev. W.H. Peacock 1878

34. Mortgage, Rev. W.G. Peacock to H.W. Peacock and another 1879

35. Mortgage, Rev. W.H. Peacock to Fred J. Rhodes (1881) and Reconveyance, Fred J. Rhodes to Rev. W.H. Peacock 1892

36. Reconveyance, H.W. Peacock and another to Rev. W.H. Peacock 1892

37. Licence of Rev. W.G. Peacock to Haugh P.C. 1894

Other records

Patronage Papers 61. Ulceby Cum Fordington 1941-1965

  • 1941 Re presentation rights, examination of the exact codicil
  • 1941-1942 As above, copy of deeds, rights on Advowson, references to College seal
  • 1954 Electric supply
  • 1965 Note on documents needed by the Parish

Additional Patronage Papers 12.22 19. Ulceby, Lincolnshire, combined with Willoughby with Sloothby and Claxby

- John Jones

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