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Summary catalogue J5 Bursars' Ledgers etc.

Scope & Content:

one Balliol Bursary springback file of receipted and audited invoices for a three month period of 1922. The file bore labels; (a) inside “Emberlin and Sons College Stationers and Printers 26 Ship Street” ;and (b) on the spine  “1922/From Page 268/To Page 300”; the latter indicate the Bursary Ledger pages to which these invoices correspond. Normally they would not have been retained after audit; this file is a stray survival of what would have been considered administrative ephemera.


acquired from JV Ramsbottom (1961) via JHJ.


1 archive box.

Arrangement and Description:

Each item had been numbered in red  ink between 268 and 300 top right (the relevant corresponding page in the Bursary Ledgers) and showed a blue auditors’ stamp “W,S, & W. 1923”. After separation into groups according to the red ink numbers, the items in each group were numbered by JHJ in pencil near bottom right. Items are currently listed in full for pp.268-281 and in part for pp.282-300.

Invoices for pp.268-273 have been digitised: images online.


Invoices & receipts for p.268

268.01.  Letters and Parcels.

268.02. E Hagger & Son Wholesale Grocers, Conduit St London.

268.03. Trinity College, receipt for damage TT 1922.

268.04. RW Charlett, Islip, Strawberries.

268.05. Mrs Clarke, patching and darning.

268.06.  Emberlin & Son, 15 The Broad.

268.07. Alden & Company, 35 Cornmarket St, printing Brakenbury Society

268.08. CE Ward  for pasting slips in Library Catalogue.

268.09. Thornton & Son, Stewart  Steochemistry for the  Laboratory.

268.10. The Holywell Press, High St , printing for the Musical Society.

268.11. William Evans & Co, Devon Factory Cullompton, 10galls Golden Pippin Cider.

268.12. GW Watson & Son The Turl, light bulbs.

268.13a &13b. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada,  receipts for premiums on policy for Harry G Holton.'

Invoices & receipts for p.269

269.1. List of payments to domestic staff for Luncheons and Valeting , with their names and signatures by way of receipt.

269.2. Mrs Clarke  payments @8d /hr.

269.3. Fines to named Gentlemen for being out after midnight (2s each) April-June 1922. 

269.4. Letters and Parcels.

269.5. University receipt to the Bursar of Balliol for £10, being Annual University Dues compounded  on behalf of Meyrick Heath Carré MA.

There are no receipts for Ledger pages 270-272.

Invoices & receipts for p.273

273.1. Kitchen account charges to AD Lindsay.

273.2. J White & Sons Florists and Green Grocers, Park End .

273.3. Hall the Printer, Queen St.

273.4. Halls Brewery.

273.5. H & G Simmonds. 

273.6. Ditto.

273.7. Ditto.

273.8. Indestructable Paint Company Ltd .

273.9. G Watson & Son.

273.10. Slatter & Rose Ltd, 6 High St.

273.11. Ditto.


273.13. Corporation of Oxford .College water charge June Qtr 1922. £19.15s.7d for  total of 559000 gallons.

Invoices & receipts for p.274.

274.1. Phipps & Co Printers, Gloucester St.

274.2. The Holywell Press.

274.3a-d. E Welford & Son , Coal Coke and Faggot Merchants ,Oxford.

274.4. Alfred Maltby  & Son, St Michaels St.

274.5. Ditto.

Invoices & receipts for p.275.

275.1. Parker and Son Booksellers, 27 Broad Street and 21 The Turl , with sketch map.

275.2. BH Blackwell Booksellers.

275.3a&b. North & Co  Non Alcoholic Beverages , Grandpont.

275.4a&b. The City Typewriter Co

275.5. EH Organ & son ,Motor Proprietors, bus for five Erratics away cricket matches in named local villages June 1922.

275.6&7. Elliston & Cavell .With an image of the shop front, scanned;

275.8a&b.the Oxford Educational Supply  Co, 8 Queen St.

275.9. WH Munsey Limited Oseney Roller Flour Mills, with an image of their works in the heading,  scanned:

275.10. John Mattock Market St, Florist & Fruiters.

275.11-20. Gill and Co.

276.1. H King, assistant serving beer at the Pavilion TT 1922.

276.2. EI Hedderley 9 Market St ,bell rope fixing.

276.3. Walford  & Spokes.

276.4. Joseph Vincent, High St, printing.

276.5. Frank T Long, Broad St, Cutler.

276.6. Clarendon Press.

276.7. Ditto.

276.8. Sheldonian Shorthand and Typewriting Offices, Broad St ,exam papers for Rev MR Ridley.

276.9. GR Cooper St Ebbes, oil.

276.10. Rev HH Gibbon expenses to Marlborough for O’Regans funeral.

276.11. Greatbatch & Co Ltd High St,china and glasses.

276.12. EJ Sawyer for assistance with Battel Book , @1s/hr.

276.13. Dolbear & Goodall “Chymists”, High St.

276.14. Parker and Son, books and journals ( itemized) for the Laboratory.

276.15. Letters and Parcels.

276.16. Goold & Son Coal Factors.

277.1. Corporation of Oxford,  extra rubbish collections @4s/load.

277.2. Oxford Educational Supply Co.

277.3. Ditto.

277.4. Minty, High St ,hire of deck chairs.

277.5. Rowell & Son Ltd , charge for altering clock to Summer Time.

277.6. Mrs Clarke.

277.7. Library subscription to The Hibbert Journal.

277.8. Supplementry vols of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica for the Library (invoiced to AW Pickard Cambridge).

277.9. Alexander Clark Company Limited, Fenchurch R London,engraving 10 doz large teaspoons and 8 doz small teaspoons.

278.1. Letters and Parcels.

278.2. Slatter & Rose.

278.3. Mrs Clarke (signs M Clarke).

278.4. A Bull extra service Board of Education Conference July 1922.

278.5. Ditto for Victoria League tea.

278.6. United Yeast Co Ltd,Clerkenwell London.

278.7. E Hagger & Son.

278.8. F Launchbury reciept to Major Duke  for extra service floor cleaning which he had paid Mrs Clifford.

278.9. S Coolman for overtime Mr Pritchetts Luncheon.

278.10. A Thompson, bprobaly for overtime ,10s.

278.11. Mrs Clarke.

279.1. Letters and Parcels .

279.2. Thomas S Bott MachineJoinery Works, StAldates.

279.3. The City Typewriter Co.

279.4. Ditto.

279.5. Ditto.

279.6 FO Thompson & Co  Ltd , china.

279.7. EW Morris Jun., New Inn Hall St, printing.

279.8a & 8b. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, premium receipts for policies re:  Francis W Butler,Cyril V King, Dennis V Veary, Leslie C Walker,Henry Haynes, Harold Tuckey ,Albert H Bull, John M Butler, Albert HA Pether (Arthur H Pether),Walter Malvern, Percy F Lowe ,Percival Johnson. With two covering letters one of which also mentions a policy for Joseph SE Crawley.

279.9 Mallam Payne & Dorn for various unidentified small items bought at auction.

280.1. Extra service League of Nations Conference.

280.2. Mrs Clarke.

280.3. A Charlett for helping the gardeners 4 days @10s.

281.1. Letters and Parcels.

281.2a-c. James Squire, Queen St ,paints and other decorating materials.

281.3. Gammon Wickes &Co,Frewen Court Cornmarket St , two doz Barsac for the  Common Room.

281.4. A Charlett for helping the gardeners.

281.5. University receipt to the Bursar of Balliol for £10, being Annual University Dues compounded  on behalf of Charles Paton Blacker MA.

281.6. Denny & Co , Soho London for Chefs’ jackets.

For groups 282 -300 the invoices are much as in groups 268-281 ; only items of particular potential interest are noted in detail.

282.5. H Haynes 15s for packing Mr SS Bajpai’s belongings.

282.3 A bull for extra service, Congregational Ministers,League of Nations,Boards  of Education.

283.11.William Owen Ltd Westbourne Grove London, with ami,age of their  premises, scanned:
284.5. Payments to some 30 named staff. MerchantTailors Banquet 12 September 1922, with their signatures by way of receipt.

298.5. HF Dyer Long Vacation professional work in the Library 168 hrs @1s6d.

298.9. Dunn Bennett & Co Ltd., china, with an image of their premises , scanned:

298.10. University of Oxford  to Balliol ; assessment and demand Poor Rate .


- John Jones, New Years Day 2017. Ed & posted by Anna Sander 2017.

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