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AL Smith Collection - Catalogue I.A.8-9

Group I. Historical and Scholarly. (MS, academic and teaching notes.)

A. History

8. "Oliver Cromwell."

Originally No.7 on the "E.L. Morgan" list.

1. TSs of 2 lectures on Cromwell.
i. "Oliver Cromwell Lecture I." 18L.
ii. "Oliver Cromwell Lecture II." Dated 7 May 1918. 18L.

2. AMS notes and drafts.
i. Notes for lecture I. 20L.
ii. Notes for lecture II. 20L.
iii. Notes on Cromwell's life and character. 23L.
iv. "Cromwell Notes. (Various)." 9L.

3. Printed notes-"Cromwell's education had consisted only in sucking the dregs of a besotted fanaticism." 4p.

9. "The Holy Roman Empire: The Empire Under Frederick III, and The Medieval Empire and its Influence on Germany."

Notes for study of the Holy Roman Empire, the Papacy and Europe for the early periods of General History. Originally in two boxes as No.2 on the "E.L. Morgan" list.

1. "Empire and Papacy. Papers by A.L. Smith." A bound set of TS lectures/chapters [?]. Many of the scripts at 2 below are included, and AS's work on the Life of Frederick II (see I A1 above) has many similarities with this set of scripts. 226L. With a duplicate of the chapter on "Heretics."

2. TS lectures, syllabuses etc.
i. "Stages in the fall of the royal power after Henry III's reign." TS notes. 11L.
ii. "Frederick Barbarossa and the German Church." TS lecture [?]. 10L.
iii."Heretics." TS copy of part of the papers at 1 above. 22L in a "William Hunt" cover. Cover inscribed "J.P. Younger." [This suggests this was an undergraduate's "handout" copy.]
iv.AMS draft of the above. 25L.
v. "German History Syllabus. Sigisimund. Austria." TS notes. Dated 7 Nov. 1901. 11L. 3 copies.
vi."Lothar II." TS notes. 3L. 4 copies. 5 copies.
vii. "Empire under Frederick III." TS syllabus and notes. 9L. 2 copies.
viii. "Syllabus." TS notes on Frederick III, the Papacy and the Empire. 14L.
ix. "Reign of Frederick III." TS syllabus and notes. 5L.
x."The Medieval Empire." TS lecture [?] on the character of the Medieval Empire. 24L.

3. General History notebooks.
i.Quarto notebook with notes, draft lectures [?] on European history 1000-1272.
ii."Scheme 1000-1520." Quarto notebook with schemes of tutorials, sources etc for early General History periods.
iii."4th Crusade." Quarto hardcover notebook, mainly with notes on G. Pears' The Fall Of Constantinople.
iv.Quarto exercise book with notes on the church, the Papacy, the Holy Roman Empire.
v."History of Germany." Small notebook with notes from various authors.
vi.Quarto exercise book with notes on Greece from the 10th to the 14th centuries.

4. Large number of loose and bundles of leaves with AMS lecture, teaching, text notes etc.

5. Printed syllabus-"The Mediaeval Empire and its Influence on Germany." By AS. 1L. 3 copies.

6. Undergraduate work, collection papers.
i.Undergraduate's copy of 1i above, in a "William Hunt" cover. Insribed "History. German 1056-1107."
ii. Undergraduate's copy of 1ii above. Inscribed "GCJ. Please return to ALS." 11L.
iii.Undergraduate TS notes on "The Concordat of Worms." Inscribed "J.P. Younger" and "Mr. [W.T.] Monckton" on the cover [both were at Balliol in 1910]. 5L in a "William Hunt" cover.
iv. Notes taken by an undergraduate [?] on Barbarossa and the German church. 2L.
v. "Discuss the statement that Frederick II's Southern Government was an enlightened despotism." TS essay by E. Witham. 10L.
vi.Quarto exercise book with an undergraduate's chronological notes on 12th/13th C. European history. Oct. 1911.
vii.Quarto exercise book with notes on various texts taken by M. Mahmoud. c.1898.
viii."Period II Essays and Notes." Quarto exercise book with General History Period II work by M. Mahmoud. c.1898.
ix. TS collection question paper on 10th and 11th C. German history. 2L. 2 copies and AMS draft version.
x. TS collection question paper on Germany under Frederick II. 2L.
xi. AMS collection question paper on 13th C. German history. 1L.

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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