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AL Smith Collection - Catalogue II.A

Group II. Papers on Public Questions, 1908-1924.

The following material relating to AS's work on various national issues had been arranged in chronological order under each heading by the time that the the "E.L. Morgan" listing was made. This structure has been preserved, and the letter identifiers given to each heading correspond to those on the "E.L. Morgan" list. The Morgan list noted that the material on "Extra-Mural Work" had been arranged with more care - this implies that this material had been used before the Morgan list was drawn up [See II A below].


This material concerns the university extension, the WEA and the tutorial classes movement, and AS's involvment in them. At several places throughout this material, notes in an unidentified hand have been left, noting that material, notably correspondence with various members of the Joint Committee, has been removed for xeroxing. This material does not appear to have been returned. For a full picture of AS's WEA activities, the material in the section on the WEA in the Letters to A.L. Smith should also be consulted.

1. Creation of the Tutorial Classes Committee.

i.Printed notice about the creation of the Tutorial Classes Committee. 1L.
ii.Carbon copy of minutes of the first meeting of the Tutorial Classes Committee. 14 Nov. 1908. 2L.

2. The Joint University/WEA Committee.

i.Printed resolution about the creation of a Joint WEA/University Committee and the nominees to sit on it, including AS. n.d. 1L.
ii.Carbon copy of TS notes on the working and aims of the Joint Committee. 2L.
iii.Minutes of a meeting of the Oxford Section of the Workers' Committee. TS notes in a "University Type-Writing Office" cover. 9 Dec. 1907. 6L.
iv.Printed extract from the Report of the Board Of Education for the year 1906-1907. Concerning the work of the WEA and plans to provide workers' education in Oxford. 19 Dec. 1907. 1L.
v.ALS from Albert Mansbridge, Secretary of the WEA. n.d. 1L. Thanks AS for helping them.
vi.AMS list of "Oxford Acceptances" [to attend a meeting? List includes Sir W. Markby, T.H. Green.] n.d. 1L.
vii.ALS from Ewart Eames to J.A.R. Marriott, Secretary of the University Extension Delegacy. 22 Jan. 1908. 2L. Sends details of his academic career.
viii.TLS from Marriott. 27 Jan. 1908. 1L. About the Westgate papers. Encloses the letter at vii above -is Eames worth considering for a Balliol Exhibition?
ix.ALS from Mansbridge. 29 Jan. 1908. 1L. Tawney is anxious about his appointment [to the Joint Committee?]. Can the Delegacy help?
x. TLS from Mansbridge. 30 Jan. 1908. 1L. News of Tawney's position.
xi. TLS from Mansbridge. 3 Feb. 1908. 1L. Sends an appreciation of a class given by Tawney.
With TS paragraph on Tawney's lecture by L.V. Gill. 1L.
xii. TLS from Mansbridge. 11 Feb. 1908. 1L. Has visited Tawney's classes.
xiii.Memo from Mansbridge about WEA and extension work in other universities. 18 Feb. 1908. 4L with enclosing TLS. 1L.
xiv. AMS note by AS on the WEA situation. 1L.

3. Material concerning WEA/Extension courses, classes etc.

i.ALS from A.E. Zimmern. 7 March [1908]. 1L. Progress with various courses and syllabuses.
ii.Printed letter from Marriot sending a syllabus for a course on Imperial Rome, for which AS is examiner. [c. April 1908?]. 1L.
iii.Syllabus booklet for Extension Lectures on Imperial Rome by Rev. W. Hudson Shaw. 24pp.
iv. AMS notes for Modern English History lectures. 1L.
v. Bundle of annotated/corrected printed syllabuses.
"Politics." 4pp.
"Curriculum for Economics." 4pp.
AMS notes for a Politics syllabus.
"Chief Factors in Modern World History." 8pp. 2 copies (1 with corrections).
vi.Syllabus booklet for Extension Lectures on Dante's Paradiso by P.H. Wicksteed. 1903. 12pp. With notes [not by AS] on the cover on the aim and structure of the course.
vii. ALS from Zimmern. Hopes AS can manage the English History Syllabus. "Wedn." 1L.
viii.ALS from Godfrey R. Benson. 3 March 1908. 1L with envelope. Comments on the contents of various curricula for a WEA conference.
ix. TLS from Mansbridge. 28 March 1908. 1L. Will visit AS.
x. ALS from Zimmern. "Tuesday." 1L. Notes on the work on various courses.
xi. ALS from Zimmern. 15 May [1908]. Wallas' curriculum is ready.

4. The Workings and Finances of the Joint Committee.

i.ALS from W.W. Jackson. 22 May [1908]. Sending an extract of a letter by him re the Extension Delegacy and the Joint Committee - he fears AS and Turner have misunderstood his suggestions.
ii. AMS note from Zimmern. n.d. 1L. Hopes the committee will be given real powers.
iii.ALS from Zimmern. 28 June 1908. 1L. The committee has passed a resolution asking the Oxford Appeal Fund for assistance.
iv.ALS from Zimmern. n.d. 1L. Expenses incurred by the committee.
v.Carbon copy of TL from AL to Lord Balfour. 30 June 1908. 2L. Problems of financing the Joint Committee on Oxford and the Education of Work-people.

5. Meeting of the Joint Committee and Trade Union delegates.

i. ALS from Mrs. Caird. 1 July [1908]. Sorry she cannot attend the meeting.
ii.Printed programme for the meeting of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Oxford. 2 and 3 July 1908. 15pp.

6. Material relating to Ruskin College.

i.Carbon copy of TS notes for the University/WEA Joint Committee about Ruskin College and the University. n.d. 1L.
ii. Catalogue of Ruskin College exhibits at a Franco-British exhibition of 1908. 8p.
With TLS from Bertram Wilson sending the catalogue to AS. 8 July 1908. 1L.
iii. Ruskin College prospectus. n.d. 7pp.
iv.Longer version of the above with text about the aims of the college and the trades of the students. n.d. 10pp.

7. Correspondence from university and WEA committee members, mainly re the appointment of R.H. Tawney [see also A1] and Mr. Lennard.

i. ALS from H.H. Turner. 24 July 1908. 1L. Can AS pass a piece by Turner to Lord Balfour?
ii.ALS from W. Temple. n.d. 1L. Tawney cannot undertake another lecture.
iii.ALS from R.H. Tawney to Zimmern. 6 Oct. 1908. Tawney may apply for a post at Manchester - can the Oxford Committee let him know about his appointment?
iv. ALS from Zimmern. 9 Oct. 1908. Sending the letter at iii above to AS.
v.TLS from Mansbridge. 27 Oct. 1908. The Delegacy needs to decide about Tawney soon.
vi.ALS from Zimmern. 27 Oct. [1908]. About new regulations for the committee. Hopes that Tawney's appointment is being settled at Magdalen.
vii. TL copy from ? to Mansbridge. 3 Nov. 1908. Recommending Lennard as a lecturer.
viii. TL copy from ? to ? [to Zimmern?]. 3 Nov. 1908. Lennard will make a good teacher.
ix.ALS from Zimmern to H.H. Turner. 6 Nov. [1908]. The committee should consider Lennard, who is at Swindon, once Tawney's post is settled.
x. ALS from Zimmern. 11 Nov. [1908]. 11 Nov. [1908]. Is it true that Magdalen have rejected Tawney?

8. Other material.

i. Annual Report of the Derby WEA for 1908. 3pp.
ii. AMS notes [draft of a memo?] by AS on WEA progress. 24 April 1909. 1L.
iii. 3 empty envelopes.

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