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AL Smith Collection - Catalogue II.D1.15-21

Group II. Papers on Public Questions, 1908-1924.

The following material relating to AS's work on various national issues had been arranged in chronological order under each heading by the time that the the "E.L. Morgan" listing was made. This structure has been preserved, and the letter identifiers given to each heading correspond to those on the "E.L. Morgan" list. The Morgan list noted that the material on "Extra-Mural Work" had been arranged with more care - this implies that this material had been used before the Morgan list was drawn up [See II A below].


This material was orginally in 7 boxes and divided into three groups - "The War 1914-1918," "The Deeper Causes of the War" and "Germany, America." These divisions have been preserved.

1. "The War 1914-1918."

These papers were originally in 3 brown boxes. The material concerns AS's belief in Britain's case in the war, and his work to ensure working class support for it, through WEA lectures, papers etc. He was concerned lest the working classes should prematurely demand peace, and he was opposed to the stances that the ILP and the Union of Democratic Control took over the war. The material also follows more general issues of the War, and the problems of education, religion, the Empire etc during and after the War. See also II B4 above for AS's views on the need to spread the message of the war to the working classes.

15. Cuttings on the War, the Empire etc, 1916.

i.Newspaper cutting 1916. A speech by the Australian PM on trade policy.

ii.Newspaper cutting 1916. Labour plans for jobs for demobilised personnel.

iii.From The Daily Dispatch Jan. 1916. Letter defending the Quakers. With envelope marked by an unknown hand "Quakers - Jan. 15, 1916."

iv.From The Daily Chronicle 25 Jan. 1916. On a German map showing lands "stolen" by the British Empire.

v."Appendix to the Weekly Report on the German Papers." 5-12 Feb. 1916. Review of E. Troeltsch's Private Morality and State Morality. 9p.

vi.From The New Statesman 25 March 1916. "Emotional Economics" - on wartime trade.

vii.From The Daily Mail 10 April 1916. Sir L. Chiozza Money on trade policy towards Germany after the War.

viii.From The Nation 1 July 1916. "The Empire Re-Made."

ix.From The Nation 19 Aug. 1916. Review of L. Curtis' The Commonwealth of Nations Pt.1.

x.From The New Statesman 9 Sept. 1916. "India and Imperial Federation."

xi.From The Star [a Canadian paper?] 28 Sept. 1916. A speech by N.W. Rowell in Toronto.

xii.From The Staffordshire Sentinel 17 Nov. 1916. A speech by AS on social problems arising out of the War. 2 copies. With envelope.

xiii.From The Times 9 Dec. 1916. Views of the New Zealand PM on an Empire Council.

xiv.Printed pamphlet on "The Empire Movement." 20p.

16. Material relating to a lecture by AS to the Historical Association on "Historical Fatalism." Jan. 1917. With envelope. [Subsequently re-used/published?]

i.AMS notes/drafts for the lecture. 32L.

ii.Receipt from the William Hunt typing office for the paper. 10 Jan. 1917. 1L.

iii.Printed report of the Historical Association meeting. Feb. 1917. 8pp.

iv.ALS from J. Matthai. 29 Jan. 1917. 1L. Thanks AS for a letter from an old pupil. Has not yet written the piece on India for AS's "Historical Fatalism" paper.

v.AMS notes on "Historical Fatalism - Application to India." By J. Matthai and M.S.A. Hydari. 2 March 1917. 1L.

17. Material relating to a paper given by AS at a conference in Cardiff on "The National Opportunity." 17 Jan. 1917. With envelope.

i.TS and AMS of the section of the paper on "Reconstruction." 10L.

ii.TS of the section of the paper on "Reconstruction - Education." 5L.

iii.Annotated TS of the section on "Reconstruction." 22L (combines the above 2).

iv.Annotated TS of the section of the paper on "Industry. Civil War?" 16L.

v.TS copy of the above. 11L. Incomplete.

vi.Annotated TS of the section of the paper on "Education." 6L.

vii.TS of the section on reconstruction, education and the Empire, and the conclusion. 12L.

viii.AMS notes for the above. 13L.

18. Material relating to "The New Era," a lecture given by AS in Bristol. 13 Feb. 1918. With envelope.

i.Annotated TS of the lecture. 55L.

ii.Copy of the above. 54L.

iii.AMS notes for the above. 13L.

iv.Cutting from The Bristol Times 14 Feb. 1918. Reporting the lecture.

19. Other MS material, lectures etc by AS, 1917-1918.

i.Cutting from Land and Water 11 Jan 1917. Article "The People and the Duties of Empire" by AS. With cutting from The Sydney Morning Herald 16 March 1917 with a version of the same article.

ii.Galley proofs of "After the War - Reconstruction." Short article in 2 parts by AS for The National News April 1917. 8L. 2 copies. With cutting of the second part. 4 April 1917. With envelope.

iii.Annotated TS of a lecture on International Peace, given in a synagogue. 14 April 1918. 20L. With envelope.

iv.AMS notes and drafts for a lecture on "The Relation of the Church to the Social and Economic Problems of Today." Given at the "Life and Liberty" Conference at Lady Margaret Hall 23-25 July 1918. 13L. With envelope.

v."Evidence for Committee dealing with Industrial Reconstruction after the War." TS notes on problems of industry, particularly the engineering industry. 19L. With envelope.

20. Education material, 1917.

i.TS memo from the Tutors' Conference on an exchange between English and Australian tutors. Jan. 1916. 6L. With envelope.

ii.Notice and memo from the 1917 Oxford Summer School about exchanges with students in the British Dominions. 4L.

iii.TS syllabus for Tutorial Class lectures on "The Government of the British Empire" by G.D.H. Cole of Magdalen College. 1917. 4L.

21. Cuttings on the War, the Empire, education, speeches by AS etc, 1917-1918.

i.From The Daily Express n.d. Views of Sir Maurice Levy and John Beard on Capital and Labour after the War.

ii.From The Westminster Gazette n.d. Industry after the War.

iii.From The Westminster Gazette n.d. The Labour Movement after the War.

iv.From The Morning Post 13 Jan. 1917. Reporting AS's speech on "Historical Fatalism."

v.From The Morning Post 15 Jan. 1917. More on the above speech. 2 copies.

vi.From The Times 30 March 1917. "The Arab World. Its Past and its Future."

vii.From The Morning Post 18 April 1917. On a speech by AS on "The Imperial Commonwealth."

viii.From South Africa 21 April 1917. Reporting the above speech.

ix.From The National Weekly 21 April 1917. Criticism of AS's views on an Imperial Commonwealth.

x.From The Westminster Gazette [?] 21 May 1917. Debate about an Imperial cabinet.

xi.From The Nation 28 June 1917. "Overhauling the Machinery of Empire."

xii.From The Newcastle Daily Chronicle 16 Jan. 1918. An address by AS on "War Aims."

xiii.Reprint from The Guardian 23 May 1918. The Ramsden Sermon by Bishop Frodsham - "The British Empire after the War." 15p.

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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