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AL Smith Collection - Catalogue II.D2.1-6

Group II. Papers on Public Questions, 1908-1924.

The following material relating to AS's work on various national issues had been arranged in chronological order under each heading by the time that the the "E.L. Morgan" listing was made. This structure has been preserved, and the letter identifiers given to each heading correspond to those on the "E.L. Morgan" list. The Morgan list noted that the material on "Extra-Mural Work" had been arranged with more care - this implies that this material had been used before the Morgan list was drawn up [See II A below].


This material was orginally in 7 boxes and divided into three groups - "The War 1914-1918," "The Deeper Causes of the War" and "Germany, America." These divisions have been preserved.

2. "The Deeper Causes of the War."

This material, originally in 2 of AS's red marbled file boxes, concerns lectures on the War, its causes and attendant social problems. The first box contained a complete set of notes, syllabuses etc for a series of lectures given by AS at Rugby School (the title of this series was actually "Causes and Issues of the War," not "The Deeper Causes of the War"). These are now II D2/1-5. The second contained material for other lectures and reviews concerning the War, now II D2/6-10. The "E.L. Morgan" list noted that this material had been kept apart from the other material concerning the War because of its bulk. This division has been preserved, also because the material does stand on its own, particularly the Rugby lectures material, as giving a more detailed impression of AS's wartime lecturing activities than the material in II D1 above.

1. Correspondence from Rugby School arranging the series of lectures.

i.ALS from C.P. Hastings. 12 Dec. 1915. 1L. Glad AS is coming to lecture. He is unsure of how Rugby's history teaching will work this term. [This letter implies that AS was not originally going to lecture on the War.]

ii.ALS from A.A. David. 30 Dec. 1915. 1L. Is pleased with AS's lecture plan - Hastings is afraid of controversial material.

iii.2 TLS from A.A. David. 2 and 12 Feb. 1916. Both 1L. Arrangements for the lectures. The title of the series will be "Causes and Issues of the War." With notes on train times (2L).

iv.ALS from A.A. David. 28 Feb. [1916]. 1L. Thoughts on exams. Reactions to AS's lectures.

v.ALS from A.E. Donkin. 25 March 1916. 1L. AS's expenses for the lectures.

vi.ALS from A.A. David. 26 March 1916. 1L. AS's expenses for the lectures.

vii.APS from A.A. David. 27 March [1916]. Can AS suggest a reading list to follow from the lectures?

viii.TLS from A.A. David. 18 July 1916. Arrangements for another series of lectures.

ix.ALS from C.P. Hastings. 1 Sept. 1916. 1L. News of exams. Effect of AS's lectures. News of former Rugby pupils.

2. Set of printed syllabuses for the lectures. 2 sets of 16 syllabuses, all 1L. With envelope marked "Rugby Sylls. - Two Complete Sets."

3. AMS drafts for 7 of the above syallabuses. All 1L.

4. TS scripts, AMS notes and drafts etc for various topics included in the lecture series.

i"I. Deeper causes of the War. Austria." TS. 3L (3 copies).

ii."Germany and Bismark [sic]." TS. 3L.

iii.AMS notes on Bismarck, German political development. 7L.

iv.Annotated TS on "the Soul of Germany." 32L.

v.AMS notes on sources, drafts for the above. 33L.

vi."IV. The deeper causes of the War. Claim of Germany to 'a place in the sun.' TS. 8L (3 copies).

vii.AMS notes for the above. 1L.

viii.AMS notes on "Empire." 6L.

ix.AMS notes on "British Foreign Policy." 7L.

x.AMS notes the Ottoman Turks. 6L.

xi."Balkans." TS. 4L (3 copies).

xii."Panslavism." TS. 3L (3 copies).

xiii.TS on the Balkan problem. 20L.

xiv.TS on the rise of "Balkan spirit," the Balkan League etc. 14L.

xv.AMS notes, drafts on the Balkans. 12L.

xvi.AMS notes on Serbia, Austria and the Balkans. 3L.

xvii.AMS notes on Greece. 2L.

xviii.AMS notes on Roumania. 3L.

xix.AMS notes on Italy. 1L.

xx.AMS notes on Bulgaria. 1L.

xxi."Deeper Causes of War. Russia. Italy. Poland." TS. 7L (3 copies).

xxii.AMS notes on a peace settlement. 1L.

xxiii.AMS notes on "Nationality: Race." 1L.

5. Other material for the Rugby lectures.

i.Annotated TS rough scheme for the lectures. 1L.

ii.TS booklist for the lectures. 28 March 1916. 1L.

iii.Receipt and ALS from H.S. Hattin, mapmaker. 1 Jan and 11 Feb. 1916. Both 1L.

iv.Bill from William Hunt's typing office. 25 Feb. 1915. 1L

v.Miscellaneous AMS notes on references, maps, documents to be used etc. 12L.

vi.AMS note about lending some of the scripts to Dr. Hazell [of Jesus College]. 1L.

[Items 6-10 are from the second box of "Deeper Causes..." material, and mainly concern the economics of the War. Much of the material appears to be for a course of lectures, possibly given in Halifax.]

6. TSs for a series of lectures on economics and the War, which were possibly later published as a pamphlet.

i.Notes from various books, newspapers, speeches etc on the economic situation. 2 copies of 16L and 17L. 3 copies, 2 marked "IIIA" on the paper cover.

ii."The lessons to learn from German industry." 11L. 5 copies, 2 marked "IIIB," 1 marked "IIIA," one imcomplete (only 9L).

iii."Govt. Action." 7L. 3 copies, 2 marked "IIIC."

iv.Criticism of the economic works of Norman Angell and other books on the War. 18L. 2 copies, both marked "IIID."

v.Finance, imports, sea trade. 7L. 2 copies, both marked "IIIE."

vi.Notes on food prices. 2L. 2 copies, both marked "IIIF."

vii."Food Prices and the War." 5L. 6 copies.

viii."The War of Steel and Gold." 6L. 6 copies. [Notes on finance and the War. Does not appear to be connected directly with H.N. Brailsford's book of the same name, for which see 8i-ii below.]

ix."Index I." 1L. 3 copies (1 has a cover titled "Index II").

x."Index II." 1L. 3 copies.

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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