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AL Smith Collection - Catalogue II.D3.1-4

Group II. Papers on Public Questions, 1908-1924.

The following material relating to AS's work on various national issues had been arranged in chronological order under each heading by the time that the the "E.L. Morgan" listing was made. This structure has been preserved, and the letter identifiers given to each heading correspond to those on the "E.L. Morgan" list. The Morgan list noted that the material on "Extra-Mural Work" had been arranged with more care - this implies that this material had been used before the Morgan list was drawn up [See II A below].


This material was orginally in 7 boxes and divided into three groups - "The War 1914-1918," "The Deeper Causes of the War" and "Germany, America." These divisions have been preserved.

3. "Germany, America."

This material was originally in 2 of AS's red file boxes. Items 1-3, concerning Germany, are from the first box and consist of press cuttings and AMS and TS notes on German and Austrian history. AS appears to have taken the notes from his undergraduate teaching on Germany.

1. AMS and TS notes on German and Austrian history.
i."History of Germany." TS paper. Oct. 1913. 8L. 2 copies.
ii."Germany - The Soul of a People." TS notes on German national character. 2L, with 2L of AMS notes. [See also II D2/4 above for similar material.]
iii.TS essay/lecture [?] on the policy of Henry II. 3L.
iv.Syllabus and TS notes on Austrian emperors etc. [From a lecture series?] 15L.
v."Austria." TS notes, numbered as if part of larger sequence. 11L.
vi.AMS notes on Das Deutsche Kaiserreich by J. Ficker (1862). 8L.
vii.AMS notes on Emperor Maximillian. 17L.
viii.AMS notes on Conrad II. 3L.
ix.AMS notes on various texts, issues of German history etc. 13L.

2. Pamphlets collected by AS.
i.Draft of a pamphlet "Patriotism for All" by T. Seccombe. 12 Aug. 1914. 8pp.
ii."Papers for War Time No.16: Germany and Germans" by E. McDougall. 1915. 16pp.

3. Cuttings on Germany.
i.TS copy of a quotation from a book for German recruits.
ii.Newspaper cutting. n.d. Criticism of Dr. Helfferich's views on German finances.
iii.Newspaper cutting. n.d. A neutral's impression of German attitudes.
iv.Newspaper cutting. n.d. "England's Financial Strength."
v.Newspaper cutting. n.d. A speech about German intentions in the War.
vi.From The Weekly Dispatch Aug. ?. Review of K'ung Yuan Ku'suh's The Judgement of The Orient.
vii.From The Westminster Gazette n.d. L.G. Chiozza Money on naval expenditure.
viii.From The Westminster Gazette n.d. Review of G. Santayana's Egotism in German Philosophy.
ix.From The Westminster Gazette Nov. ?. Letter on the German White Book.
x.Newspaper cutting. 12 Nov. 1914. Reports of the views of the German people.
xi.From The Northern ... Dec. 1914. On the German raids on the East Coast.
xii.From The Manchester Guardian 28 Oct. 1915. On German atrocities, sinking of the Lusitania etc.
xiii.From The Times Literary Supplement 11 Nov. 1915. "Home and Homelessness" - thoughts on the War.
xiv.Reprint from The New York World 15 Jan. 1916. "Germany's Dictum about the Freedom of the Seas" by George L. Fox.
xv.Reprint from The New York World 23 Jan. 1916. "Crime and Immorality in Germany and England" by George L. Fox.
xvi.From The Times Literary Supplement 10 Feb. 1916. "The Invisible Drill-Sergeant" - on laughing at the Germans.
xvii.Reprint from The Springfield Republican 11 Feb. 1916. "In Praise of England" by George L. Fox.
xviii.From The Times Literary Supplement 13 July 1916. "A German Critic of Militarism."
xix.From The Nation 19 Aug. 1916. "The Power to Suicide" - Mr. Montagu on arms production, the war etc.
xx.From The ... Tribune (a US paper) Dec. 1916. "The Democratizing of Germany."
xxi.From The Times 12 April 1917. "German Colonial Aims."
xxii.From The Westminster Gazette 8 Nov. 1917. "The Two Theories" about the condition of Germany.
xxiii.From The Times 21 Nov. 1917. "Through German Eyes" - on German morality.

Items 4-7 concern AS's attitudes to America, and show him encouraging American interest in and sympathy with Britain's involvement in the War, and promoting closer links between the two nations.

4. AMS and TS notes for speeches by AS on America, The Monroe Doctrine etc. With envelope marked "England and America."
i.Set of printed 3 syllabuses "The War. England and America. [These were also used for the Rugby lectures at II D2/2 above. This material may have been re-used by AS for a seperate lecture on America.]
ii."The Monroe Doctrine." TS. 10L.
iii.AMS notes, annotated TS drafts for the above. 21L.
iv.TS script of the history of the Monroe Doctrine. 5L.
v."The History of the Monroe Doctrine." AMS notes, annotated TS drafts for the above. 9L.
vi.AMS notes, drafts on American relations with England and Europe. 9L.
vii.Loose AMS notes on America and the war etc. 6L.

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