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AL Smith Collection - Catalogue II.D3.5-7

Group II. Papers on Public Questions, 1908-1924.

The following material relating to AS's work on various national issues had been arranged in chronological order under each heading by the time that the the "E.L. Morgan" listing was made. This structure has been preserved, and the letter identifiers given to each heading correspond to those on the "E.L. Morgan" list. The Morgan list noted that the material on "Extra-Mural Work" had been arranged with more care - this implies that this material had been used before the Morgan list was drawn up [See II A below].


This material was orginally in 7 boxes and divided into three groups - "The War 1914-1918," "The Deeper Causes of the War" and "Germany, America." These divisions have been preserved.

5. Material collected for a 1916 project to make American labour aware of British working class opinion.

i.AMS draft of a memo by AS and W.G.S. Adams about British and American attitudes to the War. March 1916. 1L.
ii.TLS from Horace Plunkett. 3 April 1916. 1L. Ideas about an Anglo-American exchange of views.
With TS copy of memo from Plunkett and Philip Kerr to C.W. Bowerman, MP. 30 March 1916. 2L.
iii.TS notes on workers whose views have been sought. 2L.
iv.TS copy of the questions and answers of J.J. Stonier of Stoke. 11L. 3 copies.
v.As above for F. Salter. 11L. 3 copies.
vi.As above for G.E. Colclough of Glossop. 11L. 4 copies.
vii.AMS note from E.S. Cartwright. 17 April 1916. 1L. Has given the replies to Adams.

6. Correspondence with American and British academics about the role of America, etc.

i.ALS from Wilson King. 5 Oct. 1915. 1L. Criticisms of President Wilson.
iiALS from R.L. Richardson. 11 Dec. 1915. 1L. Sends a donation for helping soldiers.
iiiALS from G.L. Beer. 1 Feb. 1916. 1L. Thoughts on America and the War. Reactions to the "Lusitania" sinking.
With reprint from The New Republic 20 Nov. 1915. "America's Part Among Nations" by Beer.
iv.TLS from W.W. Keen to Sir William Osler. 3 March 1916. 2L. Political problems of getting America to fight. Personal news.
v.TLS from Sir Horace Plunkett. 17 March 1916. 1L. Sending a pamphlet.
vi.TS copy dated 1 April 1916 of letter of 8 March 1916 from W.S. Milner to L. Curtis. 4L. Thoughts on political developments after the War. The need to "break Prussianism." Thoughts on the position of America.
vii.TLS from H.S. Haskell of the Carnegie Endowment. 22 May 1916. Sending an issue of The Columbian which N.M. Butler has asked him to send.
viii.ALS from E. Lesa-Weekes. 8 Oct. 1916. 1L. About correspondence over a lecture.
With TS extract from a speech by R.W. Weeks of the New York Insurance Co. 31 Jan. 1916. 1L.
ix.Printed letter from Union College, New York. 2 April 1917. 1L. Demands for America to build a fleet of cargo vessels. Signed by F.H. Fobes and P.C. Galpin.
x.TL copy of AS to Galpin. 20 April 1917. 1L. Replying to the above.
xi.TLS from Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia University. 17 April 1917. 3L. American preparations for war.
xii.TL copy of AS to Butler. 4 May 1917. 3L. Replying to the above. Problems of the Government lagging behind public opinion. Rhodes scholars' plans for military service.
xiii.Printed petition from The American Rights League in support of Belgium. n.d. 1L.
xiv.TS memo [?] on the New York Committee for the Reception of Foreign Women Students. n.d. 1L.

7. Cuttings, pamphlets etc on America collected by AS.

i.2 cuttings from The Westminster Gazette n.d. 2 articles on "The American Pacifist."
ii.Newspaper cutting 8 May 1915. Review of C.W. Eliot's The Road to Peace.
iii.From The Observer 3 Oct. 1915. The position of President Wilson.
iv.Copy of The New Republic 18 Dec. 1915. With article on Anglo-German negotiation in 1914 by G.L. Beer.
v.From The Christian Commonwealth 22 Dec. 1915. "Our Drifting Civilisation."
vi.Newspaper cutting Feb. 1916. A speech on the War by E. Root.
vii.Speech by E. Root. Reprint from The New York Times 16 Feb. 1916. 24pp.
viii."America's Obligation and Opportunity" by G.B. Adams. Reprint from The Yale Review April 1916. 10pp.
ix.Newspaper cutting c. May 1916. Anglo-American co-operation over "freedom of the seas."
x.From The Times 18 May 1916. "Freedom of the Seas" - British and American shared interests.
xi."The Political Issues of 1916." Pamphlet of an address by Nicholas Murray Butler. 21 July 1916. 7p.
xii.3 cuttings from The Westminster Gazette 30 Aug-4 Sept. 1916. 3 articles by Gilbert Murray on America and the War.
xiii."The Spirit of American Nationality." Pamphlet of a speech by E. Root. 5 Oct. 1916. 31pp.
xiv.From The Westminster Gazette 27 Oct. 1916. "Rich America."
xv.From Christian World 16 Nov. 1916. A speech by W.H. Page, American ambassador, at a lecture by AS.
xvi.TS notes from The Manchester Guardian American Supplement 3 Oct. 1916. 3L.
xvii.From The Westminster Gazette 27 Oct. 1916. Lord Bryce's views on America and the War.
xviii.2 cuttings from The Times 13 and 14 Dec. 1916. 2 articles - "The States Revisited."
xix.From The Times 26 Dec. 1916. Replies to a Note from President Wilson.
xx.Newspaper cutting 1917. Wilson's position on the War.
xxi.Newspaper cutting 1917. Speech by Prof. J. Royce of Harvard on the duty of Americans.
xxii.From The Times Jan. 1917. Letters about Wilson from Josiah Wedgwood and T.W.H. Inskip.
xxiii.From The Times 24 Jan. 1917. A declaration from American churchmen.
xxiv.From The Westminster Gazette 29 Jan. 1917. "Americanism and the War."
xxv.From The Westminster Gazette 20 Feb. 1917. "America and the War."
xxvi."American Press Resumé 14 March 1917." Reporting of American attitudes to Germany, the naval situation etc. Issued by the Foreign Office. 6L.
xxvii. 2 cuttings from The Times 4 April 1917. Editorial on President Wilson's War Policy. Reporting of Wilson's declaration of war.
xxviii. From The Times 15 May 1917. A meeting to promote the League of Nations.
xxix.From The Times 16 May 1917. Obituary for Joseph H. Choate, ex-ambassador.
xxx.From The Times 19 May 1917. Letter from J.H. Choate before he died to Lord Grey
xxxi."The Union of Two Great Peoples." Pamphlet of a speech by W.H. Page, American Ambassador. 4 Aug. 1917. 15p.
xxxii. From The Times 6 Sept. 1917. Letter from O.F. Wood about America's attitude to the War.
xxxiii. From The Globe 1 Nov. 1917. A speech by Roosevelt on Prussians.
xxxiv. From The Times 26 Dec. 1917. Value of the American forces.

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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