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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Index D


Dabell, Mr. --: G26
Dacombe, Marian R.: D1
Daily News, The: D2
Daisy --: D3
Dalgliesh, A. Selby: D4
Dana, H.W.L.: D5
Daniel, Ellis: D6
Dann, Ernest W.: D7
Dante Society, The: B70
Dare, Walter M.: D8
Darwin, M.: I B4/7vii
Dashwood, Sir George: D9
David, A.A.: II D2/1ii-iv, vi-viii; D10, S57, WEA53
Davids, V. Rhys: D11
Davies, General --: B86, D12
Davies, Eileen K.: D12
Davies, R.H.: D13
Davis, Mr. --: K18
Davis, Ernest: D14
Davis, E. Jeffries: H41
Davis, H.W.C.: III A1/1v; L45, WEA5
Davis, Muriel O.: D15
Davis, R.J.: D16
Dawson, Edgar: D17
Dawson, Lilian: I B4/7xii; D18
Deansely, Margaret: L30
Dear, Philip J.: D19
de Kilpeck, W.: B95
de la Rue, Thomas: M76
de la Warr, Mr. --: D20
Denison House Public Assistance Committee: D21
Dent, J.M.: D22
Desborough, Lord --: L6
de Stein, Edward: D24
de Vere [?], G.: II E1/14v
de Winton, W.S.: II B18viii
Dibdin, Sir Lewis T.: II B10i; D25
Dicey, A.V.: I A2/3ii, A3/4i, A13/3ii; A17, D26
Dickinson, G. Lowes: D27, I11
Dionritch, G.: D28
Discovery (journal?): D29
Dixon, W.M.: D37
Dobson, A.: L22
Docker, F.D.: D30
Dodd, A.H.: D31
Dodd, J. Theodore: D32
Dolly --: D33
Doncaster, J.H.: D34
Donkin, A.E.: II D2/2v
Douglas, James: S102
Douglas, Lt. Richard A.: N10
Dowdall, H.C.: D35
Drake, W.H.: Y11
Dufaux, Marc: D37
Dufferin and Ava, Lord --: III A2/2iii,iv, A2/3xvii
Dugdale, E.: III A1/9xvi
Duke, Major --: III A1/8i
Dundas, D.: I A15/2viii
Durnford, W.A: D38
Durrant, Reginald G.: D39
Dyer, Louis: I B3/1; III A2/3vi; IV A2ii

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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