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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Index H


Hadow, Grace E.: P28
Hadow, W.H.: II C2viii
Haig-Brown, R.M.: H1, O24
Hale, Mr. --: I B3/5iii
Halford, G.: H2
Hall, Mr. --: I A5/5iii
Hall, A.D.: H3
Hall, A.W.: II C8vi
Hall, Fred: WEA19
Hall, H. Duncan: II E2/5iii
Hall, John R. Clerk: H4
Hallam, J.: B42
Halling [?], S.: H5
Hamilton, Dr. A.W.: B17
Hamilton, J.E.: B17
Hamilton, J.W.: H6
Hamilton-Baynes, Bishop --: B47
Hammerling, N.: L68
Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute: H7, WEA46
Hanson, Bernard: III A1/6viii
Hare, M.: L18
Hare, William L.: H8
Harlan, J.H.: III A1/6xii
Harris, C.: H9
Harrison, Edith M.: H10
Harrison, J.: H11
Hart, Henry H.: III A2/3xi
Hart, Leo, H12
Hartley, H.: H14
Hartley, Brig.-Gen. Sir Harold: III A1/9xv; Letters H15, L45, P59, W38
Harvest, Lt.-Col. H.H.: H16
Harvey, J.H.: H17
Harvey, Leo: H18
Haselfort, C.E.: C13, H19
Haskell, H.S.: II D3/6vii
Hastings, C.P.: II D2/1i, ii, ix; Letters H20
Hatch, Miss --: T32
Hawkesworth, C.R.M.: H21
Hayes-Robinson, Mr. --: I A7/4vi
Haynes, E.S.P.: I A2/2vi; H22
Hayward, Elsie B.: H23
Hayward, F.H.: H24
Hazell, Dr. --: II D2/5vi; III A1/5xiv
Headington School: O23
Headlam, Arthur C.: II B16i; H25
Heath, J. St. G.: M29
Hebdomadal Council, The: H26, T33
Heberden, C.B.: H27, S65
Heckford, Ethel: M19
Heckless, Sir John: H28
Hendy, F.J.R.: H29
Henrich, H.R.: I B4/7ix, xv
Henson, H.: H30
Herald, The: H31
Herbert, R.Y.: I A11/5iii
Hewitt [?], H.R.: I B4/8ii
Hewitt, J.H.: H32
Hey, Spurley: H33
Heywood, Bernard O.F.: H34
Hickinbotham, B.: H35
Higgins, S.B.: H36
Hill, Alex: II E1/13i
Hilliard, Edward: III A1/2iii, A1/5x-xiv, A1/6xxvi-xxix, xxxii, xxxiii, A1/7ii, A1/8ii, A1/9xiii; WEA8
Hindmarsh, L.K.: III A1/9xv
Hinton, Lt. A.B.: H39
Historical Association, The, Various Branches of: II D1/11i, D1/16; B53, D23, H40, H41, H75, R13, S44
History (journal): H41, P38
History, School/Faculty of Modern: I A14/5; IV A2i; H42, J15, M63
Hjelmgrist, Dr. F.: H44
Hoare, A.J.: H45
Hobhouse, Lt. --: H46
Hocking, Prof. William: H47
Hodge, H.: H48
Hodgkin, Catharine: H49
Hodgkin, Dorothy: H50
Hodgkin, Lucy A.: H51
Hodgkin, Robin: III A2/3xii; IV A2i; H52
Hodgkin, Thomas: III A2/3xiii; IV B2i
Hodgkin, T.E.: B35
Hodgson, Francis H.B.: H53
Hodgson, H.B., Bishop of Ipswich: I13
Hodgson, Violet L.: I B4/7ii, x; H54
Hogarth, D.G.: III A1/6i; A14, H55
Holewinski, Mr. --: M64
Holland, H.S.: H56
Holland, Rev. W.E.S.: C46
Hollings, Marjorie: H57
Hollings, Mary A.: S19
Holme, Capt. E.R.: H58
Holthouse, Rev. A.C.: H59
Holton, H.G.: H60
Hone, C.R.: H61
Hooper, H.E.: H62
Hooper, P.J.: F35
Hope, G.L.N.: H63
Hopkinson, S.G.: H64
Horsfall, Mr. --: WEA57
Horsley, Capt. A. Beresford: H65
Horsley, M.N.: H66
Horton, Robert F.: H67
Hoskyns, E., Bishop of Southwell: S72
Hough, Prof. --: W64
Howard, C.J.S.: I A5/5ix,x, A11/5i, B4/7xxvi
Howard, Hubert: I A15/2ix, C20
Howell, Carlton: H68
Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce: II C7ii
Hügel, U.S.F.V.: H69, W4
Hughes, E.S.: H70
Hughes, Helen C.: H71
Hughes, Katharine: H72
Hughes, Bishop J.P.: C11
Hulton, W.H.: H74
Humphreys, J [?]. G.: H75
Hunt, C.B.: II E1/5iv
Hunt, G.A.: P43
Hunt, L.: G51
Hunt, R.N.C.: H76
Hunt, W.A.: H77
Huntington, C: H78
Hustler, W.H.: H79
Hutchinson, Albert: H80
Hutchinson, Lloyd C.: H81
Hutchinson, William D.: H82
Hutton, W.H.: B27
Hydari, M.S.A.: II D1/16v
Hyde, Robert R.: B71
Hythe, Lord --: II B15i, D1/14iii; H83

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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