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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Index I-J


Imperial Commerce Association, The: I1
Imperial Education Committee, The: II E2/5i
Imperial Relations Committee, The: II D1/14
Ind, F.J.: L48
India, Affairs, papers re: B110, C42, C51, I2-5
India Office, The: I5
Indian Civil Service, The: C51
Indian Club, The: I6
Industrial Christian Fellowship, The: B23, I7
Industrial Conference Committee, The: I8
Industrial Welfare Society, The: I9, J4
Information, Ministry of: M59
Inman, Dr. --: T36
Institute of Adult Education, The: II E1/14v, E2/3
International Arbitration League, The: I10
International Review, The (journal): I11
Ionides, E.F.: I12
Ireland Trustees, The: I14
Irish Dominion League, The: I15
Irving, H.B.: I16
Italian History, Papers, notes etc for: I A11, B3
Italian Play Society, The: I17

J--, G.C.: I A9/6ii
Jacks, L.P.: J1
Jackson, F.H.: J2
Jackson, T.: J3
Jackson, W.W.: II A4i; WEA13
Jacob, Thos.: J4
Jacobs, A.J.: J5
Jameson, Mr. --: A5
Jameson, John Gordon: III A1/1xi; J6
Jameson, Rev. K.: S4
Jameson, Maggie: J7
Jamison, Evelyn: J8
Jast, S.: II C12iv
Jenkins, Henry: J9 [?], J10
Jenks, Edward: J11
Jessop, Capt. T.A.: U12
Jewish Peace Society, The: B30
Jex-Blake, A.: J12
Jhalawar, Rajah of: J13, P56
Joachim, H.H.: III A1/9vii
John, Helena: J14
Johnson, A.H.: J15
Johnson, Mrs. B.J.: III A2/3xiv, xxi; J16
Johnson, J. de M.: C52
Johnson, Main: J17
Johnston, J.A.: I B4/7vi
Johnston, J.O.: L37
Jones, C. Sheridan: J18
Jones, Mrs. E. Whitefield: C10
Jones, Gwen: J19
Jones, H.G.: J20
Jones, L.G.E.: WEA54
Jones, Tom: II C2vi; C12, J21
Jones, Mrs. V.: J22
Jones, W. Tudor: H8, J23
Journalists, Institute of: J24
Jowett, Benjamin: I A15/2viii; III A2/1; IV D1
Jowett Copyright Fund: III A1/6xxxiii
Jowett Trustees: III A1/6xvii
Jupe, A.S.: J25

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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