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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Index K-L


Kane, R.K.: III A1/6x
Kano, Dr. Jigoro: K1
Kato, Rr.-Adm. Hiroharu: K2
Kato, Capt. Ryoichi: K2
Keatinge, Mr. --: H67
Keble, Dorothea: I B4/7iv; K3
Keen, W.W.: II D3/6iv
Kellner, Prof. L: K4
Kemp, Henry E.: II B4xi, xiii, xv, xvi, D1/1, D1/2xii; K5
Kempthorne, J.A.: K6
Kendall, William Clement: K7
Kennaway, Sir John H.: K8
Kennedy, H.A.: K9
Kennedy, Mackenzie: K10
Kennedy, Margaret: I B4/7xi; K11, W22 [?]
Ker, Charles: K12
Ker, W.P.: I A15/2i-iv; K13, T37
Kerr, Philip: II D3/5ii; I4, K14, U7
Kerr, W.B.: M57
Kershaw, R.N.: K15
Kidd, B.J.: II E1/3iii; K16, W52 [?]
Kidd, P: P17
Kilbracken, J.A. Godley, Lord: B23
King, Mr. --: T33
King, Bolton: K17
King, J. Godwin: K18
King, Rachel A.: K19
King, Wilson: II D3/6i; J20 [?]
Kirchwey, Dr. --: I C18v
Kirk, P.T.R.: I7
Knight, Holford: K20
Knight-Bruce, Mrs. --: K21
Knox, E.A., Bishop of Manchester: II B11viii
Knox, Raymond: III A1/6vii
Krebs, H.: K22
Krull, Francis: G45

Laache, Robert: L1
Labour, Ministry of: M60, S55, S85
Lacey, Canon T.: L2
Lambert, Alfred: L3
Lancashire, Rev. Philip: K4
Land and Water (journal): K5
Land Union, The: L6
Lang, Andrew: B113
Lang, C.G., Archbishop of York: Y6
Langdon, Stephen: III A1/5i, v, vi, viii, xxv, xxvi, xxvii
Lankester, Sir Ray: L7
Lansbury, George: L8
Lansuigh [?], V.R.: L9
Lardelli, Miss L.: L10
Lascelles, Col. G.N.W.: L11, S12
Laski, Harold: F13, L12
Laughlin, J. Lawrence: L13
Laurence [?], R.: L14
Lawe, T.: II E1/4i
Lawrence, Col. [T.E.?]: C82
League of Faith and Labour, The: L15, S100
League of Religions, The: B30, L16
League of The Church Militant, The: L17
League of World Friendship, The: S38
Leamington High School: L18
Leamington Literary Society, The: L19
Leathes, Sir Stanley: C51, L20
Lee, W.M.: B114
Leeds Luncheon Club, The: L21
Leeds Parish Church Parochial Council, The: L22
Leeper, A.W.A.: L23
Legg, L.G. Wickam: L24
Leicester Adult School: S9, WEA31
Leicester Rotary Club, The: L25
Leigh, Lord --: L18
Leigh, Mrs. A.M.: L26
Lennard, R.: II A7vii-ix; L27
Leonard, George H.: L28, WEA60
Leonard, Mary: L29
Lesa-Weekes, L.: II D3/6viii
Leser, V.: R2
Leuderdorf, C.: III A1/6viii; S104
Levett, A.E.: I B4/5xxi; L30
Lewis, A.E.: L21, L31, T25
Lewis, M. Gaynor: L32
Lewis, N.S.: III A1/9xix
Lewton, [?] A.P.: II D1/2i
Leys, Mary: L33
Liang Chi-Chao: L34
Liddell, H.A.: O32
Life and Liberty Movement, The: II D1/19iv; L47, S103
Lifeboat Institution, The: L35
Light, J.: L36
Lindsay, A.D.: II D8v; C45, J17, L38, R9, W24
Lindsay, E.: L39
Little, A.G.: L40
Little, M.: L37
Liude, Zaiïa: L41
Liverpool College: B86, C79, L42
Liverpool Diocesan Board of Divinity: L43
Liverpool Reconstruction Council: H48
Liverpool University: B65, L44, L45
Liverpool University Club: L46
Livingstone, C.: L47
Lloyd-George, David: F31, R18
Local Education Advisory Council: L48
Lock, W.: L49
Lockhart, A.W.: III A1/1vi
Locock [?], G.: II D1/5v
Locock, K.B.: O31
Lodge, E.C.: L50, WEA74
Lodge, John: L51
Lodge, M.M.: L52
Lodge, Sir Oliver: A31, B50, L53, T22
Lodge, Sir Richard: I A5/6; L54
London and Country Rambling Society: L55
London County Council: L57, W60
London Diocesan Church Reading Union: B70
London Diocesan Council: L58
London School of Economics Students' Union: S101
London Society for the Study of Religion: B39
London University: L59
London University Press: J23, M85
Long, Mr. --: H83
Long, John: L60
Long-Burns [?], Emily: L61
Longton University Extension Guild: L62
Lounsbury, Ralph G.: L63
Lovejoy, Prof. Arthur: L64
Lovett, Canon --: F4
Lovett, N. [?]: L65
Low, Sir Sidney: L66
Lowell, A. Lawrence: L67, S30
Lowry, C.: L68
Lowther, H.C.: I A14/2iv
Lucas, Sir Charles: L69
Luckraft, J.F.: L70
Ludlow, Richard R.: L71
Lunt, Theodore R.W.: L72
Luscombe, R.: B8, L18, S35
Lushington, Susan: L73
Lusk, D.C.: L74
Lynam, A.E.: L75
Lynam, C.C.: L76
Lyne, M.G.: I B4/7xiii; L77
Lyons, Sir Joseph: L51

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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