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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Index P-Q


Page, Walter Hines: P1
Paish, Sir George: M10, P2
Palmer, E.J.: III A2/3xxii
Papal History, Papers, notes etc on: I A1, A3, A9, A12, A14/2i
Paradise, S.H.: P3
Paravicini, Frances de: P4
Parents' National Educational Union, The: P5
Parker, J.L.: P6
Parker, L. de L. [?]: P7
Parker, May S.: P8
Parkin, G.R.: P9
Parkin, Raleigh: P10
Parmoor, Lord --: II C11v; P11
Passmore-Edwards Settlement, The: P12
Paton, Herbert J.: M64, P13
Pattison, Vera: P14
Pavadise, F.I.: P15
Payne, G.S.: P16
Payne, W.E.: P16
Pearce, E.H., Bishop of Worcester: W57
Pearsall-Smith, L.: III A2/1x, A2/3xxiii
Pearson, Norman: III A2/3xxiv, xxv; P17
Pease, Howard: P18
Pechey, Rev. --: C13
Peebles, Mr. --: I A5/5v
Peel, Viscount: III A1/6xviii
Pegg, H. Foster: P19
Pelham, E.H.: III A1/6v, A1/8i; IV A2viii; M81, P20
Pelham, H.S.: P21
Pember, Francis: III A1/9iii; P22
Penrose, E.: K11, P23, S65
Penson, J.H.: P24
People's League, The: B57
Phelps, L.R.: III A2/3xxvi; P26
Phillips, E.: P27
Pickard-Cambridge, Arthur: II C2v, E1/4ii, iii; III A2/3xxvii, xxviii; A14, C13, H21, L7, P29, R29, R34, T9
Pike, H. Ellis: P30
Pinsent, H.C.: T22
Pinnell, L.G.: P31
Pixley, Broderick: P32, R2
Pixley, Olive C.B.: P32
Plimpton, Sir George: P33
Plummer, Charles: P34
Plunkett, Sir Horace: II D3/5ii, D3/6v; IV A2iii, iv; P35
Pole [?], A.M.: P36
Political Econony Club, The: E4, P37
Political Philosophy and Science Club, The: S51
Pollard, A.F.: I A2/2viii; P38
Pollock, J. Barr: P39
Pollock, J.D.: P40
Poole, R.L.: IV A2ii
Pope, George: P41
Porter, Haman: P42
Portsmouth, 5th Earl of: III A2/2v
Portsmouth, 6th Earl of: P44
Positivist Review, The (journal): P45
Poulton, E.B.: P46
Powell, Lyman B.: P47
Powicke, F.M.: I A2/2ix, IA14/1iii; P48
Poynton, A.B.: G27, P49
Prestige, Rev. G.L.: P50
Price, Prof. Hereward: R28
Price, L.L.: P37
Price, T.W.: P51, WEA37, WEA49, WEA50, WEA57, WEA67
Pritchett, J.S.: P52
Procter, Dorothy M.: P53
Procter, G.D.M.: I B4/7i
Proportional Representation Society, The: P54
Prothero, Barabara: P55
Prothero, George: II D1/2ii; J13, P56
Prothero, R.E.: P42, P57
Pryce, A.R.: P58
Public Schools Science Masters' Association, The: P59
Publicity, Department of: B68
Putnam, G.H.: I A1; C4, H78, P60
Pybus, Miss H.J.: I B4/7xvi; P61, S65
Pybus, P.J.: P62

Quest Society, The: Q1
Quinn, E. Vincent: I A2/4; III A2/3xliii; IV C7

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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