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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Letters G


1. TLS, membership form for the IMPERIAL COMMERCIAL ASSOCIATION. 10 June 1920. Both 1L. Sending a journal to AS. Would AS like to join the Association?

2. Copy of issue 7, subscription form, ALS from the editor of A VOICE FROM INDIA. 3 May 1918. With ALS from John Matthai strongly condemning the journal. 6 May 1918 1L.

3. 2 printed notices advertising a reprint of the FIFTH REPORT ON EAST INDIA AFFAIRS OF 1812. March 1918.

4. TL from S. Reed of THE TIMES OF INDIA (to P.H. Kerr). 12 April 1917. 1L. TLS from Kerr, sending Reed's letter to AS. 8 May 1917. 1L. Does AS know of anyone suitable for the journal's literary staff?

5. Correspondence with E.S. Montagu of THE INDIA OFFICE. 29 Nov.-16 Dec. 1918. Inviting AS to serve on a committee to study the organisation of the India Office. 3 TLS, TL copy and AMS summary of AS to Montagu, TS notes on the committee's terms of reference (2L).

6. ALS from K.K. Menon about a meeting of THE INDIAN CLUB (THE MAJLIS). 27 Jan. 1918. 1L.

7. TLS from P.T.R. Kirk, Gen. Secretary of THE INDUSTRIAL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. 30 May 1919. Can AS write a leaflet for the Fellowship? Enclosing printed pamphlets from the Fellowship: "What They Say: Church, Capital, Labour." (1L), "Working Men and the Church" (1L), "A Creed for the World of Industry" (1L), "Industrial Reconstruction" (2L), "Illustrations of Open-Air Work" (1L).

8. TLS from the secretary of THE INDUSTRIAL CONFERENCE COMMITTEE. 28 Oct. 1920. 1L. Thanks AS for an address.

9. Correspondence with the committee of THE INDUSTRIAL WELFARE SOCIETY. 25 Aug. 1920-24 Jan. 1921. An address by AS. A conference on Welfare Supervisors being held at Balliol. Arrangements for a conference for women Welfare Supervisers. 6 ALS, 9 TLS, 3 TL copies, printed programme (2 copies), 1L of AMS notes by AS for a letter.

10. TLS from the secretary of THE INTERNATIONAL ARBITRATION LEAGUE. 1 May 1917. 1L. Could AS write a message on the war for the League's journal?

11. 3 TLS from , 1 TLS, 1 TL copy about THE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW. 3 Nov.-23 Dec. 1918. Mr. Lowes Dickinson of King's, Cambridge recommends that AS write an article. Correspondence with the editor, Leonard Woolf. With TS of AS's article on Foreign Policy (11L).

12. ALS from E.F. IONIDES. 2 June ?. 1L. Ionides has told his son to call on AS.

13. ALS from the BISHOP OF IPSWICH [H.B. Hodgson]. 16 Oct. 1917. 1L. Can AS attend a meeting about Church self-government and the Archbishop's Committee Report?

14. 2 copies of printed notice for a meeting of the IRELAND TRUSTEES from T.B. Strong. 11 June 1917.

15. TLS from the secretary [?] of, TL copy of AS to THE IRISH DOMINION LEAGUE. 8, 12 Sept. 1919. Would AS like to support the League? With printed manifesto (4pp) and membership form (1L).

16. 2 TLS from H.B. IRVING of the Savoy Theatre. 1 and 2 Nov. 1916. Both 1L. Irving will help Capt. Buckler and his wife, but he has no work in the Savoy Theatre for her.

17. Printed letter re a performance by THE ITALIAN PLAY SOCIETY. Feb. 1918. 1L.

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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