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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Letters K


1. ALS, telegram, vistor's card from DR. JIGORO KANO, a Japanese educationalist. 3 Aug.-1 Dec. 1920. Details of his visit to Oxford. With ALS of introduction from Isaburo Yoshida, Japanese Embassy Secretary, and ALS from T. Yoshimoto about Dr. Kano's arrangements.

2. Correspondence re a visit by REAR ADMIRAL HIROHARU KATO AND CAPT. RYOICHI KATO. 4 March-26 April 1920. 2 ALS from Yoshida (see K1) to Capt. Bulkeley-Johnson of the Air Ministry, 3 ALS from Johnson to AS arranging the visit. ALS from Kato to AS thanking him. With 3 visitor's cards.

3. 4 ALS from DOROTHEA KEBLE of St. Hugh's. 23 Feb.-19 April 1917. All 1L. Illness has caused her to miss coaching. Can AS write a testimonial?

4. Envelope addressed to PROF. L. KELLNER marked with AMS note "lunched with ALS in Hall Sep. 25/20 (Rowntree Conference)."

5. 2 ALS, 2 TLS from HENRY E. KEMP. 9 Jan. 1918-8 July 1920. Thanks AS for his hospitality. His work with the Church of England Men's Society. Family news. His sister's teaching work in Bradford.

6. ALS from J.A. KEMPTHORNE, Bishop of Lichfield. 20 Nov. 1916. 1L. Thanks AS for his visit to the Diocesan Conference.

7. ALS from, TL copy of AS to WILLIAM CLEMENT KENDALL. 10 and 21 Aug. 1917. Both 2L. Issues of Conscientious Objectors and the defence of Belgium.

8. 3 ALS, telegram from, TL copy of AS to SIR JOHN H. KENNAWAY. 22 March-2 April 1919. 1L. Arrangements for a visit by AS and Gibbon.

9. ALS from H.A. KENNEDY. 8 Jan. 1918. 1L. Arrangements for a visit by AS to Abingdon.

10. 2 APS with printed pacifist messages from MACKENZIE KENNEDY. 2 and 19 Jan. 1917. 11. 3 ALS from MARGARET KENNEDY of Somerville College. 12 March 1917-24 June 1919. All 1L. Can she change a coaching arrangement? Can AS write a testimonial? With ALS re Kennedy from E. Penrose of Somerville (19 June 1919. 1L), TS copy of the testimonial (20 June 1919. 1L).

12. ALS from CHARLES KER. 20 Oct. 1920. 1L. Ker has used AS as a referee for his daughter's application to Lady Margaret Hall.

13. 13 ALS, 1 APS from W.P. KER. 20 Sept. 1916-21 Dec. 1920. All 1L. Arrangements to meet and to dine. Ker's various teaching activities. News of mutual friends.

14. 1 TLS from, 1 TLS from the secretary [?] of P.H. KERR. 28 Dec. 1916 and 10 Jan. 1917. Both 1L. Arrangements to meet in London.

15. ALS from R.N. KERSHAW of the British Universities Australian Association. 19 June 1920. 1L. Thanks AS for entertaining two guests of the Association.

16. 5 ALS, 1 APS from REV. B.J. KIDD. 4 Oct.-11 Nov. 1919. All 1L. Arrangements for AS to address the Oxford Ruri-Decanal Conference about the Report of the Archbishop's Committee.

17. 4 ALS from,TL copy of AS to BOLTON KING. 1 March 1919-22 Jan. 1920. All 1L. Problems of the Education Board under H.A.L. Fisher's new act. With TLS from Fisher 4 March 1919 returning King's letter. Can AS recommend a Maths Examiner? A scheme to send elementary teachers to Oxford.

18. ALS from J. GODWIN KING. 21 Jan. 1921. 2L. Thanks AS for a letter about Davis. Family news.

19. ALS from RACHEL A. KING. 22 Aug. 1919. 1L. She will soon be back in England and hopes to see AS.

20. 5 ALS, 2 APS from HOLFORD KNIGHT. 5 Sept. 1917-7 May 1920. All 1L. Maud Royden's resignation. Arrangements to meet. About speeches by Lord Milner. News from the "Life and Liberty" conference. AS should read a paper by Knight in the "Contemporary."

21. 2 ALS from MRS. KNIGHT-BRUCE. 20 and 22 Aug. 1917. Both 1L. Can AS write an article on the new Education Bill for the Mothers' Union Speakers' Committee?

22. ALS from H. KREBS [NB - not Hans Krebs the chemist.]. 11 March 1919. 1L. Thanks AS for supporting his petition.

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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