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1. ALS from GERARD WALLOP. 29 Oct. 1919. 1L. Can AS address the Mazzini Society?

2. Telegram from MRS. HUMPHREY WARD. 6 Dec. 1919. Can AS sign a letter to the Prime Minister to appear in The Times protesting against the Enabling Bill? With AMS copy of the letter (2L).

3. 2 ALS, 1 APS, 5 short AMS messages from HERBERT WARREN, President of Magdalen. 1917-1918? [Most are undated.] Thanks AS for messages. Arrangements to meet. Sending various letters etc. Sending a cutting from The Western Daily Press 1 May 1917 about a lecture by AS in Bristol.

4. 2 ALS from H. WARRILOW. 16 April and 22 Nov. 1918. 3L and 1L. News of his health. He has visited Baron Hugel. His application for a job. With ALS from his wife (Oct. 1917, 1L) thanking AS for helping her husband, TS copy of AS's testimonial for Warrilow, 2 TLS, 1 TL copy from the YMCA about a post for Warrilow.

5. Correspondence about Prize Day at WARWICK SCHOOL. 22 Nov.-3 Dec. 1918. Can AS distribute the Prizes? Travel arrangements. 3 ALS, 1 TL copy, 1 APS.

6. ALS from E.W. WATSON. 30 Dec. 1917. 1L. A point in an essay by Watson. Thoughts on a clergy training scheme in the University.

7. Correspondence about the Rt. Hon. W.A. WATT. 7-14 June 1920. Arrangements for Watt, ex-Treasurer of the Australian Government, to visit Oxford and meet and dine with Australian ex-servicemen. With replies from various Australian students. 3 ALS, 2 AL, 3 TL copies, 3 AMS notes on the arrangements.

8. ALS from A. WAY. 6 Dec. 1916. 1L. Thanks AS for a letter.

9. ALS from EDITH WEBSTER. 20 Feb. 1917. 1L. Errors in a newspaper report of a WEA lecture given by AS in Glossop. [See I C8iii, II D1/2x, Letters C63.]

10. ALS from A. WEDDERBURN. 12 Dec. 1919. 1L. About a quotation of Tennyson by Lord Bowen.

11. TLS from the editor of THE WEEKLY DISPATCH. 19 June 1919. 1L. Is AS the new ambassador to America?

12. 2 TLS from H.J. WEIGHT of the Australian Imperial Force. 28 July and 7 Aug. 1917. Both 1L. AS has invited Weight and Colonel Griffiths to Oxford.

13. 6 ALS from J. WELLS, Warden of Wadham College. 16 Nov.-11 Oct. 1917. All 1L. About which colleges have rooms free. Arrangements to meet. Can AS dine with Sir Henry Craik and Mactavish of the WEA? Remarks in the book Oxford and its Colleges.

14. 2 ALS from SUSANNA E. WELLS. 20 and 23 Oct. 1915. Both 1L. Arrangements for AS to lecture to the Charlbury WEA Study Group.

15. 2 ALS from VICTORIA WEMYSS. 11 and 27 June 1919. 2L and 1L. She remembers AS for his kindness to her brother, Victor Morier. Can she bring her husband to see Balliol and the portrait of her father, Sir R.B.D. Morier? Thanks him for showing her Balliol.

16. TLS from J.J. WESBROOK of British Columbia University. 3 Jan. 1916. 2L. The University needs a new head of the History Department. What is AS's opinion of Murray Wrong?

17. Correspondence from, and about CAPT. E.B. WESTBY. 13 Jan.-24 April 1918. Arrangements for Westby, a Canadian, to visit Oxford before he goes to France. 10 ALS, 1 APS, 1 TL copy, 3 telegrams, 2 AMS notes with dining times. Correspondents include: Sidney Ball of St. John's College, J.A. Spender.

18. AMS note of the address of E.H.C. WETHERED. Aug. 1917. 1L.

19. ALS from P.I. WHEELER of Berkeley University. 5 Nov. 1916. 1L. Congratulates AS on becoming Master.

20. 10 ALS from HORACE WHITE. 12 Nov. 1916-30 June 1919. All 1L. Arrangements to meet. Flu has prevented him from rowing. A quotation from Milton. A Greek quotation. News of schools boat races.

21. ALS from the President of WHITEFIELD MEN'S MEETING. 1 Oct. 1920. 1L. Can AS give a lecture to the organisation?

22. 5 ALS from ENID WHITHAM of Somerville. 10 Feb. 1917-8 April 1920. Miss Kennedy and Miss Wood are too ill to come to coaching. Returning notes. Can AS write a testimonial for her? Her disappointing schools results. Arrangements to meet.

23. ALS from E.A. WHITTUCK. 8 March ?. 1L. About a pamphlet written by him.

24. 2 ALS from A.N.J. WHYMANT. 10 Aug. 1917 and 21 Dec. 1919. Both 1L. Whymant's application for a post in the Chinese Labour Corps. Can AS write a reference for him for a post in the School of Oriental Studies? With TLS from A.D. Lindsay about Whymant, cutting from The Guardian about the Labour Corps posts, AMS message from George Whitaker to Lindsay.

25. Vistor's card from, TL copy of AS to MRS WHYTE. 24 April 1918 and 15 July 1920. 1L. Can AS sign a message to Russia? AS is sorry that he is unable to sign an "Appeal for Prayer concerning Ireland" due to the college's need to maintain a neutral position. With TS copy of the Appeal (2L).

26. ALS from L.R. WILBERFORCE. 21 Dec. 1920. 1L. Answering a question by AS about atomic numbers.

27. ALS, visitor's card from B.J. WILDEN-HART. 1 Nov. 1918. 1L. He needs the signatures of two Fellows of the Royal Historical Society to enable him to become a member - can AS help?

28. ALS from F.M.B. Fisher introducing LT. L.E. WILDING, a New Zealander in the RAF. 6 Jan. 1919 1L.

29. 2 ALS from EDITH A. WILLEY of Somerville. 5 and 8 March 1917. Both 1L. Can AS write a testimonial for her?

30. TL from ANEURIN WILLIAMS. 2 Jan. 1920. 1L. Can AS sign a memorial about Turkish rule over Armenia? With printed memorial (1L).

31. 3 ALS from A.J.[?] P. WILLIAMS. 5 Oct. 1917-13 June 1920. All 1L. Sending AS a shilling. News of Charles Crawley, who is joining the OCB. He is organising courses for History Teachers at Balliol - can AS give some of the lectures?

32. ALS from ALICE M. WILLIAMS. 1 Feb. 1918. 1L. Thanks AS for a reference for a post at the Ministry of Food. With TS reference (1L).

33. ALS from E. WILLIAMS. 4 Jan. 1917. 1L. Thoughts on the education question.

34. 5 ALS from J. FISHER WILLIAMS, 4 April 1917-18 Sept. 1918. Thoughts on Proportional Representation. The creation of a deputation to study it - can AS be part of this deputation? The progress of the deputation. Problems with the 1918 University election.

35. TL copy of AS to SIR ARNOLD WILSON. 23 Jan. 1921. 1L. Arrangements for Sir Arnold's visit to Oxford. With AMS message from Herbert Warren, ALS from Reginald Coupland about Sir William Marris who is visiting at the same time, TS timetables for Sir Arnold's visit (2L).

36. ALS from H.A. WILSON. 7 Nov. 1919. 1L. He is leaving Oxford, and will have to resign his post at the Bodleian.

37. TLS from RICHARD WILSON. 10 Nov. 1916. 1L. Sending a book on citizenship to AS.

38. ALS from S.E. WINBOLT. 3 Aug. 1916. 1L. His son's chemistry studies and his military career - might he be of some use to Harold Hartley? With AMS summary of his son's career.

39. ALS from LILIAN WISE. 1 Oct. 1916. 1L. On the death of her husband.

40. ALS from WALTER EVES WISMER. 7 Feb. 1919. 1L. He is sending a book to AS.

41. Correspondence from, and about PERCIVAL WITHERBY. 19 May-9 July 1919. Witherby is a New Zealander and founder of a League of Empire Service there. He wishes to arrange for speakers to go to New Zealand to lecture on the duties of citizenship. Arrangements for his visit to Oxford. 5 ALS, 2 TLS, 3 telegrams, 2 AMS messages, cutting from The Observer about Witherby. Correspondents include R. Coupland of "The Round Table."

42. Telegram from VISCOUNT WOLMER [?]. 26 Jan. 1918. Can AS speak on the Church and State Report in York?

43. 5 ALS about sermons in WOLVERHAMPTON. 22 March-4 Dec. 1917. All 1L. Can AS give a sermon to mark the 21st anniversary of church schools in St. Mark's Parish, Wolverhampton?

44. Printed letter and printed flysheet for a WOMEN SUFFRAGISTS' CELEBRATION. March ?. Both 1L.

45. 3 ALS, 1 TLS from the National Union of WOMEN WORKERS OF GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND. 2 June-5 July 1917. All 1L. Can AS address a meeting of the union about Educational Reconstruction? H.A.L. Fisher is also speaking. With 4 printed invitation cards.

46. 9 ALS, 2 telegrams from, TL copy of AS to THE WOMEN'S DIOCESAN ASSOCIATION. 7 Jan.-13 April 1918. Arrangements for AS to address the London branch of the Association. With 2 printed notices of meetings.

47. Material re schools for organisers of WOMEN'S INSTITUTES. 8 Jan. 1919-24 Aug. 1920. Arrangements for the schools being held in Oxford. Can AS lecture at them? 1 ALS, 1 TLS, 2 printed pamphlets, reprint from The Journal of the Board of Agriculture Oct. 1918, TS programme for the 1919 school.

48. TL from the WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE FOR PEACE & FREEDOM. June 1920. 1L. Sending proposals for an education conference. With TS proposals (4L).

49. ALS from the WOMEN'S LOCAL GOVERNMENT SOCIETY. 24 Jan. 1919. 1L. Can AS speak at a meeting of the society discussing women candidates in the Local Authority elections? With 2 printed pamphlets, 1 printed flysheet about the society.

50. 2 ALS, 1 APS from, TL copy of AS to REV. E.G. MEYRICK WOOD. 20 March-1 May 1918. All 1L. Arrangements for AS to give a lecture on education in St. Stephen's Church, London, as part of a series on England after the War? With printed notice of lectures.

51. 2 ALS from, TL copy of AS to KATHARINE G. WOOD of Somerville. n.d., 10 and 11 Feb. 1918. She is too ill to come to coaching. Can AS write a testimonial for her?

52. ALS from J.H.E. WOODS. June 1919. 1L. Dr. Kidd should be invited to a meeting.

53. 2 ALS from F.M. WOODWARD of Somerville. 25 and 26 May 1918. Both 1L. Can AS help two Somerville students revise for their Political Science exam?

54. 4 ALS from W.B. WOOLLAM. 30 Jan.-19 Sept. 1918. All 1L. Woollam is a poet and novelist - can AS comment on some of his work? His attempts to secure a literary pension. With 5 printed notices about his works, TS list of his published works, 2L of TS notes on his attempts to get a literary pension, TS sheet of poems.

55. 3 ALS, 1 APS from REV. H.S. WOOLLCOMBE. 7-25 March 1918. All 1L. Can AS give an education lecture in Leeds?

56. 3 ALS, 1 TLS from, TL copy of AS to G.H. WOOLLEY. 8 Sept. 1919-6 Jan. 1920. All 1L. Can AS take the chair at a Christian Union meeting? Arrangements for a series of "Religion and Life" addresses. Can AS speak on "Christianity and International Affairs?"? A meeting with Lord Hugh Cecil. With ALS from N.S. Talbot about the Cecil meeting, 4 printed notices about the "Religon and Life" meetings.

57. ALS from the BISHOP OF WORCESTER [E.H. Pearce]. 7 March 1919. 1L. Thanks AS for his support.

58. ALS from EDITH M. WORTHINGTON. 11 Jan. 1917. 1L. Praise for AS's address in St. Martin's church.

59. ALS from L.G. WORTHINGTON. 28 Sept. 1918. 1L. A tea invitation.

60. ALS from GEORGE WRIGHT. 25 April 1918. 3L. Thoughts on the LCC's education reforms. The practice of firms employing foreign clerks.

61. 2 ALS from GERTRUDE M. WRIGHT. 14 Dec. 1919 and 24 March 1920. 3L and 1L. The question of degrees for women. Thoughts on Oxford's attitudes to women. About a letter by Miss Rogers. With APS from Miss Rogers saying that AS can send a letter of hers to Miss Wright.

62. ALS, picture PS from LT. W.H. WRIGHT. 10 Feb. and ? April 1920. 1L. News of his naval commission. Sorry he did not get to visit AS.

63. 7 ALS, 1 TLS, 1 telegram from, APS from Mrs. Smith to E. MURRAY WRONG (AS's son-in-law). 30 Oct. 1917-16 Oct. 1919. All 1L. His OTC commission. About a quotation. His studies. Family news. His application to the Principalship of Leeds Training College. A friend who wishes his son to take up architecture. A friend of John Matthai is visiting Oxford. Thanks AS [for a speech?].

64. 7 ALS, 1 TLS from PROF. GEORGE M. WRONG of Toronto University (father of E.M. Wrong). 25 Aug. 1918-23 Aug. 1920. Introducing Prof. Hough. Family news. News of his studies, friends, academics etc. Arrangements to meet. Problems of a large-scale lecture scheme. News of Toronto University. With TL from Gilbert Murray (11 Feb. 1918, 1L), APS from "A.K.W."

65. 2 ALS from WYCOMBE ABBEY SCHOOL. 31 Dec. 1918 and 28 Jan. 1919. 2L and 1L. Can AS lecture to the school on Reconstruction?

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