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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Letters Y


1. 4 TLS from THE YALE REVIEW. 15 Sept.-17 Nov. 1917. All 1L. Can AS write an article on the labour situation?

2. ALS from R. YAMAMOTO [?]. 12 March 1921. 1L. Thanks AS for his hospitality. Thoughts on his visit to Oxford.

3. ALS from H. YATES. 28 June 1918. 2L. His time at Oxford with the OTC and service in India. With ALS from his wife returning the letter.

4. ALS from LUCY K. YATES. 11 July 1918. 1L. Sending an article she has written about War work.

5. 4 TLS, 1 ALS from REV. BASIL YEAXLEE. 1 June-3 Dec. 1920. All 1L. He has written a book on the Adult Education Committee report, to be published by the Oxford University Press. Can AS write the preface? With TS draft of the book An Educated Nation (98L).

6. 7 TLS, 1 ALS, 1 telegram from, TL copy of AS to the ARCHBISHOP OF YORK [C.G. Lang]. 2 Dec. 1916-26 Nov. 1917. Can AS address the York Diocesan Conference about the Church and State Report? Sorry AS could not come. Can he attend the next Diocesan Conference?

7. 3 ALS from THE YORKSHIRE POST. 13 Jan.-29 June 1917. All 1L. About the publishing of an address by AS to the Historical Association. The publishing of AS's address in Sion College in The Modern Churchman.

8. ALS from T. YOSHIMOTO. 27 Aug. 1917. 1L. Thanks AS for various introductions - this will help his academic colleagues in Korea.

9. ALS from ROBERT F. YOUNG. 3 Dec ?. 1L. Arranging a meeting of the Czecho-British Society.

10. 2 ALS, 4 TLS from B. Yeaxlee of the YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. 13 Aug. 1917-14 June 1919. About articles by AS for The Red Triangle, the YMCA's journal. Introducing an Indian student attached to the YMCA. Thoughts on the new Education Committees. Arranging a national YMCA conference. News from an educational conference in Yorkshire. With printed receipt.

11. 2 ALS from D.C. Simpson of the OXFORD YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. 13 April 1918 and 30 Jan. 1919. Both 1L. Can AS attend YMCA meetings? With 2 printed invitation cards, visitor's card for W.H. Drake of the YMCA National Council.

12. Correspondence with A.J. Foyle of the WESTERN DISTRICT YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. 7 Jan. 1919-31 Jan. 1921. Arrangements for AS to give various lectures on education to the Western YMCA. 1 ALS, 9 TLS, 1 TL, 2 TL copies.

13. 2 ALS from R.E. YOUNGHUSBAND. 14 and 19 April 1920. Both 1L. Can AS lecture on "The Church and Industrial Problems" to the Bath and Wells Diocesan Conference?

14. Printed flysheet and invitation card from the YOUTH & SOCIAL PROGRESS LEAGUE. May 1919.

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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