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Tom Arnold Collection: Catalogue IV

IV. Biographica

1a. Lock of TA's hair, 1924.

1b.Lock of Theodore Arnold's hair, 1 December 1857.

2. AMS contract of employment of TA as Head Classical Master in Oratory School, Birmingham, signed by Newman, 6 March 1862. 1 l.

3. MS poem in hand of TA. 1 l.

4. Diary of Frank Arnold: AMS entries, some in code, 7 April 1879-6 April 1881.

5. Notebook used as travel diary by Annie Wilkinson: AMS entries, April 1879 - 14 May 1883. Loose MSS. 4 ls.

6. Leather bound notebook used as diary by Annie Wilkinson: AMS entries, 17 November 1884 - 2 March 1885.

7. AMSS testimonials in support of TA's application for post of Assistant Commissioner of Education, by A.P. Stanley, William Stubbs, A.C. Tait, Archbishop of Canterbury, and F. Temple, Bishop of Exeter, [January 1875]. 4 ls.

8. ALS from St.J. Lord to Frank Arnold, 14 June 1904. 1 l. Encl: MS pedigree of Arnold family. MS family tree of Arnolds. Envelope.

9. Watercolour "From the bird's nest. Fithy Wood, river Fowey, St. Wirmow Woods near Lostwithiel, Cornwall. Home of Sir Charles Penrose 1820. Copied from Miss Penrose's, March 15, 1870."

10. AMS note on children of MA and William Arnold by [Frances Arnold], addressed to Mrs. T. Arnold. 1 l.

11. MS extract from "Stilling's Autobiography" in hand of TA. 1 l.

12. 2 pencil drawings.

13. MS Latin poem by Bonamy Price M.A.. 1 l.

14. 4 carbons of MS advertisements for positions in medical practices, The Scholastic, Clerical, & Medical Association Ltd. 4 ls. Envelope addressed to Frank Arnold.

15. AMSS report by Dr. S.B. Bucknell, June 1842. 5 ls. Envelope with MS note of contents.

16. AMS prescription made out by Frank Arnold. 1 l. Envelope.

17. MS copy of Fourth Codicil to the will of Anthony Fenn Kemp, 6 December 1860. 1 l.

18. MSS memorandum of agreement between TA and Cassel Pelter & Galpin, publishers, 5 October 1872. 1 l. Envelope.

19. MS with AMS note by TA, May 9 1880, "Probably written by Aunt Lydia, between 1828 and 1830". 1 l.


20. MS receipt for £300 from Dr. Arnold's estate, 18 September 1865. Signed by TA and William Forster. 1 l.

21. Printed bill with MS entries from McSwiney, Delany & Co., Dublin, 6 December 1856. 1 l.

22. Printed/MS invoice from Burns & Oates to TA, 7 April 1897. 1 l. Encl: printed catalogue. Envelope.

23. Printed/MS invoice from Hodges, Figgis & Co. Ltd. to TA, October 1893. 1 l. Envelope.

24. MS estimate of expenditure. 1 l.

25. Printed/MS assessments of Income Tax, 1898. 2 ls.

26. 4 printed/MS deposit slips for National Bank Ltd., Dublin, 1892-4.

27. 2 receipts for subscriptions to The Lyceum and The New Ireland Review, 20 September 1894. Envelope.

28. Printed/MS memorandum from Corbridge & Co., Dublin, 23 May 1893. 1 l. Envelope.

29. Printed/MS memorandum from Geo. Blake & Co., 30 October 1889. 1 l. Envelope.

30. Printed/MS invoice from Clement Sadler Palmer, London, October [1889]. 1 l. Envelope.

31. Printed/MS invoice from Edmund Johnson to Miss [Ethel] Arnold, 11 November 1889. 1 l.

32. AMS receipt from R.R. Montserrat, 19 June 1893. 1 l.

33. Printed/MS income tax return, 8 June 1880. Signed by G.W. Andrews, Assessor. 1 l. Encl: MS bill from William Baker, Cabinet Maker, June 1880. 1 l. Envelope.

Printed material

34. Printed extract from Lives of the Saints, pp.437-468.

35. 6 newspaper cuttings reporting the death of Arthur Arnold, July-August 1878.

36. Newspaper cutting of obituary of Thomas Burbidge.

37. Printed notice of publication of "Bibliothek der Angelsachsischen Poesie". 2 envelopes, January 1894.

38. Printed programme of concert in Dusseldorf, 25 May 1855. 1 l.

39. Cutting from Publishers' Circular, 17 November 1900: obituary of TA.

40. Cutting from The Standard, 17 April 1888: obituary of Matthew Arnold.

41. Cutting from The Standard, 17 April 1888.

42. "The Future of University Hall. An Address by Mrs. Humphry Ward. (November 1892)." Printed by Smith, Elder, & Co., London. 1892. 25 p.

43. "New Forms of Christian Education", Mary A. Ward. Printed by Spottiswoode & Co., London. 22 p. AMS dedication on p.1 'To Wm. George Smith with the cordial regard of the writer'. Duplicate copy.

44. "A Sermon preached in Uppingham School Chapel, on Sunday October 7, 1894, by the Rev. J.E.C. Welldon, M.A.." Printed by John Hawthorne, Uppingham. 8 p. AMS note by TA: 'Lucy's Funeral Sermon'.

45. Sanct Paulinus Blatt, 24 August 1879. P. 369-376.

46. Cutting from Speaker, 26 November 1898: review of TA's "Notes on Beowulf".

47. Advertisement for St. Robert's, Ambleside, Westmorland. 1 l.

48. Card 'In loving Memory of Mary Jane Briggs', February 1893. Envelope.

49. Leaflet giving conditions of use of Reading-room, British Museum, 12 May 1894. 1 l.

50. 2 tickets to St. Patrick's Conference, Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Signed by T.F. Martin, President.

51. Oxford Class List of 1845 for Literae Humaniores and Mathematics and Physics. 1 l. Envelope with MS note of contents.

52. 2 handbills issued by The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Cahill, Dublin.


53. B/W , "TPA" (Theodore Arnold).

54. B/W, "Revd. T.I. Penrose, Coleby".

55. B/W, "Miss Penrose, Coleby".

56. B/W mounted, [MA?].

- end of catalogue -



I. Autograph material (boxes 1-2)

II. Printed matter (box 1)

III. Correspondence (box 3-11)

IV Biographica (box 12)


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