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Letters of Matthew Arnold (Box M)

Collection comprising of letters by Matthew Arnold donated to or purchased by Balliol Library and letters photocopied or removed from other collections in the library (e.g., the Morier papers).

Details of provenance (where known) are included within the individual catalogue entries. Entries are arranged alphabetically according to recipient and then chronologically within the resulting groups.

* indicates that a letter has not been listed in Matthew  Arnold's Letters. A Descriptive Checklist, Arthur Kyle Davis.

Slips around letters have been given serial numbers prefixed with the figure '0' e.g., '0  2.' This is simply to prevent them from being mistaken for items from the Whitridge and William Delafield Arnold collections. This catalogue refers only to the second figure of the serial number on the slip.

1. ALS to [Cecil] Alderson. Cobham. 6 December. 1 l. Purchased from 'Blackwells,' Broad St., Oxford, OX1 3BQ in 1975 (from catalogue  A1040). * (M.i.1)

2. ALS to Professor T.S. Baynes. Eccleston Sq., London. 15 March 1878. 1 l. * (M.ii.2)

3. ALS to Professor T.S. Baynes. Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall. 21 March [1878]. 1 l. * (M.ii.3)

4. ALS to Professor T.S. Baynes. Woodhouse, Loughborough. 10 January 1880. 1 l. * (M.ii.4)

5. ALS to Professor T.S. Baynes. Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall. 27 January 1880. 1 l. * (M.ii.5)

6. ALS to Professor T.S. Baynes. Cobham. 3 November 1885. 1 l. [with pencil note in unknown hand. ? Professor Baynes]. * (M.ii.6)

7. ALS to Professor T.S. Baynes. Cobham. 9 November 1885. 1 l. * (M.ii.7)

Letters 2-7 presented by P.A. Spalding (Balliol 1929-33) in July 1967.

8. [Photocopy of] ALS to J.E.C. Bodley (1853-1925. Balliol 1872-76). Sussex Sq., London. 16 December. 1 l. ALS located at Ms. 442. Presented (together with other  items of Ms. 442) by Mrs. Phyllis Helen Bodley in 1955. * (M.iii.8))

9. ALS to Lady Bunbury. Broke Hall, Ipswich. 9 August 1863. 1 l. Presented by Sir T.D. Barlow GBE, 49, Strand on the Green, London  W4 on 2 February 1960. (M.iv.9)

10. ALS to William Ewart Gladstone (1809-98). Fox How. 15 August 1883. 1 l. [Apparently with MS. note by Gladstone]. Presented by Lord Mersey [Hon.  Edward Clive Bigham, Balliol 1924-27], Bignor Park, Pulborough, Sussex on 2 April 1973. * (M.v.10)

11. [Photocopy of] ALS to Benjamin Jowett (1817-93). Harrow. 25 May [1872? Quinn]. 1 l. ALS located at Ms. 421. Purchased from Marian M.  Ellinger in 1945. (

12. ALS to Mrs. Lister. Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall. 17 June 1875. 1 l. Purchased from "R.H.L." [?] 1972. * (M.vii.12)

13. ALS to Rev. Julius Lloyd. Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall. 28 June [1871? Quinn]. 1 l. Purchased March 1976. * (M.viii.13)

14. [Photocopy of] ALS to Claude Montefiore (1858-1938). Fox How. 11 September 1879. 1 l. ALS located at Ms. 395. Presented (together with other  items of Ms. 395) by Leonard Montefiore [Balliol 1908-11] in 1939. (M.ix.14)

15. ALS to Sir Robert Burnett David Morier (1826-93). Eccleston Sq., London. 26 June 1874. 2 ls. * (M.x.15)

16. ALS to Sir Robert Burnett David Morier (1826-93). Dresden. 7 December 1885. 1 l. * (M.x.16)

Letters 15 and 16 removed from the Morier papers by Vincent Quinn [October 1969].

17. ALS to F. de Paravicini (1843-1920). Cobham. 12 May 1876. 1 l. Taken from a small collection of letters to F. de Paravicini [Balliol 1862-6, Fellow  1878-1908]. * (M.xi.17)

18. ALS to Horace Seymour (1843-1902) [Private secretary to Gladstone]. Fox How. 14 September 1881. 1 l. Presented by Lord Mersey [Hon. Edward Clive Bigham, Balliol 1924-27],  Bignor Park, Pulborough, Sussex on 2 April 1973. * (M.xii.18)

19. ALS to Walter Sichel (1855-1933). Cobham. 15 November 1887. 1 l. Purchased 1974. * (M.xiii.19)

20. ALS to Edward Walford (1823-1897). The Judges Lodgings, York. 4 December 1859. 1 l. Presented by C.E.G. Bonfiglioli [Balliol 1955-58]. (M.xiv.20)

21. ALS to Rev. W.P. Watkins. Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall. 30 June 1871. 1 l. Purchased from Blackwells, Broad St., Oxford, OX1 3BQ in  1975 (from catalogue A1040). * (M.xv.21)

22. ALS to Lord Suffolk. Cobham, 4 January 1887. Found in "J36C" and removed by James Armstrong 11 March 1991. In an envelope  dated [ V Quinn ] 8 October 1977 from "Henry Bristow Ltd., Autograph letters, MSS., Ephemera, Ringwood, Hants. (M.xvi.22)

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