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Conroy Collection: Catalogue 135 - 150

Arborfield, Berkshire

135. A schedule of title deeds and documents 1822-1845, reciting names etc of holders, relating to a farm at Arbofield purchased by Sir John Conroy in 1845, from Charles Simonds and John Walter. [2E.N.2]

136. An agreement, between John Hathaway (for Sir John Conroy's executors) and Richard Wells of Cross Lanes Farm, Arborfield, to let meadows in the Parish of Shinfield (Birch Meade, Bridge Close, Great Brookers Mead) to Wells, 1854. [2E.N.2]

137. An agreement between GP Dawson and WVF Wansey, about a paper mill and associated property at Arborfield, 1839. [2E.N.2]

138. A report on possible improvements to Arborfield Paper Mill and related papers, 1844. [2E.N.2]

139. An agreement between Sir John Conroy and Francis Wansey, paper maker, about Arborfield Paper Mill, with a specification for new machinery, 1845. [2E.N.2]

140. Correspondence between Sir John Conroy, Lord Braybourne (patron of the Rectory), and JR Wheeler, about plans for rerouting certain roads at Arborfield, 1843. [2E.1]

141. 'Arborfield AD 1840' (12 folios) and 'Some Account of the Parish of Arborfield Co Berks AD 1840' (15 folios): two versions of an account of Arborfield, and its history by Edward Conroy. [8.4]

142. Edward Conroy's antiquarian notes and miscellaneous papers concerning Arborfield. [6L.1; 8;3]

143. Papers of Edward Conroy concerning the old Church at Arborfield:

  • Monuments and heraldry (6 pages)
  • Notes on the history of the Church 1405-1861, including the circumstances of its destruction (ca 20leaves)
  • Papers concerning the Conroy vault. [6L.1-2]

144. A description of Arborfield old Church, with rough sketches and notes on memorial inscriptions, by Edward Conroy, 1868. 10pp. [8.6]

145. 'An account of old Arborfield Church when in ruins', 3rd Baronet, 1869. [6.L.3]

146. A summary of dates concerning the new Church at Arborfield )last service at the old Church 14 June 1863; first service at the new Church 21 June 1863; demolition of the old Church began 12 Jan 1869). [8.7]

147. A Deed of Licence, with an annotated draft thereof, by the Revd Sir John Warren Hayes, 3rd Baronet, Rector of Arborfield, Berks. to Sir Edward Conroy, dated 22 Feb 1869, concerning Conroy family monuments. [14B+.7]

148. A copy of the inscriptions in the mortuary chapel (said to have been once part of the old Church) at Arborfield, 1928. [3C.4]

149. The 3rd Baronet's papers concerning Arborfield 1880-1900, ca 20 bundles. [1D/E.Residue; 2B.Residue]

150. Papers and correspondence (1 bundle) concerning the sale of property at Arborfield, including sale particulars for Arborfield Grange (sold to Captain Rickman, 1891), 1891-1892. [1D/E.10]

- Katherine Hudson and John Jones

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