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Conroy Collection: Catalogue 180 - 185


180. A leather-covered notebook with a flap closure, 5 1/4 x 8 1/4". From the front, essays on military strategy, ca 1780-1800. From the back, entries concerning works for the defence of Yarmouth Roads 1781-1782: 1) forms for paylists etc; b) prices of materials used; c) Major-General Tryon's orders of 19 June 1782; d) expenses for the various forts; and e) a summary of the expenditure (£23 509.9s.11 3/4d) with the numbers of guns at each battery (68 in all). A Captain Fisher (no doubt Benjamin Fisher, probably the writer of the notebook) is mentioned as signing two certificates. [14A.C]

181. The Duke of York to the Duke of Kent, 22 Dec 1802. York criticises Kent's 'extreme severity to the soldiers', and urges him to be more moderate when he takes up his new command at Gibraltar. [2E.F]

182. The Duke of Clarence to the Duke of Kent, with an enclosure regarding the Duke of Cumberland, ND, but a contemporary annotation dates it 'sometimes in March or April 1813.' Cumberland is endeavoring to obtain the Prince Regent's leave to go to Russia with a view to contracting a marriage which would upset Clarence's plans, because Clarence claimed to have the Prince Regent's permission to marry the sister of the Emperor of Russia; Clarence is determined to obstruct him, and will challenge him to a duel if necessary; Clarence says 'I cannot forget the Duke of Cumberland's conduct to me relative to Miss Long and Mrs Jordan and I will not permit him to play me any tricks respecting the Grand Duchess Anne.' [2E.F]

183. 'Memoir of the First Duke of Sutherland KG' by James Loch, privately printed, London 1834: 83pp, 25 x 33 cm. Presentation copy to Sir John Conroy from the Duchess of Kent, 1835. [14A.A]

184. 'Receipts,' a collection of formulations useful in animal care and agricultural work, 1vol, ND, ca 1850. [3C.13]

185. Drafts for a paper on the constitution of benzene, by SA Sworn, 1888. [3C.6]

- Katherine Hudson and John Jones

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