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Jenkyns Collection: Catalogue Bibliography

The following works provide useful background to the collection.

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JH Jones. 'The Civil War of 1843.' Balliol College Record, 1978 p.60.

________. 'Sound religion and useful learning: the rise of Balliol under John Parsons and Richard Jenkyns, 1798-1854.' Balliol Studies, ed. JM Prest, 1982.

________. The Archives of Balliol College Oxford. 1984.

________. Balliol College: A History 1263-1939. 1939.

I Ker and T Gornall (eds). The Letters and Diaries of John Henry Newman Vol. II, 1979. This volume covers 1827-1831, when Newman was an Oriel tutor; there are frequent references to HJ.

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The ODNB includes a high proportion of the figures who appear in the collection, and the characters of Anthony Trollope's Barchester novels could be the archetypes for many of them.

- John Jones

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