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Jowett Papers - Group I, Class A

Group I contains almost all the papers used by Faber. More discussion of their history, and of the way in which they have been arranged here, is provided in the Introduction. It consists exclusively of BJ's own papers and the Abbott and Campbell papers.

  • Group I Class A - Notebooks of BJ
  • A1-A11 - Private notebooks on theology and philosophy
  • A12-17 Lectures on Theology
  • A18-22 - Private Notebooks on Thucydides
  • A23-25 - Lectures on Thucydides
  • A26-27 - Lectures on other Greek historians
  • A28 - Lectures on Philology
  • A29-30 - Lectures on Plato and Greek philosophy
  • A31-35 - Lectures on Aristotle


Group I Class A - Notebooks of BJ

Class I A consists of the contents of Faber's 'Box A'. These all came from BJ's own papers, and are made up almost entirely of quarto notebooks, used for either lectures or private notes.

Many of the books have had titles written on them in an unknown hand. It is probably, but not certainly, Matthew Knight's.

The notebooks for I A and I B have been arranged according to their subjects, and then divided into private notebooks and lecture notebooks. I A is arranged as follows:

A1-17: Notes on theology and modern philosophy.

A18-25: Notes on Thucydides.

A26-7: Notes on other Greek historians.

A28: Notes on philology.

A29-35: Notes on Greek philosophy.

A1-A11 - Private notebooks on theology and philosophy


Quarto NB, with limp fawn cardboard covers with black leather cloth spine, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Miscellanea 40-50. 39 leaves. Pages unlined. Pencil.

The '40-50' of the title almost certainly refers to the date, as BJ's hand suggests the 1840s.

  • Notes etc on Kant 1-9
  • Mythic History [notes] 9v-10
  • On the difference of a priori moral and of transcendental truths [title only] 10v
  • The relation of the understanding to the Sensitivity [title only] 11
  • Mythic History [notes] 12
  • On the Intuition as the only medium of thought [title only] 12v
  • Space and Time [jotting only] 13
  • Bunsen's book [notes] 14-19
  • On the different laws to be applied to different history [title only] 19v
  • On the Italian nations [jotting only] 20
  • Attributes of God etc. [jotting only] 20v
  • Angels [jotting only] 20v
  • Kant - Das Ende der Dinge [notes] 21-2
  • The I & not I [notes] 22v-23
  • Negative Ideas [notes] 23
  • Time a form of Space [title only] 23v
  • [untitled jotting beginning 'reference to the internal sense'..] 24
  • Analogy [title only] 24v
  • Psychology [jotting only] 25
  • Space and Time [notes] 26-27v
  • The Reformation on 4 points of view [notes] 28-9
  • Time [notes] 30
  • Links between Transcendental Æsthetic & Transcendental logic [title only] 30v
  • Time and Space [jotting only] 31
  • Pantheism and Atheism [notes] 31v-32
  • On the way of meeting Sceptical doubts [notes] 32v-33
  • Different senses of Internal evidence [notes] 33v
  • That our limited ideas of the Attributes of God spring directly out of the conformation of our minds [notes] 34-34v
  • Theory of another life [notes] 35
  • Remarks [on religion - jotting only] 35v
  • Eternal punishment [jotting only] 36
  • Why should Time in Kant's system be joined on to the sensitivity - not to the understanding [title only] 36v
  • Kant's Divisions of Logic [notes] 37
  • The relation of Logic to Mathematics [notes] 37v
  • What meant [ sic] by transcendental truths [jotting only] 38
  • The difference of Logic and Æsthetic [title only] 38v
  • Logic of Appearance [title only] 39v


Quarto NB, stiff blue-green marbled paper board cover with black leather spine and corners, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Miscellanea 40-50. 94 leaves, most of them unused. Pages lined. Mostly pencil, with a little ink.

The 40-50 of the title almost certainly refers to the date, as BJ's writing in this NB is very close to that in his letters of the 1840s.

  • Gfrörer - Introduction [notes from BJ's reading of Gfrörer's introduction to his edition of Philo] 1-7, 9-19
  • Baur's Paulus [notes from BJ's reading of Baur] 20v-21v
  • Baur's Sehrbegriff [ sic - notes] 32v-33
  • Christian Consciousness [notes] 33v-34
  • Δικαιoσύvη [notes] 34v-38v
  • Relation of Christianity to Judaism and Heathenism [notes] 38v-39v
  • Notes on Usteri [jotting only] 68v
  • Quaestiones Theologicae on the Romans and Galatians [notes] 69v-70
  • Two great hopes in the interpretation of St. Paul's Epistles [jotting only] 71
  • Philo and St. Paul [notes] 71v-72v
  • Remarks on St. Paul [notes] 86v-87v


Quarto NB, stiff brown marbled paper cover with maroon leather spine, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Analysis of Hegel's Logic and Philosophy of Law. 66 leaves, many unused. Pages lined. Pencil.

The NB is undated, but its use (and BJ's hand) suggests a date of 1845-1849. See General Note to I H6-10 for further details.

  • [Précis of sections 1-40 of Hegel's Encyclopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften im Grundrisse - see General Note to I H6-10 for details] 1v-20
  • Notes on Sehn von Sayr [Hegelian terms] 24
  • Seyn & Nichts [ sic - notes on Hegelian terms?] 25-31
  • Hegel's Philosophy of Law [notes on sections 2-29 of Hegel's book of this name?] 34v-42v
  • General remarks on Hegel [jotting only] 64v
  • Difficulties in Hegel [jottings only] 66


Quarto NB, stiff black cloth cover, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Miscellanea on Theology etc., '46. 103 leaves, many blank. Pages unlined. Pencil with a little ink.

The NB is dated Jan. 1846 on the inside front cover.

  • "Subjects for Essays (English)" [titles on historical and classical subjects] 1-1v
  • Relation of Power and Law to the National Character [notes] 2-8
  • Freedom [jotting only] 8v
  • Myths [jotting only] 9
  • Miracles [notes] 9v
  • Can the idea of a whole be a metaphor borrowed from Art [jotting only] 10v
  • Amalgamation in Nations [jotting only] 12
  • How did the 2nd notion of the Law spring up among the Jews [jotting only] 13
  • Grotesqueness of the Middle Ages in the representation of the Devil [jotting only] 14
  • Connexion of Gods or Saints with their images or pictures [jotting only] 14v
  • [ fols. 28v-31v were written with the NB inverted, and are listed in reverse order]
  • Analysis of Hegel from Michelet [notes] 31v-30v
  • Unslesblickectslehre [ sic - notes] 29v
  • The personality of God [notes] 29v-28v
  • Essay on the relation which the narrative of the Gospel bear [ sic - notes] 32v-35
  • Identity of the Church as a Practical Christian Doctrine [notes] 36
  • Origin of the Gospels [notes] 37-38
  • Why are the four Gospels only four [notes] 38v
  • Judas Iscariot [notes] 39v-41
  • Analysis of Strauss 43v-44v
  • Génie des Religions [notes on this book: who wrote it?] 46
  • Imagine a primitive age non miraculous - unmythical [title only] 82
  • [ fols. 90v-101v are all written with the NB inverted, so that they have been numbered in reverse order]
  • Logic [notes] 101v-96
  • First direction of thought towards objectivity [notes] 95v-92v
  • Empiricisms [notes] 91v-90v
  • [List of names (not indexed) of some undergraduates who matriculated at Balliol between 1841 and 1845: their purpose here is unclear] 102
  • Essays etc [titles on ancient and modern history, philosophy and theology] 102v-103


Quarto NB, stiff dark blue/green cloth cover, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Miscellanea 49-50. 139 leaves, some blank. Pages unlined. Mostly pencil, some ink (some of which is now very badly faded)

The title dates the NB to 1849-50, which BJ's hand supports. However, the entries on fols.18v, 86v and 110v are all dated 1848.

  • Agenda [notes on St. John and the Gospels] opposite 1
  • John [notes on his Gospel] 1-2v
  • Born of Water and of the Spirit [notes] 3
  • Essay on πίστις _γv_σις 3v-6
  • Judgement [jotting only] 7v
  • Object of St. John's Gospel [jotting only] 8
  • What & if you see the son of man ascending up where he was before [notes] 8v
  • The woman taken in adultery [jotting only] 9
  • Relation [of St. John] to the Old Testament [notes] 9v
  • Millenarianism [notes] 10v
  • Comparison of the double meaning in St. John with the mystical interpreter [notes] 11
  • Analysis of the Mystical meaning [jotting only] 11v
  • Father Glorify the Son [jotting only] 12
  • On the figures of Speech under which the relation to Christ is spoken of in the N[ew] T[estament] [title only] 12v
  • St. John's Gospel as illustrative of his Character [notes] 13v-14
  • Suggested by reading Neander [notes] 14v-17v
  • Oban Aug. 2 1848 - Sketches for sermons [title only] 18v
  • Self-Consciousness [notes for a sermon] 19
  • Truth and Duty [notes for a sermon] 19v-20
  • Language [notes for a sermon] 20v-21
  • Nature [notes for a sermon] 21v
  • Evidences of Christianity [notes for a sermon] 22
  • Controversy [notes for a sermon] 22v
  • Accident [notes for a sermon] 23
  • Casuistry [notes for a sermon] 23v-24
  • Realism in Morality [notes for a sermon] 24v
  • Phraseology of the Doctrine of the Trinity [notes for a sermon] 25
  • Scepticism [title only] 25v
  • Origin of ideas [jotting only for a sermon] 26
  • The Social Passions [notes for a sermon] 26v-27
  • Aristocracy [jotting only for a sermon] 27v
  • Sermon Writing [notes for a sermon] 28v-29
  • Logic of Theology [notes for a sermon] 29v-31v
  • Duty in reference to Baur and Strauss etc. No. 1 [notes] 32v-33
  • Possibility of improvement in Character [notes] 33v
  • Habit [title only] 34
  • Tests [notes] 35v
  • Casuistry in Relation to Politics [title only] 36v
  • Hegel [notes] 37v-38
  • Baur and Strauss No. ii [notes] 38v-39v
  • Baur and Strauss No. iii [notes] 40
  • [Untitled notes on resurrection, saints and angels] 40v-41
  • Law and Morality [notes] 41v-42
  • When I wake up after thy likeness, I shall be filled with Thy glory [notes] 42v
  • Erroneous ideas of Revelation [jotting only] 43
  • Health [jotting only] 43v
  • Sin [jotting only] 44
  • Notes for book on the University [jotting only] 44v
  • Τόπoς σκεπτικ_ς [notes] 45
  • Death to the Law [notes] 45v
  • Book on the Romans [notes] 46
  • The Strength of sin is the Law [jottings only] 46v
  • The Nature of Sin [jotting only] 47
  • Sermon writing [notes] 47v-48v
  • Train up a child in the way in which he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it [notes] 49
  • Faith moves mountains [jottings only] 49v
  • Simplicity - how far supply the place of greatness? [title only] 50
  • New Translation of the Bible [jottings only] 50v
  • The Parable of the labourers in the Vineyard [jottings only] 51v
  • Realism in Religion [jottings only] 52
  • Prayer [jottings only] 53v
  • Suffering [title only] 54
  • The Canon of H[oly] S[cripture] [jotting only]  54v-55
  • Sermon Writing [jotting only] 55v
  • In what sense is it true that if criticism destroys much it restores more? [jottings only] 56v
  • Good men are not necessarily good theologians [jotting only] 57
  • Free Will and Necessity [notes] 57v-60
  • Justification [notes] 65v-66
  • Idea of a 'novum organum Theologiae' [jotting only] 67v
  • [Note: the ink used in fols.70v-86 has faded badly, so that these pages are especially difficult to read]
  • [Untitled notes on scepticism] 70v-71v
  • Πιστεις [notes] 72
  • Τόπoι σκεπτικoί [notes] 72v-73
  • Considering the test of truth [notes] 73v
  • Moral and Positive [notes] 74
  • What is the essence of Gnosticism Mysticism etc. [notes] 74v-75
  • How to think upon moral subjects - γv_θε σεαυτ_v [title only] 75v
  • Dualism of Poetry and Philosophy [title only] 76
  • How to make and how to get rid of differences of kind in Words [title only] 76v
  • Vestiges of Creation - No.1 Language [notes] 77
  • Vestiges of Creation - No.2 History and Mythology [notes] 77v
  • Vestiges of Creation - No.3 Social [jotting only] 78
  • Comparison of Mechanical Knowledge and mechanical morality [title only] 78v
  • Early Ecclesiastical History in what different [ sic] from common History [jottings only] 79
  • Parallel of the evidence of the Canon with other evidence of the same kind [notes] 79v
  • Cause and Effect [notes] 80-80v
  • To draw out consequences of latitudinarianism [title only] 81
  • History and Mythology II [notes] 81v
  • The Canon of Scripture [notes] 83
  • Necessity [notes] 83v
  • On the language of Metaphysics [notes] 84
  • How to answer the objection we must know everything or nothing [jottings only] 85
  • The origin of religious ideas [title only]  86
  • Oban July 17th 1848 [title only] 86v
  • Notes on Society etc. 87
  • Church and State [notes] 87v-88v
  • Political View of Smith(?) [notes] 89-92v
  • Truth and Action [notes] 93
  • Navigation Laws [notes] 93v-95v
  • Vanity Fair [not the book -notes] 96v-98
  • N[otes] for the Tendency to Pantheism of Oxford 98v-99v
  • Style of St. Paul [jottings only] 100v
  • Municipal Government [jotting only] 101
  • Whether any part of the legislative function might be superseded by the Judicial or administrative [jotting only] 101v
  • Whether to be lamented that the age of the fine arts has passed away [jotting only] 102v
  • Difficulty of Pantheistic Scheme that it denies the existence of Evil in another world. No further consequences of evil [notes] 103
  • Intellectual Theory of Another Life [notes] 103v-105
  • Moral Philosophy [notes] 105v
  • Analysis of right [notes] 106v
  • Education [notes] 106v
  • Literature and science [jottings only] 107
  • Personality [jottings only] 107v
  • Philo and St. Paul [notes] 107v-109
  • The Causes which affect Christianity [notes] 109v-110
  • Subjects for Essays 1848 [titles on philosophy and ancient history] 110v
  • The Ballot - pro and con [jottings only] 111
  • He shall come before the world of sin of righteousness and judgement [title only] 111v
  • I Timothy I 4 [notes] 112-113v
  • John VIII 44 [notes] 113-113v
  • II Peter I 20 [notes] 114
  • Truly ye bear witness that ye allow the death of your father [jottings only] 114v
  • Why are they then baptized for the Dead [notes] 115
  • On the Woman who anointed our Lord's feet with Ointment [notes] 115v-116
  • Remarks on Thucydides [jotting only] 136v
  • Subjects for essays [titles on philosophy, literature, and modern history] 138v-139


Quarto NB, stiff green-black cloth cover titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Miscellanea 49-50. 142 leaves, some blank. Pages unlined. Pencil.

The title presumably refers to the date at which this NB was thought to be used; however BJ himself dated it on the inside front cover June 23 1845.

  • On the Connexion of Scripture [notes] 1-4
  • On the 'mixed modes' in Scripture [notes] 5-6
  • Protestantism and Romanism [notes] 8
  • [Notes on parts of I Corinthians and Galatians] 10v-11
  • Geology etc. and the Mosaic Theology [notes] 12
  • [Notes on] I Corinthians 12v-13v
  • Relation of economies to each other [jotting only] 14
  • 2 Peter iii 4, 5, 6, 7, [notes] 14v-15
  • Transfiguration in the Epistles [notes] 16
  • The progress of the word from polytheism [jotting only] 17
  • Christian Dispensation compared with the Mosaic [jotting only] 18
  • Mark ix 19 [notes] 18v
  • Apocalypse [notes] 20-27
  • Lehre von Engeln [notes; who wrote this?] 32
  • Caiaphas [title only] 33
  • Questions on History [notes] 36v
  • Notes on Ranke 37-38v
  • Regeneration of Catholicism [notes] 39-41v
  • Continuation of notes on Usteri (the commencement further on) [a reference to fols. 48v-49?] 43v-46
  • On Truth [notes] 46v
  • Galatians III 16, 18 [notes] 47
  • _σε_ περιστέραv σωματκ_ ε_δει [notes] 47v
  • δι_ τ_ς τεκvoγovίας [notes] 48
  • Notes on Usteri 48v-49
  • Comparison of words which have both Passive and Active senses in the Epistles [jotting only] 49v
  • Αoυλεία [ sic] [notes] 50
  • Aug.3 - Predestination - Lehre [notes] 50v
  • The Sacraments [jotting only] 51
  • Moral and Positive [jotting only] 51v
  • Moral Philosophy [jotting only] 60v
  • German Theology July 26 [notes] 63v-64
  • Critica July 17 [notes] 64v-65
  • Critica: Strauss and Niebuhr [notes] 65v-66
  • July 28: Critics and Scepticism [notes] 66v-67
  • Schwegler - the Ebionitish view of Christianity [jotting only] 67v
  • Parts in which the popular statements respecting Christianity are different from the Scriptures [notes] 67v-68
  • Continuation of last 2 pages [ sic - jotting only] 68v
  • The necessity of Christianity as a goal [title only] 71v
  • No Man shall see the face of him [title only] 72v
  • [Untitled notes on comparative religion on the idea of God] 73v-75
  • German theology [jotting only] 83
  • Church Reform [jotting only] 83v
  • The Voluntary System [jotting only] 84
  • Rent value [jotting only] 84v
  • Natural Religion [title only] 86
  • Scripture - Matth XIX 4-6 [jotting only] 95v
  • Math XIX 3-12 [notes] 97-8
  • [Loose leaf 97A inserted at 97: a page from a printed edition of the Greek text of Matthew XVIII 17- XIX 12]
  • A critical enquiry into St. Paul's Epistles [notes] 98v-101v
  • Difficulties in harmonizing the Acts and the Epistles [jotting only] 101v
  • Tues. June [ recte July?] 7th [notes on St. Paul] 102v-104
  • July 8th [notes on St. Paul] 104v-105
  • July 10th [notes on St. Paul] 105v
  • July 15th - Imputed Sin and Imputed Righteousness [notes] 106-106v
  • July 15th - The Law [notes]  107-107v
  • July 16th - Personality of God [notes] 108-109
  • July 16th - Comparison on proof in moral and physical science [notes] 109v
  • July 16th - How far the words propitiation, atonement, etc. are taken from Jewish symbolical language [notes] 110-110v
  • July 17th - How to distinguish the Spiritual & incidental[?] in Scriptural Statements [title only] 111
  • July 17th - Questions on the Epistles [notes] 111v-113v
  • July 17th - Did our Lord command his disciples to preach to the heathen? [notes]  114v
  • July 17th - How do we reconsider St. Paul's conduct with our Lord's disciples? [notes] 115-115v
  • July 18th - Two sets of figurative language of St. Paul [jotting only] 116
  • July 19th - Faith, Hope and Charity [notes] 116v-117
  • Economies [notes] 117v
  • Difficult Expressions in the Romans [notes] 118
  • Passages in Scripture which have references to Faith, Hope and Charity [jotting only] 118-19
  • Difficult passages in St. Paul's Epistles No.2 [notes] 119v
  • [Untitled jotting on St. Paul] 120v
  • Defects of Theology [notes] 121v-122
  • July 21 - The sting of death is sin, the strength of sin is the law [notes] 122v-123v
  • July 22 - The sting of death is sin [notes] 124
  • First Epistle to the Corinthians [notes] 124v-126v
  • July 22 [notes on the sting of death etc.] 127
  • July 22 [notes on II Corinthians] 127v-128
  • Notes suggested by Usteri 128v-129
  • July 23 - On the personality of God [notes] 129v-130
  • July 23 [notes on Ephesians] 130v
  • July 23 - Similarities with the style of St. Paul [notes] 131
  • July 23 - Traces in H[oly] S[cripture] of the material & Individual sense of sin [notes] 131v
  • 'Schicksallosigkeit' of our Lord July 23 [notes] 132
  • July 24 - Is there anything like modern exegesis in St. Paul's explanations of the Old Testament [notes]  132v-133v
  • July 26 [title only] 134v
  • Scholarship 1845 [jotting only] 135v
  • Questions on History [one essay title] 136v
  • Subjects for Essays [essay titles on ancient and modern history, philosophy, etymology, literature, theology and philology] 137-42


Quarto NB, stiff maroon leather cloth cover, with fancy pattern, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Theology - Gospels and Acts 49-50. 81 leaves, many blank. Pages lined. Pencil with some ink.

The title dates the NB to 1849-1850, and BJ's hand supports this date.

  • [Notes on the Gospels and Epistles] 1-3
  • Lecture Jan. 21 - inspiration [lecture notes] 4-7
  • St. John's Gospel [notes] 8-14
  • May 21st [jotting only on religion] 15
  • [Notes on the other Gospels] 16-19
  • Acts of the Apostles [notes] 20v-24v
  • Acts of the Apostles No. 2 [notes] 35
  • [ fols.66-71 were written with the NB inverted]
  • [Notes on Angels in the Old Testament and the New Testament] 66-71
  • [List of pupils(?) with marks (names not indexed)] 76v-78


Quarto NB, soft black leather cloth cover with gold lines on edge and spine. No title or label, but first page begins α. Chronology of Life and Epistles of St. Paul. 147 pages*, but pp.4-55 have been torn out and are now missing, and several of the remainder are blank. Pages unlined. Mostly ink, some pencil.

The NB is undated, but BJ's hand suggests c.1850, when he was at work on his commentary on St. Paul's Epistles.

This notebook has been digitised; images available on request.

  • [List of titles (of essays?) on St. Paul, each one prefaced by a Greek letter] 1
  • [list of Roman emperors] 2
  • Essay on the Chronology of St. Paul's Epistles [Draft essay, of which most is now missing (see above)] 3
  • [end of an essay on St. Paul now missing?] 56
  • The Object of the Epistle to the Romans [draft essay; if it was intended for the commentary, no trace of it is there] 57-94
  • Passages bearing upon the Jewish or Gentile Chronicles of the Earlier Christian Communities [notes] 95-102
  • Augustine and Pelagius [notes] 105-7
  • Psychology of the New Testament [notes] 109-24
  • Appendix [list of titles only] 135
  • Appendix [notes] 140-1
  • Comparison of passages in the Gospels and Epistles favoring the orthodox or the Heterodox view of the divinity of Christ [jotting only] 143-4
  • Notes for Essay on Pelagianism [notes] 145-6
  • Notes for Essay on connexion of Old and New Testament [jotting only] 147
  • [Untitled notes on St. Paul written with the NB inverted] 148


Quarto NB, limp maroon morocco leather cover, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Early Notes on the atonement, about 1853. The edges of the cover have become slightly frayed. 76 leaves, many blank. Pages unlined. Ink (black and blue) and pencil almost equally.

There is no indication of date for this NB except Matthew Knight(?)'s guess on the cover. Since almost all the NB consists of notes on the atonement, which was the subject of an essay in BJ's commentary on St. Paul, it is reasonable to assume that it was written before 1854, which BJ's hand would support.

  • Notes for an essay on the Doctrine of the Atonement [probably a very early draft for BJ's essay on the atonement in his commentary on St. Paul] 1-16
  • The Figure of Speech [title only] 39v
  • [Comments, now lightly crossed out, on a f.476 (it is unclear what from)] 40v
  • [More notes on atonement] 41-2
  • [More notes on atonement] 48v-70v
  • [6 leaves cut out between 53v and 54]


Quarto NB, stiff blue cloth cover with red leather cloth spine, titled on spine [in unknown hand] Miscell. Theol.. 182 pages*. Pages unlined. Mostly pencil, but some blue crayon and ink.

Half this notebook was used by inverting it, and starting at p.182 and working back to p.82. Therefore after p.81 the index will resume at p.182 and work in reverse order.

The NB is undated, but the manner in which religious questions are discussed, and BJ's hand, suggests the 1860s.

  • I - Essay on the present state of religion [notes] 1-3
  • The danger of building religion on Scripture Mr. Pusey [jotting only] 5-7
  • The Future of the Church of England No 1 [notes] 8-9
  • Is a free or an Established Church more favorable to toleration? No.1 [notes] 10-11
  • Evils of an Established Church No.2 [notes] 12-13
  • Established Church No.3 [notes] 14-15
  • Scepticism of the Liberal Clergy [notes] 16-17
  • Scepticism of the Orthodox [notes] 18-19
  • The loss by antagonism [notes] 20-1
  • How the old and the New are to blend? [notes] 22-23
  • Ambiguity [notes] 24
  • Review of the three parties in the Church of En[gland] [notes] 25
  • [notes of comments of Dr. Vaughan, Dr. Warre and Carlyle on theology] 26
  • Miracles [notes] 27
  • Fanciful and real hopes of the union of Christendom [notes] 28-9
  • The Future of the Church of Scotland [notes] 30-1
  • Impossibility of any good being founded on untruths [notes] 32-3
  • Advantages of an Established Church [notes] 34
  • Praises of the Clergy [notes] 35
  • The Course of the Church of England in the future [notes] 36-7
  • Contemptibleness of English Clergy [notes] 38
  • Analysis of party [notes] 39
  • Aggression from various sides on theology [notes] 40-1
  • Errors of theology [notes] 42-3
  • Ideas of a National Church [notes] 44-5
  • The relation of the educated to religion [notes] 46-7
  • Hopes against rationalism [notes] 48-9
  • Establishment [notes] 49
  • Parties in the Church [notes] 50-1
  • The lesson of Ecclesiastical History [notes] 52
  • Missions [notes] 53
  • Theological Education [notes] 54
  • High Church [notes] 54-5
  • Style in which the liberal party are attacked by the orthodox [notes] 56-7
  • Way of attacking the orthodox without polemics [notes] 58-9
  • Liberal party - "Broad Church" a misnomer - no party [notes] 60
  • True nature of latitudinarianism [notes] 61
  • Institutes of theology [notes] 62
  • The true idea of heaven and of immortality [notes] 63-4
  • Addition to the Essay on the Interpretation of Scripture [notes] 64-7
  • The real relation of the Old Testament and the New [jottings only] 68
  • To enlarge on the use of Scripture for Instruction [notes] 69
  • Mystical Interpretation [jotting only] 70
  • False use of learning in the Interpretation of Scripture [notes] 71
  • Parallels for the Interpretation of other books [notes] 73
  • Explaining away of texts [notes] 74-5
  • The manner in which the interpretation of Scripture has affected all Theology and all knowledge [notes] 77
  • List of texts in Scripture which have a sort of reactionary tendency tending against the popular religion [notes] 78
  • Common place use of Scripture [title only] 79
  • Use of Scripture as a type or allegory of other things [notes] 81
  • [for the numeration of pp.82-182, see note at the start of this list]
  • Sermon for the Abbey [notes] 182-75
  • In Christ divided? [notes for a sermon] 173-160
  • II Go sell all that thou hast and give to the poor [notes for a sermon] 159-152
  • III Sermon on the nature of God [notes] 150-144
  • [Loose leaf 150v inserted at 150: addenda to this sermon]
  • IV - They that worship him must worship him in the Spirit of Truth [notes for a sermon] 142-140
  • Sermon V on the Millenium [notes] 139-137
  • VI - The revelation of God in history and in nature [notes for a sermon] 136
  • VII - Miracles [notes for a sermon] 135
  • VIII - Character of Christ [notes for a sermon] 134
  • IX - Limits of change in character [notes for a sermon] 133 and 131
  • X  - Influence [notes for a sermon] 132
  • XI - When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith upon the earth? [notes for a sermon]  130-129
  • XIII [ sic] - Family Life [notes for a sermon] 128-124
  • XIV - the Worship of God [notes for a sermon] 123-115
  • XV - Variety of Character in the World [notes for a sermon] 114
  • XVI - Political Sermon [notes for a sermon] 113-112
  • XVII - Freedom of Authority regarded as elements of human character [notes for a sermon] 111
  • XVIII - How a Clergyman may have a limited freedom? [notes for a sermon] 110
  • XIX - Convocation [notes for a sermon] 109-107
  • XX - Miracles 106-105
  • XXII - Greater works than these [notes for a sermon]  104
  • XXII - Manners [notes for a sermon] 103-99
  • XXIV - The Sacraments [notes for a sermon] 98
  • XXV - Sinning(?) [notes for a sermon] 97-96
  • XXVI - The Idea of Public Worship [notes for a sermon] 96
  • XXVII - Perfection through Suffering [notes for a sermon] 95-94
  • XXVIII - Sermons [notes for a sermon] 93-90
  • XXIX Contrast on Romanism & Protestantism [notes for a sermon] 89
  • XXX - "He that endureth to the end shall be saved" [notes for a sermon] 88
  • XXXI - Immortality [notes for a sermon] 87-86
  • The Clergy and the Bishops [notes for a sermon?] 85-82


Quarto NB, stiff blue-green marbled paper covers, green leather cloth spine, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Notes on Bunsen, etc. 94 leaves, many unused. Pages unlined. Mostly pencil, some ink.

The NB is undated, but BJ's hand suggests after c.1865.

  • Bunsen [notes on his work on the Gospels] 1-3v
  • Remarks on Bunsen [notes on the same] 11-22
  • Sermon Text on Luke XVI 1-12 [notes] 52v-7
  • Sermon No. 2 [notes] 60v-62
  • Sermon No. 3 - The Pharisees [notes] 63v-65
  • The Old and the New Testament [title only] 66
  • No. 5 The Book of Job [title only] 68
  • No. 6 John the Baptist [title only] 70
  • No. 7 Tourists [ sic] [title only] 72
  • "I will lay me down and take my rest for it is Thou lord only makest me to such safety" [notes for a sermon] 73v-74
  • Blessed is he that heareth the prophecy [notes, now lightly crossed out, for a sermon?] 74v
  • The Last Judgement [notes for a sermon?] 75-7
  • [Untitled notes on the relationship between Morality, Religion, Nature and Art] 77v-81v
  • [Untitled notes on Truth, Right, Duty and Freedom] 82v-83
  • Texts for Sermons [titles only] 84
  • Commencement of No. 1 [i.e. on the above list - notes] 84v-85
  • [ fols. 92-94v were written with the NB inverted, and are therefore listed  in reverse order]
  • [Essay titles on Theology and History] 94v-93
  • Connexion of the O[ld] & N[ew] T[estament - notes] 92v-92

A12-17 Lectures on Theology


Quarto NB, limp green-blue marbled paper board cover, with red leather cloth spine, no title or label, but first page headed Theological Lectures Michelmas Term 1868. 48 leaves, some blank, and some loose leaves inserted. Pages unlined. Mostly ink, some pages in pencil. fol. 26A is in Matthew Knight's hand.

The first page dates the NB to 1868; an entry on fol.38 is dated 1870.

  • Theological Lectures Michelmas Term 1868 [lecture titles only] 1
  • Order of the Epistles of St. Paul [lecture notes] 2-7
  • 1st Epistle to the Thessalonians [lecture notes] 8-13
  • Genuineness of the 2nd Epistle [to the Thessalonians: lecture notes]  14-17
  • Galatians [lecture notes] 18-26
  • [Loose leaf 26A inserted at 26: list in Matthew Knight's hand of three passages from St. Paul's Epistles]
  • Theological Lectures [lecture titles only] 27
  • Heresies of the apostolical age [jotting only] 28
  • Sermons for Jan 7 30 and Feb 13 [notes] 29-33v
  • The Intellectual Effect [jotting only] 34v
  • The Moral Effect [jotting only] 35
  • The Spirit of Peace [notes] 35v-36v
  • Humility [jottings only] 37
  • Sermon for Feb 27 1870 [notes] 38-38v
  • Addenda to "It is Finished" [notes] 44-6
  • [Notes of a] Conversation [with] H.B. W[ilson?] 46v
  • [Notes of a Conversation with] Winterbottom 47
  • [Notes of a Conversation with the] Dean of Br[isto] l [Gilbert Elliot] 47
  • [Notes of a Conversation with] J.A. S[ymonds] 47v
  • [Notes of a Conversation with] A. T[ennyson?] 48


Quarto NB, with limp black morocco leather cover, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Theological Lectures 1869. 90 leaves, several loose pages inserted. Pages unlined. Ink, with a little pencil. fol.68v is in Matthew Knight's hand.

The date of 1869 is strange: the lecture course on fols1-52v is undated, but since that on 54-90 is dated Lent Term 1868, presumably the undated course could not have been given later than Michaelmas Term 1867.

  • Divinity Lectures - The Origin of the First Three Gospels [lecture notes] 1-5
  • [Loose leaf 1A inserted at 1: addenda to this lecture]
  • Lecture 2 [lecture notes] 6-9
  • Lecture iii [lecture notes] 10-12
  • [Lecture IV?] Literature of the Apostolical age [lecture notes] 13-16
  • Lecture V Connexion of the Gospels with the past [lecture notes] 17-22
  • [Lecture] VI - Parallels to Christianity [lecture notes] 23-26
  • Lecture VII [lecture notes] 26v-30v
  • Lecture VIII [lecture notes] 31-34
  • Lecture IX [lecture notes] 35-8
  • [Loose leaf 35A inserted at 35: titled Christ with Buddha]
  • Lecture X [lecture notes] 39-39v
  • Ideas of Great Men [lecture notes?] 39v and 40v-41
  • Lecture XI - Summary [title only] 40
  • Lecture XII [lecture notes] 42-5
  • Lecture XII [ sic] [lecture notes] 46-8
  • Lecture XIII - Education of the World 49-52v
  • Divinity Lectures, Lent Term 1868 [lecture titles only] 53v-54
  • Lent Term Lecture I - Versions and MS of the New Testament [lecture notes] 54v-59
  • [Loose leaf 59A inserted at 59: addenda to this lecture]
  • Lent Term Lecture ii - Interpretation of Scripture [lecture notes] 59v-63v
  • Lent Term Lecture iii Feb. 6 64v-68
  • [Loose leaf 68A inserted at 68: titled Heads of Lecture on the Interpretation of Scripture]
  • 15 Lectures Lent Term 1868 [lecture titles only; in Matthew Knight's hand] 68v
  • Lecture iii iv - Discourses of Christ in 3 Synoptics [lecture notes] 69-71
  • Lecture V - Continuation [lecture notes] 72-75
  • Lecture VI [lecture notes] 75v-78
  • Lecture VII [lecture notes] 78v-83
  • Lecture VIII [lecture notes] 84-6
  • [Loose leaf 85A in Matthew Knight's hand inserted at 85: an untitled list of parables in the synoptic Gospels]
  • Eschatological [jotting only] 86v
  • Repartees [title only] 87
  • [Loose leaf 90A inserted at 90 titled Last Lecture: lecture notes]


Quarto NB, limp maroon morocco cover with gold lines on edge of cover and on spine, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Divinity Lectures 69-71. fols.1-77 used, with several pages blank and some loose pages. Pages unlined. Ink.

The NB cover dates this NB to 1869-1871; this is supported by the dating of 1A and fol.2v to 1869.

  • [Loose leaves fcA-fcB inserted inside front cover: both are lists of lectures]
  • [Loose leaf 1A inserted at fol.1 headed Divinity Lent Term 1869: a list, in an unknown hand, of pupils from Balliol attending BJ's lectures for Lent Term 1869. The names are indexed]
  • Divinity Lectures Lent Term 1869 [list of titles] 2v
  • [Lecture on the growth of Christianity] 3-7v
  • Lecture ii - General characteristics of the Early Christians [lecture notes] 8v-24v
  • The Roman Catholic Church and Episcopacy [lecture notes?] 25v-29
  • Sacrament of the Eucharist [notes] 29v-31
  • Justification [notes]  31v-32
  • Purgation [notes] 32v
  • Lecture iii - Atonement and Satisfaction [lecture notes] 33
  • The worship of Saints & of Mary [notes] 33v-35
  • Two Comparisons [of Roman Catholicism and the Church of England: notes] 34v-35
  • Justification and Sanctification [notes] 35v-36
  • The Atonement [notes] 36v-37v
  • The Epistle to the Romans [lecture notes?] 38v-45
  • Casuistry [notes] 45v-46
  • The Religion of Greece [lecture notes?] 56-77
  • [loose leaf at 61 with a fragment of Callimachus - all except one sentence (in BJ's hand) in an unknown hand]


Quarto NB, with stiff maroon leather cloth covers, no title or label, but fol.1v is headed Divinity Lectures Easter Term 1872. Only fols.1-36 used, some loose pages inserted. Pages unlined. Ink.

  • The first leaf dates the NB to 1872.
  • Divinity Lectures Easter Term 1872 [titles only] 1v
  • [loose leaves 2A-B inserted on fol.2:
  • 2A: Untitled list of lectures on Divinity
  • 2B: Untitled list of books on Indian religion and philosophy]
  • Introductory [lecture notes] 3-6
  • Three first Gospels [lecture notes] 7-9
  • Addition to Lecture 1 [lecture notes] 10-11
  • Lecture II [lecture notes on divinity] 12-14
  • Lecture iii The earlier History of the Canon [lecture notes] 15-21
  • On the text of the Gospels [lecture notes] 22-7
  • Counsels of Perfection [lecture notes] 28-32
  • [Matthew] Chap VIII [lecture notes] 33
  • [Matthew] IX 14 [lecture notes?] 34
  • Matthew XII [lecture notes?] 35-6


Quarto NB, stiff green marbled paper cover with black leather cloth spine, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] History of Religion - Buddhism, Mahometanism and Zoroastrianism. 90 leaves. Pages unlined. Ink.

The NB is not dated, but BJ's hand suggests c.1865-1875.

Buddhism [notes: these and the other notes in this NB seem to be for a lecture; however, the notes are not divided up into individual lectures, and BJ's usual system of recapitulations of lectures is not used here] 1-17

  • Zoroastrianism [lecture notes?] 18-22
  • Mahometanism [lecture notes?] 23-27
  • [Untitled lecture(?) notes on Natural Religion] 27-9
  • Mahometanism [lecture notes?] 30-42
  • The Relation of Islam to Christianity [lecture notes?] 43-5
  • [Untitled lecture(?) notes on Mahomet] 46-52
  • General character of Mahometanism [lecture notes?] 53-68
  • Some general characteristics of Mahommedans [lecture notes] 69-77
  • Confucius and Lao Tse [lecture notes?] 78-86


Quarto NB, soft black leather cloth cover, no title or label, but fol.2 headed Lectures on Natural Religion. 69 leaves, some blank, with several loose papers. Pages unlined. Ink, with some pencil.

The lecture course beginning on fol.45v is dated to Michaelmas Term 1871; presumably the previous course was given not much earlier.

  • Lectures on Natural Religion - Describe the Subject [lecture notes] 2-9
  • L[ecture] ii - Arguments for the being of a God [lecture notes] 10-14
  • Lecture iii - Conception of God and of the world [lecture notes] 15-17
  • Lecture iv - Necessary Anthropomorphism [lecture notes] 17v-22
  • Lecture v [lecture notes] 22v-25v
  • Lecture vi [lecture notes] 26v-29
  • Lecture VII - Modes of Studying them [lecture notes] 30-34
  • Lecture VIII - Parallelism of other religions with Christianity [lecture notes] 35-43
  • Lectures Michaelmas Term 1871 [notes for the first lecture] 45v-50
  • Lecture II -  Brahminism [lecture notes] 50v-53
  • Lecture 3: the same 53v-56v
  • Remarks on Natural Religion [lecture notes?] 57v-58
  • The Indian Philosophies [lecture notes] 58v-62
  • Lecture iv [lecture notes] 62v-65
  • [Page of miscellaneous jottings, including lists of names (not indexed)] 65v
  • [Loose leaves 66A-K inserted at 66: untitled notes (for a lecture?) on Indian religions. 66A is in a very fragile condition]
  • Use for money in Oxford [jotting only of projects for Balliol and Oxford, including a New Hall for Balliol] 66
  • [untitled list of the revenues of some colleges] 66v
  • University Revenues [notes on using these for university extension] 67
  • [Notes on Balliol scholarships and fellowships] 67v-68
  • [written with the NB inverted] Lectures on Greek religion [titles only] 68v
  • Notes for Preface [not clear to what] 69

A18-22 - Private Notebooks on Thucydides

I A18-23 and A25 were all tied together with a label [in Frank Fletcher's hand] inscribed Thucydides Mr. Forbes.


Medium NB (215 by 150mm), soft black leather cloth cover, no title or label, but fol.5v begins Notes for Essay on the Language of Thucydides. Only fols.1-31 used, with gaps. Pages lined. Pencil.

The entry on fol.31 is dated 1881.

  • Notes for Essay on the Language of Thucydides [title only] 5v
  • Dionysius of Halicarnassus remarks on Thucydides [notes] 6v-27
  • Notes for lectures 1881 [jotting only] 31


Envelope inscribed in Matthew Knight's hand note by Dr. Hager on Thucydides I 139. The inserted note is signed by Herman Hager at the end, and it is all presumably written in his hand.


Bundle of papers folded in half to form appearance of quarto NB, and inserted in darker leaf of paper titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Unfinished Paper on Language of Thucydides. Leaves numbered 1-20*, but haphazardly. Ink.

Undated, but the subject matter, and BJ's hand suggests the 1870s.

  • Draft for an essay on Thucydides
  • [leaves 1-5 are in an unknown hand]


Quarto NB, tan leather cloth with diamond pattern, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Notes on Thucydides and labelled [in Matthew Knight's hand] Thucydides. Only leaves 1-49 used, some loose leaves inserted . Pages unlined. Ink.

The NB is not dated, but BJ's hand suggests c.1875-1885.

  • [Loose leaf fcA inserted inside front cover with notes on the art of translation]
  • Thucydides April 26 - 1 st lecture - On the Style of Thucydides [lecture notes] 1-14
  • Speeches of Thucydides [lecture notes?] 15-33
  • Translation [lecture notes?] 34-5
  • [Various lemmata from Thucydides with comments] 36-43
  • Poppo [notes on his edition of Thucydides] 44-9
  • [Loose leaf 50A inserted at 50 with miscellaneous notes on Thucydides]


Quarto NB (save that width and height are reversed), stiff blue cloth cover with pattern of little circles, and with brown leather spine and corners. No title or label, but inside cover begins The time spent by Lexicographers and scholiasts... Only fols.1-9 used. Pages unlined. Pencil.

The NB is not dated, but BJ's hand suggests a date of c.1875-c.1885. It might be linked to BJ's translation of Thucydides.

  • [Comments on ancient criticism] inside cover
  • [Notes on Dionysius' essay on Thucydides] 1
  • Notes for essay on the language of Thucydides 2-9

A23-25 - Lectures on Thucydides


Quarto NB, limp black morocco leather cover, labelled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Thucydides. 73 leaves, many blank, with several loose pages. Pages unlined. Mostly ink, some pencil and blue crayon. Half of fol.44 is in an unknown hand.

The NB is dated to Michaelmas Term 1868 on fol.1v.

  • [Loose leaf 1A inserted at 1: untitled list of Thucydidean topics]
  • Thucydides Lectures Michaelmas 1868 [titles only] 1v
  • Language of Thucydides [lecture notes] 2-5v
  • Lecture II Thucydides [lecture notes] 9-14
  • [Loose leaves 10A-10C inserted at 10: titled Lecture 3 [lecture notes on the grammar of Thucydides]]
  • Lecture iii Idea of cases [in Thucydides: lecture notes] 15-18
  • The Style of Thucydides [lecture notes?] 19-20
  • Speeches of Thucydides [title only] 22
  • Thucydides as an Historian [title only] 23
  • Conjectural Emendation [lecture notes??] 24-7
  • [several pages torn out between 27v and 28]
  • [untitled jotting on Herodotus] 28
  • Herodotus The Father of History [lecture notes?] 28v-31
  • Xenophon [lecture notes?] 31v-33
  • [notes on various Greek historians: for a lecture?] 33v-37
  • Greek Art [lecture notes?] 37v-40
  • Thucydides [jotting only] 40v
  • Populations of Athens and Greece [notes] 44-5
  • [half of f.44 is in an unknown hand]
  • [Pages 67v-73 are written with the NB inverted, and therefore listed in reverse order]
  • [Untitled lecture notes on Philosophy] 73-67v
  • [Loose leaf 73A inserted at 73: list of lecture titles on Greek History]
  • [Loose leaves bcA-bcD inserted in inside back cover:
  • bcA: untitled list of lectures on Greek history
  • bcB: General Difficulties [jottings on translating Greek into English]
  • bcC: Plague of Athens [jotting only]
  • bcD: [notes on Hellanicus]


Quarto NB, limp black leather cover, no title or label, first page headed Lectures for 1875 on Thucydides. fols.1-161 used ( fols.137-143 have now come loose). Part ink, part pencil, with a little blue crayon.

The opening page dates this NB to 1875.

  • Lectures for 1875 on Thucydides [titles only] 1
  • Lectures on Greek Literature Nov. 1871 [notes for the first lecture] 3-10
  • Lecture ii [on early Greek writing - lecture notes] 11v-21
  • Lecture III - The Laws of Lycurgus and Solon [lecture notes] 22-27
  • Lecture IV - 520-420 [lecture notes on Greek historians of this period] 28-35
  • Characteristics of the History of Greece [lecture notes] 52-8
  • The Proem of Thucydides [lecture notes] 59-63
  • Lect[ure] IV [on Thucydides: lecture notes] 64-7
  • Lecture V [on early Prose works: lecture notes] 68-70
  • Lecture VI [on early Prose works: lecture notes] 71-5
  • Lecture VII [on Plutarch: lecture notes] 76-80
  • Lect[ure] VIII - The speeches of Thucydides [lecture notes] 81-4
  • Lecture IX - Speeches of Thucydides No.2 [lecture notes] 85-9
  • Life of Pericles [lecture notes] 90-3
  • Language of Thucydides [lecture notes] 94-7
  • [ fols.96-7 are written in Matthew Knight's hand]
  • Lecture 2 [on Thucydides' style: lecture notes] 98-9
  • [the last quarter of fol.98 is in Matthew Knight's hand]
  • Lecture 3 [on Thucydides' style: lecture notes] 100-4
  • 8 lectures during the rest of Lent Term [jotting only] 105
  • Recapitulation of Lectures about Text [titles only] 106
  • First thoughts on Aristotle [lecture notes?] 106v-107
  • 12 lectures [on Aristotle - titles only] 107v
  • Subjects of the Politics [lecture notes] 108-108v
  • Lecture on Aristotle's Politics [lecture notes] 109-113
  • Poetics and De Anima [lecture notes] 114-15
  • Summary of last lecture [lecture notes] 116
  • Lecture ii - Life of Aristotle [lecture notes] 117-21
  • [Loose page 117A inserted at 117 headed Recapitulation (of the previous lecture?)]
  • Lecture II Recapitulation 121v
  • Lecture iii - Style of Aristotle [lecture notes] 122-125v
  • Lecture iii Recapitulation 125v
  • Lecture iv [on the lost writings of Aristotle: lecture notes] 126-135v
  • Lecture IV recapitulation 135v
  • [Lecture 5 -] Exoteric and Esoteric Writings of Aristotle [lecture notes] 136-45
  • Summary of Lecture V [lecture notes] 144v
  • [Lecture] VI - The order and genuineness of Aristotle's writings [lecture notes] 145-9
  • Summary of Lecture VI [lecture notes] 148v-149
  • [Lecture VII? Very fragmentary jottings] 149v-151
  • Lecture VII - recapitulation [lecture notes] 151v
  • [Lecture VIII -] On the genuineness of Aristotle's writings [lecture notes] 152-156
  • Lecture VIII Recapitulation [lecture notes]  156v
  • [notes for Lecture IX?] 157-160
  • [Loose leaf 161A on the life of Aristotle inserted at 161]


Quarto NB, soft black leather cloth cover labelled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Thucydides 1879. The colour on the cover is slightly worn in places. 91 leaves, several blank, with some loose leaves inserted. Pages lined. Mostly pencil - some ink. fols.50v and most of 52-52v are in Matthew Knight's hand.

The NB is dated Easter Term 1879 opposite fol.1.

  • [Lecture I -] The Speeches of Thucydides [lecture notes] 1-12
  • Recapitulation of Lecture 1 [lecture notes] 13-14
  • Lecture II [lecture notes on the speeches of Thucydides] 15-24
  • Lecture II Recapitulation [lecture notes] 25-6
  • Lecture iii - Speeches once more [lecture notes] 27-9
  • Thucydides - Lecture 1 - The Greatness of Thucydides - I [lecture notes] 36-44
  • Recapitulation of First Lecture [lecture notes] 44v-46
  • Annex - The theme of Athenian Literature 480-380 [lecture notes] 47
  • Lecture II - The Greatness of Thucydides' History regarded as a work of political philosophy [lecture notes] 48-56
  • [50v and most of 52-52v are in Matthew Knight's hand]
  • [Loose leaf 55A inserted at 55 entitled VIII The Character of Thucydides]
  • Annex to Lecture ii [lecture notes] 57
  • Lecture III - The Place of Thucydides in Greek Literature [lecture notes] 58-67
  • Recapitulation of Lecture IV [lecture notes] 68-9
  • Recapitulation of Lecture ii [lecture notes] 71-2
  • Annex to Lecture iii - The future of Classical Scholarship [lecture notes] 73-4
  • Lecture V  [lecture notes on Homer and Thucydides] 75-80
  • Recapitulation of Lecture V [lecture notes] 81-2
  • [Jotting to make list of oracles or references to the supernatural in Thucydides and Herodotus] 89
  • Annexes to lectures [list of titles] 90-1

A26-27 - Lectures on other Greek historians


Quarto NB, black leather cloth cover, labelled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Ancient History and Historians 90 pages*, some extra leaves inserted. Pages lined. Pencil.

No date given on the front page, but the annex to Lecture VII on p.86 is dated 1879.

  • [Loose leaf 1A inserted at p1: a list of contents of the NB in Frank Fletcher's hand]
  • Lecture 1 st - On ancient and Modern History [lecture notes] 1-10
  • Recapitulation of lecture I [lecture notes] 11-12
  • Lecture ii - The Leading Ideas of Greek History [lecture notes] 13-20
  • Recapitulation Lecture II [lecture notes] 21-2
  • Lecture iii - Some general Characteristics of Greek History [lecture notes] 23-9
  • Recapitulation of lecture iii [lecture notes] 30-1
  • Lecture IV - The Proem of Thucydides [lecture notes] 32-8
  • Recapitulation of Lecture 4 [lecture notes] 39-40
  • Lect[ure] V - Greek Prose and Greek Historians [lecture notes] 41-8
  • Lecture V Recapitulation 49-50
  • Lecture VI - [Early Greek Historians and Plutarch: lecture notes]  51-60
  • Lecture VI Recapitulation [lecture notes] 61-2
  • Lecture VII Plutarch's Lives [lecture notes] 63-70
  • Analysis of Lecture VII [lecture notes] 71-2
  • [Lecture VIII?] Some of The Later Historians and Geography [lecture notes] 73-85
  • [Loose leaf 83A inserted at p.83: a passage of Greek, not in BJ's hand [Matthew Knight's] concerning Pericles and Anaxagoras]
  • Analysis of Lecture VI (Beginnings of History) [lecture notes] 84-5
  • Annex to lecture VII 1879 - Ancient Criticism [lecture notes] 86-7
  • Annex to Lecture VIII - Genuineness of Ancient writings [lecture notes] 87v
  • Lecture VII recapitulation [lecture notes] 88


Quarto NB, limp black leather cloth cover, no title or label, but fol.2 titled Herodotus' Life. 90 leaves, several blank. Pages lined. Pencil.

The lecture on fol.21 is dated 1881.

  • Herodotus' Life [lecture notes?] 2-5
  • The Proem of Herodotus [lecture notes?] 6-9
  • Annex to Lecture 9 - Principles of Ancient historical writing [lecture notes] 10-12
  • Analysis of former lecture [lecture notes] 13
  • Analysis of life of Herodotus [lecture notes] 14
  • Annex to Lecture X: the present age of criticism compared with the last [lecture notes] 15
  • Lecture XI - Herodotus Book I [lecture notes] 16-19
  • Lecture XI  Analysis Etc. [lecture notes] 20
  • [Herodotus on] Egypt [lecture notes] 21-4
  • Lectures 1881 [on Philology: lecture notes] 28-32
  • The moral and political effect [title only] 33
  • The Logical effect of α)Interpretation β)reasoning of evidence [jotting only] 33
  • [untitled notes [for a lecture?] on philology] 34-8
  • Lecture II: Stages of Classical Philology [lecture notes] 39-49
  • Lecture III [lecture notes] 50-7
  • [Lecture] IV - Education and Perfection [lecture notes] 58-9
  • Plan of Lecture IV [lecture notes] 60-3
  • Original research (Wissenshaflichkeit [ sic]) - Niebuhr's saying [lecture notes?] 64-6
  • Why do we study the Classical Languages? [lecture notes?] 66v-67
  • Text of Greek Authors [lecture notes?] 67v-73
  • Translation [jottings only] 76
  • Perfection [jottings only] 77
  • The Future of Scholarship [jottings only] 84
  • Lectures during Easter Term [lecture titles only] 90

A28 - Lectures on Philology


Quarto NB, limp maroon leather cover, labelled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Philology 1881. 87 leaves, several loose leaves inserted . Pages lined. Mostly ink, some pencil. fcB-D are in Matthew Knight's hand. fcF-H, 26-8 and 67A are in unknown hand 1.

The lecture on fol.1 is dated 1881.

  • [Loose leaves fcA-H inserted in cover:
  • fcA [now torn in two: an untitled list of lecture titles(?)]
  • fcB-C [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Number of slaves in Athens [notes]
  • fcD [in Matthew Knight's hand: untitled list of lectures with dates]
  • fcE [untitled list of numbered topics on Athenian history]
  • fcF-G [in an unknown hand, with 2 lines in BJ's: untitled notes on Erasmus]
  • fcH [in an unknown hand: Quotation from Macbeth]]
  • Lecture 1881 - On the nature and method of Classical Philology [lecture notes] 1-14
  • Summary of the last lecture [lecture notes] 15
  • Lecture ii [lecture notes] 16-28
  • [the main text of 26-8 is in an unknown hand; there are corrections in BJ's]
  • Summary of Lecture ii [lecture notes] 29-30
  • Lecture iii - False direction given to scholarship by ancient scholars [lecture notes] 31-44
  • Analysis of Lecture iii [lecture notes] 45-7
  • Lecture IV [lecture notes] 48-56
  • [Loose leaf 49A inserted at 49: addenda to this lecture]
  • Lecture V [lecture notes] 57-67
  • [Loose leaf 67A inserted at 67 in an unknown hand: quotation from an unknown source]
  • Lecture V Analysis [lecture notes] 68-9
  • Lecture VI [lecture notes] 70-2
  • Analysis of Lecture VI [lecture notes] 73-4
  • [Lecture VII] MSS [lecture notes] 75-8
  • An[alysis] of Lecture VII 79-80
  • Lecture VIII - Preparation[?] in Study & the future prospects of Scholarship [lecture notes] 81-7
  •  [3 loose leaves 86A-C inserted in 86, and loose leaf 87A inserted in 87: all addenda to this lecture]

A29-30 - Lectures on Plato and Greek philosophy


Quarto NB, stiff maroon leather cloth cover, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Plato ([illegible] of Biography and [three illegible words] and labelled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Life of Plato - Ancient Biography. Only fols.1-21* used, some loose leaves inserted. Pages unlined. Ink.

Undated, but BJ's hand suggests the 1860s.

  • [Loose leaf 1A inserted at fol.1: list of contents in Frank Fletcher's hand]
  • Life of Plato [lecture notes?] 1-21
  • [Loose leaf 11(i)A inserted at 11(i) (a leaf accidentally unnumbered) containing notes on the text of this page]


Quarto NB, limp grey-black cloth cover with black leather spine. No title or label, but first page begins Lectures - Plan of lectures. Only fols.1-49 used, with some blanks. Pages lined. Pencil.

The lecture on fol.49 was given on 13 Mar 1890, and the lecture on fol.18 could only have been given in 1870, 1876, 1881 or 1887; since BJ tended not to use his NB's over a long period of time, the last date is most likely.

  • Lecture - Plan of lectures [notes] (front cover)
  • [Untitled lectures on ancient biography with reference to Plato] 1-5
  • The Life of Plato 6-8
  • Analysis of last lecture [lecture notes] 9-10
  • Lecture ii -  Genuineness & Order of Plato's writings [lecture notes] 10v-17
  • Lecture 3: Friday Feb 11 [lecture notes] 18-22
  • Anaxagoras [title only] 23
  • Introductory to Lecture 4 [lecture notes] 24-5
  • Humourous [ sic] sayings in Diogenes Laertius [notes] 30
  • Questions about the authorities of Diogenes [notes] 31-2
  • Plutarch vol. 1 p.195 [jotting only] 32v
  • Plutarch [title only] 33
  • Plutarch [jotting only] 33v
  • Plutarch's life [jotting only] 34
  • [Notes on various lives of Plutarch] 34v-39
  • A few remarkable historical facts stated by Plutarch in his life of Pericles [jotting only] 41
  • Sources of Plutarch [notes] 42-3
  • Lecture 5 [on Plutarch: lecture notes] 44-5
  • Lecture vii: recapitulation of Lecture VI [lecture notes] 46-8
  • Lecture VIII March 13 1890 [lecture notes] 49

A31-35 - Lectures on Aristotle


Quarto NB, stiff maroon leather cloth cover, titled Life of Aristotle. 65 leaves*, with many loose leaves. Pages lined. Pencil, with a little purple crayon. fols.58-65 have partially come away from the spine. fols.40A and 65A are in Matthew Knight's hand, fol.40B in an unknown hand.

The lectures are dated to Lent Term 1882 on fol.1.

  • [Printed list of lectures on Aristotle by BJ (cut from a University lecture list?) pasted in the front cover]
  • [Loose leaves fcA-D inserted inside front cover:
  • fcA wraps fcB-D, three untitled leaves which seem to be lecture notes on Aristotle]
  • [Loose leaves 1A-C inserted in 1:
  • 1A: list of contents of NB in Frank Fletcher's hand
  • 1B-C: addenda to this lecture]
  • On Ancient Biography - The Life of Aristotle - the Order of the Aris. writings [lecture notes] 1-14
  • Analysis of Lecture I [lecture notes] 14v-16v
  • Lecture ii - The formation of the Aristotelian writings [lecture notes] 18-32
  • Lecture ii - analysis [lecture notes] 32v-35
  • Lecture iii The text & style (& structure) of the Politics [lecture notes] 36-44
  • Lecture III Analysis 44v-45v
  • [Loose leaves 40A-B inserted at fol.40, 40A in Matthew Knight's hand, 40B in an unknown hand: both addenda to this lecture]
  • Lecture IV [on Aristotle: lecture notes] 47-58
  • Analysis of Lecture IV [lecture notes] 58v-59
  • Lecture V - The Dialogues of Aristotle [lecture notes] 59v-65
  • [Loose leaf 65A inserted at 65, partly in Matthew Knight's hand, partly in BJ's: addenda to this lecture]


Quarto NB, limp maroon leather cloth soft covers, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Aristotle Vol. II. 173 pages*, several pages blank and several loose leaves. Pages lined. Pencil. Part of fol.67A is in Frank Fletcher's hand, and fold.104 and 106-9 are in an unknown hand.

Undated, but Frank Fletcher's contents leaf dates the NB to Lent Term 1882.

  • [Loose leaf 1A inserted at 1: contents of the NB in Frank Fletcher's hand]
  • Lecture V continuation [lecture notes] 1-13
  • Analysis of the last lecture V [lecture notes] 14-18
  • Lecture VI [lecture notes] 19-35
  • Lecture VI Analysis [lecture notes] 36-40
  • Lecture VII [lecture notes] 43-59
  • Lecture VII Analysis [lecture notes] 60-5
  • Lecture 8:The analysis of Greek and modern politics [lecture notes] 67-85
  • [Loose leaf 67A inserted at 67 titled Memoranda for Essay on the difference of Ancient and Modern Politics: notes half in Frank Fletcher's hand, half in BJ's]
  • [Loose leaf 77A inserted at 77: addenda to this lecture]
  • Easter Term Lecture 1: Ancient political economy [lecture notes] 87-109
  • [104 and 106-9 are in unknown hand 2]
  • Recapitulation of Lecture I [lecture notes] 111-14
  • Lecture ii - Ancient and Modern Communism: some general remarks [lecture notes] 118-41
  • Analysis of Lecture ii 143-5
  • Lecture iii [on Aristotle: lecture notes] 147-73
  • A33-4 were tied together with a label in Frank Fletcher's hand inscribed Ancient Biography (Aristotle etc), History, Criticism: Philology.


Quarto NB, soft black leather cloth cover, labelled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Aristotle Vol. III. Only fols.1-40 used, one leaf inserted. Pages lined. Pencil.

[See note on A[iv]2 on the label attaching these NB's]

This NB is dated Easter Term 1882 on fol.1.

  • [Latin quotation Non mihi Pyramidum tumulis evulsos Am[illegible] on front cover]
  • 1882 Easter Term Lectures on Aristotle - [Lecture V?] Aristotle and Politics [lecture notes] 1-17
  • Analysis of Lecture V [lecture notes] 18-19
  • Lecture VI - Greek Education [lecture notes] 20-7
  • Analysis of Lecture VI [lecture notes] 28-30
  • Lecture VII - The offices of State [lecture notes] 31-4
  • The modern element in Aristotle's Politics [lecture notes?] 36-40
  • [Loose leaf 41A inserted at fol.41: notes in unknown hand 3 on some Aristotelian phrases]


Quarto NB, limp black leather cloth cover, labelled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Aristotle Lent Term 1883. Only pages 1-115* used, some loose leaves inserted. Pages lined. Pencil, some ink. fol.13A and parts of pp.13-15 are in Matthew Knight's hand.

The NB is dated to Lent Term 1883 on the cover and opposite f1.

  • [Printed list of lectures on Aristotle by BJ (cut from a University lecture list?) Pasted in the front cover]
  • [loose leaf 1A inserted at p.1: a list of contents of the NB in Frank Fletcher's hand]
  • I Lecture on the style of Aristotle [lecture notes] 1-17
  • [Loose leaf 13A inserted on p.13: Addenda to this lecture in Matthew Knight's hand]
  • [Parts of pp.13-15 are also in Matthew Knight's hand]
  • I ANALYSIS [lecture notes] 18-21
  • Lecture ii - Aristotle on slavery [lecture notes] 22-31
  • Lecture ii Analysis [lecture notes]  32-5
  • Lecture iii - Property [lecture notes] 37-45
  • Lecture iii Analysis [lecture notes] 46-9
  • Lecture IV [lecture notes on the Criticism of Plato by Aristotle] 50-61
  • Lecture IV Analysis [lecture notes] 62-5
  • Lecture V [lecture notes on sources for Aristotle] 66-77
  • [Part of p.69 in Matthew Knight's hand]
  • Lecture V Analysis [lecture notes] 78-81
  • Lecture VI - The Spartan Constitution [only 1 line written] 82
  • Lecture VII - Crete and Carthage [lecture notes] 84-93
  • Analysis of Lecture 7 [lecture notes] 94-6
  • Analysis of Lecture VIII - The notion of the good citizen and the good man [lecture notes] 98-101
  • Analysis of Lecture IX [lecture notes on Ancient and Modern politics] 102-5
  • Analysis of Lecture X [lecture notes] 106-7
  • Notes for essays [for BJ's edition of Aristotle's Politics?] 108-113
  • Grant's Ethics [notes on A. Grant's edition] 115


Quarto NB, limp maroon leather cloth soft cover, labelled [in Matthew Knight's hand?] Ancient Criticism "Poetics" [in BJ's hand] May 1881. Only fols.1-72 used, several blank, with some loose leaves inserted. Pages lined. Pencil.

BJ himself dated this NB to May 1881 on the cover and on fol.1.

  • [Loose leaf fcA inserted inside front cover: jottings on poetry]
  • Lectures May 1881 - Ancient Criticism [lecture notes] 1-14
  • Lecture I. Recapitulation [lecture notes] 15-17
  • Lecture ii - Ancient Greek Criticism in History [lecture notes] 18-27
  • Recapitulation of Lecture 2 [lecture notes] 27v-29
  • Lecture iii - The Decline of Greek History [lecture notes] 30-41
  • Lecture iii. Recapitulation [lecture notes] 41v-42
  • [Lecture IV -] Ancient Greek Criticism in Literature and Poetry [lecture notes] 43-4
  • The Poetics of Aristotle [more notes for Lecture IV] 45-55
  • Longinus [lecture notes] 54-5
  • Recapitulation of Lecture iv [lecture notes] 55v and 56v
  • [Lecture V -] Aristotle [lecture notes] 56 and 57-60v
  • Recapitulation of Lecture 5 [lecture notes] 62-3
  • [Lecture VI? -] Ancient Criticism in Philology [lecture notes] 64-8
  • Aristotle De Intu. 1.2 [more notes for Lecture VI?] 69-72

- Robin Darwall-Smith, 1993

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