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Jowett Papers - Group I Class E

Group I Class E - General Note

I E consists of the contents of Faber's 'Box E'. Apart from E1-E3, it contains exclusively material collected by Abbott and Campbell for their biography of BJ. Some of it was taken from BJ's own papers, but the rest was assembled or written by Abbott and Campbell themselves.

As found in 1992, the contents of I E had been sorted into separate items and put into envelopes or folders, all of which had been assigned both a Greek letter and a number. It seems that the letter had been given them by Faber, the number by EVQ. It is unclear whether Faber or Abbott sorted the documents into these groups; fortunately, as will be seen, most of them are fairly coherent. As these groups have already attained a certain currency, and are retained in this catalogue, with new numbers (see the Introduction for a conversion table from the old to the new system).

Originally Group E contained BJ's letters to Lewis Campbell and A.P. Stanley, and Faber gave them the letters α and γ. At some stage after 1957, the letters to Stanley were taken away from the Jowett Papers, and put next to MS 410, Stanley's letters to BJ. In 1992 they were returned to the Jowett Papers, and put in Group III as III S. The letters to Campbell were also moved there and have become III C.

The contents of I E are arranged as follows:

E1-E2: Lectures on Plato and the Presocratics.

E3: Notebook with interviews conducted by Lewis Campbell.

E4-E5: Letters from and to BJ.

E6: Letters from Florence Nightingale to Evelyn Abbott.

E7-E17: Letters written in BJ's lifetime, not always by or to him, but usually concerning him, as well as some letters from Lewis Campbell to Evelyn Abbott.

E18-19: Miscellaneous material, including letters from BJ and others, speeches, etc.

E20-23: Reminiscences of BJ sent to Abbott and Campbell.

E24-E27: Miscellaneous material, including speeches, memoirs by BJ of others, newpaper cuttings, and drafts of A & C.


Quarto NB , red marble paper cover (worn), with red morocco spine, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand? (ink)] Pre Socratic Philosophy Vol. I. 281 pages*, several blank, with some extra leaves inserted. Ink and pencil.

Leaf 1a (see below), in Frank Fletcher's hand, has a note, which he says was dictated by BJ in 1891, to the effect that this NB, and E2, are lecture notes dated to c.1860 copied in the hand of 'Mr. Jackson of Worcester' (= T.W. Jackson). Since the greater part of both books, including most of the page-numbers, is written in an otherwise unknown hand, presumably Fletcher is right in his identification. Jackson wrote out the main text on pp.3-139, 165-95 and 217-271 on all the odd-numbered pages, and BJ then added comments on the even-numbered pages, and made notes on some of pp.140-63, 197-215 and 272-81. Jackson used ink, BJ used mostly pencil and a little ink.

Fletcher, based on BJ, dated the books to c.1860; there is nothing to confirm or refute this dating, but he suggests that BJ's comments were made in c.1885-90, which BJ's hand would not prevent, although some of his comments seem to be written in an 1860s hand.

There are almost no headings in this NB. Frank Fletcher provided headings of his own in his list of contents, as he did for other notebooks. These are given here, in round brackets.

These lecture books are closely related to BJ's other Presocratic lectures especially those in I B, but they do not seem to be mere copies from his other notebooks.

  • [3 loose leaves fcA-fcC inserted inside front cover:
  • fcA: Memoranda on Plutarch and Plato [notes (pencil)]
  • fcB: Repetition in the Politics [jottings (pencil)]
  • fcC: Remarks on Essay I [on sources for philosophy; notes (pencil)]
  • [Loose leaf 1a inserted at 1: list of contents in Frank Fletcher's hand - see above for his information on the date of the NB and the hand used]
  • [Untitled notes on Plato] 1-2
  • (Influence of Plato on his successors) [lecture notes] 3-13
  • (The spirit in which he should be read) [lecture notes] 13-19
  • (Difficulties of the interpreter & how to meet them) [lecture notes] 19-27
  • (Ancient and modern thought) [lecture notes] 27-31
  • (Scope of succeeding lectures) [lecture notes] 31
  • (Some difficulties in Plato) [lecture notes] 33-47
  • (The Age of Plato, considered under 8 heads...) [lecture notes] 49-139
    (I Mythology) 51-67 II (Religion) 67-81 III (Nature) 81-9 IV (Mathematics) 91-7 V (Logic) 97-105 VI (Philosophy of Mind) 105-15 VII (Ethics and Politics) 117-27 VIII (History) 129-39 IX The use of the Poets and Homer [jottings in BJ's hand] 141
  • Remarks on God in the Fathers of Greek Philosophy [jottings in BJ's hand] 149
  • (Pre-Platonic Philosophy: Introduction..) [lecture notes] 165-95
  • The Ionian philosophy [jottings in BJ's hand] 215
  • Thales [lecture notes] 217-25
  • (Anaximander) [lecture notes] 225-33
  • (Anaximenes and general remarks) [lecture notes] 235-7
  • (Diogenes of Apollonia) [lecture notes] 239-43
  • (Anaxagoras) [lecture notes] 245-71
  • [Fragmentary notes for a work on the Pre-Socratics, and train times to Bristol and Didcot] 281
  • [3 loose leaves 281a-281c inserted at 281. All three contain jottings on philosophy]
  • [3 loose leaves bcA-bcC inserted inside the back cover:
  • bcA: [Notes on Greek science (ink and pencil)]
  • bcB: [Jottings on the Pre-Socratics (ink and pencil)]
  • bcC: [Notes on the Pre-Socratics (pencil)]


Quarto NB, red marbled paper cover (damaged), with red morocco spine, titled [in Matthew Knight's hand? (ink)] Pre-Socratic Philosophy Vol. II. Only pp.1-255 used, with several extra leaves inserted. Ink and pencil.

This NB is the companion to E1: they are identical in appearance, and the greater part of both is written in the same hand (which Frank Fletcher identified as T.W. Jackson's), and set out in the same way.

For further details concerning the hand, the layout of the book, and its possible date, see the note on E1 above. As with E1, not many headings are provided in the text, so those which Frank Fletcher provided on 1a are given in round brackets where necessary.

  • [Loose leaves fcA-fcI inserted inside front cover:
  • fcA: A few extra words in Heraclitus [notes (pencil)]
  • fcB: [Questions, dated 5 May 1889, asked in BJ's lectures by H.H. Joachim and H.F. Cook (ink), with BJ's replies (pencil) (See I D34)
  • fcC-fcG: Ancient Lights [notes on ancient mathematics and astronomy, as seen in Pythagoras (ink)]
  • fcH: Eleatics [notes (ink)]
  • fcI: Different tendencies in Greek thought [notes (ink)]
  • [Loose leaf 1a inserted at 1: list of contents in Frank Fletcher's hand]
  • [A list of contents is also provided in Jackson's hand opposite p.1, headed by the date 1860-6]
  • Introduction to Heraclitus [jottings in BJ's hand] 1
  • (Heraclitus) [lecture notes] 3-31
  • (Parmenides) [lecture notes] 33-57
  • (Zeno) [lecture notes] 57-67
  • (Melissus) [lecture notes] 67-9
  • Pythagoreanism [lecture notes. Note: BJ's comments are particularly extensive on pp.70-82] 71-109
  • (Democritus) [lecture notes] 113-41
  • Empedocles [lecture notes] 143-63
  • The Sophists [lecture notes] 165-99
  • [Leaf 165a, in BJ's hand, inserted at 165: addenda to this lecture]
  • Socrates [lecture notes] 201-19
  • [Notes on Pythagoreanism (all in BJ's hand): lecture notes? Frank Fletcher thought that he wrote them out c.1885-90, a date which BJ's hand supports] 220-51
  • Socratic Schools [jotting only] 255


Small NB (180 by 110mm), black leather cover, spine slightly frayed, labelled [in an unknown hand (ink)] Interviews of L[ewis] C[ampbell] with friends of B.J. 1893-94. Only leaves 1-41 used, some blank. Ink. Most of the NB is written in Lewis Campbell's hand, but some of it is written in an unknown one (perhaps Fanny Campbell's? - see fol.17).

This NB was clearly used c.1894-6 by Lewis Campbell, and perhaps his wife Fanny, in the preparation of his contribution to A & C. A loose leaf, in EVQ's hand, in the inside front cover says that it was returned by Sir Geoffrey Faber 15 Feb. 1956 (i.e. after he had returned the other Jowett papers - see Section I of the Introduction).

  • [fol.1 is written with the NB inverted]
  • [Notes on MSS of Plato] 1
  • [Lists of people interviewed by Lewis Campbell for A & C, being divided up for the years 1817-29, 1829-35, 1835-42, 1842-9, 1849-55, 1855-64 and 1864-70] 2-5v
  • Interviews [title only] 11
  • [Notes of an interview with] M rs A.H. Clough [on how BJ and Florence Nightingale met] 11v
  • [Notes of an interview with] Miss Florence Nightingale 12v-16
  • F[lorence] N[ightingale] to F.P.C. [probably Fanny Campbell] Jan 23 [notes of an interview] 17-20
  • Adeline, Duchess of Bedford [Notes of an interview] 21-3
  • M[argaret] E[lliot? - jotting only] 24
  • [Notes of an interview with] Lord and Lady Lingen, Janry/94 35-9
  • [Notes of an interview with] Lady Stanley of Alderley [made on 1 Jan 1894] 40-1


Envelope inscribed β 2. It contains letters from BJ to Evelyn Abbott. All letters are from BJ to Abbott unless otherwise noted.

Abbott presumably placed these letters with the other Jowett material when he put it all away after the completion of work on A & C (see Section I of the Introduction). There are more letters from BJ to Abbott at II A6.

Where BJ did not put the year on these letters, someone (Abbott?) has added dates (in pencil), which are given here in square brackets.

  • [1] Balliol, 11 Feb 1873, all except signature in Matthew Knight's hand [1 leaf]. BJ comments on Rev. J. La Touche, and conveys Balliol's offer of a post for Abbott.
  • [2] W. Malvern, 11 Aug 1878, ALS [1 leaf]. BJ asks for Abbott's papers on Sophocles. He is glad that Abbott can make up for his bodily infirmities by his scholarly achievements. Discussion of the speeches of Demosthenes and Abbott's work on them. Comments on Leveson-Gower.
  • [3] W. Malvern, 25 Aug 1878, ALS [1 leaf]. BJ's comments on an article on Sophocles.
  • [4] Sherwood, Torquay, 26 Jul 1880, ALS [1 leaf]. Discussion of providing hot water pipes for the library. News of the illnesses of Matthew Knight and BJ's sister. BJ was disappointed by the Mods results.
  • [5] Oxford, 13 Jul 1881, ALS [1 leaf]. Can Abbott find rooms for BJ at Cambridge House to read over Demosthenes De Corona with him?
  • [6] Oxford, 24 Jul 1881, ALS [1 leaf]. Comments on Abbott's work on Demosthenes.
  • [7] W. Malvern, 8 Jan [1882], ALS [1 leaf]. Has Abbott contacted Toynbee? BJ now considers it was a mistake to accept [R.B.] Benson at Balliol. Concern over Abbott's rooms. News of Ritchie.
  • [8] Oxford, 14 Jan [1882], ALS [1 leaf]. Concern over Abbott's health.
  • [9] n.a., 20 Nov [1882], ALS [1 leaf]. BJ consoles Abbott over the death of his mother, and reminds him how much Balliol is in his debt. News of Fletcher.
  • [10] Ashfield House, W. Malvern, 25 May 1883, all except signature in Matthew Knight's hand [1 leaf]. Discussion on the regulations for college scholarships, and college account. Can Strachan-Davidson become Senior Bursar?
  • [11] Oxford, 24 Sep 1886, ALS [1 leaf]. Before talking to Strachan-Davidson and Nettleship, BJ wants Abbott's opinions on changes at Balliol concerning matriculation standards and battells.
  • [12] Balliol, 23 Jul [1891], ALS [1 leaf]. BJ is in Abbott's debt for 6/10, and hopes he is better.
  • [13] Balliol, 25 Jul [1891], ALS [1 leaf]. BJ will gladly admit Abbott's nephew to Balliol.
  • [14] n.a., Thursday n.d., ALS [1 leaf]. BJ thanks Abbott for some books. Can Abbott look over the Gaisford papers for this year?
  • [15] Martha Knight to Abbott. n.a., Tuesday n.d., ALS [1 leaf]. Arrangements for BJ to see Abbott [perhaps linked to BJ's illness of autumn 1891?].
  • [16] J.M. Perroud to Abbott. Balliol, 7 Oct 1891, ALS [1 leaf]. News of BJ's health. BJ wants to see all the fellows that afternoon.
  • [17] n.a., 21 Oct 1891, all except signature in Charlotte Green's hand [1 leaf]. News of BJ's work on Plato.
  • [18] Balliol, 19 Nov [?], all in Martha Knight's hand [1 leaf]. BJ asks after Volume II of his book [subject unspecified].
  • [19] Mr. Justice Wright's, Headley Park, Hants., 6 Jan 1892, ALS [1 leaf]. Thanks for Abbott's help in overseeing Volume II of Plato through the Press.


Envelope labelled δ 4, containing various letters, all addressed to BJ and all 1 leaf unless otherwise indicated.

It is not known how these escaped destruction. Presumably either Abbott and Campbell or Faber sorted them out and put them in this envelope. A brief list of their contents is written on the envelope in Faber's hand.

  • [1] James T. Round. Colchester, begun 5 Mar 1856, finished 23 Apr, ALS [13 leaves]. A very detailed discussion of BJ's edition of St. Paul, in which Round takes issue with many of BJ's stances, especially in the essay on the Atonement.
  • [2] Frederick Temple. n.a. and n.d. [but internal evidence dates to it c.1854/5], ALS [2 leaves]. Temple comments in detail on BJ's edition of St. Paul.
  • [3] James Wapshare. 27 George Street, Portman Square, London, 1 Jun 1857, ALS [6 leaves]. Wapshare discusses in detail BJ's edition of St. Paul.
  • [4] W. Young. Dulwich Common, 8 Apr 1876, ALS [1 leaf]. Reminiscences about Hugh Lancaster. Young says that he is enclosing 5 letters to him from Hugh Lancaster, but only 2 are enclosed. They are both from Balliol, dated 14 Feb 1852 and 18 May 1852, and both ALS [2 leaves]. In them, Lancaster gives lively accounts of college life at the time.
  • [5] Lord Camperdown. 39 Charles St, Berkeley Square, London, 4 Dec 1887, ALS [2 leaves]. Attempts to pacify BJ after Camperdown's last letter seemingly upset him. They are concerned with looking after D's [= Lord Dalhousie's] family, and the problem of their guardians.
  • [6] Guy Irwin. Oxford, Thursday [1888], ALS [1 leaf]. BJ thanked for Guy's advice that he should leave £10,000 to Harriet Frances [Guy's sister].
  • [7] Lewis Campbell. St. Andrew's, 13 Dec 1891, ALS [1 leaf; almost certainly a reply to III C196]. Campbell is glad to hear that BJ is better, and sends him details of the publication of the Republic. He asks after the Politics, and after Gell, and passes on news of Andrew Lang's health.
  • [8] Countess of Rosebery. On a visiting card, 38 Berkeley Square, n.d. (pencil). Have any of BJ's sermons been printed?
  • [9] F.W. Verney. 6 Onslow Gardens, London SW, 14 Dec 1892, ALS [1 leaf]. He warns BJ against getting further advice [on an unspecified question].
  • [10] M.E. Sadler. University Extensions Office, Examination Schools, Oxford, 3 Jan 1891, ALS [1 leaf]. Sadler wants BJ's advice on University Extension Students. How many more should there be, and can BJ advise on how to obtain grants for them?
  • [11] Alfred Milner. 54 Claverton Street, London SW, 2 Feb 1882, ALS [3 leaves]. Milner tells BJ he has decided not to try for the Bar and explains why [preserved in the same envelope as 12].
  • [12] Philip Lyttleton Gell. 'La Belle Sauvage', London EC, 2 Feb 1882, ALS [1 leaf]. Gell supports Milner in his decision, explaining how unsuited he is for the work, and suggests what he might do in the future. Can BJ help in getting him an entrée into political life?


Envelope (with stamps) addressed to Evelyn Abbott, and inscribed ε 5. Letters from Florence Nightingale to Evelyn Abbott or Lewis Campbell [all letters are from her, unless otherwise indicated].

Presumably Abbott himself collected all these letters and put them together in this envelope. More letters from Florence Nightingale to him are at II N.

  • [1] To Campbell. 10 South St, Park Lane, London, 14 Jun 1894, ALS [1 leaf]. Some reminiscences of BJ, especially of his tenacity.
  • [2] To Abbott. Claydon House, Winslow, Bucks, 4 Feb 1895, ALS [2 leaves, 1 in ink, the other in pencil]. Arrangements for sending letters or copies of them to Abbott or Campbell.
  • [3] To Abbott. Claydon House, 9 Jan 1895, ALS [4 leaves (pencil)]. She is very concerned that her name must not appear at all, and over the propriety of publishing letters. Reminiscences of BJ's reaction on hearing he was to be Master, and of when BJ first became intimate with her.
  • [4] Copies of extracts from BJ's letters to Florence Nightingale for 1865-9, in her hand, and dated 5 Mar 1895 [2 leaves].
  • [5] To Abbott. Claydon House, begun 18 Feb 1895, finished 20 Feb, ALS [5 leaves, some parts of them in pencil]. More reminiscences of BJ, especially concerning his conversations and writings.
  • [6] To Abbott. 10 South Street, 2 Dec 1896, ALS [1 leaf]. Congratulations on the progress of the book.
  • [7] To Campbell. 10 South Street, 12 Jan 1894, ALS [originally 2 leaves: only the second survives]. Reminiscences of BJ.
  • [8] To Abbott. Claydon House, 10 Jan 1895, ALS [1 leaf] pencil)]. She gives advice on how the biography should be written; in her opinion, the business over how Scott was promoted to make way for BJ ought to be omitted.
  • [9] To Abbott. Claydon House, 5 Mar 1895, ALS [2 leaves (partly in pencil)]. More on the progress of the biography [in which she assumes that Abbott will revise Campbell's work].
  • [10] Undated note to Abbott or Campbell headed 1866, which originally accompanied some copies of letters from BJ.
  • [11] Envelope with stamps preserved, addressed to Florence Nightingale, postmarked Oxford 12 Jan 1895, which once contained a letter to Lord Lansdowne [now missing], on which Florence Nightingale has written a brief note to Abbott on its use.


Envelope of registered post, addressed to Lewis Campbell, postmarked Oxford 6 Dec 1895, and labelled ζ 6 - Letters A.P.S to L.C.. Collection of letters mostly from A.P. Stanley to Lewis Campbell.

It seems from 10 that Sir George Grove, into whose hands Stanley's papers had come, found these letters, and sent them to Campbell, who then gave them to Abbott, who put them with the other Jowett papers. It is unclear why these letters should have ended up here, unless Campbell had given them to Stanley's biographer, R.E. Prothero, in the same way that BJ had given his letters from Stanley. Stanley's writing is not easy to read: the dates of his letters can be especially hard to decipher.

  • [1] A.P. Stanley to Lewis Campbell. n.a. [1859-62], ALS [1 leaf], preserved in an envelope on which Campbell wrote the date. Thoughts on an enclosed article by Campbell [on an unspecified subject]. News of Lingen's attempts to raise money to increase BJ's salary [see II A8/1-2 for more on this].
  • [2] A.P. Stanley to Lewis Campbell. 6 Grosvenor Crescent, London n.d. [1860s?], ALS [1 leaf]. On BJ's salary [probably; Stanley's writing is not easy to read].
  • [3] Campbell to BJ. Edinburgh, 29 Oct 1860, ALS [1 leaf]. Mention of Campbell's brother's book review in the Journal of Jurisprudence [NB: no letter from BJ can be linked with this one].
  • [4] A.P. Stanley to Campbell. 6 Grosvenor Crescent, 25 Mar [1861: Campbell dates it], ALS [1 leaf (now inside an envelope with stamp, postmarked St. Andrew's 5 Mar 1885, and addressed to T. Walrond)]. Stanley tells of how a letter he had submitted to the Times was rejected.
  • [5] A.P. Stanley to Campbell. Christ Church, Oxford, 13 Jul [or Mar?] 1861, ALS [2 leaves]. Advice to Campbell on where to publish a letter (probably to do with Essays and Reviews). He hopes the London agitation has subsided, thanks to Tait.
  • [6] A.P. Stanley to Campbell (?). The Deanery, Westminster, 27 Mar 1876, ALS [1 leaf; apparently the last leaf of a longer letter, the rest of which is now missing]. Can Campbell come to a concert with Stanley?
  • [7] A.P. Stanley to Campbell (?). The Deanery, Westminster, 27 Mar 1877, ALS [1 leaf], envelope with stamp preserved. Sorry not to see Campbell. Recollections of a visit to Carlyle.
  • [8] A.P. Stanley to Campbell. Oxford, 30 Oct [1863], AL[S] [1 leaf, of which the part with the signature is cut away]. Stanley discusses Campbell's sermon.
  • [9] A.P. Stanley to Campbell. The Deanery, Westminster, 26 Sep [?], ALS [1 leaf]. On Stanley's planned sermon in the church at St. Andrews, and what preparations should be made.
  • [10] A.P. Stanley to Campbell. Christ Church, Oxford, 23 Oct 1862, ALS [1 leaf]. Stanley expresses approval of Campbell's manuscript [unspecified].
  • [11] Sir George Grove to Campbell. Lower Sydenham, 9 Aug 1895, ALS [1 leaf]. Grove has found some letters in Stanley's papers, which he returns to Campbell. Those written to BJ have been returned to Abbott.


Letters from Lewis Campbell to Evelyn Abbott, originally in an envelope inscribed η - Letters from Lewis Campbell to Evelyn Abbott.

A note in Faber's writing says that he had extracted these from the main body of the correspondence between the two men now in F, as they contained points of interest. Since there is correspondence between Abbott and Campbell all over the Jowett Papers, it is impossible to know from where he extracted these letters. Only the dates of the letters are given, and very few are summarised. They are for the most part concerned with the minutiae of writing A & C, but unusual details have been noted. All letters are ALS and 1 leaf, unless otherwise noted.

  • [1] 26 Oct 1895
  • [2] 6 Nov 1895
  • [3] 17 Nov 1895
  • [4] 8 Dec 1895 - concerning Mrs, Green.
  • [5] 31 Dec 1895 [2 leaves]
  • [6] 22 Dec 1895
  • [7] 24 Dec 1895 - reference to omitting something unspecified [connected with the 1860s] from the biography against Campbell's will.
  • [8] 4 Jun 1896
  • [9] 7 Apr 1896 - note on omissions and how BJ should be represented.
  • [10] 25 Mar 1896 - notes on omissions.
  • [11] 12 May 1896 - includes proofs for Chapter IX and X of Campbell's volume from the biography, from the 1850s-60s (almost identical to the final version, apart from some minor cuts), and two ALS from Margaret Elliott (dated 11 and 21 May 1896) in which she approves of Campbell's discretion in covering these episodes.
  • [12] 6 Jul 1896, including a sonnet by Lady Charlotte Elliot dedicated to BJ on his translation of Plato. Account of their relationship.
  • [13] 14 Jul 1896
  • [14] Note to insert in Volume II.
  • [15] 5 Sep 1896 - on how to tell apart 'anons', and a story about W.Y. Sellar's dislike of amateur dramatics.
  • [16] 6 Sep 1896
  • [17] 9 Sep 1896
  • [18] 29 Dec [1895/6] [2 leaves]
  • [19] 17 Sep 1896 - on BJ's views on sentimental feelings between men, especially with regard to Conington and J.A. Symonds.
  • [20] 19 Sep 1896
  • [21] 20 Sep 1896
  • [22] Insertion for slip 119
  • [23] 22 Sep 1896
  • [24] Insert for Slip 62
  • [25] 2 Oct 1896 [2 leaves]
  • [26] 4 Oct 1896
  • [27] 5 Oct - on Florence Nightingale on BJ's last illness.
  • [28] Leaf headed Memoranda.
  • [29] 16 Oct 1896, on BJ's friendship with the (now Dowager) Countess of Portsmouth, as revealed by Lady Abercromby.
  • [30] 20 Oct 1896
  • [31] 20 Oct 1896 - includes a copy (in Campbell's hand) of a letter from BJ to A.P. Stanley (= III S55), and a copy of a letter from BJ to LC (= III C64).
  • [32] 4 Nov 1896 - request to destroy a confidential letter sent on the 3rd [it seems to have been].
  • [33] 5 Nov 1896
  • [34] 6 Nov 1896
  • [35] 16 Nov 1896


Envelope labelled 8 θ - 4 Notes from E. Pusey to APS, received from Sir G. Grove 9 Aug 1895 [all but the number and Greek letter in Campbell's hand]. 4 ALS from Pusey to A.P. Stanley, none addressed or dated, but 1-3 all have the date 1854 written on them. 1-3 are each labelled VIII, and 4 XIV, all in another hand [the numbers and dates could be in Campbell's hand].

It seems that Grove sent Campbell these letters too, and Campbell again presumably passed them on to Abbott, who put them here.

  • [1] Pusey is unhappy about events that morning, which had gone worse than hoped, as he always prefers a peaceful outcome [the event described is unclear; perhaps it is connected with one of the many battles over BJ's professorial salary?].
  • [2] Pusey is glad of Stanley's kindness. He is worried about annoying Professor V [? - unidentified], but he cannot avoid it, since the professor published some letters of Pusey's. Discussion of the work of the Commission reforming Oxford.
  • [3] Pusey does not understand Stanley over discussions on the creation of new Professorships proposed by the Commission.
  • [4] Dated 'Saturday'. Pusey congratulates Stanley [on an unspecified achievement], and reflects on the differences in their beliefs.


Envelope labelled Greek Professorship and Pusey ι 9. Contains material connected with BJ's long struggle to obtain a proper salary for the Regius Professorship.

It was presumably collected for the writing of A & C, and then deposited here by Abbott.

  • [1] Henry Liddell to the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford (then John Prideaux Lightfoot). Christ Church, 17 Feb 1865, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Liddell informs the Vice-Chancellor that the Dean and Chapter have agreed to augment the salary of the Greek Professorship.
  • [2] BJ to Vice-Chancellor Lightfoot. Balliol, 21 Feb 1865, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. BJ returns Dean Liddell's letter [1?] and Lightfoot's [not preserved here] with thanks.
  • [3] W.B. Skene to Lewis Campbell. Christ Church, 14 Feb 1895, ALS with envelope preserved. Skene sends Campbell a copy of college minutes concerning the Professorship, with a request that they not be published. Enclosed are extracts [in an unknown hand] from the minutes of the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church for 13 Dec 1864, 14 Feb 1865, 3 and 17 Nov 1865 and 2 Mar 1866, all concerning BJ's salary.
  • [4] J.R. Magrath to Lewis Campbell. Queen's College, Oxford, 21 Jul 1895, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. A letter accompanying extracts from the minutes of the Hebdomadal Council concerning the salary of the Regius Professor, copied by his wife.
  • [5] Extracts from the minutes of the Hebdomadal Council (as referred to in 4) for 8 Mar 1858 - 21 Nov 1861 [9 leaves, numbered].
  • [6] Copy of 4 and 5, on 4 leaves each folded into 4 sides, in an unknown hand (ink)].
  • [7] Printed pamphlet A Speech delivered in the House of Congregation, Nov 20 1861, on the Endowment of the Regius Professorship of Greek: with Notes by A.P. Stanley (Oxford, John Henry and James Parker, 1861). 16pp.
  • [8] Printed pamphlet Case whether Professor Jowett in his Essay and Commentaries has so distinctly contravened the Doctrine of the Church of England that a Court of Law would pronounce him guilty, with the opinion of the Queen's Advocate therein (London, Rivingtons 1862) 40pp. The main body of the text is anonymous, but the Queen's Advocate was R. Phillimore.
  • [9] Printed pamphlet Professor Jowett and the University of Oxford: a letter from George Anthony Denison, M.A, Archdeacon of Taunton, to Edward Bouverie Pusey, D.D., Regius Professor of Hebrew, Canon of Christ Church, Oxford (London, Saunders, Otley & Co. 1864) 16pp.


Folded leaf of paper labelled Acknowledgements of Plato - κ (10) [except for the number and Greek letter, all in Martha Knight's hand (ink)]. Contains various letters of thanks to BJ for complimentary copies of BJ's 1892 edition of his translations of Plato. The contents are all very similar (thanking BJ for his gift, and admiration of his scholarship), so that they are not summarised here.

It is unclear why these letters survived the general destruction of BJ's correspondence.

All letters are ALS and 1 leaf (ink) unless otherwise indicated.

  • [1] R.Y. Tyrrell. Trinity College, Dublin, 16 Jun 1892.
  • [2] C.W. Gilman. Trinity College, Dublin, 16 Jun 1892.
  • [3] F.E.C. Welldon. Harrow School, 15 Jun 1892.
  • [4] Sir Arthur Peel. House of Commons, 16 Jun 1892.
  • [5] Louis Dyer. 21 Portland Place. London, 16 Jun 1892.
  • [6] Lewis Campbell. 35 Kensington Court Mansions W, 15 Jun 1892.
  • [7] Richard Nettleship. Balliol, 14 Jun 1892.
  • [8] Herbert Warren. Magdalen, 14 Jun 1892 [2 leaves].
  • [9] Evelyn Abbott. Balliol, 13 Jun 1892.
  • [10] [illegible]. Oxford, 12 Jun 1892.
  • [11] J.L. Strachan Davidson. Balliol, 13 Jun 1893 [sic].
  • [12] W.R. Hardie, Balliol. 14 Jun 1892.
  • [13] J.C. Mahaffy. Trinity College, Dublin, 17 Jun 1892.
  • [14] A.M. Bell. Limpsfield, Rawlinson Road, Oxford, 18 Jun 1892.
  • [15] J. Cook Wilson. n.a., 19 Jun 1892.
  • [16] George Goschen. 69 Portland Place, 'Sunday' [19 Jun 1892?].
  • [17] J.H. Butcher. 27 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, 19 Jun 1892.
  • [18] Lord Lingen. 13 Wetherly Gardens, London, 16 Jun 1892.
  • [19] Frederick Temple. Fulham Palace, 23 Jun 1892.
  • [20] W.G. Rutherford. 10 Dean's Yard, Westminster, 23 Jun 1892.
  • [21] W.H. Fremantle. The Precincts, Canterbury, 22 Jun 1892.
  • [22] James Martineau. The Pulchar, Rothiemurchus, Aviemore, 26 Jun 1892.
  • [23] A.M. Sidford. 37 Chisham Place, London 26 Jun 1892. [includes a reference to R.M. Morier]
  • [24] Mrs. J. Ilbert. 67 Gloucester Place, Portman Square, London, 24 Jun 1892.
  • [25] Sir Alfred C. Lyall. 18 Queen's Gate SW, 22 Jul 1892.
  • [26] D.G. Ritchie. 39 Banbury Road, Oxford, 18 Jun 1892.
  • [27] E. Zeller. Berlin, 2 Jul 1892 [in German].
  • [28] Edmund Warre. Eton, 17 Jun 1892.
  • [29] W.L. Newman. 1 Pittsville Lane, Cheltenham, 17 Jun 1892.
  • [30] Robinson Ellis. Trinity College, Oxford, 17 Jun 1892.
  • [31] Lord Selbourne. 30 Portland Place, London, 16 Jun 1892.
  • [32] Henry Willetts [?]. Dorking, 25 Jun 1892.
  • [33] Baron Hobhouse. Privy Council Office, 23 Jun 1892.
  • [34] Edward Caird. Glasgow, 17 Jun 1892 [2 leaves].
  • [35] Blanche Lady Airlie. 4 Lowndes Square, 19 Jun 1892.
  • [36] Lord Coleridge. 1 Sussex Square, Hyde Park, 18 Jun 1892.
  • [37] A.C. Swinburne. The Pines, Putney Hill, 24 Jun 1892.


Folded paper labelled Re Children's Bible project of 1872 - λ (11). Contains letters connected with the project, and BJ's involvement in it.

It is unclear how all these letters found their way here; some seem to have been sent by Rev. William Rogers, and it is most likely that Abbott or Campbell procured them for their work, and then retained them.

  • [1] The paper which encloses the rest is an unsigned and unaddressed TS from Longman concerning the history of the Children's Bible.
  • [2] Thomas Longman to Dr. William Rogers. 39 Paternoster Row, London EC, 10 Apr 1872, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. What will BJ's contribution to the project be?.
  • [3] Thomas Longman to Dr. William Rogers. 39 Paternoster Row, London EC, 30 Apr 1872, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. General discussion of the Children's Bible.
  • [4] William Jowill to Thomas Longman. Middle Class School, Cowper Street, City Road EC, 19 Apr 1872, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. General discussion of the Children's Bible.
  • [5] George Cox to Thomas Longman. Paternoster Row, 10 Apr 1872, ALS with memorandum added by Longman at the foot [1 leaf (ink)]. Also on the Children's Bible.
  • [6] Rev. W. Rogers to Evelyn Abbott. Bishopsgate, 3 Jan 1895, ALS [2 leaves (ink)]. Reminiscences of BJ's links with the Children's Bible.
  • [7] Rev. W. Rogers to Evelyn Abbott. Rectory House, Bishopsgate, 3 May [1895] ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Reminiscences of BJ's links with the Children's Bible.
  • [8] T. Norton Longman to Evelyn Abbott. 39 Paternoster Row, London, 8 Jan 1895, ALS. Longman agrees to send Abbott BJ's letters connected with the Children's Bible.


Envelope labelled [in Faber's hand? (pencil)] BJ and the Press - μ (12). Material connected with BJ's relations with Oxford University Press.

  • [1] BJ to Horace Hart. Oxford, 18 Apr 1887, TS copy [1 leaf]. BJ consoles Hart for his bad health, and hopes that he will get better, and assures him of the goodwill of the Delegates.
  • [2] Notes [in two unknown hands, the second hand adding a paragraph on the end] on BJ's links with Oxford City Charities and the Clarendon Press [1 leaf: the first hand uses ink, the second pencil].


Envelope labelled [in Faber's hand (pencil)] (13) Luther Question 1883 v [the envelope was originally labelled 1882 (perhaps in Evelyn Abbott's hand?), which Faber crossed out]. Material connected with what action Oxford University should take to observe the 400th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther in 1884. The suggestion most frequently mooted was that an address be sent by the university to the people of Germany.

It seems likely that Abbott collected these documents for the writing of A & C, and deposited them with the rest of the Jowett papers.

[1-5 are pinned together with a brass pin]

  • [1] W. Ince to BJ. Christ Church 29 Oct 1883, ALS [1 leaf]. Covering letter for Pritchard's (3?).
  • [2] F. Max Müller to BJ. 7 Norham Gardens, 28 Oct 1883, ALS [1 leaf]. Max Müller cannot give a commemoration address on Luther, as he is too busy.
  • [3] C. Pritchard to BJ. University Observatory, Oxford, 29 Oct 1883, ALS [1 leaf]. Plans for a Luther speech.
  • [4] W. Ince to BJ. Christ Church, 29 Oct 1883, ALS [1 leaf]. Ince hopes Max Müller can give a speech on Luther, and wonders if Professor Wace can deliver another one.
  • [5] C. Pritchard to 'Prof'. University Observatory, Oxford, 29 Oct 1883, ALS [1 leaf]. Pritchard discusses BJ's views on a Luther commemoration. Mr. Girdlestone approves of it.
  • [6] C. Pritchard to BJ. University Observatory, Oxford, 2 Nov 1883, ALS. More on the preparations for an address.
  • [7] Dean Liddell to BJ. n.a. and n.d., ALS. A brief note attached to a printed circular entitled Luther Commemoration for Great Britain and Ireland - Preliminary Statement. Liddell takes exception to its extreme Protestant tone, and hopes that the university will not be associated with it.
  • [8] Signed petition to BJ, as Vice-Chancellor, to convene a meeting for members of the University to express sympathy with Germany in commemorating the 400th anniversary of Luther's birth [names not indexed].
  • [9] Copy of minutes (?) for a meeting of council, 5 Nov 1883, to the effect that the Vice-Chancellor [BJ] will propose an address of congratulation and sympathy with the German Nation on the quatercentenary of Luther's birth.


Envelope labelled BJ on Scepticism ξ (14).

  • Notes by BJ for a sermon (or essay?) on scepticism (Faber wrapped them in a sheet of paper and wrote on this Interesting sermon (?) on Scepticism). 20 leaves, some folded. Ink. There are many revisions, and the leaves are now out of order. The leaves are undated, but BJ's hand suggests the 1850s-1860s. Some of the revisions suggest that BJ may have returned to these leaves a few years after writing the original text.


Envelope labelled [in Faber's hand (pencil)] M.J. Knight's letters 88/89 o (15). Letters to BJ from Matthew Knight while convalescing at Davos. All of them, unless otherwise indicated, are ALS [1 leaf (ink)], and concerned with proofs of BJ's work on the Republic and other Platonic works.

These letters are now in an envelope addressed to Faber. It is unclear why and how these were not destroyed, or whether Faber collected them himself, or merely replaced an old envelope with a new one.

  • [1] 11 Sep 1888. Also has news of the Symonds family.
  • [2] 19 Sep 1888.
  • [3] 30 Jul 1888.
  • [4] 25 Aug 1888.
  • [5] 26 Sep 1888.
  • [6] Notes on proofs for the Republic [2 leaves, in Matthew Knight's hand].
  • [7] 11 Nov 1888.
  • [8] 10 Jan 1888. Also has comments on life at Davos and news of J.A. Symonds.
  • [9] List of revisions for the Euthydemus n.d.
  • [10] 2 Jan 1889. Also has references to J.A. Symonds.
  • [11] List of comments on the Ion and Phaedrus, (Knight records some comments of J.A. Symonds on the Phaedrus), n.d [2 leaves].
  • [12] 23 Apr 1889. Knight hopes to be in England in the summer.


Envelope labelled [in Faber's hand (pencil)] Letters re BJ's last illness and death π (16).

The envelope also has some illegible words in Lewis Campbell's hand. Almost certainly the Campbells gave these letters (in this envelope) to be deposited with the Jowett papers.

  • [1] Florence Nightingale to Fanny Campbell. 10 South Street, London, 27 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf (pencil)]. She sends news of BJ's condition based on telegrams she has received.
  • [2] Sir William Markby to Lewis Campbell. Headley Park, Hants., 29 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. Latest news of BJ's illness.
  • [3] Sir William Markby to Fanny Campbell. Headley Park, Hants., 26 Sep 1892 [sic], ALS [1 leaf]. Latest news of BJ's illness.
  • [4] Charlotte Green to Fanny Campbell. Boars Hill, 26 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. Latest news of BJ's illness.
  • [5] Sir William Markby to Fanny Campbell. Headley Park, Hants., 27 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. Latest news of BJ's illness.
  • [6] Florence Nightingale to Fanny Campbell. 10 South Street, London, 22 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. Latest news of BJ's illness.
  • [7] Sir William Markby to Fanny Campbell. Headington Hill, 21 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. Latest news of BJ's illness; the fellows of Balliol have been warned of its seriousness.
  • [8] Florence Nightingale to Fanny Campbell, 10 South Street, London, 26 Sep 1893, ALS (pencil) [1 leaf]. Latest news of BJ's illness.
  • [9] Florence Nightingale to Fanny Campbell. 10 South Street, London, 25 Sep 1893, ALS [2 leaves (pencil)]. Latest news of BJ's illness; plans of what to do about it.
  • [10] Florence Nightingale to Fanny Campbell. 10 South Street, London, 24 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf (pencil)]. She hopes to be in touch with BJ.
  • [11] Florence Nightingale to Fanny Campbell. 10 South Street, London, 20 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. She has heard nothing of BJ, and asks after him.
  • [12] Martha Knight to Fanny Campbell. Balliol, Weds [13 Sep 1893], ALS [1 leaf]. On BJ's movements, and where he plans to go.
  • [13] Sir William Markby to Fanny Campbell. Headington Hill, 13 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. Sir William is concerned about BJ's going to visit the Campbells, and gives Fanny Campbell advice on how to look after him.
  • [14] Charlotte Green to Fanny Campbell. 9 Banbury Road, Oxford, 27 Sep 1893 ALS [1 leaf]. Worries expressed over BJ's health.
  • [15] Charlotte Green to Fanny Campbell. 9 Banbury Road, Oxford, 28 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. Mrs. Green is about to set off to Hampshire to see BJ.
  • [16] Charlotte Green to Fanny Campbell. Headley Park, Liphook, Hants., 29 Sep 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. News that BJ is on the point of death.
  • [17] Florence Nightingale to Fanny Campbell. 10 South Street, London, 2 Oct 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. Fanny Campbell thanked for keeping her informed on BJ's last hours.


Envelope inscribed ρ (17). The contents are folded in a leaf on which Faber wrote their contents (ink). It is not known whether Abbott or Faber assembled this collection.

  • [1] List of proposals, dated 9 Sep 1868, prepared by BJ for a College meeting on charges. [2 leaves (ink)]
  • [2] Draft of a speech on science as part of the university curriculum. Undated, but BJ's hand suggests a late date. [3 leaves (pencil)]
  • [3] Draft of speech on University extension. n.d., but BJ's hand suggests the 1880s-90s. [1 leaf (ink)]
  • [4] Notes (for speech?), very heavily revised, on university extension. n.d., but BJ's hand suggests the 1870s. [2 leaves (ink)]
  • [5] Notes on Immortality (including a reference to Hegel). n.d., but BJ's hand suggests the 1850s. [3 leaves (pencil)]
  • [6] Notes entitled The Condition of the Poor. Undated, but BJ's hand suggests a late date. [1 leaf (pencil, now very faded)]
  • [7] Notes, entitled Ewald, on his interpretation of Scripture. n.d., but BJ's hand suggests the 1850s. [2 leaves (pencil)]
  • [8] Notes entitled Τόπoι Σκεπτικo_ - Scepticism, n.d., but BJ's hand suggests the 1850s. [1 leaf (pencil)]


Envelope inscribed Jowett Papers Box E (18) σ Varia. The contents are folded in a leaf on which Faber wrote their contents (ink). It is not known whether Abbott or Faber assembled this collection.

  • [1] Correspondence relating to the migration of Arnold Toynbee from Pembroke to Balliol College. The contents of BJ's letters only are summarised. All letters are 1 leaf (ink) unless otherwise shown.
    • [1] A. Toynbee to E. Evans (Master of Pembroke). 5 Mills Terrace, Brighton, 3 Jan 1874, ALS [2 leaves].
    • [2] E. Adams to A. Toynbee. F.W. Newton's, Barton Grange, Taunton, 12 Jan 1874, ALS.
    • [3] A. Toynbee to E. Evans. 5 Mills Terrace, Brighton, 13 Jan 1873 [recte 1874?], ALS.
    • [4] Philip Lyttleton Gell to A. Toynbee. Oxford Union Society, [n.d., but pre-1875?], ALS.
    • [5] Lord Salisbury to A. Toynbee. 20 Arlington St., London S.W., 20 Mar 1874, (all except signature in a secretary's hand). Envelope with stamp preserved.
    • [6] E. Evans to William Toynbee (Arnold's brother). Pembroke, 7 Dec 1873, ALS.
    • [7] E. Evans to William Toynbee. Pembroke, 12 Dec 1873, ALS.
    • [8] BJ to A. Toynbee. Balliol, 19 Dec 1873, all except signature in Matthew Knight's hand. BJ is sorry that Toynbee's attempts to come to Balliol are meeting with difficulty.
    • [9] BJ to A. Toynbee. Oxford 21 Dec 1873, ALS. Advice on what Toynbee should do next to try to leave Pembroke.
    • [10] A. Toynbee to BJ. n.a., 23 Dec 1873, ALS.
    • [11] BJ to A. Toynbee. Oxford, Jan 2 [1874], ALS. BJ gives advice on how to leave Pembroke.
    • [12] C.M. Toynbee to Evelyn Abbott. 10 Norham Gardens, Oxford, 15 Apr 1895, ALS. Contains her account of the move.
    • [13] Notes from a conversation with W. Toynbee (taken by G. Faber?) held on 10 May 1950, on A. Toynbee's move.
  • [2] BJ to the (unnamed) mother of a pupil, Balliol, 16 Feb 1853, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. The undergraduate has fallen ill, and BJ discusses whether he should go home to recover.
  • [3] BJ to Sir Arthur Peel. Balliol 23 Dec 1883, copy (probably in Lewis Campbell's hand), 3 leaves (pencil). BJ asks about the possibility of Sir Arthur becoming Speaker of the House of Commons. Enclosed with this are Lewis Campbell's notes of an interview with Sir Arthur Peel about BJ [2 leaves (pencil)].
  • [4] Copies of letters from BJ to Lady Mary Murray (daughter of William Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle, and wife of Gilbert Murray the classicist).
    • [1] Lady Mary Murray to Lewis Campbell. Naworth Castle, Carlisle, 16 Apr 1895, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Lady Mary encloses the copies of BJ's letters to her.
    • [2] BJ to Lady Mary Murray. Dr. Martineau's, Aviemore, 21 Sep 1888. BJ agrees to visit her en route to Oxford.
    • [3] Edinburgh, 2 Oct 1888. More arrangements for meeting.
    • [4] BJ to Lady Mary Murray. W. Malvern, 2 Apr 1890 [copy on the same sheet as [5]]. Can Lady Mary and her husband visit Oxford? BJ hopes they like Glasgow.
    • [5] BJ to Lady Mary Murray. Balliol, 12 Apr 1890 [copy on the same sheet as [4]]. Arrangements for a meeting.
    • [6] BJ to Lady Mary Murray. Balliol, 4 May 1890 [copy on the same sheet as [7]]. BJ sorry to hear of Lady Mary's illness; can her husband at least visit?
    • [7] BJ to Lady Mary Murray. Balliol, 1 Mar 1891 [copy on the same sheet as [6]]. Arrangements for another meeting.
    • [8] BJ to Lady Mary Murray. W. Malvern, [Apr?] 1891. More on a meeting. BJ expresses concern for the sons of J.E. MacFadyen up at Glasgow.
  • [5] BJ to Adeline, Duchess of Bedford. Balliol, 20 Dec 1891, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. BJ thanks the Duchess for the food she sent. Thanks to Mrs. Green and all his friends BJ feels much better. News of R.M. Morier, Sir Alfred Lyall and Sir Mackenzie Wallace. He wishes her plans for Woburn well. News of the retirement of Dean Liddell.
  • [6] Envelope labelled [in BJ's hand (ink)] Plan for a second volume of Essays and Reviews about 1874. Inside is a list of essay titles, with contributors, namely A.P. Stanley, H.B. Wilson, Lewis Campbell, E. Caird, M. Pattison, BJ, Max Müller, W.H. Fremantle and Sir A. Grant.
  • [7] Envelope labelled [in BJ's hand] Some Favorite [sic] pieces of Music. The list inside [1 leaf] is partly in ink, partly in pencil, and is undated, although BJ's hand suggests the 1860s-70s. The favourite pieces are: Cherubini - Ave Maria; Mozart - Symphony in G Flat [= K550?]; Haydn - Sonata 32, Sonata 33 [unidentifiable]; Sterndale Bennett - Opus 19 and 4th [Piano] Concerto; Weber - When the thorn is white with blossom; [?] - Gavotte in E minor; [?] - Song from [?].
  • [8] Envelope inscribed [in BJ's hand (pencil)] memorandum of celebrated men in Ball. Coll. during the last sixty years. There are two lists of eminient Balliol men between 1830 and 1890, and both were probably used by BJ for speeches at Balliol gaudies. All in Frank Fletcher's hand, except for one line in BJ's [2 leaves (ink)].


Folded sheet of foolscap inscribed [in Faber's hand (red crayon and pencil)] Reminiscences of Jowett (1) τ (19). He also provides a list of the reminiscences. The following are either letters written to Abbott and Campbell by friends of BJ with their memories, or more formally arranged pieces. These are often filled with references to other people; although their names are mentioned in the index, they are not listed here.

These documents were obviously part of Abbott and Campbell's working notes.

  • [1] W.A. Greenhill. Hastings 21 Aug 1894, copy [2 leaves]. Memories of BJ and Balliol in 1836.
  • [2] Lord Hobhouse - BJ as an undergraduate. Hand unknown [1 leaf].
  • [3] Henry Holden to Evelyn Abbott. South Luffenham, 27 Mar 1894, ALS [3 leaves, bound together]. BJ as a newly elected scholar, an undergraduate, and as a tutor, and Balliol in the 1830s and 1840s.
  • [4] Henry Holden to Evelyn Abbott. South Luffenham, 10 Apr 1894, ALS [1 leaf]. More of the same.
  • [5] Henry Holden to Evelyn Abbott. South Luffenham, Easter Tuesday 1894 [= 27 Mar?], ALS [1 leaf]. More of the same.
  • [6] John L. Hoskyns to Evelyn Abbott. Aston Tyrrold Rectory, Wallingford, 13 Feb 1894, ALS [1 leaf]. BJ as an undergraduate, and Balliol in the 1830s.
  • [7] T.H. Farrer. 6 Apr 1894, ALS [4 leaves]. BJ and Balliol in the 1840s [very detailed, especially on college life].
  • [8] W.L. Newman. Oct 1894, AMS [4 leaves], plus a TS copy [6 leaves numbered 186-91]. BJ in the 1850s.
  • [9] Hay Sweet-Escott. Kiln, letters (all ALS) dated 7 and 22 Feb and 1 Mar 1894, 15 leaves in all. BJ and Balliol in 1835-8.
  • [10] R.A.H. Mitchell to Evelyn Abbott. Westward Ho!, 15 Apr 1894, MS copy and TS copy [both 3 leaves]. BJ in the 1860s (especially his reading parties).
  • [11] Lady Susan Grant (widow of Sir Alexander Grant) to Evelyn Abbott. St. Andrew's, 9 Mar 1894, ALS [2 leaves]. BJ's visits to them in Scotland after 1868.
  • [12] Charlotte Green. n.d. AMS [14 leaves]. BJ in 1860-71 and 1891-3.
  • [13] Martha Knight to Lady Airlie. Stisted Hall, Braintree, 12 Jan 1895, TS copy [14 leaves]. BJ in 1873-93. Includes an account of how BJ's correspondence came to be destroyed.
  • [14] Reminiscences in Matthew Knight's hand, presumably his own, but Faber write 'Miss Knight's recollections' on the top. This, however, seems a mistake, as they seem appropriate for Matthew. n.d. [3 leaves]. BJ in 1870-93.
  • [15] Matthew Knight. 1894, TS [4 leaves], BJ in 1873-93 [different from the above].
  • [16] E.A.W. Seymour: copies [in Abbott's hand], apparently of diary entries for 8 Sep and 10-11 Dec 1888 of meetings with BJ at Merivale and Balliol respectively [4 leaves].
  • [17] Lord Lansdowne to Evelyn Abbott. Bowood, Calne, Wilts., 3 Dec 1894, ALS [4 leaves]. Comments on BJ's letters to him 1886-92.
  • [18] Mrs. P.L. Gell. n.d., AMS [9 leaves]. BJ in 1889-93, and especially his illness of 1891.
  • [19] Lewis Campbell. n.d. [1 leaf]. On BJ's last illness.
  • [20] Obiter Dicta 1853-60. TS and MS copies. n.d. (probably created for A & C), of various quotations of BJ's conversation, often about his contemporaries. [TS copy 5 leaves, numbered 292-3, 289-91 and MS copy 4 leaves, numbered 12-15].
  • [21] MS copy [unknown hand] of extracts from Memoir of Alexander Ewing, Bishop of Argyll and the Isles by Alexander Ross [5 leaves]. Extracts dealing with the Bishop's friendship with BJ, mostly 1840s-1850s, including references to Essays and Reviews.


Envelope inscribed [in Faber's hand (pencil)] Letters about and Reminiscences of BJ υ (20). Faber also lists the contents of the envelope on the outside.

These documents were obviously part of Abbott and Campbell's working notes.

  • [1] MS copy [in Abbott's hand] of extracts from the life of A.C. Tait which mention BJ [1 leaf (ink)].
  • [2] Edwin A. Abbott to Lewis Campbell. Wellside, Well Walk, 31 Dec 1893, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. On BJ and theology.
  • [3] Records of conversations [in an unknown hand] between BJ and Lewis Campbell, 1891 [6 leaves (ink)] and 1893 [6 leaves (ink)], which include recollections of BJ's appointment as Master.

4 -7 are Reminiscences of BJ while a pupil at St. Pauls recalled by various people:

  • [4] R. Halliday to Lewis Campbell. 21 Bolton Gardens, 12 Apr 1894, ALS [1 leaf (ink)].
  • [5] Robert B. Gardiner [to Campbell?]. 3 Glidden Road, W. Kensington, 15 Jun 1894, ALS [1 leaf (ink)].
  • [6] Charles R. Alford to Campbell. St. Nicholas Vicarage, Berkeley Square, Bristol, 4 Jul 1894, ALS [2 leaves (ink)].
  • [7] C.E., Baron Pollock [to Campbell?]. The Croft, Putney, 18 May 1894, ALS [1 leaf (ink)], plus a letter to Pollock from John B. Broderick (Smeaton Rectory, Whitby, 9 Apr 1894, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]), and Reminiscences of BJ by Pollock [3 leaves (ink)].
  • [8] H.C. Adams [to Campbell?]. The Vicarage, Old Shoreham, Sussex, 2 and 6 Mar 1894, both ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Memories of BJ's application for the Balliol scholarship.
  • [9] J. Walker to C.B. Heberden. Great Billing Rectory, Northampton, 9 and 17 Oct 1893, both ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. On BJ's applying for Balliol, plus letter from Lord Cranbrook to J. Walker (Hemsted Park, Cranbrook, 13 OCt 1893, ALS [2 leaves (ink)]) on the same topic.
  • [10] Letters from Sir William Anson to Evelyn Abbott, all commenting on drafts of A & C (all ALS [1 leaf (ink)] unless otherwise indicated):
    • [1] Pusey House, Faringdon, 29 Sep 1896.
    • [2] All Souls, 27 Aug 1896 [2 leaves].
    • [3] Pusey House, Faringdon, 9 Sep 1896.
    • [4] Note by Anson on the Bodleian Library and BJ.
    • [5] Pusey House, Faringdon, 14 Sep 1896 [3 leaves].
    • [6] Hotel Metropole, Brighton, 21 Sep 1896 [3 leaves], with reference to University Reforms and BJ.
    • [7] The Athenaeum, 23 Sep 1896.
    • [8] Pusey House, Faringdon, 31 Mar 1897, thanks for a copy of A & C.
  • [11] Note by Lewis Campbell [in Abbott's hand] on BJ getting the Mastership [1 leaf (ink)].
  • [12] F.H. Dale to Evelyn Abbott. 21 Anson Road, Tufnell Park, London n.d., ALS. Comments on A & C, and memories of BJ in the 1890s.
  • [13] T.H. Farrer [to Abbott?]. Abinger Hall, Dorking, 27 Mar 1894, ALS. On BJ in the 1840s and 1850s, especially on the charges of heresy brought against him.
  • [14] Four letters from Philip Lyttleton Gell to Evelyn Abbott.
    • [1] Langley Lodge, 26 Oct 1895, ALS [1 leaf]. On a letter from Gladstone on BJ's preaching.
    • [2] Langley Lodge, 29 Mar 1896, ALS [1 leaf]. Revisions to proofs of A & C.
    • [3] n.a., 29 Aug 1896, ALS [2 leaves]. Revisions to proofs of A & C.
    • [4] Bourdall House, Mablock, Bath, n.d., ALS [3 leaves]. On BJ (and Gell himself) and the Oxford University Press.
  • [15] Copy [in an unknown hand] of extracts from a NB kept by Sir Alexander Grant containing extracts from BJ's table talk, 1846-8, on classics, politics, labour questions and translations [8 leaves (ink)].
  • [16] Letters and reminiscences of Edwin Harrison.
    • [1] Edwin Harrison to Evelyn Abbott. 45 Peel Street, Eccles, 14 May 1897 ALS [2 leaves (ink)]. Comments on A & C, and memories of BJ.
    • [2] 45 Peel Street, Eccles, 17 May 1897 ALS [2 leaves (ink)]. More comments on A & C, and memories of a meeting with George Eliot at Balliol.
    • [3] Extracts from Harrison's diaries for 1870-6, copied in Evelyn Abbott's hand. [27 leaves]. Reminiscences of BJ in 1870-6.
    • [4] BJ to Edwin Harrison. Munich, 1871 or 1873, copy by Evelyn Abbott [1 leaf (ink), extract only]. On BJ's health.
    • [5] BJ to Edwin Harrison. W. Malvern, 12 Jun 1875, copy by Evelyn Abbott [1 leaf (ink), extract only]. On Economics.
    • [6] BJ to Edwin Harrison. Oxford, 8 Aug 1876, copy by Evelyn Abbott [1 leaf (ink), extract only]. On BJ's health.
    • [7] BJ to Edwin Harrison. n.a., 1880, copy by Evelyn Abbott [1 leaf (ink), extract only]. BJ's future plans for his work.
    • [8] BJ to Edwin Harrison. n.a., 16 Feb 1881(?), copy by Evelyn Abbott [1 leaf (ink), extract only]. News of his Thucydides translation.
    • [9] BJ to Edwin Harrison. n.a., 31 Dec 1882, copy by Evelyn Abbott [1 leaf (ink), extract only]. On the death of BJ's sister Emily.
    • [10] BJ to Edwin Harrison. Balliol, 16 Dec 1888, copy by Evelyn Abbott [1 leaf (ink), extract only]. On the death of Harrison's father.
  • [17] Mrs. Alfred Marshall, Reminiscences of BJ, n.d. AMS [30 leaves (ink)]. These are arranged under three headings: [1] University College, Bristol, [2] BJ's sympathies with young men, [3] Personal memories of BJ from the 1870s onwards.
  • [18] H.C. Beeching to Evelyn Abbott, Yattendon Rectory, Newbury, 26 Apr 1897, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Comments on A & C, and memories of BJ in 1878-82, plus a cutting from The Journal of Education, 1 Nov 1893, with an obituary of BJ, perhaps by Beeching (his name is written below it in pencil).
  • [19] W. Morrison to Evelyn Abbott. Settle 19 Apr 1897, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Comments on A & C, and memories of BJ in the 1850s.
  • [20] Letters from F.T. Palgrave:
    • [1] To Evelyn Abbott. 15 Cranley Place SW, 29 Mar [1897], ALS [1 leaf]. Comments on A & C.
    • [2] To Lewis Campbell. 15 Chester Terrace, Regents Park, 23 Jun 1894, , which produce [1 leaf only preserved: others are missing]. Memories of BJ in the 1850s.
    • [3] To Campbell. 15 Chester Terrace, Regents Park, 26 Jun [?], ALS [1 leaf]. More on the same.
    • [4] To Campbell. 15 Cranley Place, London S.W., 31 Mar 1897, APS. Correction to A & C.
    • [5] Suggested addenda to Volume I of A & C [6 leaves].
  • [21] Archdeacon Edwin Palmer's reminiscences, n.a. n.d. AMS [6 leaves (ink) bound together]. Balliol in the 1840s and BJ as a teacher.
  • [22] Extracts [in Evelyn Abbott's hand?] from A.C. Swinburne's Memories of the Master of Balliol [4 leaves (ink)].


Envelope inscribed by EVQ (21) φ. Inside is a list of contents in Faber's hand. More reminiscences of BJ collected by Abbott and Campbell.

  • [1] W.L. Newman to Lewis Campbell. 1 Pittsville Lawn, Cheltenham, 8 Jan 1895 and 11 Jan 1895 (both ALS [1 leaf (ink)]), on engravings of pictures by Reynolds (Simplicity and The Age of Innocence) in BJ's room, with photographs of both.
  • [2] Josephine Butler to Lewis Campbell, Galewood, Northumberland, 4 Aug [?], ALS [2 leaves (ink)]. Memories of BJ, especially his views on sex.
  • [3] George C. Broderick to Evelyn Abbott. Foley Arms, Great Malvern, 8 Apr 1894. Letter (ALS [1 leaf (ink)], accompanying 11 leaves of reminiscences by Broderick of BJ in the 1850s as a tutor.
  • [4] Abbott to Campbell. n.a., 8 May 1894, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Abbott encloses the above material.
  • [5] Edith J. Simcox to Evelyn Abbott. Ellesborough House, Tring, 20 Apr 1897, ALS [2 leaves (ink)]. On her brother William Henry Simcox and BJ.
  • [6] Sir Henry Acland to Evelyn Abbott. n.a., 14 May 1894, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Letter accompanying 2 leaves of reminiscences [probably in a secretary's hand] of BJ, especially in the 1840s, as well as MS copies [in Evelyn Abbott's hand] both of extracts from the proceding and of Acland's Remarks on the Extension of Education at the University of Oxford [4 leaves].
  • [7] T.W. Warren to Evelyn Abbott. Magdalen, 24 Aug 1896, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Letter accompanying 5 AMS leaves of reminiscences of BJ in the 1870s.
  • [8] E. Harrison to Evelyn Abbott. 45 Peel Street, Eccles, 10 Apr 1897, ALS. Comments on A & C.
  • [9] Augusta Nash (daughter of Lord Westbury) to Evelyn Abbott. 60 Elm Park Gardens, 3 Apr 1897, ALS [3 leaves]. Comments on A & C, and memories of BJ, including his running a race with her.
  • [10] A.V. Dicey to Evelyn Abbott. The Orchard, 18 Apr 1897, TS letter with signature [1 leaf]. Comments on A & C, and an anecdote of BJ.


Envelope labelled [in an unknown hand] χ (22). Inside is a list of contents in Faber's hand titled More letters of interest to Abbott and Campbell re BJ.

  • [1] J.D. Rogers to [Abbott or Campbell]. 40 Eccleston Square, London, 11 Sep 1895, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Letter accompanying reminiscences of BJ in the 1870s [1 leaf (ink)].
  • [2] Martha Knight to Evelyn Abbott. 128 Kingston Road, Saturday [29 Sep 1895?], ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. News of Matthew Knight's death on 24 Sep 1895.
  • [3] Mrs. C. Ilbert to Evelyn Abbott. 5 Nov [1895 or 1896], ALS [2 leaves (ink)]. Comments on a draft of A & C, and memories of BJ from the 1870s.
  • [4] Agnes ffolliott to Abbott. Hollybrook, Boyle, Ireland, 8 and 10 Nov 1895, both ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Memories of BJ and her father.
  • [5] A.G. Butler to Evelyn Abbott. 14 Norham Gardens, Oxford, 16 Nov 1895, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Memories of BJ from the 1850s.
  • [6] R.E. Prothero to Sir William Markby. 50 Albemarle Street, 1 Jan 1896, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Criticisms of A & C.
  • [7] Sir William Markby to Evelyn Abbott. Headington Hill, 16 Aug 1896, ALS [2 leaves]. University business.
  • [8] E. Caird to Evelyn Abbott. Bridgewater, 26 Aug 1896 and the University of Glasgow, 2 Nov 1896, both ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Comments on A & C.
  • [9] Emily L. Peto to [?]. Tullickewan Castle, Dunbartonshire, 2 Sep 1896, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Collection of sayings of BJ [1 leaf (ink)] enclosed.
  • [10] Richard Congreve to Lewis Campbell. 55 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, 1 Apr 1897, ALS [2 leaves (ink)]. Addenda to A & C.
  • [11] Catherine Symonds (widow of J.A. Symonds) to Evelyn Abbott. Am Hof, Davos, 7 Jun 1897, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Comments on A & C, and memories of BJ's visits to Davos.
  • [12] Lord Hobhouse to Lewis Campbell. 15 Bruton Street W, Apr 1897, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Comments on A & C.
  • [13] Frank Parnell to [?]. The Rectory, Oxted, 10 Apr [1897?], ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Anecdote of BJ.
  • [14] Martha Knight to Evelyn Abbott. Stisted Hall, Braintree, 14 Apr [1897], ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Abbott thanked for sending her a copy of A & C.
  • [15] H. Clifford Allbiott(?) to [?]. St. Rhadegund's, Cambridge, 1 and 4 May and 8 June 1894, all ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. On meeting BJ in 1890.
  • [16] H.H. Almond to [W.H.] Langhorne. Loretto School and North Esk Lodge, Musselboro, 13 Feb 1894 [3 leaves (ink)] and 3 Mar 1894 [2 leaves (ink)], both ALS. Memories of Balliol in the 1850s, with a slightly hostile account of BJ.


Hard covered folder labelled 1860 - Varia ψ (23). Inside is a list of contents in Faber's hand.

  • [1] Copy [in an unknown hand] of minutes of a Balliol College meeting, 1 Mar 1828, at which reforms to the election of scholars were agreed [1 leaf (ink)].
  • [2] Frederic Harrison to Lewis Campbell. The Athenaeum, 8 Nov 1829 [sic], ALS [3 leaves]. Letter enclosing an extract [from Hansard] on the abolition of bars against dissenters.
  • [3] Two TS drafts [each 6 leaves] from Volume I of A & C, numbered pp.342-7 and 500-6: these are versions of the same piece of text by Campbell concerning BJ's attitudes to love and marriage, and his depression in the 1860s. These sections were never used (it is not clear why) - see A & C Vol.I 308-9 for the final version.
  • [4] Notes [in Evelyn Abbott's hand?] on BJ and T.H. Green, examinations and Ruskin [3 leaves]. A first draft of Abbott's work?
  • [5] [T.H.] Farrer to Evelyn Abbott. Abinger, Dorking, 23 Apr 1897, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Letter enclosing recollections [7 leaves (ink)] of Lord Westbury's speech at a dinner with BJ, Feb 1871.
  • [6] Recollections of the Speeches at the Banquet at the opening of the New Hall at Balliol College Jan. 16 1877 for the Rev. the Master by W.M. Sinclair. 21 leaves [presumably in Sinclair's hand], recording speeches made at this occasion. Almost all the leaves have these speeches on one side, and deleted notes on Juvenal [in an unknown hand] on the other. Speeches are recorded from BJ, A.C. Tait, T. Jackson, H.J.S. Smith, Lord Cardwell, S. Cave MP, A.P. Stanley, Rev. W. Rogers, Lord Coleridge, Dr. Sewell (the Vice-Chancellor), The Marquess of Lansdowne, Osborne Morgan, the Earl of Camperdown, R.R.W. Lingen, T.H. Green, Matthew Arnold, Sir Alexander Grant, Professor Palmer and Lord Justice Bowen.
  • [7] Pamphlet Report of a Public Meeting held at Bristol to promote the Establishment of a College of Science and Literature for the West of England and South Wales (Bristol 1874) 48pp. Speeches are recorded in it from BJ, Dean Elliot and Frederick Temple.
  • [8] C. Ilbert to Evelyn Abbott. Woolmer Hill House, Shottermill, Haslemere, Surrey, 9 and 10 Nov 1895, both ALS [and both 3 leaves]. Comments, often trenchant, on a draft of A & C. Encloses a letter from T.H. Farrer to Ilbert, (Abinger, Dorking) 19 Oct 1895, ALS [1 leaf (ink)] on BJ and 6 leaves of detailed notes in Ilbert's hand on A & C.
  • [9] Mary P. Marshall to Evelyn Abbott. Balliol Croft, Madingley Road, Cambridge, 25 Oct 1894, ALS [1 leaf (ink)]. Arrangements to meet.


Hard covered folder labelled BJ Varia ω (24). Inside is a list of contents in Faber's hand.

  • [1] Early TS draft from A & C Vol. I, with revisions in Lewis Campbell's hand, pages numbered 63-9 [7 leaves]
  • [2] Plan of work for the Christmas Vacation 1842-3 given to pupils entering the Hertford and Ireland in Lent Term 1843. Unknown hand [1 leaf (ink)].
  • [3] Notes [in an unknown hand] on fellowships and scholarships, 1846 [2 leaves (ink)].
  • [4] Memorial of the Master and Fellows of Balliol to the Marquis of Salisbury, n.d., but after 1870, in an unknown hand [2 leaves]. Letter accompanying a discussion of Oxford, in the same hand [31 leaves].
  • [5] Memorandum by BJ, 6 leaves, beginning apparently lost, on University Reform. n.d., but BJ's hand suggests the 1840s-50s.
  • [6] 2 copies of a paper by BJ, 29 May 1862, one MS [in an unknown hand], the other TS [both 2 leaves], on University Reform.
  • [7] Letter from J.H. Jardine Cane to the Spectator, 23 Jun 1894, copy in an unknown hand [5 leaves (ink)]. Jardine Cane quotes a letter from BJ to him, addressed Oxford and dated 13 Jan 1880, on Heterodox Theological Criticism.
  • [8] Augusta Parker to BJ. Arlington House, 8 Feb [?], with copy of BJ's memoir of Lord Westbury [9 leaves], in Martha Knight's hand, with revisions by BJ.
  • [9] Memoir of Prof. H.J.S. Smith by BJ. n.d. [12 leaves (ink)]. Text in the hand of Martha Knight, with revisions by her, BJ and Frank Fletcher.
  • [10] Preface by BJ to a volume of reviews by Hugh Lancaster, 1876: printed text [2 leaves] and 2 copies, both in Matthew Knight's hand [both 4 leaves].
  • [11] BJ to W.G. Ward's son. There are 16 leaves, the first of which has had an address and stamps placed on it, postmarked 2 Jan 1889. It consists of BJ's reminiscences of W.G. Ward, with much on Balliol of the 1830s and 1840s. The first five leaves of the memoirs are in an unknown hand, the remaining eight in the hand of Martha Knight. All the text has extensive revisions in the hand of Frank Fletcher.

A list at the front of this folder claims that some memoirs by BJ of Lord Sherbrooke are here, but they were not found here, or anywhere in the Jowett Papers, in 1992.


Pink folder, inscribed αα (25). There is a list of contents on the cover written by Faber. The folder mostly contains obituaries of BJ.

  • [1] Offprint from The Westminster Gazette, October 1893, headed Westminster Extra No. 4, 38pp. Special obituary issue for BJ.
  • [2] Copy of Macmillan's Magazine 436 (Feb 1896), with recollections of BJ on pp.266-73.
  • [3] Offprint from The International Journal of Ethics Oct 1897, pp.40-7, containing a Memoir of BJ by E. Caird, who has inscribed it to Lewis Campbell on the cover. [enclosed is a letter from Geoffrey Faber's secretary, dated 23 Jan 1957, returning it to Balliol].
  • [4] Offprint from article by Lewis Campbell, On Some Liberal Movements of the Last Half-century (journal unknown), 15pp.
  • [5] Offprint from The Journal of Education, May 1895, pp.299-318, containing a memoir of BJ by L.A. Tollemache.
  • [6] TS of lecture on BJ by A.K. MacEwan, delivered 1901/2 to New College, Edinburgh, 36 leaves. The memories are from 1870 to BJ's death, but include some details from the 1850s and 1860s. Another copy is at IV A27.
  • [7] Issue of The Oxford University Extension Gazette, Nov 1893, with references to BJ.
  • [8] Issue of The Oxford University Extension Gazette, Dec 1893.
  • [9] MS copy [in an unknown hand] of an article from The Spectator, 30 Sep 1882, on BJ's appointment as Vice-Chancellor [8 leaves].
  • [10] Supplement to College Echoes, containing an address on BJ by Lewis Campbell, 15 Oct 1893.
  • [11] Extract from the Jewish Chronicle, 6 Oct 1893, with an obituary of BJ by Oswald John Simon.
  • [12] Extract from Life, 6 Nov 1884, with a (somewhat uncomplimentary) article about BJ.


Pink folder inscribed Unclassified Oddities ββ 26. There is a list of contents on the cover written by Faber.

  • [1] Fragment by Abbott on BJ in 1878 [1 leaf (pencil)].
  • [2] BJ to Sir Henry Acland. Oxford 6 Jul 1881, copy in Evelyn Abbott's hand [1 leaf (ink)], extract only. BJ sends Sir Henry a copy of his translation of Thucydides.
  • [3] Copy of III S78 (letter from BJ to A.P. Stanley).
  • [4] BJ to [?]. n.a. n.d., copy in Lewis Campbell's hand [1 leaf (ink)], only the last page of a letter. Only BJ's signing off messages are preserved.
  • [5] Fragment by Abbott on BJ in 1880 [1 leaf (ink)].
  • [6] Fragment in 2 unknown hands on BJ being made Regius Professor (almost certainly for A & C) [1 leaf (ink)].
  • [7] Copy, probably in Evelyn Abbott's hand, of a note (from a letter by BJ?) on growing old [1 leaf (ink)].
  • [8] Notes, in Evelyn Abbott's hand, dated 1878, on morality (copy of something by BJ?) [1 leaf (pencil)].
  • [9] Fragment on political views. It is not clear whose hand this is: it resembles BJ's, but it seems to be discussing him, so that it cannot be. Could it be Evelyn Abbott's? [1 leaf (pencil)]
  • [10] Fragment headed End. This hand is identical with that in [9], and equally mysterious [1 leaf (pencil)].
  • [11] Edwin A. Abbott to Campbell, Wellside, Well Walk, Hampstead N.W, 18 Oct 1894, copy in an unknown hand [1 leaf (ink)]. On returning a letter.
  • [12] Notes on Galatians III 20 in an unknown hand [1 leaf (ink)].

- Robin Darwall-Smith, 1993

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