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Jowett Papers - Group II Class H

Group II Class H - General Note

This section consists of of papers of a miscellaneous nature. Almost half of them are connected with BJ's funeral. A note with the documents (in EVQ's hand) says that these documents were brought up from Basement III in Nov 1964. The note claims that this class included material concerning Balliol's incorporation of New Inn Hall, but JHJ noted that it was not here in 1979, and it remains missing.


Miscellaneous material connected with BJ's personal finances and income from his books.

  • [1] Receipt from the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, 1893 [in time for 25 March], of a premium paid by BJ.
  • [2] Receipt, dated 13 Oct 1891, for money paid [presumably by BJ] into shares of Consolidated Stock.
  • [3] Notice of a dividend paid to BJ by the Girls' Public Day School Company Ltd., 8 March 1893.
  • [4] 2 receipts from the Charity Commissioners, dated 19 Oct 1891 and 10 Feb 1892, money invested by BJ in the Charity of the Rev. George Powell.
  • [5] Henry L. Farmer to Sir William Markby, 66 Lincoln's Inn Fields, 2 Jan 1892, ALS [1 leaf]. Concerning BJ's finances.
  • [6] Sir William Markby to BJ, Headington Hill, Oxford, 13 Jan 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. Letter accompanying the above.
  • [7] 2 accounts from the OUP of the money raised from sales of BJ's books, one dated 10 Dec 1892, the other (in which is enclosed a printed accompanying letter by P.L. Gell) dated 6 Dec 1894.


Miscellaneous documents connected with Balliol College.

  • [1] List of scholars at Balliol from 1825 to 1843. Those for 1825-37 are written in ink in an unknown hand, those for 1838-43 are in pencil in BJ's hand [1 leaf].
  • [2] Schedule of Lamps [in the Master's Lodgings? 1 leaf (ink, in an unknown hand); undated]
  • [3] Payments from the living of Huntspill [list, with the names of the incumbents for 1871-1880. 1 leaf (ink, in Matthew Knight's hand)]
  • [4] Certificate, signed by F. de Paravicini and 2 others, from Sidney Sussex, Cambridge and Blundell's School, awarding a Blundell's scholarship to Thomas Doveton Maxwell. Dated 25 Jun 1892 [1 leaf]. Attached to this is a memorandum from F. de Paravicini, dated June 1892, recommending Ernest William Hendy for an Exhibition [1 leaf].
  • [5] Letter from William Stewart (Clerk of the Senate of Glasgow University) to BJ, Glasgow University, 8 Jan 1886, ALS(?) [1 leaf]. The Senate agrees to changes proposed by BJ in the administration of the Snell scholarship. Folded in with this is 1 leaf in Matthew Knight's hand, concerning the regulations from an earlier decision on the Snell Foundation, dated 4 Dec 1892.
  • [6] Letter from Sir William Markby to an unnamed Lord Justice [Lord Coleridge?], Balliol 3 May 1889 ALS [1 leaf]. He encloses a sketch of a scheme for Law and History Scholarships on the Brackenbury Foundation, and asks for comments.
  • [7] Copy of the Balliol College Grace in the hand of, and signed by, R.L. Nettleship. Undated. It comes with an envelope inscribed in Matthew Knight's hand `Ball. Coll. Grace'.
  • [8] Draft Latin inscription, dated 1890, for eminent old Balliol men who had died within the last 60 years. Ink in an unknown hand.


Photographs and drawings. Perhaps owned by BJ?

  • [1] Carte de visite photograph of an unknown elderly man (clean shaven), probably mid 19th century. The back is inscribed `Renan', but the inscription has been crossed out. Printed on the back is the name of a photographer in Succursale. It comes in an envelope.
  • [2] Large photograph (now in a very poor condition) of a large table covered in wreaths and bouquets. Undated. Photograph of the floral tributes sent for BJ's funeral?
  • [3] Estimates from Elliott and Fry's for copies of photographs of BJ.
  • [4] Folded leaves enlosing a pencil drawing [of Mont St. Michel or somewhere similar?], signed A.L.S. [could this be A.L. Smith?].


Miscellaneous documents, almost all from BJ's own papers.

  • [1] 2 scraps of paper, both in ink in unknown hands, which once served to identify the contents of two groups of papers as `financial arrangements of BJ` and `Various for BJ's funeral'.
  • [2] Letter from Lady Shelley to the Curators of the Bodleian Library, n.a., June 1892 [date on envelope], copy by Martha Knight [2 leaves], envelope (no stamp) preserved. Lady Shelley offers the Bodleian a collection of MSS from Percy Bysshe and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. List of their contents, and conditions which she wants observed.   [MAKE PHOTOCOPY TO SEND TO KEEPER OF WESTERN MSS at Bodley]
  • [3] Printed notice concerning the funeral of an unnamed Master of Pembroke on 28 Nov [no year given].
  • [4] Envelope inscribed in Matthew Knight's hand Lines in memory of M r Lancaster Inside is one leaf with a newspaper cutting glued to it, of a poem on the death of H.H. Lancaster. Undated, but presumably soon after his death in 1875.
  • [5] Printed pamphlet Poetry and Life - An Inaugural Address delivered in the University of Glasgow by A.C. Bradley (Glasgow 1889). On the top an unknown hand has written From M rs Nichol. 22pp [copy sent to BJ?].


5 leaves, held together by a brass pin. At least 2 hands used, all unknown Ink, with some pencil and red crayon.

  • List of people likely to attend BJ's funeral on 6 Oct 1893. The people are divided up into [titles on leaves quoted]: Fellows, Ex-Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Pall Bearers, Members of [BJ's] Family, Tutors & Lecturers (not Fellows), Distinguished Persons to whom seats in chapel should be assigned, and Heads of Houses. Names are ticked or crossed out, presumably according to whether they were coming to the funeral or not. The names have not been indexed.


Telegrams to Balliol from various people, indicating on whether or not they could come to BJ's funeral. `Yes' indicates they can come, `No' that they cannot. `Date' indicates an enquiry about when the funeral will be. The paper quality of the telegrams is poor, and they have become quite brittle.

  • [1] [?] Brigg to J.L. Strachan Davidson. Broughton, Lincs, 6 Oct 1893. No.
  • [2] [?] Grenfell to Sir William Markby. Taplow, 6 Oct 1893. Yes.
  • [3] [Charles] Stuart-Wortley to Sir William Markby. Manchester, 6 Oct 1893. No.
  • [4] The Bishop of Brisbane to `Acting Head or Secretary of Balliol'. Birmingham, 6 Oct 1893. No.
  • [5] [G.H.?] Craig Sellar to the Porter. Newmills, Fife, 2 Oct 1893. Date.
  • [6] The Daily Telegraph to the Porter, Balliol. Leicester Square, London, [?] Oct 1893 (there is a hole where the date should be). Date.
  • [7] [?] Awdry to the Porter, Balliol. Amport, Weyhill, 3 Oct 1893. Date.
  • [8] [?] Milroy to the Porter, Balliol. Darwick, 3 Oct 1893. Date.
  • [9] [Alfred] Marshall to Sir William Markby. Magdalene Street, Cambridge, 4 Oct 1893. Yes.
  • [10] M.W. Ridley to Sir William Markby. Seaton Barn, 6 Oct 1893. No.
  • [11] Irvine Warwick to Sir William Markby. Warwick, 6 Oct 1893. No.
  • [12] [J.D.] La Touche to Sir William Markby. Craven Arms, Stokesay, 6 Oct 1893. No.
  • [13] [?] Shaw to unnamed addressee. College Green, Dublin. 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [14] George Baden Powell to Sir William Markby. Lime Street Station, Liverpool, 6 Oct 1893. No.
  • [15] E. Chapman Mottram to Sir William Markby. Broadbottom, 4 Oct 1893. No.
  • [16] Archdeacon [H.] Robeson to the Porter. Balliol, Park St. Bristol, 3 Oct 1893. Date.
  • [17] Sir Henry Jenkyns to Sir William Markby. Botley, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [18] [?] Evelyn to Sir William Markby. Westcott, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [19] [?] King to Sir William Markby. Leadenhall, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [20] Lord Bowen to Sir William Markby. Uckfield, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [21] [H.W.] Moss to Sir William Markby. Shrewsbury School, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [22] [F.T.] Palgrave to Sir William Markby. Lyme Regis, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [23] [John] Percival to Sir William Markby. Rugby, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [24] The Dean of Durham [W.C. Lake] to Sir William Markby. Durham, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [25] [?] More, to to J.L. Strachan Davidson. Much Wenlock, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [26] Doctor Counsel, to Sir William Markby. Reading 5 Oct 1893. A member of Dublin Senate is to attend the funeral. Can Balliol put him up for a night?
  • [27] [?] Bellairs to Sir William Markby. Bournemouth, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [28] Archdeacon Watkins to Sir William Markby. Durham, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [29] Vernon Lushington to Sir William Markby. Chertsey, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [30] [?] Wickham to Sir William Markby. Alton School, 5 Oct 1893. No.
  • [31] [E.H.] Bradby to Sir William Markby. St. Katherine's Docks, 5 Oct 1893. No.


Other material linked with BJ's funeral, 6 Oct 1893.

  • [1] Printed card with note by Sir William Markby concerning seating arrangements in Balliol chapel for BJ's funeral.
  • [2] Visiting card from Mr. T.H.S. Escott (son of Hay Sweet-Escott), with inscription on back, to go with some flowers sent by Hay Sweet-Escott for BJ's funeral [see II D4/15 for how the flowers reached Balliol].
  • [3] Visiting card of E.P. Larsfield Counsel, with added note that he is from Trinity College, Dublin.


- Robin Darwall-Smith, 1993

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