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Jowett Papers - Group II Class L

Group II Classes L-O - General Note

Group II Class L - General Note

Group II Classes L-O - General Note

As mentioned in the General Note to Group II, although the material in these classes was not included in the `Additional Jowett Papers', none of it has ever left Balliol, and so therefore it was decided to place it in this group.

Group II Class L - General Note

Three publisher's dummies for the first edition of BJ's translation of Plato, and used by BJ as notebooks in the late 1860s-early 1870s. Their origin is unclear. They were found in Balliol during the preparation of this catalogue, and it seems unlikely that they ever left the college. However, no previous catalogue has mentioned them. It could be that because their covers are those of BJ's translation of Plato, they were mistaken for printed books, and not recognised as publisher's dummies. Because they were found in Balliol like the rest of Group II, they are placed here.


Publisher's dummy (245 by 160mm), maroon cloth cover with Dialogues of Plato in English - Jowett on spine. The spine is almost detached from the pages. 600 pages*, most blank. Pages unlined. Ink and pencil.

Undated, but presumably contemporary with the first edition of BJ's Plato, since L2 has a title page dated 1867 and entries dated to 1869.

  • [Notes on] M[ax] Müller [based on reading an unspecified book by him] 1-5
  • Aug 2 Reading M[ax] M[üller - notes] 7-15
  • Aug 3 [more notes on Max Müller] 17-21
  • Darwinism etc [notes] 23-5
  • Vedic Literature [notes; it is unclear if BJ is still making notes on Max Müller or not] 27
  • Brahminism versus Buddhism [notes] 29-35
  • Brahminical Prieasthood [notes] 37
  • Grammar and Chronology [jotting only] 39
  • [untitled jottings on Buddhists] 41
  • Upanishads [notes] 43
  • Criticism on the State of Sanscrit Literature [notes] 45
  • Brahmans [?] as a sort of Talmud [notes] 47-53
  • Table of Parallelisms 54-6
  • Sanhya[?] [illegible] [notes] 57-68
  • Miniansa[?] [notes] 68-70
  • Theological or Vedanta Miniansa[?] [notes] 71
  • Analysis - God is the omnipotent creator of the world and the omniscient author of Revelation [notes] 72-7
  • Buddhism and St. Hilaire [notes] 79-81
  • [untitled jotting on religion] 101
  • Preparations [notes on Plato and religion] 182-3
  • Division of the appliant[?] [notes on religion, both Christianity and Buddhism] 184-204
  • The reign of Law [jotting only] 300
  • Sermon Oct [jotting only] 550
  • [untitled list of volumes of classical authors, purpose uncertain] 596


Publisher's dummy identical in design and use to L1, except that the title page has been printed. 300 leaves, several blank. Pages unlined. Pencil with some ink. Almost all in BJ's hand: fols.252 and 281 are in Matthew Knight's. Several pages have been crossed through with a single line.

The printed title page is dated 1867; notes on fol.23 are headed Jul 1869.

  • [untitled notes on Plato] 1-1v
  • Plan of notes [titles only] 2v-3
  • Republic - notes from Steinhardt and Muller [notes on their work on Plato] 4-22
  • Jul 1869 - Addenda on the Republic [notes] 23
  • Aug 1869 - Republic [notes] 23v-24
  • Aug 1869 [jotting only] 24v
  • Addenda on the Republic [jotting only] 25
  • Addenda on the Rep[ublic] Aug 1870 25v
  • Morgenstern [Notes on his work on the Republic] 46-55
  • Spartan State [jotting only] 55v
  • Perfect State [jotting only] 56
  • Sussmilch [sic?] p.58 [notes on his work on the Republic] 59-65
  • Notes on Book I [of the Republic] 65v-66
  • Remarks on Book II [of the Republic] 66v-69
  • Remarks on Book ii [title only] 69v
  • Grote on the Republic [notes] 70
  • Division of goods in Protag 353cff and Lysis and Gorgias [title only] 75v
  • Relation of Adeimantus to Glaucon [jotting only] 76
  • Remarks on the Republic [notes] 76v-77
  • Remarks on Republic i-iv [notes] 77v-78v
  • Utopias ancient and modern [jotting only] 79
  • Education (1 st) [notes] 79v-80v
  • Remarks on [Books] V-VI [of the Republic - notes] 81v-82
  • Miscellanea on Book[s] IV-VI [of the Republic - notes] 82v-86
  • Remarks on Book VII [of the Republic - notes] 87-8
  • General Remarks [on the Republic - notes] 89
  • Book VII [of the Republic - notes] 89v-93
  • Book VIII [of the Republic] Introduction [notes] 93v-95
  • Platonic number [notes] 95v-96
  • Book IX [of the Republic - notes] 97-98v
  • Book X [of the Republic - notes] 100-1
  • [untitled essay draft on Book X of the Republic] 103v-112v
  • Cratylus [notes] 115v-117
  • Sophistes and Politicus [notes] 130v-136
  • Politicus [notes] 137v-142
  • Steinhardt Politicus [notes on Steinhardt's work on the Politicus] 142v-144
  • Plan of Republic [notes]  149v-150
  • Greek Aspect of the Republic [notes] 151v-152
  • Ideal aspect of the Republic [notes] 152v-153
  • Subjects of the 2 nd Book [jotting only] 155v
  • Sir Tho s More's Utopia [notes] 156
  • To be expanded [jotting only of miscellaneous topics] 156v
  • Subjects for Gaisford 1869 [essay titles on Phidias on superstition] 157
  • De Civitate [jotting only] 157v
  • Ideal of the Church [title only] 158
  • De Republica of Cicero [jotting only] 158v
  • [untitled jottings connected with the Republic] 160v-161
  • Communism see printed paper [title only] 162v
  • The idea of good and the hypotheses [title only] 163v
  • The false analogies [title only] 165v
  • Education see above [notes on Plato and education] 167v-169
  • Utopias Ancient and Modern [notes] 171v-172v
  • The use of Ideals [jotting only] 174v
  • Conclusion [jotting only; what it concludes is unclear] 179v
  • Conclusion [jotting only connected with Plato] 180v
  • Timaeus as Pythagorean dream [notes] 181-187
  • Critias [notes] 187v-8
  • Timaeus again [notes] 188v
  • Critias again [notes] 189
  • Timaeus again [notes] 189v-191
  • Relation of the Timaeus to the Republic [notes] 191v-193v
  • Style of the Timaeus [notes] 194-7
  • [untitled jottings on elements] 198
  • [untitled jottings on numbers] 198v-199
  • Notes on the Timaeus [notes] 199v
  • Hegel on the Timaeus [notes] 200-2
  • Zeller [notes from his work on Plato] 203-5
  • M[illegible]'s Notes 205-206
  • [List, probably of page lengths of several Platonic dialogues] 208v
  • Gorgias [notes] 209-16
  • Timaeus [notes] 216v
  • Gorgias [notes] 217v-224
  • Philebus [notes] 226v-234
  • Sussmilch - continuation [of notes on him on fols. 59-65 above] 234v
  • Philebus (Steinhardt) [notes on his work on the dialogue] 235v-238v
  • Parmenides [Plato's dialogue; notes] 241v-243
  • Theaetetus [notes] 244v-248
  • Grote [notes on his work on Plato] 248v-251v
  • Laws [notes] 252-4
  • Style [notes on Plato's style] 255v
  • Laws [notes] 256-9
  • Laws - Grote July 21 [notes on Grote's work on the Laws] 259v-260
  • Grote July 22 [notes on Grote's work on the Laws] 260v-261
  • Grote July 23 p.341 [notes on Grote's work on the Laws] 261v-264
  • Book X [of the Laws - notes] 264v-265
  • Book XI [of the Laws - notes] 265v-267
  • Book XII [of the Laws - notes] 267-268v
  • Steinhardt July 21 st [notes on his work on the Laws] 271v-272
  • Steinhardt July 22 nd [notes on his work on the Laws] 272v
  • Steinhardt July 23 [notes on his work on the Laws] 273-274
  • Book XII a sort of Deuteronomy [jotting only] 274v
  • July 28 [notes on the Laws] 274v-275
  • Steinhardt p.133 resumed Aug 9 [notes on his work on the Laws] 275v-277
  • Book IV p.187 [notes on Steinhardt?] 277v-278
  • Book 5 [notes] 278v-279v
  • General Remarks [on the Laws] 281
  • Plan of Introduction to the Republic [jotting only] 295v-296
  • [untitled jotting on the Laws] 297v
  • Plan of the Laws [notes] 298v-299
  • Index [jotting only] 299v
  • [Untitled jottings, seemingly about buying food] 300
  • [f300 has become detached]


Publisher's dummy identical in design and use to L2. 594 pages*, many blank. Pages unlined. Pencil with some ink.

Printed title page dated 1867; although BJ's notes are undated, they must have been written after this date.

  • Notes for general Introduction [to Plato?] 1
  • Notes for general introduction on Plato 3-5
  • Charmides - Notes for general introduction 7-9
  • Lysis - Notes for general introduction 11-12
  • [Loost leaf 11A inserted at p.11: printed proof of the title page and the first two pages of the Protagoras, with corrections in BJ's and Matthew Knight's hand]
  • Laches [title only] 12
  • Laches [jotting only] 13
  • Protagoras - Notes for general introduction 15-16
  • Greek character of Plato [jotting only] 100
  • Plato and the Poets [notes] 120-3
  • Style of Plato [jotting only] 150
  • Verbal questions [jotting only] 155
  • [untitled notes on Schleiermacher on Plato] 170-1
  • Zeller [notes on his work on Plato] 180-185v
  • Importance of the questions..[four questions on interpretation - titles only] 200
  • Philosohpy = abstract thought [title only] 201
  • Plan of History of Greek Philosophy [notes] 203-15
  • Hegelianism, error of [notes] 217-21
  • Transition from poetry to abstract thought [notes] 222-3
  • Subject and object [notes] 225-6
  • Hegel [notes]  230-49
  • The historical study of metaphysics [jotting only] 250
  • Idealism and Utilitarianism [jotting only] 250
  • Nature of idealism [notes] 251-4
  • (Christ) [notes] 255
  • Plan of Essay I [on philosophy - jotting only] 256-8
  • Ancient exegesis of mythology compared with modern interpretation of Scripture [notes] 261-2
  • Hegeliana on a second reading of the introduction [notes] 263-4
  • Contrast of belief founded on authority and belief founded on reason [notes] 267
  • Hegeliana [notes] 268-77
  • Authorities for Greek philosophy [notes] 290-2
  • Thales [notes] 303-5
  • Anaximander [title only] 311
  • Anaximenes [title only] 317
  • Diogenes of Apollonia [title only] 321
  • Heraclitus [title only] 325
  • Anaxagoras [title only] 345
  • [a page missed out after 353]
  • Heraclitus [title only] 365
  • Xenophanes [title only] 385
  • Parmenides [title only] 395
  • The Greek mind in the 6th century before Christ [title only] 401
  • Melissus and Zeno [title only] 405
  • The Pythagoreans [title only] 415
  • The Sophists and the modern Counterparts [title only] 435
  • Socrates [jotting only] 455
  • Socrates(?) [title only] 485
  • Translation from Greek [jotting only] 500-1
  • Plan of the work [on philosophy - notes] 506-9
  • Timaeus [jotting only] 550
  • Plans for divinity Lectures [title only] 582
  • Plan of the 1 st part [of a book on the history of Greek philosophy - notes] 586-90
  • [list of dates, purpose uncertain] 592
  • [untitled list of books, purpose uncertain] 593-4

- Robin Darwall-Smith, 1993

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