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Jowett Papers - index of BJ's contemporaries F

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This page is an INDEX only. You will need to use the reference numbers listed here to find the relevant sections of the full catalogue.

Fairbairn, Dr.---: I H80 f9, H82 f32-3

Fairbairn, A.M.: I G16/2/12 ; II J4/15

Fairbrother, H.: II K2/8

Fairbrother, Percy Thomas (Balliol 1893): II K2/8-9

Fairfax, Harold Walter (Balliol 1889): II K2/29

Faraday, Sir Michael: III N291

Farmer, ---: II C1/1

*Farmer, John: I D37/1, E20/16, F13/5, G16/2/13, H30 f122, H40 f6, H67 f78, H78 f57-8, H22 f6 ; II D4/70, J4/26 ; IV B4/37, X14O

Farrer, A.S.: I H43 f59

Farrer, Frederic Willis brother of *Thomas and Sir William (Balliol 1847): I E20/7, E21/13, H76 f67

Farrer, Oliver: III S10

Farrer, Thomas Cecil, 2nd Baron Farrer, son of T.H. (Balliol 1878): I G16/2/14

*Farrer, Thomas Henry, 1st Baron Farrer Brother of Frederic and Sir William (Balliol 1836): I D8, D9 f1, D41, E24/5, 8, H24 f96v-97v(?), H33 f25-6, H44 f28, H57 f77v-78, H66 f60-2, H72 f39, H76 f67 ; II A21/28-30, C1/50 ; III N197, 349

Farrer, Sir William James brother of Frederic and *Thomas (Balliol 1839): II C1/1

Farrer, Ven. --, Dean of --: I E23/1, F7/19, H41 f37, 55

Farwell, Rt. Hon. Sir George (Balliol 1865): I G16/2/15 ; II D4/29

Fausset, Rev. Preb. William Yorke (Balliol 1877): II J4/17-21

*Fawcett, Prof. Henry: I E20/13-14, F2/31, H40 ff16-17, H42 f27, H44 f53-5, H51 f61, H59 f10 ; III N414, 436, 492, 547

Fawcett, W.G.: I F11/8

Fawkes, Rev. Alfred (Balliol 1868): I A14 f1A, B3/25A

Fearon, Daniel Robert (Balliol 1854): I H75 f40-1 ; II C1/51

Ferguson, Mr. --: I H54 f88v

Ferrier, Mr. -- (d.1864): I F10/8

Feversham, Lord: III M30, 34

ffolliott, Agnes: I E23/3, G16/2/16, G16/5/9

*ffolliott, John: I E23/3, H28 f119, H79 f54v ; II D4/30 ; III M10, 108, 118, MA26, N363, 364, S35, 44, 51, 74 ; IV A8 passim

Fielden, H.A.: II A16/21

Figgins, SEE Leighton.

Findlay, John: II J4/22

Fisher, Ambrose Brewin (Balliol 1868): I D3/fcB

Fisher, Herbert William: II D3/6

Fisher, Mr. -- (of New College): I B12 p176

Flanagan, John Woulfe (Balliol 1871): II D4/31

Fleming, Maxwell (Balliol 1892): II A4/13

Flemmich, Arthur Helmuth (Balliol 1891): II A4/15, 17

Fletcher, Mr. --: II C1/1

*Fletcher, Frank (Balliol 1886): I E47 f9, E20/13, E21/20, F12/14, F13/10 ; II A6/6, C1/4, E1/14 ; III C185, 192, 194-7, 202, 203, N604

Fletcher, Frank (Balliol 1889): II: I6/16

*Forbes, William Henry (Balliol 1869): I C23/1-2, F2/15, G16/2/17, H30 f45 ; II A1/2/5, 411, C1/52-3 ; III C67, 71, 125, 185, N399, 482, 499

Ford, Onslow: II C1/153

Fowler, T.: I G16/1/8: II D4/32

Foxwell, Prof.: I H82 f25

Francis, W.L.: II A4/4-5

Franks, Godfrey Firth (Balliol 1873): I B22 fcB

Fraser, Rt. Rev. James, Bishop of Manchester: I D/29 ; II J ; III N274, 350, 417

Fraser, Hugh: II K2/11-13, 34

Fraser, John: II K2/11-13, 34

Fraser, Mr. -- (fl. 1845): III S1

Fraser, Professor --: III S52 ; IV B7 passim

Free, Richard: II D3/7

Freeman, Edward A.: IV A4/6, 8

Fremantle, Thomas Francis, 2nd Baron Cottesloe (Balliol 1847): I D8, H54 f53v ; II D4/33

*Fremantle, Very Rev. and Hon. William Henry (Balliol 1849): I C13 f20, 30, 31, E11/21, E19/6, E21/20, G16/1/9-10, G16/4/5-6, 8-9, 13, 16, 19-21, 23, 31-2, 54-5 ; II A4/10, A16/40, A17 passim, C1/94, J4/23-4 ; III C16, N95, S50, 97

Fremantle, William Archibald Culling (Balliol 1884): II J4/23

Frere, Sir Henry Bartle Edward: III N155, 156, 381, 492

Friedrich: III, Emperor of Germany: III M39, 50, 115, N292

*Froude, James Anthony: I D54 f78, F7/16, 19, 36, F10/47, H31 f76 ; III N66, 390, 392, S37, 40, 102

Fry, Lewis: I H75 f33(?) ; II J4/25

Fusser(?), Mr. --: I H24 f96v

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- Robin Darwall-Smith, 1993

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