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Jowett Papers - Index of Scholars referred to by BJ

This page is an INDEX only. You will need to use the reference numbers listed here to find the relevant sections of the full catalogue.

Abelard, Peter: I C27

Aquinas, Thomas: I D76 f10

Bacon, Francis: I B24/30-2, C31 ff1-8, 20v-21v, C39/6, D2/11-12

Baur, Ferdinand Christian (1782-1860): I A2 f20v-21v, 32v-33v, A4 f3-v, A5 f32v-33, 38v-40, D56, D58-59 passim, H17 f8 ; III N41, S35, 37

Bekker, Immanuel (1785-1871): I A28 f29v, C2 f25v, C39/2

Bentley, Richard: I A27 f45v-46, 55v, A28 f25-7, 41, H87 p6-28, 51-70

Berkeley, Rt. Rev. George: I C38 f11, E20/20, F10/14

Bernays, Jacob (1824-1881): I B29 pp35-7, B37 f1, C2 f26

Boekh, August (1875-1867): I A28 f29v, C2 f25v, C20 f76v, C21 f41, C47 f65, 83-7

Bohme, Jacob (fl. 17th century): I C31 f9-12

Bopp, Franz (1791-1867): I C10 ff1-5, 12

Bunsen, Christian Karl Josias von (1791-1860): I A1 ff14-19, A11 ff1-3v, 11-22, E20/20, F10/3 ; III M29, N195, 205, S3-4, 29, 44, 51, 70

Comte, Auguste (1798-1857): I C30 ff1-18, 19, 21-9, 34v, H53 passim; III N4, 208, 247

Confucius: I A6 f78-86, A13 f30

Cureton, Mr. --: III S21

Curtius, Ernst (1814-1896): I C2 ff1-11, C12 ff1-3

Daub, Carl (fl.1818-1844): III S44

Delbrück, Bernhard (fl.1871-1904): I C10 f1

Descartes, René: I B10 p137, C29 f2-5, C31 ff12v-14v

Donaldson, John William (1811-1861): I C9 f25v-26

Duns Scotus: I D49

Erdmann,Johann Edward (1805-1892): III S4

Ewald, Georg Heinrich August (1803-1875): I D51, D62 ff1-3, E18/7, H88 p13-16 ; III S3, 5, 15, 21

Gfrörer, August Friedrich (1803-1861): I A2 ff1-7, 9-19, D73 passim, D74 passim, D102 passim

Goethe, Wilhelm: I A13 f51

Gresswell, Edward (fl.1830): I D62 f4-7v ; III S1

Griesbach, Johann Jacob (1745-1812): I D62 f3

Hager, Herman: I A18A

Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich (1770-1831): I A3 passim, A4 f29v, 30v-31v, A5 f37v-38, A6 f17, B8 pp100-2, B9 pp21-3, B11 pp1-3, 83, B12 pp1-5, B16 f2-4, C30 ff21-2, C38 f11, D7 passim, E18/5, E20/8, F7/28, F10/3-4, H6-11 passim, H17 f8, H25 f49, H89 p93, 97 ; II G1 passim, L2 f200-2, L3 p217-21, 230-49, 263-4, 268-77 ; III M/5, N53, 58, 59, 205, 456, S4, 7, 17, 51

Hermann, Gottfried (1772-1848): I A28 f27v, C18, C20 f76v

Humboldt, Wilhelm von (1767-1835): I A26 p29v, C2 f25v, C47 f128

Hume, David: I B3 p211

Jackson , --: I C11 f41v-42v, C47 f45-9

Kant, Immanuel: I A1 ff1-9, 21-2, 36v-38, B3 p91, 225, B8 pp100-2, B24 pp30-2, C29 ff13-17, C37 f4, 20, C38/11, E20/20 ; III N382

Kirchoff, Adolf (1826-1908): I C24 ff18-23, 30-2, 41-77

Kohlen, --: I C24 ff8-10, 15

Lachmann, Karl (1793-1851): I A13 f57, C2 f26, 35v-38, 62v-64, C20 f76v ; III S50

Lassalle, --: I B16/4-5

Leibnitz, --: I C31 ff16-17v

Locke, Joseph, I C37 f7, D22 pp1-42, E20/20

Loyola, Ignatius: I D22 pp67-87

Martin, Thomas Henri (1813-1884): I C11 f26v-34, C47 f28-30, 52-3

Mommsen, Theodor (1817-1903): I C2 f25v ; III N117

Neander, Johann August Wilhelm (1789-1850): I A5 ff14v-17v, D59, D87 f6-8, H17 f8 ; III N190, S51

Newton , Sir: Isaac: I C20 ff1-5 ; III S17, 19

Niebuhr, Barthold Georg (1776-1831): I A15 f5, A6 f65v-66, A27 f64-6, A28 f29v, 43-4, A31 f12, B22 fcA, C2 f23v-24v, 26, 34v, C20 f76v, C51 f82v, E21/19, H87 p6, 131 ; III N117, S51

Nitzch, probably Georg Wilhelm (1818-1880): I F10/21, H13 f85v

Olshausen, Hermann (1796-1839): I D60 f1, D87 ff1-3 ; III S44

Pascal, Blaise: I C33 passim, D9, D22 pp105-36, D23 p45-6, F2/18, H21 f6v-19v, 126v ; III S69

Paul, Hermann: I D9 f57v-68v, D11 passim

Poppo, Ernst Friedrich (1794-1861): I A21 f44-6, A22 f2v, C21 f34, C51 f38-40

Porson, Richard (1759-1808): I A13 f45v-46, A26 p27, C21 f76v

Pott, ---: I C10 f5

Ranke, Leopold von (1795-1886): I A6 f37-40v ; III S24

Renan, Joseph Ernest (1823-1892): III N101

Reynolds, Sir Joshua: I E22/1

Ritter, Joseph: Ignaz (1787-1857): I D2 ff1-4

Rousseau, Jean-Jacques: I C30 f25

Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von (1775-1854): I F10/4, 46

Schlegel, either August Wilhelm von (1767-1845) or Karl Wilhelm Friedrich von (1772-1829): I C10 f12

Schleicher, August (1821-1868): I C10 f6-15v

Schleiermacher, Friedrich David Ernst (1768-1834): I A10 p57, B4/bcK, B8/bcC, B10 pp45-7, B17 pp101-5, B19 p6 B32 p18, E20/20 ; II L3 p170-1 ; III C47, N418

Schmidt Westfuhl, ---: III C169

Schwegler, Albert (1819-1857): I A6 f67v

Schwogler, --: I D116 passim

Southey, Robert: I D9 f31

Spinoza, Benedictus de: I C28 passim, C29 f6-12, C31 ff15-15v, C37 f20, C38 f11 ; III N41, 50, 56, 67, 203

Strauss, David Friedrich (1808-1874): I A4 f43v-44v, A5 f32v-33, 38v-40, A6 f65v-66, A10 p57, H24 f40, H86 p58-60 ; III M45, N83, 100, 101, 293

Tholuck, Friedrich August Gottreu (1799-1877): I H17 f5 ; III S28

Usteri, Leonard (fl. 1830s): I A2 f68v, A6 f43v-46, 48v-49, 128v-129, D63 f21-2

Voltaire: I H18 f38

Warburton, --: I D107 ff12-16A

Weiss, ---: I H86 p58-60

Wesley, John: I D9 f28-323v, 33v-34, 55-7, D22 pp43-62

de Wette, Martin Wilhelm (fl 1805-1846): I D87 f9-9v

Wolfe, Friedrich August (1759-1824): I A27 f56v, A28 f42, C2 f22v-24v, 25v-26, 34v, 35v-38, 39v, 40v-41, 43v-44, 49, C20 f76v

Wyclif, John: I D16 f24-5, 29v-44, 53-4

Zeller, Eduard (1814-1908): I A34 p13, B4 pp6, 36-40, B11 pp1-3, 81, 133, B12 pp1, 5, B13 p37, 87-91, 103, 105, B16 f2, 4, B29 pp27-9, 39, C2 f25v, C47 f35-37v, E11/27 ; II L2 f203-5, L3 p180-185v


- Robin Darwall-Smith, 1993

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