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Jowett Papers - Subject Index

An explanation of the conventions of this Index is given in Section III of the Introduction; however, two parts of the Jowett Papers require special mention here, namely BJ's letters to Florence Nightingale (III N), and the commonplace books (I H23-84). Quinn and Prest's selection from the Nightingale letters (see the Bibliography) prints almost all the important ones and includes an extensive Subject Index. The FN letters have therefore not been indexed in detail here. The commonplace books were not listed in detail (see the General Note to I H23-84), and therefore this Index will not pick up references to every topic discussed in them. However, the Names Index will give an idea of many of the subjects discussed.

This page is an INDEX only. You will need to use the reference numbers listed here to find the relevant sections of the full catalogue.

Abbot and Campbell, working materials of (including letters, interviews and drafts of the biography, as well as material connected with the posthumous edition of BJ's sermons): I D1, E3, E6, E8, E25, F14, F16-18, G2-16, H1-2, H85; II A15-22, A24, C2, J2-4, K8, N passim

Architecture, BJ's views on: I F7; IV A8

Aristotle's Politics, BJ's translation of: see the entry on Aristotle in Index IV.

Art, BJ's views on: I F2, F10; IV A8

Atonement, BJ's views on: I A9, A14, D63, E5, H14; II E3

Balliol College :

  • Admissions procedures, correspondence concerning: II K2; IV A12 (BJ's own admission to Balliol), A13, A16, A25, B4, B6-7, B23
  • College business (including BJ's involvement in college controversies): I E4-5, E18-19, E24, F2, F5-7, F10-11, F13, H66; II A4, A6-8, A23, C1, D3, H2; III C, M, N, S; IV A6, A8, A18, B5-6, B14
  • Descriptions of (from both BJ and others): I E20-1, E25, F5
  • Dinners at (including BJ's speeches at): I C16, D8, D18, D20, D37, F15, G4, G11; II K7; III M, N, S; IV B12
  • Hall of: I A17, E24, F2, F5, F10-11; III C, M, N; IV A11, A20, B5
  • King's Mound: II D2
  • Lectures at, attendance lists for and questions asked at: I B15-17, I C14, D34, D44; II A3, I6
  • The Master's Field (appeals for money for, and activities connected with): I C16, F12; II C1, D1; III C; IV A21, A26, A32, B11
  • Mastership of and BJ: I E6, E20, F6, F10, G4; III M, N, S; IV B4-5
  • Teaching at (essays, marks, etc., mostly by BJ): I E25 ; II A1, B1-7, I7; III N

Brahminism, BJ's views on: I A17; II L1

Bristol , University of, BJ's connections with: I D7, E21, E24, F4, H89; II A21, J2, J4; III C, N

Buddhism, BJ's views on: I A16; II L1

Children's Bible , the, BJ's work on: I E12; III N

Church of England, BJ's views on: I A10, F2, F4, F11, H18, H29, H34; II A8-9; III C, M, N, S; IV A8, B5

Civil Service, BJ and: I F11

Education, BJ's views on (including speeches): I C16, D36, D55, F1, F6-7, F15, H93; II A2, I4, J4, K2 (see also entries on University Extension and University Reform).

Essays and Reviews I E10, E19, E21, F4, F10, F12-13, H14, H16, H21, H37; II A21; III C, M, N, S

Friendship: BJ's advice and consolation to his friends: I E4-5, F1-2, F5-7, F10-13; II A10, A21; III C, M, N, S; IV A8, A26, B4, B11, B16

Funeral of BJ, arrangements for: II D4, H5-7

Genealogy of BJ: I G15; II A20; IV A29, B21 (see also entries on individual relatives in Indexes I and II)


  • Ancient History, BJ's general thoughts on: I A26, A35, C20, C24-5; IV A5
  • Ancient History, BJ's studies of individual historians: I A18-27, B1, C4-5, C20-3, H39

Illnesses of BJ in 1891 and 1893: I E17, E19-20, F16; II C1, D3, I3; III C

India , BJ's thoughts on, and his activities linked with it (including material on the Indian Civil Service and the Indian Institute in Oxford): I C16, F10-12, G15, H96; II A8, A14, C1, I2, K2-3; III M, N; IV A9, B2, B12, B16, B19, B22

Ireland , BJ's views on: I F2, F7, F12-13; III M, N; IV A8, B2

Islam, BJ's views on: I A16


  • Ancient Literature,BJ's general thoughts on: I C9; II G5; III C; IV A5
  • Ancient Literature, studies of individual writers: I B1, C1-3, C6, C18-19, E4, F13; II A12, G5; III C
  • Post-Classical Literature, BJ's views on: I F2, F4, F7, F10, H27, H72, H94; III N

Music, BJ and: I E19, F10, H40; IV A18

Natural Religion, BJ's views on: I A17, C34, H21

New Inn Hall, absorption of by Balliol: III M; IV B3

New Testament Theology (Acts and Epistles), BJ on: I A2, A5-8, A12, A14, D3-5, D15, D38, D56-141, E5, F10, H12-14, H17-18; III N, S

New Testament Theology (Gospels), BJ on: I A4-7, A11, A13, A15, D4-5, D14, D25, D29, D61-2, D64, D68, D70, D82, D104, D106, H18-20; III S

Old Testament Theology, BJ on: I D4, D107

Oxford University Press, BJ's links with (including the Oxford English Dictionary): I E13, E21, H52; II A21; III C; IV B8

Paul, Saint, BJ's commentary on (and the ensuing reaction): I E5, E10, F10, F13, H21; II E3; III C, S; IV B10 (see also the entry here on New Testament Theology [Acts and Epistles], and the entry on Paul in Index IV).

Philology and linguistics, BJ's views on: I A28, C10, D11-13, D39, H87; II J1


  • Ancient Philosophy, BJ's general thoughts on: I A35, B2, B5, B8-12, B15-16, B34, C37, C45, D17, D38; III C, M, N
  • Ancient Philosophy, studies of individual philosophers: I A24, A29-35, B2-33, B35-7, C7-8, C11, C21, C37-61, D10, D38, D43-6, E1-2, E16, F10, F13, H35, H50, H55, H61-2, H65, H68, H92, H95; II A12, E1-2, G4. L2-3; III C, M, N; IV B11
  • Philosophy, post-classical, BJ's discussions of philosophical problems: I A1, A6, C32, C35, C37, D47, D50, E18, F2, H11, H21, H89, L3; III N
  • Philosophy, post-classical, studies of individual philosophers: I A1, A3, C28-31, C33, D9, D48-9, 51, H6-11, H21, H53; II E1-2, G1; III N, S

Plato, BJ's translation of: see the entry on Plato in Index IV.

Political Economy, BJ's views on: I F11-12, H86; II F1; III N

Politics, BJ's views on:

  • Domestic: I F2, F7, F10, F12-13, H86; II C1; III M, N; IV A8, B11
  • Foreign: I F2, F4-5, F13; III M, N; IV B11

Portraits and photographs of BJ, discussions on [and some copies of]: I G4; II A21, H3

Professorship of Greek, BJ's tenure of (including the dispute concerning his salary): I E7, E9 (this last is uncertain), E10, F4, F12, G1; II A8, A21; III M, N, S; IV A4

Psychology, BJ's views on: I C36

Reminiscences of BJ: I E6, E20-3, F15, G16; II A21, J2, J4; IV A27

Roman Catholicism, BJ's views on: I A14, H36, H86; III M, N, S; IV A8, B5

St. Andrew's, University of, BJ's links with: III C; IV B4

St. Paul 's School and BJ: II A11, C1

Science, BJ's views on: IV B4-5

Sexual relationships and marriage, BJ's views on (as recorded by both himself and others): I E8, E22, E24, F1, F11, F13, H45, H72; IV B3

Theology, general discussions on (including sermons): I A1, A4-6, A10-13, C27, C35, D2-5, D12-13, D16-19, D21-8, D30-1, D52-5, E15, E18, E21, F4-6, F10-11, F13, H3-5, H12-20, H23, H86, H88, H90; II A5, I3, N passim; III C, N, S; IV A10, B4-5. See also Atonement, Brahminism, Buddhism, Children's Bible, Church of England, Essays and Reviews, Islam, Natural Religion, New Testament Theology, Old Testament Theology, St. Paul, Roman Catholicism and Zoroastrianism.

Thucydides, BJ's translation of: see the entry on Thucydides Index IV.

Translation, BJ's views on: I C11, C47

Undergraduate exercises and teaching:

  • By BJ: I D32, E25, F10; II A1-2
  • By others: II A1

University Business:

  • General (including controversies in which BJ is involved): I F5, F7, F10-12, H22; III C, S; IV A18-19, B3, B14
  • Examinations, marks for and papers: I C12-13, C15, D33; II E3, K6

University Extension, BJ's views on: I E5, E18, E22, F10; III N

University Reform, BJ's views on: I D35, E25, F7, F13, F15, G10, H18, H24; II E3, I8; III C, M, N, S; IV B11, B13

Vice-Chancellorship, business connected with BJ's tenure of: I C15, D18, D36, E14, F12, F15, G11, H52; II A13, A21, I1, K1, K7; IV B3

Vivisection, BJ's views on, and documents connected with: II K1; IV A3

Women and education, BJ's views on, and documents connected with: I F6, F11, F13, F15; II K1; III C, N

Zoroastrianism: I A16

- Robin Darwall-Smith, 1993

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