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Jowett Papers - Introduction

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This lists the most important of BJ's works, as well as the most important recent books about him.

A Selection of Works by BJ

The Epistles of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, Galations, Romans. Murray 1855 (second edition 1859). An edition of the text with commentary and essays.

On the Interpretation of Scripture [BJ's contribution to Essays and Reviews, Parker 1860].

The Dialogues of Plato, Oxford 1871 (second and third editions 1875 and 1892). A translation of Plato with extensive introductory essays to each dialogue.

Thucydides, Oxford 1881. A translation with notes.

The Politics of Aristotle, Oxford 1886. A translation with notes (an accompanying volume of essays was begun, but never finished).

College Sermons, Murray 1895. A collection of BJ's sermons edited by W.H. Fremantle.

A Selection of Books about BJ

E. Abbott and L. Campbell The Life and Letters of Benjamin Jowett, M.A. Master of Balliol College, Oxford, Murray 1897.

E. Abbott and L. Campbell Letters of Benjamin Jowett, M.A., Master of Balliol College, Oxford, Murray 1899.

G. Faber Jowett - a portrait with background, Faber 1957.

P. Hinchliffe Benjamin Jowett and the Christian religion, Oxford 1987.

E.V. Quinn and J.M. Prest Dear Miss Nightingale: A Selection of Benjamin Jowett's Letters 1860-1893, Oxford 1987.

L.A. Tollemache Benjamin Jowett, Master of Balliol, Edward Arnold 1895.

All of these have extensive bibliographies, especially Hinchliffe and Faber.

For a picture of the Balliol background, see John Jones Balliol College: A History 1263-1939, Oxford 1988.

For a list of portraits of BJ in Balliol, see John Jones The portraits of Balliol College - A Catalogue, Oxford 1990.

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- Robin Darwall-Smith, 1993

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