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Lusk Collection - Catalogue: Box 2


3. Poems and rejection slips found in a plastic folder. 55l.

Typed copies of some of the poems contained in B and C1 ii: Some annotated by [DJTL]. Some with rejection slips from Punch and Isis attached.
2 AMS of A Rhyme for Children and Parody of Matthew Arnold's "Sorab and Rustum" which are included in B. These MS appear to have been written as exercises at Rugby. DJTL. 2l.
1 AMS. Training for Toggers or the Song of the Coach and Eight which is included in B. DJTL. 3l.

4. Green exercise book. Inscribed "D.Lusk. Holiday Diary. July 1927."

AMS account of holiday in Scotland. 25 July - 12 Sept. 1927.

5. Letters found in envelope labelled "Spectator Rhymes and Letters (Ivor Thomas)":

20 items:8 ALS; 4 typed copies of poems; 3 TLS; 2 TLU; 2 TL copies; 1 ALU.
Dates: 7 Jan. 1936- 29 Dec. 1937.
Correspondence of DJTL with IT, The Spectator, [J.Ayndham?], [C.M.Campbell] and Rev Dr Arthur Pollok Sim relating to the publication of DJTL's poem in The Spectator, 25 Dec. 1936.
For correspondence with IT see also C4 2.

6. AMS poems by DJTL labelled: "Fragments. Thought not to be included in finished verses. Destroy."

The poems are not included in B. Many of the poems are written on scrap paper. 17l.

7. MSS labelled "Rugby School Verses."

5 AMS. DJTL. Written as exercises at Rugby. 2 AMS in ancient Greek. 13l.
1 printed verse headed "For Greek Iambics." 1l.

8. Papers labelled writings - not poems. Miscellaneous."
From DJTL.

  • 8a. 1 ALS to M or N? 21 Jan. 1940. [Never sent?] 4l.
  • 8b. 1 TL [draft] to Editor, The Times. [193?]. 2l.
  • 8c. 1 TL [draft] to P.G.Wodehouse. 1 Oct. 1936. 1l.
  • 8d. 1 TS. "How it is done" re Munich Agreement. 30 Sept. 1938. 1l.
  • 8e. 2 TS. "Sermon to Bedmakers." 4l.
  • 8f. 1 TS. "Do you know Oxford?" [1934- 7]. 1l.
  • 8g. 1 TS. "How it is done." 1l.
  • 8h. 1 TS. "A Blackshirt meeting addressed by Sir Oswald Mosley, Carfax Assembly Rooms, Oxford. May 25, 1936." 5l.
  • 8i. 1 TS. "A curious dream." 6 Feb. 1937.
  • 8j. 1 TS. "The main duties of the SCM tresaurer in Oxford." 26 Feb. 1937. 3l.
  • 8k. 1 TS. "Report on Park Grange." 18 Feb. 1937. 2l.

9. Published articles by or concerning DJTL.

  • 9a. The Spectator. 25 Dec. 1936. No. 5 661. Contains General Knowledge by DJTL.
  • 9b. The Spectator. 1 Jan 1937. No. 5 662. Contains reply poem to General Knowledge by IT.
  • 9c. The Spectator. 31 Dec. 1937. No. 5 714. Contains General Knowledge by IT.
  • 9d. The Isis. 9 June 1937. No 971. Contains The Modern Undergraduate. Educated in the Holidays from Rugchester by [DJTL].

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