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Lusk Collection - Catalogue: Boxes 7-8


6. Letters found underneath C3 5.

  • 6a. 1 TLS from Philip Toynbee to Robin MacLellan re DJTL. 24 Apr. 1958. 1l. Contained in an envelope addressed to DCL.
  • 6b. 1 ALS from Robin and Jennifer [MacLellan] to JCL. 10 May 1991. 1l. Envelope. Enclosure: 1 ALS from Steven Runciman to Robin MacLellan re DJTL containing cuttings of DJTL's article in The Spectator; as at B and C1 viii. 11 Mar. 1981. 1l.
  • 6c. 1 TL with a reproduced signature from George VI to [DCL]. [30 Jan 1941.] 1l. Envelope.
  • 6d. 2 printed cards which appear to have been used to answer letters of condolence by DCL. Dec. 1940. 2l.

C4: LETTERS TO DJTL 1934- 5. Including; 1 TLS from Albert Einstein to DJTL and 2 TLS and 1 ALS from PG Wodehouse to DJTL.

1. Letters labelled "Letters to DJTL. 1939- 40."

26 letters: 21 ALS, 5 TLS.
Dates: 20 Dec. 1939- 14 May 1940 (bulk Feb.- Mar. 1939.)
Letters from: Alec ? [RAF colleague of DJTL]; Dr Charlotte Bacon (cousin of DJTL); Bernard [RAF colleague of DJTL] and Biddie ?; Margaret Booth-Jones (cousin of DJTL); M.Denton; EMG Handmade Gramophones; Courtney Mitchell [Emscott?]; Ralph Evans; Mr Fennell and Mrs Elsie Fennell [parents of Eric Fennell, RAF colleague of DJTL at Thorney Island, who was killed in action 1940] (4); John [Gerdwin?]; Rosemary W. Horton; W.Kirsopp; DCL;. Margaret [Nicholson] (2); Pine and Stewart, Solicitors; Ray ? [RAF colleague of DJTL at Thorney Island]; Berkeley Robertson (uncle of DJTL) (2); Jenny Robertson; Lesley Robertson; Mrs A.S.Russell; Joan Smith.

BOX 7/8

2. Another group of letters tied together by JCL.

37 letters to DJTL: 30 ALS, 4 TLS, 1 TLU, 3 Autograph postcards Signed, 1 printed visiting card 39l. 34 envelopes.
Dates: 25 June 1937- 16 Feb. 1940 (bulk 19 Mar. 1938- 26 Dec. 1939)
Letters from: Air Ministry; Dr Charlotte Bacon (cousin of DJTL); Grace Bailey (Aunt of DJTL); Michael Barrett; Steven Bilsland (cousin of DJTL); Fleming Colville (cousin of DJTL?); Campbell Crichton- Miller (Balliol 1934); W.Kirsopp; Monsignor Ronald Arbuthnott Knox (Balliol 1906- 10; Hon. Fellow Balliol 1953); Dr E. von Kuennsberg; Elisabeth Lindsay (Aunt of DJTL); Jack Little; Robin McLellan; Henry MacNicol; John MacInnes (Balliol 1934- 8); Cecil Middleton; Mollie Miller; Mrs Jean Mitchell; Douglas C. Neillands (2); Ordnance Survey; Mrs Jessie Paterson (3); Berkeley Robertson (Uncle of DJTL); Margaret Robertson (cousin of DJTL); George Russell; Mrs Dorothy Simpson; John Simpson; John Carrington Spencer (Balliol 1934- 8) (2); IT; Philip Toynbee; .
Also: 1 TL copy from DJTL to Steven Bilsland (cousin). Oct. 1938. 1l.


3. Group of letters tied together by JCL.

28 letters to DJTL: 22 ALS; 6 TLS. 31l. 27 envelopes.
Dates: 18 Jan. 1938- 6 Jan. 1939. (1 n.d. 1 ALS 25 Nov. 1937.)
Letters from: David R.[Ashunt?]; Sir Steven Bilsland (3). John Buxton (2); Mrs Buxton; Elizabeth Chapman; David ?, Corpus Christi College, Oxford; Bill Davies; David [Garnsey?]; Professor J.Craik Henderson; Peter Jaffe; F.J. Kittermaster; K.A. [MacBigure?]; John MacInnes (2); George Neill; Douglas Neillands; Margaret Nicholson; Paul [Petrocokino?]; Gordon [Simpson], Bell, Cowan and Co.(3); John Summers, Talks executive, BBC; John Stanley Wood (Balliol 1934).

4. Pile of letters tied together by JCL.


  • 4a. 1 TLS from Albert Einstein. Princeton. 20 Dec. 1934. 1l. Envelope.
    From P.G.Wodehouse to DJTL.
  • 4b. 1 ALS. Low Wood, Le Tonquet, France. 26 Nov. 1934. Mentions The Luck of the Bodkins 1l. Envelope.
  • 4c. 1 TLS. [1315 Angelo Drive, Beverly Hills, California.] Mentions Laughing Gas. 1l. Envelope.
  • 4d. 1 TLS. [1315 Angelo Drive.] Mentions Summer Moonshine. 1l. Envelope.
    To DJTL.
  • 4e. 1 TLS from Dudley G.Dwyre, American Consul. 27 Dec. 1934. 1l.
  • 4f. 1 TLU from Private Secretary, Buckingham Palace. 13 Nov. 1934. 1l. Envelope.
  • 4g. 1 TLS from A.J.Clements, Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury. 21 Nov. 1934.
  • 4h. 1 TLS from A.Raven Thompson, Director of Policy, British Union of Fascists. 23 Nov. 1934. 1l.
  • 4i. 1 ALS from Bishop of Ipswich. 19 Sept. 1934. 1l. Envelope.
  • 4j. 1 ALS from Miss Greta Lauder, for Sir Hugh Lauder. 18 Oct. 1935. 1l. Envelope.
  • 4k. 1 ALS from Tommy Walker, footballer. 11 Oct. 1935. 3l. Envelope.
  • 4l. 1 TLS from Malcolm Campbell, racing driver. 21 Oct. 1935. 2l. Envelope.
  • 4m. 1 ALS from Andy Anderson. 9 Oct. 1935. 2l. Envelope.
    From Arthur Perowne, Bishop of Worcester to DJTL. For correspondence with Perowne see also: C3 4.
  • 4n. 1 Autograph Postcard Signed. [Oct. 1935]. 1l.
  • 4o. 1 TLS. 21 Oct. 1935. 1l. Envelope.

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- - Charlotte Fisher, Modern Manuscripts Assistant. June 1992.

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