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Papers of RBD Morier, boxes 1-10

Box 1

1. Correspondence, drafts and copies of despatches, memoranda etc. relating to:-

i. German affairs about 1860-1865. Correspondents include Lord John Russell, Sir Andrew Buchanan, Lord Bloomfield, Lord Kimberley (signed Wodehouse). (1 file)

ii. Austrian military frontier 1857. Correspondents include Sir Hamilton Seymour, Hammond. (1 file) Images online here.

iii. Constitutional Conflict in Schleswig-Holstein. Copies of letters to Lord John Russell 1863-1864. (1 file)

iv. Austrian commercial treaty 1862-1867. Correspondents include Lord John Russell, Lord Stanley, Baron Beust, Lord Salisbury, Lord Clarendon, Baron Gagern. (1 file)

v. Proceedings of the Hungarian Diet 1866. Correspondents include Lord Bloomfield. (1 file)

vi. Duke of Edinburgh's marriage 1873-1876. Correspondents include Lord Granville, Le Comte Schouvaloff, Sir A Paget. (1 file)

vii. Three despatches M to Sir Andrew Buchanan concerning the commercial treaty. (1 file)

2. Honours and Awards. (1 file)

i./i. Invitation from the University of Edinburgh to receive the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws in Edinburgh on the 17 April 1884, at the festival of the tercentenary of the foundation of the University.

i./ ii. Programme of the University of Edinburgh Tercentenary Festival April 1884. (2 pages)

i./ iii. AMS Original draft and 3 TS copies of speech given by M at the University of Edinburgh Tercentenary Festival banquet entitled "Reply for International Commerce".

ii. Diploma of Membre Correspondant from Sociedade de Geographia de Lisboa, 17 December 1879.

iii. Diploma from Königlich Bayerische Akademie Der Wissenschaften, 1 August 1876. Copy of letter sent from M to Akademie 22 August.

iv. Certificate from Academia Literarum et Scientiarum Regia Boica, 15 July 1876.

v. ALS from Depot des Magistrats zu Berlin 20 October 1870.

3. Literary Papers.

i. TS "The principle of Co-operation ... As applied to credit ... With special reference to the ... Co-operative credit banks established in Germany". (19 pages)

ii. MS draft of "The reconstruction of Germany". (1 file)

iii. Materials for article on "Local government in Germany". (1 file)

Box 2

1. 4 ALS testimonials on M 1850, written by Lord Lansdowne, R Cowley Powles, Rev. Richard Jenkyns.

2. Papers concerning certificate of qualification as paid attaché and letters of appointment June - November 1859 written by Lord Kimberley (signed Wodehouse), E Hammond. (1 file)

3. Copy of letter from M to Mr Thompson 15 February 1873 on educational reform in Ireland. (8 pages)

4. Draft despatches and correspondence from M in the Balkans to Sir Hamilton Seymour 1857. (1 file)

5. Draft despatches and correspondence with Lords Clarendon and Granville 1870-1873. (1 file)

6. Rough work on paper entitled "German Ecclesiastical History". (15 pages)

7. Correspondence with Sir Henry Ponsonby 1871. (1 file)

8. Draft despatches and private correspondence with Lord Derby, 1873-1875, 1884. (1 file)

9. Envelope containing 5 letters. Correspondents include Goschen, Lord Odo Russell, Mrs Victoria Wemyss, Roggenbach 1862, 1863, 1870, 1875.

Box 3

1. Correspondence, memoranda relating to German affairs concerning Schleswig-Holstein 1860. Correspondents include Duke of Coburg, Lord John Russell, Dr. Bernhardt. (1 file)

2. Papers, memoranda, relating to the reconstruction of Germany, constitution of electorate Hesse and North German Confederation 1860-1868. Correspondents include Lord Stanley, Lord John Russell. (1 file)

3. Reports on proceedings of the Hungarian Diet, February 1866. (1 file)

4. Letters to M from Baron Stockmar 1864-1869. (1 file)

5. Correspondence, press cuttings, draft despatches, memoranda, confidential print from M's time as minister to Portugal. (3 files)

i. Material from 1878 relating to the commercial treaty, wine duties, disembarkation of troops at Lorenço Marques, Portuguese Lorenço Marques railway and English in Africa. Correspondents include George H Murray, Corvo, Lady Frere, W H Wylde, F Campbell, Sir Louis Mallet, Braamcamp, Lord Salisbury. (1 file)

ii. Material from 1879 relating to the Lorenço Marques railway, discussing possible routes and distances, the Lorenço Marques Treaty between Great Britain and Portugal, the development of commerce in South Africa and the more effectual suppression of the Portuguese slave trade. Correspondents include Sir Bartle Frere, Sir Louis Mallet, Braamcamp, Lord Salisbury, Ávila e Bolama. (1 file)

iii. Material from 1881 relating to the English and Portuguese in Africa. Correspondents include Lord Carlingford, Lord Granville, Braamcamp, d'Antas, T H Sanderson. (1 file)


Box 4

1. Correspondence, Foreign Office confidential papers and other material relating to the Anglo-Austrian tariff negotiations and commercial treaty 1867-1869. Correspondents include Lord John Russell, Lord Stanley, Lord Bloomfield, Sir Louis Mallet. (1 file)

2. Correspondence, memoranda, press cuttings, telegrams, and other papers relating to a dispute between the Duke of Coburg and Duke of Edinburgh December 1883 - June 1884. Correspondents include the Duke of Coburg, Emperor Wilhelm I of Germany, H R H Duke of Edinburgh, Lady Jane Ely and Sir Henry Ponsonby. (1 file)

Box 5

1. Correspondence, papers and press cuttings relating to the Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871. Including papers on the Crown Princess of Prussia's scheme of relief for the citizens of Paris, the case of Captain Macdonald and correspondence with Darmstadt Hospital and the "Office of the Society for the Relief of Sick and Wounded in War". Correspondents include Lord Granville. (1 file)

2. Memoranda, papers and typescript copies of correspondence relating to the Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871. Correspondents include Lord Acton, Lord Granville, Duke of Coburg, Baron Stockmar, DR, Sir Henry P Anderson, Lady Derby, Crown Princess Victoria, C.P. Fortescue, Faucher, Roggenbach, Sir Louis Mallet, Henry Dunckley, Lord Lytton, Sir James Hudson, Laurence Oliphant, Brandis, Lord Odo Russell, M E Grant Duff, Lord Arthur Russell, Sir Henry Ponsonby. (3 files)

3. TS copies of correspondence relating to time in Madrid and St Petersburg 1877- 1889. Topics discussed include diplomatic affairs in Madrid and St Petersburg as well as his 25 year duel between himself and Bismarck. Correspondents include Captain J Wiggins, Sir Charles Dilke, Sir W A White, M E Grant Duff. (1 file)

Box 6

1. Papers and correspondence relating to M's time as minister to Portugal. (13 Files)

i. Frederick W Campbell 1877-1878.

ii. Oswald Crawford (Consul at Oposto) concerning wine duties 1877-1881.

iii. Lord Derby 1876-1877.

iv. Lady Derby 1877-1881.

v. Sir Charles Dilke concerning the commercial treaty 1881.

vi. Sir T D Forsyth 1880-1881.

vii. G F Gould 1877-1880.

viii. Sir T C Hope 1878-1881.

ix. Sir Charles M Kennedy (Commercial Department of the Foreign Office) 1877-1881.

x. Sir Julian Pauncefote 1880.

xi. Sir Henry Ponsonby 1881.

xii. Lords Arthur & Odo Russell 1877-1881.

xiii. Henry Wright (Secretary of the Stafford House Committee for the building of the Goa Railway) and Frederick Youle 1880-1881.

2. Papers and correspondence with the Portuguese Government and ministers including Corvo, D G N Soares, Braamcamp, Ávila e Bolama, d'Antas. (1 file)

Box 7

1. Letters from and copies of letters to, draft despatches and memoranda relating to the British and Portuguese in Africa 1877-1880. Correspondents include Lord Derby, Braamcamp, Sir Julian Pauncefote, Lord Granville, Barros e Cunha, Ávila e Bolama, R G W Herbert, P H W Currie, Henry G Meill. (1 file)

2. Letters from and copies of letters to, draft despatches and memoranda relating to affairs in South Africa 1879- 1881, such as the Slave Trade, how to keep the Boers quiet, recent annexations of the West coast of Africa, explanation of passage of British troops, suggested modifications of certain articles in the draft of the Congo Treaty. Correspondents include Sir Bartle Frere, R G W Herbert, Lord Granville, Lord Derby, Goschen, Lord Salisbury. (1 file)

3. 7 small cards, 6 bearing greetings and good wishes to M and the other a menu for a dinner at Woburn Abbey 1877.

4. 11 mounted b/w portrait photographs. 8 unnamed and nd; of the three remaining one is of the Crown Prince of Prussia, one signed Frederick William taken 1870 and one signed on back as May Stacpoole 1888.

5. 2 mounted b/w photographs of graves. One for the two daughters of DR who died in infancy and the other of DR who died 1877.

Box 8

1. Draft despatches from M to Lord Derby and printed memoranda on Africa 1877. Topics discussed include the annexation of the Transvaal, rejected offers of Italy and Germany to buy territory in Africa and French Angola. (1 file)

2. Confidential papers and plans relating to the Goa Treaty 1878 and railway concessions thereafter 1877-1880. (1 file)

3. Confidential papers relating to the Lorenço Marques Treaty 1853-1880. Including draft copy of treaty, memoranda, reports and press cuttings. (1 file)

4. TS copies of letters to and from M 1873-1888, including press cuttings on the Goa Treaty. Topics being discussed include German ecclesiastical history, Duke of Edinburgh's marriage, Bismarck, Irish University and Ultramontanism, Gladstone and India, visit of Prince and Princess Louis to Munich March 1873, the possibilities of the death of the pope, state railways, sudden death of Brandis, cholera in Paris, party politics in Britain, death of the German Emperor and Prussian King Frederick III, Benjamin Jowett's proposals on Prince William. Correspondents include Lord Lytton, Lord Odo Russell, Brandis, Benjamin Jowett, Sir W A White, Thompson, Sir Louis Mallet, DR, Gladstone, Lawrence Oliphant, Lady Alice Morier, Lord Granville, Lord and Lady Derby, Baron Stockmar, Sir Henry Ponsonby, Frederick Max Müller, Sir Charles Dilke, Sir James Hudson, Victoria, Crown Princess of Prussia. (2 files)

5. Press cuttings [in Spanish and English] on Spanish wine duties and the Treaties 1881-1883. (1 file)

Box 9

1. Correspondence to and copies of letters from M as minister to Portugal relating to Lorenço Marques Treaty, Goa, the Eastern Question 1880. Correspondents include R G W Herbert, Sir Louis Mallet, Lord Salisbury, Lady Derby, P H W Currie, Benjamin Jowett, Sir Bartle Frere, M E Grant Duff, Lord E Fitzmaurice, Lord Granville, Gladstone, Corvo, Sir T D Forsyth. (1 file)

2. TS copies of letters to and from M as minister to Portugal relating to the Transvaal, the Congo and Goa Treaty 1881. Correspondents include W C Cartwright, Goschen, Sir Louis Mallet, Lord and Lady Derby, Lord Granville, Sir Charles Dilke, Sir Henry Ponsonby. (1 file)

3. Correspondence to and copies of letters from M relating to negotiations for the Goa Treaty and municipal railway, 1876, April-November 1879. Correspondents include Lord Derby, Corvo, Sir T C Hope, F W Campbell, Ribeiro Ferreira, Braamcamp, Lord Napier, Lord Cranbrook, Sir W Mackinnon, Frederick Youle, Viscount Duprat, D G N Soares, Sir Louis Mallet, Sir T D Forsyth, Barros e Cunha. (1 file)

[The contents of Box 9 were brought to the College by Miss A Ramm 12 July 1973]

Box 10

1. 6 Foreign Office confidential papers relating to the Goa Treaty 1877-1879.

- Katrina Wilson, Modern MSS Asst, 1994

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