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Morier Family Papers - supplementary list of Morier/Wemyss visual material

This list has been produced to compliment the catalogue of the Morier Family papers. "The classification and order of the visual material by either Lady Wemyss or the Hon. Mrs F.H.Cunnack [both members of the Morier family] has been preserved" where possible by James Armstrong in his description and arrangement of the material. The bulk of the material, which still remains in the groups imposed on it by Lady Wemyss (nee Victoria Morier) or Hon. Mrs F.H.Cunnack (nee Alice Wemyss) comprises section I.

In two cases material was re classified by James Armstrong. Section II consists of material "found loose in the original container" and divided into 5 categories by Armstrong. Armstrong's catalogue mentions that the "classes imposed on this material are imprecise" since "there is no source of reference for identifying photographs" except the plates in Lady Wemyss's memoir and A.Ramm's biography of Sir Robert Morier. The classes named "" Russia/ St Petersburg" and " Spain/ Portugal" contain material that appears to relate to RBD's diplomatic service in these two counties (identified from the photographers' stamps)." That material classed as " Cannes" "contains photographs thought to be of the Wemyss family and their villa in the south of France (the "Villa Monbrillant). Material relating to the career of Admiral Wemyss's has also been designated" into a separate class. "Loose material that does not appear to fall into any of these four categories" has been classed miscellaneous.

Section III consists of material reclassified by Armstrong "where it was oversize (and therefore in danger of damage if stored with smaller material.)"

The visual material consists of photographs, drawings and paintings. Many of the classes contain printed invitations, certificates etc. in addition to the visual material. Every item has been assigned an unique identifying number which is pencilled on its reverse. For example the number I1a indicates that the item is in Section i (items classified by Wemyss or Cunnack) with the material classed 1 Peels and Van Lennep. The letter a means that it is the first item in the Peels and Van Lennep material. Details of the photographs have been recorded on the photographic database. The database code for each photograph is pencilled on its reverse.


No. items Indicates the number of items in one of the classes allocated by Cunnack/ Morier or Armstrong, by giving the identifing numbers pencilled on the first and last items in each class.

Non photo Prefaces the list of non photographic items (eg. paintings, prints, certificates) in each class.

Dbase Gives the database numbers used for photographic items in each class.

RBD Robert Burnet David Morier

AWW Admiral Wester Wemyss (husband of RBD's daughter Victoria Morier.)

Lady Wester Wemyss is consistently referred to as Victoria Morier on the database due to the difficulty of dating some of the photographs in relation to the date of her marriage. For the same reason Hon. Mrs F.H.Cunnack is consistently referred to as Alice Wemyss.


I. [Wemyss/ Cunnack classifications] written on the folders which previously contained the visual material.

1. Peels and Van Lennep. Clara, daughter of David van Lennep, was the wife of Isaac Morier (1750- 1817). Arthur Robert Peel was the father of RBD's wife Alice.

  • Non photo: I1a. Portrait of Capt. [William] Peel (1824- 58). n.d. Unsigned.
  • Dbase: MWI01
  • No. items: I1a- I1b.

2. Fitz Clarence . RBD's daughter Victoria married Admiral Wester Wemyss (1864- 1933). AWW's maternal Grandmother was Lady Augusta Kennedy Erskine, the fourth daughter of the Duke of Clarence, later William IV.

  • Non photo:
    • I2a. Print of unknown woman [from Wemyss family?]
    • I2b. Print of Lady Augusta Kennedy Erskine (1831- 95).
    • I2c. Portrait of Lord Adolphus Fitz Clarence (1802- 56). Unsigned [H. StClair]. n.d.
    • I2d. Portrait of Rev. Lord Augustus Fitz Clarence (1794- 1842.) H. StClair. n.d.
    • I2e. Portrait of unknown [member of Fitz Clarence family?] in military dress. Unsigned. n.d
    • I2f. Portrait of unknown man.
  • Dbase: there are no photographs with the Fitz Clarence material.
  • No. items: I2a- I2f.


3. Sir Robert and Lady Morier.

Dated material: 1874; 1890; 1893. Includes in addition to photographs of RBD and Lady Alice Morier photographs of: two former secretaries of RBD; RBD's grave and coffin; unknown crowd of people; [D.K.Morier]; Victor Albert Louis Morier; Victoria Morier; G.Mablochefoneauhaus?

Non photo:

I3f. 1 printed copy of poem God Knows by [RBD?] given to [Victoria Morier] by [RBD] June 1874. 1l.

I3k. Print of sketch of David Richard Morier (1784- 1877). Artist unknown. n.d.

Dbase: MWI03

No. items: I3a- I3ll.


4. "D.R.M."

Obviously refers to David Richard Morier, father of RBD. Broken hardboard/ embroidered folder with gold initials on the cover. Dated material: 1870.

Non photo:

I4a. Pages 25- 6 from The Graphic. 9 July 1870.

I4d. Print of Place, Cornwall, seat of Joseph Thomas Freffry. From Nature and on Stone C.F.Greenwood.

I4e. Painting of tombstone. Unsigned. n.d.

I4f. Painting of churchyard. Unsigned. n.d.

I4h. Print of the "British Fleet at Pithead in July 1853." E.Duncan. Supplement to Illustrated London News 6 Aug. 1853.

I4j. Print of [barracks]. R.Noack. 1870.

I4q. Newscutting from Le Salut Public de Lyons. In French. n.d. 1l.

I4v. Print of Claramont, Herts, home of Charles Johnston. J.C.Carter. n.d.

Dbase: MWI04

No. items: I4a- I4v


5. Lisbon and Madrid.

Dated material: 1882- 85; 1888. Material from the time of RBD's diplomatic postings in Lisbon (1876- 81) and Madrid (1881- 1884). In addition to photographs taken in Lisbon and Madrid contains photographs of: Cordoba, Mariosa?, Granada, Seville. Includes photographs of: Alfonso XII, King of Spain (1857- 85) and his wife, Maria Cristina of Habsburg, Isabel de Bourbon (sister of Alfonso XII 1851- 1931); Maurice de Bunsen (1852- 1932) Third and Second secretary at Madrid 1882- 6.

Dbase: MWI05

[No. items: I5a- I5ee]

6. Countess Shuvalov .

The Countess Shuvalov referred to is probably the wife of Peter Andreievich Shuvalov, Russian Ambassador in London 1874- 9. Although she may possibly be the wife of Peter Shuvalov's brother, Peter Andreievich, Russian ambassador in Berlin, 1885- 94. 13 b/w photographs, all without any identifications.

[Dbase: MWI06]



7. Victor Morier.

Dated material: 1887, 1889. Victor Albert Louis Morier (1867- 92) was the only son of RBD. Includes photographs presumably from Victor Morier's voyage on board the "Labrador" to Vardoe and the Kara Sea (Arctic Russia) in 1888.

Dbase: MWI07

No. items: I7a- I7ee


8. Lady Wester Wemyss [nee Victoria Morier, daughter of RBD.] In addition to photographs of Victoria Morier includes photographs of: Victor Morier, RBD, Lady Alice Morier and Alice Wemyss.

Non photo:

I8c. Portrait of [Victoria Morier?] Unsigned.

I8kk.Portrait of [Victoria Morier?] A.H.

Dbase: MWI08

No. items: I8a- I8ss


9. Alice Wemyss, daughter of Lady Wester Wemyss (nee Victoria Morier) and AWW.

Dated material: 1906; 1908- 9; 1940. In addition to photographs of Alice Wemyss includes photographs of AWW and Victoria Morier.

Dbase: MWI09

No. items: Ia- Iaaa


10. Wemyss [Alice].

Dated material 1906- 19; 1930. In addition to photographs of Alice Wemyss includes photographs of: Victoria Morier, friends of the Wemyss family, naval vessels, 1919 peace procession in London, a trip to Brazil (July- Sept. 1930) and a trip with the Institution of Naval Architects to [Turin?]. AWW became President of the of the Naval Architects in 1928.

Dbase: MWI10

No. items: Ia- Ip

11. Before 1914 [AWW].

Includes photographs of Osborne naval cadet college.

Dbase: MWI11

No. items: I11a- I11n

12. Naval pre 1914 [AWW].

Includes photographs: of naval figures and taken on board HMS Orion, flag ship of second battle squadron home fleet where AWW served as rear admiral 1912- 14.

Dbase: MWI12

No. items: I12a- I12j


13. 1914- 18 [AWW].

Includes photographs of: HMS Manties, HMS Snakefly, HMS Implacable, HMS Fiythe and other naval vessels, military figures, British naval armistice delegation and the armistice train.

Non. photo:

I13c. 1 MS list relating to HMS Julinar. 24 Apr. 1916 1l.

I13u. 1 print of the Armistice trains of Foch and the German High Command. After Marquis de l'Aigle. Signed by the artist. [1922?]

Dbase: MWI13

No. items: I13a- I13u

14. Drawings by Martineau.

Pencil and watercolour drawings of: Gibraltar; Suez Canal; Aden; "HMS St George from West Australia to Mauritius"; HMS Juno in Indian Ocean; HMS Ophir off West Australia; Australia. On 1l the following dedication is written: "To my dear friends, Commander, and officers of HMS Ophir. Remembrance of Edward's declarations. Gibraltar March 1901." AWW was Second in Command on HMS Ophir during a tour to the overseas dominions from March- Nov. 1901. Unsigned. 2l.

Dbase: there are no photographs with the Martineau drawings.

No. items: I14a- I14b

BOX 10

15. Cruise of the "Ophir" drawings [AWW].

1 original pencil drawing (I15a) and 13 prints of drawings of life on board HMS Ophir. Include caricatures of AWW (I15e and I15k). Stanley P. Hall. [1901.]

Dbase: there are no photographs.

No. items: I15a- I15n

16. Photographs of the Paris Peace Conference. 1919. [AWW]. AWW represented British naval interests at the Paris Peace Conference.

Non photo:

I16p. 1 envelope with annotations re [naval flags?] [AWW?] n.d.

Dbase: MWI16

No. items: I16a- I16s

BOX 11

17. England.

Dated material: 1885- 6; 1892; 1899. Includes photographs of: William Morier Bevan; Louisa M.Taylor, George E. Melly, Lady Constance Butler; Nelly ?; Maud ?; [Pinnery?]; [Fifie?]; [Eberssey?]

Dbase: MWI17

No. items: I17a- I17k

18. Miss Paget.

Dated material: 1920. In addition to unlabelled photographs which are presumably of Miss Paget there is also a photograph of five young people annotated: "Xmas 1901. Hewell."

Dbase: MWI18

No. items: I18a- I18e

19. Lady Henry Grosvenor. Nee Dorothy Wemyss.

Dated material: 1860; 1894- 5; 1919. In addition to unlabelled photographs which are presumably of Lady Henry Grosvenor includes photographs of: Henry Grosvenor, Billy?, Minimie?

Non photo:

I19a. Print of pencil drawing of Dorothy Wemyss. 1878.

I19d. Portrait of Minimie. E.F. 1860.

Dbase: MWI19

No. items: I19a- I19f

BOX 12

20. Royal family.

Dated material: 1860; 1894- 5; 1910; 1919. Includes photographs of: Queen Alexandria, Princess Marie Louise, George V, Edward VII, Princess Louise, Princess Maud?, Princess Victoria, Duke and Duchess of Connaught.

Non photo:

I20a. Print of engraving of William IV. After drawing for Bell's Weekly Messenger. Published 1830.

I20d. 1 printed invitation for AWW and Mrs Wemyss to attend luncheon following the funeral service of Edward VII. May 1910. Envelope.

I20e. 1 printed order of service for funeral of Edward VII. 1920.

I20f. 1 pamphlet. Ceremonial to be Observed at the Funeral of his Late Majesty King Edward the Seventh of Blessed Memory.

I20h. 1 printed invitation to AWW to attend the Coronation of Edward VII. 1902.

Dbase: MWI20

No. items: I20a- I20u

21. Russia 1920- 45.

In his catalogue James Armstrong suggests that the material may actually be from Cannes; I1a definitely relates to the Wemyss' time in Cannes. However several of the photographer's stamps are from St Petersburg. The only two dated photographs are from 1893 and 1895.

Non photo:

I21a. 2 printed programmes for dinner at Palm Beach, Cannes in honour of the King of Iraq. 10 Sept. 1931.

Dbase: MWI21

No. items: I21a- I21l

BOX 13

22. Monbrillant.

Villa Monbrillant was the home of AWW and Lady Wester Wemyss in the South of France.

Dbase: MWI22

No. items: I22a- I22d

23. Postcards of Italy.

Actually appear to be mainly postcards of places in France. Postcards of the following areas: Frensnay- sur- Sarthe, Lucon, Nantes, Fougeres, Fronsac, Domfront, Bergamo, Chateau de Montjeu. I23nn has on its reverse: 1 ALS from [A.F.Ainarf?] to AWW. 17 Apr. 1926. The other postcards and photographs are undated.

Dbase: MWI23

No. items: I23a- I23zzz

II. [Armstong] classifications written on the folders which previously contained the visual material.

BOX 14

1. Russia/ St Petersburg.

Dated material: 1887- 9; 1891- 3; 1896- 7. Includes: 2 photographs of man and woman in wedding?/ royal?/ ecclesiastical dress?; photograph of Prince [Nikolai Sergeyevich] Dolgoroukivov, Russian General (1840- 1913).

Non photo:

II1g. 10 printed invitations to [Victoria Morier]. In French and Russian. 3 no year date, rest 1896. 10l.

II1h. 1 printed and signed document re [audience of Victoria Morier with the Tsar?] 1897. In Russian. 1l.

Dbase: MWII1

No. items: II1a- II1nn

2. Spain/ Portugal.

Dated material: 1885- [1886?]. Includes photographs of: Granada; Madrid; Alfonso XII; Maria Cristina of Habsburg.

Dbase: MWII2

No. items: II2a- II2j

BOX 15

3. Cannes.

Dated material: 1914; 1944. Mainly photographs of Villa Monbrillant, home of the Wemyss' in Cannes.

Non photo:

II3q. Printed card addressed to Lady Wester Wemyss [Victoria Morier] from "Chef de l'etat" [Raymond Poincare]. 1914.

Dbase: MWII3

No. items: II3a- II3ggg

4. Admiral Wemyss.

Material covers his career from the 1890s to the 1930s.

Non photo:

II4s; u- v. Certificates awarded to AWW and papers relating gg; pp- qq; to decorations awarded to AWW. 1918- 1933.

ww; xx.

II4dd. Pencil sketch of "Old Time." [Martineau.] n.d.

II4ff. Printed programme for soiree [for holders of military medals]. Signed by Foch. 17 Mar. 1934. 2l.

II4ii. Painted caricature of AWW. K.B. n.d.

II4kk- mm. 3 drawings of "Baccante", and two other ships. [1901]. Martineau. AWW served on "Baccante" 1879- 82. [1901].

II4nn. Printed order of service for the installation of Knights of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath. 1928.

II4rr. Reproduction of sketch of AWW. Francis Dodd. 1917.

Dbase: MWII4

No. items: II4a- II4xx

BOX 16

5. Miscellaneous [mainly relating to the Wemyss family].

Dated material: 1884; 1895- 6; 1916. Includes photographs of Derby and Victor Morier.

Non photo:

II5d; II5g-i: Postcards. Those with captions are of Bergamo, Bad . Pfafers and Festung Hohensalzburg

II5u- v. 2 pencil sketches. (Life and landscape drawings.) Presented to ? Wemyss. [E.Masceueu]. 1926 and n.d.

II5w. Fragment of [military] map of area surrounding St Etienne. Reverse annotated in pencil. [1914- 18?] 1l.

II5y. Printed order of service for burial of Augusta Milicent Anne Mary Kennedy Erskine Wemyss at Wemyss Castle. 16 Feb. 1895. 16 p.

II5dd. Printed [identifying key for print] of Congress of Vienna. 1l.

II5oo. Print of engraving of [Sir] F[rederick] Peel (1823- 1906). John Watkins and Joseph Brown. n.d.

II5pp. Painted portrait of unknown woman. unsigned. n.d.

II5qq. Print of [Queen Victoria]. W.Nicholson. n.d.

II5ss. Metal crucifix.

II5tt. Miniature [reproduction?] portrait of unknown woman. [L.Sturnar.] Dresden. 1829.

Dbase: MWII5.

No. items: II5a- II5tt

BOX 17

6. Girl Guides and Eclaireuses (French equivalent of the Guides). Material appears to relate to Alice Wemyss. These photographs have not been recorded on Dbase because of the difficulty in identifying most of the subjects and locations. The bulk of the photographs are of camp and hill walking with the Eclaireuses. Locations which are recorded on the photographs are: Arles, Grange Farm, Le Cannet, St Remo, El Teuto?, Carnaux?, Boulbon/u, Valescuse

Dated material: 1939, 1940. 1942? 1938, 1936

Non photo: There are several items relating to Alice Wemyss' time in Guiding. These include a wooden shield, letters and MS poems and sketches by "Kotick."

No. items: II6a- II6www; II6ab- II6ap

BOX 18

III. Material separated from the other photographs as oversize.

Non photo:

III1. Painting of ships. Unsigned. n.d.

III2. Certificate of Associate membership of the Institution of Naval Architects for AWW. 28 Mar. 1928. 1l.

III3. Painting of [Wemyss Castle.] Stewart Tod. 1931.

III4. Painting of [Wemyss Castle]. Stewart Tod. 1931.

III5. Painting of a house, with figures. Lennard Lewis. 1880.

Dbase: There are no photographs in this box.

No. items: III1- III5

BOX 19

Non photo:

III7. Print of "Some General Officers of the Great War." John Sargent (original in National portrait Gallery).

III8. Print of "Some Sea Officers of the Great War." Sir Arthur Cope. Includes: AWW.

III9. Print of "Some Statesmen of the Great War." Sir James Guthrie.

III10. Painting of HMS Suffolk. [William] Birchall. 1906. AWW was Captain of HMS Suffolk 1905- 8.

III12. Painting of ship. Unsigned. n.d.

III13. Notice officially appointing AWW as Admiral and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Fleet. Signed George V. 29 Dec. 1919. 1l.

III14. Printed invitation inviting AWW to the Coronation of George V and Queen Mary.

Dbase: MWIII.001

No. items: III7- 14

BOX 20

Non photo:

III15. Painting of HMS Undaunted. T.Robinson. 1897. AWW served on HMS Undaunted 1890- 3.

III16. Painting of "Empress of India." T.Robinson. 1895. AWW served on the "Empress of India." 1893- 5.

III17. Painting of "Andromache." T.Robinson. 1895. The DNB does not record AWW as having served on this ship.

III18. Painting of HMS Northumberland. W.F.Mitchell. 1888. AWW served on HMS Northumberland 1882- 3.

III19. Painting of HMS Anson. T.Robinson. 1895. AWW served on HMS Anson 1889- 90.

III20. Painting of HMS Canada. W.F.Mitchell. 1883. AWW served on HMS Canada 1883- 4.

III21. Painting of HMS Suffolk. Unsigned. n.d.

III22. Painting of HMS Hecla. W.F.Mitchell. 1888. AWW served on HMS Hecla 1885- 7.

III23. Painting of royal yacht "Osborne." W.F.Mitchell. 1888. AWW served on the royal yacht 1887- 9.

III24. Printed "Citation a l'Ordre de l'Armee" for AWW. 13 Dec. 1918. In French. 1l.

III25. Painting of emblem for AWW as Commander in Chief E.Indies and Egypt. Unsigned. [1917].

Dbase: MWIII.002- MWIII.003

No. items: III16- III27

BOX 21

Non photo:

III37. Print of "La Duchesse d'Orleans et le Comte de Paris." M.Alophe. 1849.

III38. Print of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later Edward VII 1841- 1910). F.Winterhalten. 1859.

III39. Reproduction of portrait of unknown man [caption illegible]. 1867. Unsigned.

III40. Reproduction of portrait of Princess Alice [Maud Mary] Princess of Great Britain and Ireland and Princess of Hesse [later Grand Duchess of Hesse.] (1843- 1878). 1867. Unsigned.

III41. Print of Marie Amelie, wife of Louis Phillipe. Eug. Lani. n.d.

III43. Painting of unknown woman. Unsigned. n.d.

III45. Reproduction of portrait of unknown woman. Artist unknown. n.d.

III50. Our Celebrities. A Portrait Gallery. No. 18, Dec. 1889. Contains photos Dbase MWIII.017- MWIII.019

III52. Print of Augusta [Sturt]. James R.Swinton. 1854.

Dbase: MWIII.011- MWIII.022

No. items: III37- III54

BOX 22

Dbase: MWIII.023- MWIII30

No. items: III55- 62


Kept together in folded sheet of acid free paper.

Non photo:

III6. Print of portrait of Randolph Wemyss. R.Szonikourski. 1901.

III28. Pastel portrait of Alice Wemyss. Unsigned. n.d.

III29. Print of Louis Phillipe. F.Winhalter. n.d.

III30. Print of unknown woman. Stober. n.d.

Dbase: MWIII.004- MWIII.010

No. items: III6; II28- 36


- Katrina Wilson, Modern MSS Asst, 1994

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