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Papers of the Morier Family - Class J: Correspondence of families connected to the Moriers.

Class J, Box 1

1. 1789-1845 31 letters from the Van Lenneps (Clara Morier's family), mostly from Smyrna, to the Moriers.

  • 13. 13.11.03. State of commerce in Smyrna.
  • 15. 15.12.03. As above.
  • 17. 26.02.04. As above.

2. 1855-77 23 letters and papers from the Van Lenneps to the Moriers.

  • 6. [12.08.65] Turkish political situation.

3. 1787-1823 20 letters and papers from William Waldegrave, (and family), Ist Baron Radstock (1753-1825), husband of CM's sister Cornelia Jacoba, to the Moriers.

  • 18. List of the French line of Battle Ships at Toulon [1793?].

4. 1790-1802 20 letters from George Granville Waldegrave, 2nd Baron Radstock, son of the above (1786-1857), to the Moriers.

  • 5. 10.08.00. His ship is at the blockade of Cadiz.
  • 6. 18.08.00. Spanish fleet seem to have run aground.
  • 8. 05.12.00. British troops being withdrawn from Lisbon.
  • 9. 18.12.00. Capture of Spanish ship off Malaga; loss of a Liverpool privateer.
  • 10. 11.01.01. Russian ill-treatment of sailors.
  • 11. 18.04.01. Account of escorting the Newfoundland convoy; uncertainty about the Northern Powers and Portugal; Trojan monuments given to Lord Elgin; news of French gains in Egypt and Nelson's victory over the Danes.
  • 13. 06.06.01. A Prince Adolphus aboard his ship.
  • 14. 08.07.01. Tiresome behaviour of the above.
  • 16. 16.07.01. Unsuccessful action off Algeciras; loss of the " Hannibal".
  • 18. 05.02.02. Execution of Governor(?) Wall.

5. 1802-55 28 letters from George Granville Waldegrave, to the Moriers.

  • 7. 06.10.02. Discovery of Greek manuscripts at Naples, from Herculaneum.
  • 8. 02.12.02. Success of British trade in the area.

6. 1791-74 45 letters and papers from the Chabannes La Palice family (CM's sister Anna and her children), to the Moriers.

  • 1. 23.08.1793. Journal of an unknown man (possibly one of the Chabannes, or Van Lenneps), with the British fleet at the blockade of Toulon; mentions the actions of the Marseillais, the difficulties of Hood; negotiations between Toulon and the fleet; disembarkation of British troops.

7. 1834-39 10 letters to family from Edward and Sarah Lee, (family of CM's sister Mimi Lee).

- Katrina Wilson, Modern MSS Asst, 1994

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