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Papers of the Morier Family - Class L: Miscellaneous

Class L, Box 1

1. Genealogical tables etc of the Moriers, Jones's and Van Lenneps.

2. (Morier letters given by Mrs Favell Keir and passed on by H B McKenzie Johnston in October and November 1995). 1827-31 25 letters to WM from his sisters.

  • 3. 03.04.28. Letter from Tolla; Hajji Baba in England is to make its debut in a fortnight.
  • 4. [ 05.28] Letter from Emily, referring to the Duke of Clarence's resentment against WM (reason unknown).
  • 5. 19.05.28. Letter from Tolla; the Clarence affair, and the "new Hajji".
  • 10. 09.07.28. Letter from Emily; O'Connell's election in Ireland.

3. 1826-31 21 letters to WM from CM (from Mrs Favell Keir, as above).

4. 1804-30 21 letters to WM from various correspondents, including IM, JPM, DRM and the 2nd Lord Radstock, (from Mrs Favell Keir, as above).

  • 9. 12.08.27. Letter from DRM, from Paris; folly of the Duc de Bourbon; includes a letter from IM to CM 1813).
  • 11. 26.05.28. Letter from DRM; Clarence's displeasure with WM.
  • 12. 13.05.28. Letter from Lord Radstock (cousin Granville); the Clarence affair, and the 2nd Hajji Baba.
  • 15. 18.01.30. WM's commission as captain of the "Royal Adelaide".
  • 16. 29.11.09. Letter to 1st Lord Radstock from Edward O'Bryen concerning WM's posting to the Mediterranean fleet.

Class L, Box 2

1. 1804-41 22 letters from WM to family (from Mrs Favell Keir, as above).

  • 1. 15.05.04. Account of the wreck of the "Apollo".
  • 2. [ 04.06] Account of an attack on a privateer, from the "Ambuscade", (contained in a letter from DRM to WM's son Frederic, 1869).
  • 3. 20.05.06. The "Ambuscade" in action off Dalmatia.
  • 10. 29.04.09. Manoeuvres of Russian fleet off Ancona.
  • 19. 03.12.28. Account of a storm at sea.

2. 1807-58 7 Morier letters, mostly from JPM, JJM, Maria and Tolla's diary 1850-58 (from Mrs Favell Keir, as above).

  • 3. 04.07.11. Letter from JJM to Emily Waldegrave from Persia; account of his arrival in Shiraz, and of the suite of Sir Gore Ouseley.
  • 4. 21.05.26. Copy of a letter, supposedly from Mirza Abul Hasan Khan to JJM, protesting about Hajji Baba.

3. c30 pp of miscellaneous items: undated letters, photographs, drawings, scraps of writing etc.

- Katrina Wilson, Modern MSS Asst, 1994

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