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Papers of the Morier Family - Class N: Manuscript Volumes

Class N1

N1.1. 1789 Copy by DRM of Anne Marie Leystar's journal (later Mrs Van Lennep, his grandmother) (47 pp).

N1.2. 1778-1816 Journal of IM, recording family births and marriages (5 pp).

Class N2

N2.1. 1787-1861 Family House Expenses Book (Moriers) (225 pp). images online here

N2.2. 1794-1815 Robert Burnet Jones's notebook (father of AM); mostly household accounts, without a cover, (81 pp).

N2.3. 1801 JPM's Memoir of a Campaign with the Ottoman Army in Egypt, Febuary-July 1800, signed and inscribed to David Morier (100 pp).

N2.4. 1807-12 JJM's Cashbook (38 pp). images online here

N2.5. 1806-29 Sketchbook, missing front cover (c50 pp). images online here

N2.6. 1810-15 JJM's Persian sketchbook, missing front cover, (c50 pp). images online here

N2.7. 1811-13 Sketchbook (c35 pp). images online here

Class N3

images online here

N3.1. 1805-14 JPM's (?) sketchbook (with 2 botanical paintings), (17 pp).

N3.2. Albanian/Turkish/Greek sketchbook (53 pp).

N3.3. DRM's Greek sketchbook (26 pp).

N3.4. 1809-15 JJM's Persian sketchbook (c50 pp).

N3.5. 1825-26 JJM's Mexican sketchbook (19 pp).

N3.6. [1841] Diary of a holiday in France, with sketches, possibly by JJM (146 pp).

Class N4

N4.1. 1831-42 Greville Morier's sketchbook (son of JJM) (59 pp).

N4.2. 1847-48 Greville Morier's journal from Rio de Janeiro and N America (130 pp).

N4.3. [c1805] DRM's notebook of travels in Turkey (28 pp).

N4.4. [c1805] DRM's notebook on the Morea (52 pp).

N4.5. 1804-05 DRM's notebook on Greece and Albania (78 pp).

N4.6. 1808-10 DRM's journal on Robert Adair's Mission to the Dardanelles, with extracts from DRM's letters, (170 pp).

N4.7. 1813-15 DRM's cashbook (44 pp).

N4.8. DRM's MS Persian/Turkish dictionary (8 pp).

Class N5

N5.1. 1809-38 DRM's sketchbook (front cover detached), with a letter from Lord Hobart recommending DRM (c50 pp).

N5.2. 1820-31 DRM's Commission of Deposit (consisting of letters and tables etc on the work of the commission), (34 pp).

N5.3. DRM's "Observations on the Connection of Christianity with Political Government, or Observations on Christian Politics" (bound exercise book) (88 pp).

N5.4. 1826-32 DRM's book of private letters (copies of official letters), with 5 loose letters; includes 1 to FO (Feb 1831) in defence of his position, 3 from J G Zellweger on Swiss affairs (Dec 1833), and also a Personal Memorandum on DRM's employment in the Foreign Service (Paris) (222 pp).

Class N6

N6.1. 1825-46 DRM's account book, with enclosed letter from RBDM, 1861 (50 pp).

N6.2. 1830-77 DRM's Commonplace Book, with 3 loose letters on religious subjects (c300 pp).

N6.3. 1833-46 DRM's notebook; names of staff of Berne consuls; lists of semi-official dinners etc (83 pp).

N6.4. 1837 DRM's notebook: sketches, lesson notes, accounts, book lists etc (104 pp).

N6.5. 1838 DRM's notebook: poetic extracts (11 pp).

N6.6. 1839-40 DRM's notebook: religious notes, accounts (11 pp).

N6.7. 1848-76 DRM's Commonplace Book, with some official letters 1860-63, (found at p.23-36, p.45-47, and p.52), (c100 pp).

N6.8. DRM's notebook "A Tale of a Pasha", probably part of Photo the Suliote: 36 pp of chapter 11, most of chapter 9, Vol 1 (40 pp).

Class N7

N7.1. 1848 DRM's AMS of What has Religion to do with Politics?; original letters, proof sheet, and 12 loose letters to and from DRM and family 1815-45, (c180 pp).

  • 7. 26.11.35. Letter from J G Zellweger on Swiss affairs.

N7.2. AMS of DRM's Essay on the connection between Christianity and Moral Philosophy (86 pp).

N7.3. DRM's address book (71 pp).

N7.4. DRM's unused diary.

N7.5. [c1877] Wallet of papers, with 17 letters to DRM from family and friends c1877, but also annotated copy of DRM's essay "A Few Words on the Eastern Question" (1876) (15 pp).

N7.6. 1811 AM's book of poems (61 pp).

N7.7. 1855-74 AM's notebook, with entries by DRM; many dates of births, deaths and marriages of the Jones family, (44 pp).

N7.8. 1815-45 Bundle of 13 letters to and from DRM and family.

Class N8

N8.1. Drawings and stories by DRM and children (c30 pp).

N8.2. 1836-37 Dora Morier's Omnigatherum (78 pp).

N8.3. 1830 Leila Morier's notebook: sketches by JJM, DRM etc, (15 pp).

N8.4. 1830-36 Leila Morier's Conscience book, with entries by DRM (50 pp).

N8.5. 1836 Leila Morier's Commonplace Book (c50 pp).

N8.6. 1837 Leila's sketchbook (18 pp).

N8.7. 1839 Leila's bag for letters.

N8.8. 1835 Leila's Italian notebook (11 pp).

N8.9. 1835 Leila's pocket sized story (30 pp).

N8.10. 1836 Dora's sketchbook (with a set of prints of famous people from history) (c50 pp).

N8.11. 1836 RBDM's AMS History of England (schoolwork), with a letter from the Heralds College about his coat of arms (19 pp).

N8.12. 1836 RBDM's sketchbook (37 pp).

Class N9

N9.1. 1836-37 Cecilia Morier's sketchbook (28 pp). images online here

N9.2. [c1838] Leila, Rix and Cecilia's book of Private Scraps and Papers (c30 pp).

N9.3. Story by Cecilia Morier (59 pp). images online here

N9.4. 1841-42 RBDM's Commonplace Book (54 pp). images online here

N9.5. 1843 RBDM's notebook: academic notes, sketches etc, possibly some from Balliol (c100 pp).

N9.6. 1847 RBDM's Commonplace Book (120 pp).

N9.7. 1857 RBDM's sketchbook from the Turkish provinces, (c50 pp).

N9.8. Leila's French translation of Girdlestone's Commentary on St Matthew (112 pp).

Class N10

N10.1. 1858-60 RBDM's journal (49 pp).

N10.2. 1860-63 RBDM's diary (c200 pp).

N10.3. 1861-62 RBDM's sketchbook (drawings taken on his honeymoon) (23 pp).

N10.4. 1873 RBDM's historical notes on Austria and Prussia, (90 pp).

Class N11

N11.1. 1874-88 Extracts from RBDM's diaries (c100 pp).

N11.2. 1879-89 Book of newspaper cuttings, sketches, and a few pages from the "Album das Glorias", by João Rialto (14 pp).

N11.3. 1892 RBDM's diary (67 pp).

N11.4. 1893 RBDM's diary (60 pp).

N11.5. RBDM's (?) Engagement Book (23 pp).

N11.6. RBDM's (?) Engagement Book (36 pp).

N11.7. RBDM's (?) Address Book (17 pp).

N11.8. Printed extract from the French translation of Mrs Rosslyn Wemyss's (Victoria Morier) "Memoirs and Letters of Sir Robert Morier" (RBDM), concerning DRM's removal from his post in Switzerland (2 pp).

N11.9. 1879 Alice Morier's diary (Mrs RBDM) (11 pp).

N11.10. 1891 Alice Morier's diary (41 pp).

N11.11. 1892 Alice Morier's Private Herd Book (c50 pp).

N11.12. 1893 Alice Morier's diary (5 pp).

N11.13. 1894 Alice Morier's diary (83 pp).

Class N12

N12.1. 1895 Alice Morier's diary (c100 pp).

N12.2. 1896 Alice Morier's diary (50 pp).

N12.3. 1897 Alice Morier's diary (41 pp).

N12.4. 1899 Alice Morier's diary (10 pp).

N12.5. 1894-99 Alice Morier's Accounts Book (c100 pp).

N12.6. 1897-99 Alice Morier's Accounts Book (23 pp).

N12.7. 1899-1901 Alice Morier's Accounts Book (92 pp).

N12.8. 1899-1902 Alice Morier's Accounts Book (c50 pp).

N12.9. 1882-87 Alice Morier's notebook (112 pp).

N12.10. 1874 Victoria Morier's diary (c100 pp).

N12.11. 1926 Victoria Morier's diary (99 pp).

N12.12. [c1828-93] Set of recipes (240 pp).

Class N13

[c1870-80] Victoria Morier's photograph album (42 prints).

Class N14

N14.1. Sketchbook, possibly DRM's (c20 pp).

N14.2. Translations from the German (9 pp).

N14.3. Tinted photograph, probably of Alice or Victoria Morier.

N14.4. 2 folders where the letters of Leila and Cecilia Morier were kept.

N14.5. 1837-60 24 small notebooks, "Thoughts for the last forty years", left to DRM by his sister Emily.

N14.6. Notebook on physics (31 pp).

N14.7. Notebook on algebra (c50 pp).

N14.8. Quiz in card form on Malta.

Class N15

Photograph album (locked).

- Katrina Wilson, Modern MSS Asst, 1994

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