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Papers of the Morier Family - index to catalogue N-Z

Entries in bold text signify letters written by the person referred to, as opposed to letters concerning them.

Napoleon I: abdication, E4.2.24; lycées for foreign children, G1.1.20

Napoleon III (see Louis Napoleon)

Navarino, battle of: E8.2.6

Neave, A: E20.6.12

Neave, Charlotte: H2.6

Neave, Eddy: H2.6

Neave, E S: E20.6.12

Neave, F E: E20.6.74

Neave, Nora: H2.6

Neuchâtel: G7.2.34

Newman, Henry: E9.2.6

Newman, Cardinal John Henry: F1.1.3-4

Newham, F R: K1.6.9

Nignes, le: E13.1.2,8,46

Noer, Prince of: H5.4.2

Northern, E K: K3.6.9

Nugent: E10.1.18a


O'Connell, Daniel: E9.1.34, E16.5.2, L1.2.10

Offell, J d': E20.6.94

Ogilvy, Eveline (member of the Van Lennep family): E20.6.73, J1.2.13,23

Ogilvy, Tom: N7.5

Olfers d': E13.1.25, G4.5.24

Omsked, Nils: C3.2.1

Orde, B C: E20.6.50

Orléans family: K1.2, K6.3, E2.2.7, K3.6.10, K4.1.1, K5.2.7, K5.6.4,54, K5.7.35

Orsini affair: K5.4.12

Oswald, Lady Mary: K2.6

Ottenfels, Baron: E17.1.11

Ouseley, Sir Gore: D1.8.4, D1.7.19, D2.1.13, F2.6.5-6, L2.2.3

Oxford : E16.3.71, G6.3.25, G6.6.33, H4.6.17-20,25,35-36, H5.1.1, H5.3.4 (see also under Morier, Robert Burnet).


Paget, Sir Arthur: E2.1.16,30,37

Palgrave, F T: H5.3.37-38

Palmer, Laura: E20.6.89

Palmerston, Lord: E10.1.18a,E11.1.17, E13.3.2, E15.4.12, E15.7.1,6, E16.1.8, K1.1.14, E18.1.3, K3.2.11, K3.6.5,15, K5.4.4, K5.6.3, K7.2.25

Palmerston, Lady: K3.5.20-22

Park, James Allan: E15.2.34

Parkington, H M S: K1.6.10

Parry, Lord(?): E16.3.68

Pear, Cha[rles]: E20.6.62

Peel, Archibald (son of Jonathan Peel) : K1.7.8, K2.2.6-10, K2.2.12

Peel, Ellen (wife of above): K2.2.11

Peel, Lady Emily (wife of 3rd Baronet): K2.3.18-19

Peel, Harriet (Mrs Lawrence Peel?): K2.3.20

Peel, Jane Louisa: K2.3.22

Peel, General Jonathan: H5.5.39, K2.1, K1-2

Peel, Julia, Lady (wife of 2nd Baronet): K2.3.7-10

Peel, Sir Lawrence: K1.7.7, K2.3.13

Peel, Lawrence: K2.3.11-12

Peel, Margaret (daughter of Jonathan): H5.5.40, K2.2.1,4-5, N7.5

Peel, Sir Robert (1st Baronet): K1.7.1, K2.3.1

Peel, Sir Robert (2nd Baronet, and PM): K1.7.2-6, K2.3.2-6a, K2.1.9,26, K4.2.32, K4.5.1, K5.6.11-13,40, K5.7.14-15

Peel, Sir Robert (3rd Baronet): K2.3.14-16

(see also Dawson, Mrs, and Villiers, Lord).

Perrier, Anthony: E10.5.28

Perry, Walter: E20.6.14

Persia: D1.6-D2.2, E2.3.28-E2.4, F1.2, F2.2, F2.6-7, F2.9-10, N2.6, N3.4; Anglo/Persian relations, E2.4.7, E19.3.1; envoy to Paris, E5.1.1-3; "Persicus", one-time envoy to Britain, E5.2.4-6,8; relations with Russia, F1.2.2,10,16, F2.7.1,4, F2.9.3,9,14,

(see also Ouseley, Sir Gore)

Persiani, E: A2.3.19

Pewgini, C: E20.6.87

Pfyffer, (Avoyer): E11.2.21

Pickford, J: E12.3.1

Pickford, Thomas (Vice Consul): E11.2.26, E14.4.53

Planta, Joseph: E3.4.68, E4.1.10, E6.3.7-8, E7.4.17,20, E11.1.10,E18.1.13 (?), E14.5.11

Planta, Ulric de: D3.2.7,E11.5.3,6,10

Poland : suppression of Cracow, E17.5.8 (see also Switzerland, Polish refugees)

Pollock, Sir Frederick: K1.6.11-12

Pusey, Edward Bouverie: F1.1.4, G6.3.25


Radstock, William Waldegrave, 1st Baron: I1.7, J1.3, B2.5.30-31

Radstock, George Granville Waldegrave, 2nd Baron: J1.4-5, L1.4.12

Raikes, Henry: E10.2.61, E17.3.42-43, E18.2.20, G6.5.17, H4.4.23

Rand, R F: H6.2.10

Rayneval, Comte de: E4.1.8

Reeve, Henry: K3.4.4-9

Reform Bill: (1830) G4.3.32,36; (1831) F1.3.38; (1832) K3.6.1; (1833) E11.5.18; (1867) K1.4.6

Rhodes : C2.7.8

Rhyn, A M: E17.2.27a

Riddell, J M: D3.3.48

Rochefoch, Octavie, Baronne de: E20.6.35

Roe, B J: E20.6.9

Roggenbach, Franz von: H6.2.5

Rumigny, Comte: E12.3.6, E14.3.19

Russell, Lord John: K3.5.19, F1.1.3, K3.2.11

Russell, H: E11.1.4

Russia: E2.1.4, F2.10.12-13; and Britain, E2.4.19; and Corfu, E1.1.42; diplomatic life, F2.10.12-13; and France, E1.3.8; navy, A1.5.18, I1.3.5; royal family, H6.4.5-7; and Turkey, A2.1.19, A2.3.33, E2.1.30, E2.2.3, E2.3.8,13,17, E2.4.21, E10.1.1, G8.3.29

Rutland , John Henry, 5th Duke of: K1.6.14, K4.2

Rutland , M A: E20.6.25


Salisbury , Lord: H5.5.43, K1.1.15

Sandwich , Lord and Lady: K1.6.15, K6.4.4-12

Sarragin, Georgiana: E4.5.11,12

Sawlett, J H: E20.6.43

Schaffter, Albert: E18.2.53

Scott, Newton S: E17.1.12

Seacome, Marion: E20.6.76

Sebastiani, Count: E11.1.16

Ségur, Comtesse Paul de: K7.2.13-17

Severine, de (Russian Legation in Switzerland): E11.2.4,15,E14.4.35, G4.5.24

Sèvres works: E7.2.41

Sheridan, Thomas: F2.6

Sicily : E2.2.3, I1.3.18-20

Sismondi: E18.2.35

Slave traders: E20.3.1

Schleswig-Holstein, Frederick of (?): H5.4.1

Smith, Eugénie (née Van Lennep, niece of Clara Morier): J1.2.10,15, N7.5

Smyrna : A2.3.17-18,23,31, C2.2-4, C2.4.3-4, D1.3-4, J1.1.13,15,17

Sneyd, Ralph: K3.2.8-10, K6.2.1-2,4

Somerset , Edward Seymour, 12th Duke of: K1.6.16

Somerset , Geraldine: K2.7.28-29

Somerton, Lord: K3.6.3

South Africa : H6.1

Spain : E6.4.8, F2.1.12, G2.2.7,11,14,20, I1.3.12; King Ferdinand, E6.3.11, G2.2.23; marriage question, E17.5.9, K5.6.20

Stanley , Lord (see also Derby): K1.5.15-16, K3.6.22-23

Steiger, de: E18.1.53

Stewart, J: E10.5.27

Strafford, Lord: K1.6.17-18

Strangways, W Fox (Parliamentary under secretary 1835-40): E13.1.45, E14.3.5a, E14.4.10,13, E15.6.2

Strickland, Agnes: K3.5.26

Sutherland, Major James: F2.7

Sutton, J M: E20.6.83

Switzerland: E11.1-E17, G4.4-G7, K5.6.34, N5.4, N7.1.7; and Austria, E11.1.18-26,28-29, E13.1.17-18,45-47, E16.2.4, E17.1.17-18, E17.2.12; Berne, E11.2.23, E13.1.14,36,38,47, E15.2.40, G5.3.6, N6.3; Diet, E14.1.42, E16.1.9, E17.2.33a, G5.5.15, G7.1.8; and France, A1.8.16, E15.4.3, E17.1.14, E17.5.11, K5.1.26; and Germany, E13.1.17,24-25,30,40,42, E17.1.17-18; the "Horns" and "Claws", E15.5.6; and Italy, E15.4.3; the Mint, E13.3.5; neutrality, E15.7.19,29,31-32; Polish refugees, E11.4.17, E13.1.3-4,8, E13.2.4; Radicals, E11.1.12, E14.5.11, E17.3.44, G5.5.2; religion, E15.4.19, E16.1.1-2, E16.5.7, E17.1.14, E17.4.36, E20.3.3, H1.3.19; revision of Federal Compact, E11.1, E16.1.9,11, E17.1.14, F1.3.59; and Sardinia, E13.2.7; 1830 uprising, E10.1.5; Vevey consulate, A1.1; political parties in Zurich, E15.7.33

Syrian Question: G8.3.26


Talbot, M: K1.6.19

Talleyrand-Périgord, Charles Maurice de: E4.1.2

Tanner, R: E11.2.10, E13.1.32

Tavel, de: E11.2.7,22-23, E14.4.5-6

Teck, Princess Mary of (?): K2.7.11-14

Teignmouth, Charles John Shore, 2nd Baron: N7.5

Tennyson, Alfred, Lord: K3.5.23

Thèbes, Archbishop of: E16.1.1-2

Thesie (?), Emma: E20.6.96

Thiers, Louis Adolphe: K6.5.1-5, K5.3.3, K5.6.67, K5.7.52, K6.5, K7.2.14

Thiers, Madame: K6.5.6-46

Tomkinson, H S: E20.6.79

Tschann, de (Chancelier de la Confédération): E11.2.12,18, E14.4.12

Tumuntle, W H: E20.6.40

Turkey : A1.4.2,7,11, A1.5, A2.1.19, A2.3.3-4,33, E2.1-3, F1.3.22,29, F2.1.5, F2.10.20, G8.3.11,29,33-34,36, J1.2.6, N4.3, N9.5


Utterton, Rev J S: E15.8.28, E16.3.72-76


Valancay, Duc de: K6.6.3-4

Van Lennep (family): J1.1-2, L1.1 (see also Smith, Eugénie, and Ogilvy, Eveline)

Van Lennep, Anne Marie (mother of Clara Morier): J1.1.1-6,9-11, J1.2.18-22, N1.1

Van Lennep, Charles David (nephew of Clara Morier): J1.2.12,16

Van Lennep, C R: (great-nephew/niece of Clara Morier): E20.6.56

Van Lennep, Ella: (great-niece of Clara Morier):E20.6.57

Van Lennep, Emilie (niece of Clara Morier): J1.2.1

Van Lennep, Henriette Sophie (youngest sister of Clara Morier): J1.1.20,22-24, J1.2.2,4

Van Lennep, Jacob ( Coco, younger brother of Clara Morier): J1.1.7-8,12-19,26-27,29

Van Lennep, Peter (younger brother of Clara Morier): J1.1.21

Van Lennep, Richard (youngest brother of Clara Morier): J1.1.26a

Van Lennep, Richard Jacob (eldest son of the above): J1.2.4a-6

Van Lennep, Suzon Constance (younger sister of Clara Morier): J1.1.25

Van Lennep, Victor (nephew of Clara Morier ?): J1.1.28

Vatry, Madame de: K7.2.1-5

Vatry, Paul de: K7.2.6-12

Vaughan, Charles R: E15.1.2, E15.4.18

Vernon-Smith, B: E10.1.18a

Victoria, Queen: K1.4, K2.7.2-4, E17.5.10, G6.3.23, K2.1.9,25,32

Vienna , Congress of: E3.3-4, E4.1-2

Vignet, Baron de: E11.3.10a, E14.3.9-10,14-16,20,23,27,29a,31-32,36-37,41, E14.4.1,9,15-16,18,20,22,26,29-30,32,34,39-40,42,47,50,54-56, E16.3.69-70 (?), E17.3.38

Villiers, Lord: K2.3.17


Wait, Captain (master of RMS Tartar): H6.2.13

Waldegrave, C: J1.3.19-20

Waldegrave, Harriet: J1.3.22

Waldegrave, Samuel: E15.8.29

Waldegrave, William and George Granville (see Radstock)

Walden, Lady Howard de: K4.5

Wales , Prince of: H6.2.2

Ward, Edward Michael: F2.8

Waterloo , battle of: E4.2.20-24

Wellington , Duke of: K3.5.24, E4.4.9, F1.3.55, G1.1.19

Werry, Consul: A2.3.17-18,23,31

Westley, Emily (née Waldegrave): J1.3.23

Wilkinson, Robert (partner of Isaac Morier): A2.3

William IV: K1.1.1

Willock, George: F2.10.18-20

Willock, Sir Henry: F2.9, F2.10

Wilmot, F: E18.2.44

Wilsford, Jane: G7.5.37

Wilson , A: N7.5

Wingfield, Richard R: E17.1.5-8

Winspeare: H6.3.6-9

Woods, Edward S: E20.6.84


Zellweger, Johann Gaspar: E12.3.1, E14.4.41,57-61, E15.4.3, E15.7.32-33,N7.8.7, E17.2.18, N5.4, N7.1.7

- Katrina Wilson, Modern MSS Asst, 1994

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