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Papers of the Morier Family



1. Anna (Annette) de Chabannes la Palice 1765-1839 (née Van Lennep, sister of Clara Morier)

2. Anne Marie Elizabeth (Mimi) de Chabannes la Palice, 1788-? (later Madame de Choulot, eldest daughter of Anna de Chabannes la Palice)

3. Abraham Carlton Cumberbatch (son of Anna Morier's sister Charlotte)

4. Dorothy Dottin 1779-? (sister of Anna Morier)

5. Elizabeth Jones (mother of Anna Morier)

6. Sir Harford Jones (Brydges), 1764-1847 (diplomat, envoy extraordinary to Persia 1807-11)

7. Alice, Lady Morier (wife of Sir Robert Burnet Morier)

8. Ann Mary Morier 1788-? (second daughter of Isaac Morier)

9. Anna Morier d 1855 (wife of David Morier, see above)

10. Anne Elizabeth Morier 1821-1839 (second surviving daughter of David Morier)

11. Clara Morier 1760-1834 (wife of Isaac Morier, see above)

12. Clara Elizabeth Morier 1792-1858 (youngest daughter of Isaac Morier)

13. David Richard Morier 1784-1877 (third son of Isaac Morier, see above)

14. Dorothea Clara Horatia Morier 1817-1891 (eldest daughter of David Morier)

15. Emily Cecilia Morier 1824-1839 (fourth daughter of David Morier)

16. Emily Maria Morier 1786-1861 (eldest daughter of Isaac Morier)

17. Isaac Morier 1750-1817 (see above)

18. James Justinian Morier 1782-1849 (second son of Isaac Morier, see above)

19. John Philip Morier 1778-1853 (eldest son of Isaac Morier, see above)

20. Mary Henrica Morier 1823-1884 (third daughter of David Morier)

21. Sir Robert Burnet Davidson Morier 1826-1893 (son of David Morier)

22. Victoria Morier 1865-1945 (daughter of Robert Burnet Morier, later, wife of Admiral Wester Wemyss)

23. Victor Morier 1867-1892 (son of Robert Burnet Morier)

24. Admiral William Robert Morier 1790-1864 (fourth son of Isaac Morier)

25. Sir Gore Ouseley 1770-1844 (diplomat, and ambassador extraordinary to Persia 1807-11)

26. Joseph Planta 1787-1847 (diplomat and friend of David Morier)

27. Lady Alice Peel (daughter of the Marquis of Ailsa, mother of Alice, Lady Morier)

28. General Jonathan Peel 1799-1879 (father of Alice, Lady Morier)

29. Jacob ( Coco) Van Lennep 1769-1855 (younger brother of Clara Morier)

30. Peter Van Lennep 1778-1824 (younger brother of Clara Morier)

31. George Granville Waldegrave, 2nd Baron Radstock 1786-1857, (nephew of Clara Morier)

32. Admiral William Waldegrave, 1st Baron Radstock 1753-1825 (brother-in-law of Clara Morier)

- Katrina Wilson, Modern MSS Asst, 1994

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