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Papers of David Urquhart : X Printed papers


Unless otherwise stated these papers were published by the Free Press and Diplomatic Review in London.

  • 1. Correspondence Respecting the Affairs of Rome. [1849-]. 15 p.
  • 2. Correspondence Respecting Affairs in Servia. [1867-]. 18 p. Part of p 2 cut out.
  • 3. Analysis of the Adjourned Debate, March 17, 1862. The Declaration of Paris. 1862. 2 p.
  • 4. Sir John Bowring's Lecture on Siam. February 17, 1867. On reverse: Sayings and Doing of Sir John Bowring. Memoir by the St. Pancras Foreign Affairs Committee. [1867-]. 2 p.
  • 5. The Capitulations and Articles of Peace Between Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire, as Agreed Upon Augmented, and Altered at Different Periods, and Finally Confirmed by the Treaty of peace, Concluded at the Dardanelles in 1809. Some passages underlined in pencil. [1820-]. 20 p.
  • 6. Causes of the Distress in Lancashire. Memoir Drawn Up By the District Conference of the Cheshire and Lancashire Foreign Affairs Committees Assembled at Manchester, July 6, 1862. 1862. 4 p.
  • 7. Conventions of Commerce and Navigation Between Her Majesty, and the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, with Three Additional Articles Thereunto Annexed. Signed at Balta- Liman, Near Constantinople, August 16, 1838. [1839-]. Annotated on reverse in code/shorthand. Similar to that on I E2 1b.
  • 8. Correspondence Respecting the Operation of the Commercial Treaty with Turkey of August 16, 1838. [1844-]. Annotated in front by D.U. Stamped, postmarked and addressed to D.U. on reverse. Address written by [C.D.Collet]. 123 p. Loose front cover.
  • 9. Correspondence Respecting the Operation of the Commercial Treaty with Turkey, of August 16, 1838. [1842-]. 122 p. Broken sewing.
  • 10. 4 pamphlets sewn together.
    • 10a. Birmingham Conference. Report of Committee on Danish Treaty. London. 15 p.
    • 10b. Succession to the Crown of Denmark. Speech of Lord Robert Montagu Delivered June 18, 1861, in the House of Commons on the Affairs of Denmark and the Duchies. London: Robert Hardwicke. 24 p.
    • 10c. Succession to the Crown of Denmark. Maritime Rights. [1861]. 15 p.
    • 10d. Supplement to the Free Press. No. 9. 23 Sept. 1857. 8 p.
    • 10e. Enclosure:Another copy of 10 b.
  • 11. the Debates on Motion for Papers With a View to the Impeachment of the Right Honourable Henry John Temple Viscount Palmerston. London: Robert Hardwicke. 1860. The name H.A.Curtis is written on the front cover. 59 p.
  • 12. Echoes from the Clubs. No. 28 London. 50 p.
  • 13. Turkey. Report on the Financial Condition of Turkey, by Mr Foster and Lord Hobart, Dated December 7, 1861. [1862]. Addressed to D.U. on reverse. Stamp and postmark.
  • 14. The Grain Trade of the North- West. Proposed Ship Canal Through Canada. Supplement to the Free Press, August, 1863. 4 p.
  • 15. Pamphlet in Greek and French. Gives the text of a letter from Jean, son of Capodistrias to Alexandre Basile and information on the foundation of the "Societe des Amis des Muses a Athenes, et du Gymbnase du Mont- Pelion." n.d. 12 p.
  • 16. The General Election. The Foreign Affairs Committees to the People of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 1880.
  • 17. Hongkong. Supplement to the Minutes of Inquiry into Civil Service Abuses Before the Executive Council 1860- 61. [1862-]. Place of publisher and publisher not stated. 36 p.
  • 18. North America. No. 3. Correspondence Respecting International Maritime Law. [1862-]. Passages underlined by [D.U.]. 37 p.
  • 19. The Legal position of the Sepoys. (To the Macclesfield Foreign Affairs Committee.) From a Gentleman of Eminence. 3 p.
  • 20. Supplement to the London Gazette for Tuesday, the 19th of September. 35 p not sewn together.
  • 21. 3 papers bound together. "The Obstruction of the Danube" written on the front cover by [C.D.Collet].
    • 21a. Indexes to the Blue Books. The Obstruction of the Danube.
    • 21b. Treaty of Adrianople. 1854. 6 p.
    • 21c. Russia. Correspondence with the Russian Government Respecting Obstructions to the Navigation of the Sulina Channel of the Danube. [1853-]. 52 p.
  • 22. The Parliamentary Remembrancer. 25 Feb. 1860. 65 p.
  • 23. Paper Relating to the Piracies Committed in the Indian Archipelago, and to the Measures Adopted by the Netherland Government, in the Years 1816 to 1845, for their Repression. [1851-]. Parts in French. Annotated by [D.U.] 120 p.
  • 24. The Parliamentary Remembrancer. 18 June 1859. 8 p.
  • 25. Deputation from the Foreign Affairs Association of Manchester and other Towns on the Restoration of Oude. n.d. 2 p.
  • 26. Miscellaneous. No. 1 (1874). Correspondence Respecting the Proposed Conference at Brussels on the Rules of Military Warfare. [1874-]. 29 p.
  • 27. A Sketch of the Scenery Near Callander, with the Trossachs; and the Road by Lochearn to Duneira. Glasgow: Dougal Mc Gregor Vintner. 32 p.
  • 28. Suez Canal. Report of John Hawshaw, F.R.S. to the Egyptian Government. 3 February 1863. Includes 3 colour maps. "The under secretary of state for the colonies with Mr Hawkshaws respects" written on the cover. London: publisher not stated. [1863]. 31 p.
  • 29. Treaty Between Great Britain and the Sublime Porte. Concluded at the Dardanelles, the 5th of January, 1809. In French and English. n.d. 22 p.


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