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Papers of David Urquhart : III Pamphlets

III 11: FRANCE: [1794-]-1874.

1. D.U. The Four Wars of the French Revolution. London: Diplomatic Review Office. 1874. 66 p.

2. Anonymous. Insurrection Lyonnaise. Lyons. [1834]. In French. 34 p.

3. Anonymous. Letters of an Englishman on Louis Napoleon, the Empire, and the Coup d'Etat. Reprinted with Large Additions from "The Times." London: Henry G.Bohn. 1852. 134 p.

4. Defourny. L'Armee de Mac-Mahon et la Bataille de Beaumont (en Argonne) Lettres a Madame Urquhart sur la Guerre et la Situation Presente. Brussels: Victor Devaux. 1871. In French. 216 p.

5. Republic Francaise. Decree re neutral vessels and enemy's goods. [1794-]. In French. 1l.

6. Guizot. La France et la Prusse Responsables Devant l'Europe. Paris: Michel Levy Freres. 1868. In French. 139 p.

7. Montalembert, Le Comte de. Le Comte Ladislas Zamoyski. Paris. 1868. In French. 16 p.

8. Newcastle Journal. Relations with France and Russia. Public Meeting. London. 1840. 16 p.

9. Thierry, Baron de Thierry. A Son Altesse Royale Monsieur, Frere de Louis XVIII, Roi de France et de Navarre. Par son Tres- Humble, Tres- Obeissant, et Tres - Devoue Servitur, le Baron de Thierry. In French and English. London. 1804. 66 p. Cover missing.


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