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Papers of David Urquhart : III Pamphlets


1. D.U. Annexation of the Texas a Cause of War Between England and the United States. London:John Maynard. 1844. 104 p.

2. D.U. England in the Western Hemisphere: the United States and Canada. From the "Portfolio", 1 Mar. 1844. London: John Maynard. [1844-]. 74 p.

3. Anonymous. The Question Answered: "Did the Ministry Intend to pay Rebels?" In a Letter to his Excellency the Right Honourable the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, K.T... By a Canadian Loyalist. Montreal: Armour and Ramsay. 1849. 22 p.

4. The Canadian Portfolio. Conducted by John Arthur Roebuck, Esq., and Other Friends of Canada. Number I. London: Charles Fox. 1838. 32 p.

5. Cobbett, James Paul. Causes of the Civil War in the United States. London: R.Hardwicke. 1861. 16 p.

6. Channing, Dr. Dr Channing on the Annexation of Texas. Annotated in ink. Glasgow. 1837. 52 p.

7. [Cooke, W.B.] Colonial Policy, Military Colonization, and the Boundary Question. London:James Cochrane and co. 1835. 49 p.

8. Gallatin, Albert and Webster, Daniel. A Memoir on the North- Eastern Boundary, in Connection with Mr. Jay's Map. New York: New York Historical Society. 1843. 74 p.

9. M.N.O. The Canadian Crisis, and Lord Durham's Mission to the North American Colonies. London: J.Rodwell. 1838. 56 p.

10. Martin, R.M. The Hudson's Bay Territories and Vancouver Island, with an Exposition of the Chartered Rights, Conduct, and Policy of the Honourable Hudson's Bay Corporation. London: T. and W. Boone. 1849. 174 p.

11. Quinet, Edgar. L'Expedition du Mexique. London: W.Jeffs. 1862. 39 p.

12. Rolph, Thomas. Canada Under Successive Administrations. From the Portfolio Sept. 1844. London: John Ollivier. 1845. 100 p.

13. Stapleton, Augustus. The Affair at Grey Town. London: T.Hatchard. 1857. 75 p.


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