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Papers of David Urquhart : VII Other books


1. Anonymous. England and Russia. London: James Ridgway. 1835. 197 p.

2. Anonymous. The Foreign Affairs of England Administered by the Right Honourable Henry John Viscount Palmerston. Marked: "Not published." London: John Reid. 1841. Annotated in pencil by [D.U.] 276 p.

3. Anonymous. Memoir of Mr. Urquhart. Introduction- Chapter 1. He Discovers and Proclaims the Vitality of Turkey. Consists of a manuscript and sections cut from printed books. Could be the MS life by C.D.C. referrred to in the Dictionary of National Biography. c 200 p.

4. Anstey, Thomas Chisholme. Guide to the history of the Laws and Constitution of England. London: V.R.Stevens & G.S.Norton. 1845. 433 p.

5. Bishop, M.C. Memoir of Mrs Urquhart. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and co. 1897. 404 p.

6. Bosanquet, S.R. Principia: a Series of Essays on the Principle of Evils Manifesting Themselves in these Last Times in Religion, Philosophy and Politics. London: James Burns. 1843. 431 p.

7. Correspondence Relative to the Affairs of the Levant. Vol.I. London. 1841. Annotated by [D.U.] 735 p.

8. Correspondence Relative to the Affairs of the Levant. Vol.II. London. 1841. 765 p.

9. Graham, Sir James Bart. Corn and Currency; in an Address to the Landowners. London: James Ridgway. 119 p.

10. Gentz, Frederic. Fragments Upon the Balance of Power. London: M.Peltier. 1806. 335 p.

11. Hewett, Osbert Wyndham. "... and Mr Fortescue." A Selection from the Diaries from 1851 to 1862 of Chichester Fortescue, Lord Carlingford, K.P. London: John Murray. 1958. Bookplate Chichester Fortescue. 209 p. Enclosure: 1 ALS from Ian Lowe (Ashmolean) to V.Quinn (Balliol College) re Strachie and Waldegrave family papers. 17 May 1968. 1l.

12. Home and Foreign Review. Vol.I. July- Oct. 1862. London: Williams and Norgate. 1862. Marked "Cheltenham Permanent Library." 616 p.

13. Home and Foreign Review. Vol. II. Jan.- Apr. 1863. London. 1863. Marked "Cheltenham Permanent Library." 730 p.

14. Home and Foreign Review. Vol. III. July- Oct. 1863. London. 1863. Marked "Cheltenham Permanent Library." 784 p.

15. Home and Foreign Review. Vol. IV. Jan.- Apr. 1864. London. 1864. Marked "Cheltenham Permanent Library." 776 p.

16. Le Play, M.F. La Constitution de l'Angleterre. Tours: Alfred Mame et fils. 1865. 437 p.

17. Le Play. L'Organisation de la Famille. Paris: Tequi. 1871. Annotated : "A la famille D.Urquhart. Hommage de l'auteur. F.Le Play." 318 p.

18. Le Play. L'Organisation du Travail. Tours: Mame. 1870. Annotated: " A Mer. et Mme. Urquhart. Hommage de l'auteur. F. Le Play." 557 p. Enclosure: 1 AlS from Le Play to [D.U.] 25 Mar. 1870. 1l.

19. Le Play. La Reforme Sociale en France. Tours: Mame. 1872. 603 p.

20. Lotsky, Dr J. The Life of Moses. London: 1862. Annotated and signed by author. 48 p.

21. [Mac Neill, Sir John.] Progress and Present Position of Russia in the East. London: John Murray. 1838. 151 p. Enclosure: 1 MS re p 107. [D.U.] [1838-].

22. [Mac Neill, Sir John.] Proges et Position Actuelle de la Russie en Orient; Ouvrage Traduit de Anglais. Paris: Truchy and Deyer. 1836. 68 p.

23. Martin, R.M. Ireland Before and After the Union With Great Britain. Annotated: "David Urquhart, Esq. M.P. with the regards of the author." London: J.B.Nichols and son. 1848. 424 p.

24. Marx, Karl. Edited: Eleanor Marx Aveling and Edward Aveling. The Eastern Question. A Reprint of Letters Written 1853- 1856 Dealing with the Events of the Crimean War. London: Swan Sonneschein & c. 1897. 656 p. Contains refernces to D.U.

25. Montagu, Right Hon. Lord Robert. Foreign Policy: England and the Eastern Question. London: Chapman & Hall. 1877. 383 p.

26. Monteith, General. Editor. Narrative of the Conquest of Finland by the Russians in the Years 1808- 9. From an Unpublished Work by a Russian Officer of Rank. London: Lionel Booth. 1854. 243 p.

27. Parish, Henry Headley. The Diplomatic history of the Monarchy of Greece . London: J.Hatchard & sons. 1838. Annotated: "With the author's respects." 221 p.

28. Pinkerton, Robert. Russia. London: Seeley and sons. 486 p.

29. Phipps, Edmund. Memoir of the Political and Literary Life of E.Robert Plumer Ward. Vol. I. London: John Murray. 1850. 496 p.

30. Phipps, Edmund. Memoir of the Political and Literary Life of E.Robert Plumer Ward. Vol. II. London: John Murray. 1850. 492 p.

31. Ribbe, Charles de. Les Familles et la Societe en France Avant la Revolution d'Apres des Documents Originaux. Vol. I. Paris: Joseph Albanel. 312 p.

32. Ribbe, Charles de, Les Familles et la Societe en France Avant la Revolution d'Apres des Documents Originaux. Vol. II. Paris: ALbanel. 31874. 275 p.

33. Ribbe. Le Play d'Apres sa Correspondance. Paris: Firmin- Didot et c. 1884. 454 p. Enclosure: 1 ALS from Le Play to ? 9 Aug. 1866. 1l.

34. Ribbe; Jannet,C; Lamarche; Michel,J; Cheysson,E; Delaire,A; Michel,G; Jacquier,C; Curzon, Emm. de; Berron,; Saboulin, A de; Delor,A; Le Play; Butenval,Comte de; Moreau d'Andoy,Chevalier A de and Lahaussois,M. L'Annuaire de l'Union pour l'An 1875. Tours: Mame. 1875. 442 p.

35. Roberts, D. 1 MS receipt book. Entries for 20 Oct. 1759- 2 Feb. 1763.

36. Robinson, Gertrude. David Urquhart. Introduction by F.F.Urquhart. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. 1920. 328 p. Enclosures: 1 printed MS. "A Travers les Livres Etrangers un Anglais Original David Urquhart." Review of the biography. Felix Klein. 2l. 1 ALS from David Urquhart [junior] to Gertrude Robinson. 3 May 1920. 2l.

37. Russian Official Publication. Diplomatic Study on the Crimean War. Vol. I. London: W.H.Allen & Co. 1882. 516 p.

38. Russian Official Publication. Diplomatic Study on the Crimean War. Vol. II. London. 1882. 416 p.

39. Scobel, Henry. Letters from ireland Relating the Several Great Sucesses it Hath Pleased God to Give Unto the Parliament's Forces. London: 1649. 20 p. Wrapped in paper sent from: John Wilson, 12 King William St, Charing Cross. Addressed to: Rt. Hon. Lrd Clermont, Ravensdale Park, Newry, Ireland. Wrapper annotated by [D.U.?] and contains a postage stamp.

40. Thiersch, Frederic. De l'Etat Actuel de la Grece et des Moyens d'Arriver a sa Restauration. Vol I. Leipzig: F.A.Brockhaus. 1833. 464 p.

41. Thiersch. De l'Etat Actuel de la Grece et des Moyens d'Arriver a sa Restauration. Vol. II. Leipzig. 325 p.

42. Tooke, Thomas. Considerations on the State of the Currency. London: john Murray. 1826. 152 p.

43. Twiss, Travers. On the Relations of the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein to the Crown of Denmark and the Germanic Confederation. London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans. 1848. 204 p.

44. Ubicini, M.A. Letters on Turkey: an Account of the Religious, Political, Social and Commercial Condition of the Ottoman Empire. Translated by Lady Easthorpe. Vol. I. London: John Murray. 1856. 358 p.

45. Ubicini, M.A. Letters on Turkey. Vol. II. London. 1856. 450 p.

46. Westminster, Archbishop Henry Edward of. The Vatican Decrees in their bearing on Civil Allegiance. London: Longmans, Green and co. 1875. 193 p.


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