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Papers of David Urquhart - catalogue outline

Catalogue outline

I Letters. This section includes some Manuscripts.

II. Manuscripts.

Including some letters.

III Pamphlets.

IV Bound pamphlets.

V Posters.

  • A: Electoral, Sheffield. 1841.
  • B: Electoral, Stafford. 1847- 60.
  • C: Foreign Affairs Committees. 1858- 76.
  • D: General Political. 1838- 54.

VI Books by D.U.

  • A: Printed works.
  • B: Manuscript works.

VII Other books including books about D.U. and H.U.

VIII Periodicals edited and influenced by D.U.

  • Portfolio.
  • Free Press. Paper of the Foreign Affairs Committees.
  • Diplomatic Review.

IX Diplomatic Fly Sheets edited by C.D.Collet (F.A.C. member.)

X Printed papers .

Mainly published by Diplomatic Review and Free Press.

XI Miscellaneous.

  • 1: Legal documents. 1731- 1854.
  • 2: Letters in Arabic and Greek. [1827- 63?]
  • 3: 1 MS letterbook. 1835- 7.
  • 4: Disraeli colloquium information. c 1975.
  • 5: 1 TS of original catalogue.
  • 6: Empty folders found with the collection.
  • 7: Correspondence re the grave of David Urquhart Jr (1855-1928). 1978.


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