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Papers of James Leigh Strachan-Davidson


A. Correspondence from JLSD to J.W. MacKail (JWM) 1886-1915.

17 items: 15 ALS from JLSD to JWM, 1 ALS from JWM to Edmund New, 1 ALS from Edmund New to JWM. (These items are enclosed in an ALS from JLSD to JWM.)

Subjects include: JLSD's travels overseas (many of these letters were posted abroad), Gladstone's plans for Irish Home Rule, the Balliol College arms (E. New wrote to JWM about this), Russia's role in WWI.

B. Correspondence between JLSD and W.L. Newman, Jan 1890, Oct. 1894, Dec. 1912, Oct. 1915.

7 items: 6 ALS from W.L. Newman to JLSD, 1 AL copy from JLSD to W.L. Newman.

Subjects include: JLSD's articles, his book on Cicero, new college buildings, scholarship examinations, college wartime funds etc.

C. Correspondence between JLSD and Edward Caird (EC) 1894-1907.

83 items: 62 ALS from JLSD to EC, 3 ALS from EC to JLSD, 1 ALS from Mrs. Caird to JLSD, 15 ALS from other correspondents to JLSD and EC on matters relating to the JLSD/EC correspondence. (Including 2 ALS from Evelyn Abbott, 3 ALS from Arthur Pickard-Cambridge, 1 ALS from W.R. Hardie.)

Important items include:

1 ALS from W.R. Hardie to EC. 18th Nov. 1893. 1L. Mentions Caird's Mastership and advises election of JLSD as Vice-Gerent.

3 ALS from JLSD to EC. 20, 23, 27 Jan. 1894. 4L. Reports on the problems between Bowen and Campbell on the writing of a Life of Jowett.

3 ALS from EC to JLSD. 22 April, 4, 16 May 1907. Contains EC's announcement of his resignation.

Other subjects include: Admission of various students to the college, SCR positions, ICS scholarships and exams. (Further correspondence between JLSD and EC is contained in the Caird Papers. For Bowen and Campbell and the Jowett Life see V/B.)

D. Letters of congratulation to JLSD on his election to the Mastership, 1907.

475 items: 463 ALS, 1 AL, 2 TLS, 6 APS, 3 telegrams. (Many of the letters have a note on the date of reply by JLSD and the name of the correspondent written at the top by EVQ. The series is arranged alphabetically by author.)

Correspondents include:

L.S. Amery, F. Baden-Powell, A.C. Bradley, Mrs. Caird, W.J. Courthope, Lord Curzon, Lord Elgin, H.A.L. Fisher, H.H. Gibbon, C.E. Gooch, Edward Grey, W.R. Hardie, Lord Loreburn, W. Markby, Lord Milner, James Murray, W.L. Newman, C. Oman, H.M. Pickard-Cambridge, G.H. Putnam, John Simon, Cecil Spring-Rice, K.A. Strachan-Davidson, E.H. Sweet-Escott, Mary S. Talbot, Ernest Walker, George Young, A. Zimmern.

E. Letter from JLSD to H.H. Asquith on "Open Spaces," enquiring about Asquith's policy on open areas in cities, 1909.

5 items:

  • TS copy of the letter. 31 May 1909. 5L.
  • AMS draft of the letter. 31 May 1909. 1L.
  • AMS note from G.B. Whitaker [typist?]. n.d. 1L.
  • APS from H.H. Asquith to JLSD. 3 June 1909. Cutting from The Morning Post with article about land duties and undeveloped land. 29 May 1909. 1 column.

F. Letters of congratulation to JLSD on the award of his DCL, March 1916.

4 items: 4 ALS (including one from JWM) to JLSD.

G. Various Correspondence.

97 items: 78 ALS, 5 TLS, 4 AL, 2 APS, 1 TL copy, 2 TS papers, 4 AMS notes by JLSD about letters to be answered, 1 printed pamphlet. (Most of the letters in this series concern college affairs and were written to JLSD as Master. Many also acknowledge congratulations sent by the college. This series is arranged alphabetically by author, or recipient if the author is JLSD).

Important items include:

1 ALS from H.H. Asquith acknowledging congratulations from Balliol.

11 April 1908. 1L.

1 TS copy of JLSD's letter to H.H. Asquith on "Open Spaces," with JLSD's AMS note of Asquith's reply. 31 May 1909. 6L.(see also III/E.)

1 ALS from Margot Asquith (wife of H.H. Asquith) about her son at

5 July 1911. 1L.

1 AL copy from JLSD to Cyril Asquith (son of H.H. Asquith) congratulating him on his First. 31 July 1913. 1L.

7 ALS from Conington to JLSD. 30 Mar. 1868-8 Oct. 1869. 10L.

5 ALS from W. Courthope to JLSD. 3 Aug. 1869-17 Jan. 1894. 9L.

2 ALS from Lord Curzon on his contemporaries and his Honorary Fellowship. n.d. and 13 Dec. 1907. 2L.

1 TLS from A.V. Dicey on AVD's resignation of the Vinerian Professorship. 20 May 1909. 1L.

1 AL copy from JLSD to A.V. Dicey. 21 May 1909. 1L.

1 ALS from Lord Elgin. 17 Oct. 1983. 1L.

1 ALS to "Frances" by JLSD [Frances Venables, his god-daughter?] about her new job, JLSD's deceased friends and Balliol men killed in the War. 18 Dec. 1915. 1L. (This item was not originally in the collection. It was handed to the Master in 1980, and placed in the collection when this catalogue was compiled. With AMS note by EVQ about the donation.)

1 ALS copy from JLSD to Edward Grey congratulating him on his being awarded the Order of the Garter. 29 Feb. 1912. 1L.

1 TLS from Edward Grey thanking Balliol for the above. 4 March 1912. 1L.

1 TLS from Lord Lansdowne about JLSD's ideas on reform of the House of Lords. 7 March 1910. 1L.

2 ALS from Lord Loreburn to JLSD. 29 April 1907 and 3 Jan. 1908. 2L.

1 ALS from W. Markby to JLSD. 10 Nov. 1905. 1L.

1 ALS from Theodor Mommsen to JLSD about JLSD's review of one of his books. 20 May 1901. 1L.

2 ALS and 1 TLS from Lord Newlands to JLSD. 20 and 24 May 1907, 26 June 1913. 3L.

2 ALS from Arthur Pickard-Cambridge to JLSD. 29 Aug. 1897, 1 Aug. 1897. 2L.

1 ALS from Thea (?) Radcliffe to JLSD asking for copies of a memorial paper to her brother Douglas, killed in action at Hooge. 16 Oct. 1915. 1L.

6 TS copies of the memorial to Douglas Radcliffe. 2L.

1 ALS from Cecil Spring-Rice to JLSD. 25 June 1914. 2L. Printed pamphlet A Woman's Word On An Important Question, on women and Trades Unions. Written and sent to JLSD by Mary S. Talbot. c.1890. 4p.

6 ALS from P.F. Willert to JLSD. c.1869-70? 7L.

2 ALS to Sir Arthur Willert, son of P.F. Willert. 1 by JLSD on P.F. Willert's death. 10 April 1912, 1L. 1 by F.F. Urquhart on the war and Oxford. 4 July 1915. 1L. (These items were not originally part of the collection. They were donated by Paul Willert in 1973 and added to the collection when this catalogue was compiled. With AMS by Paul Willert.)

H. Letters to A.L. Smith on the death of JLSD and recalling his life, 1916.

11 items:

1 ALS from F. Pember about JLSD's death. 28 Mar. 1916. 1L.

1 ALS from H. Beeching to Arthur Pickard-Cambridge about the time of JLSD's funeral. 30 Mar. 1916. 1L.

1 ALS from Sir Harold Hartley, then serving with the BEF, about JLSD. 4 April 1916. 1L. (With AMS envelope with Military Censor's stamp.)

1 ALS from W. Gamlen at the University Chest Office enclosing a letter from JLSD about his DCL fee. 7 April 1916. 1L.

1 ALS from JLSD to W Gamlen. 14 Mar. 1916. 1L.

1 ALS from J. Richards about his brother and JLSD's grave. 10 April 1916. 1L.

1 ALS from Henrietta Willert (wife of P.F. Willert) recalling JLSD's feelings about Caird's Mastership. 24 April 1916. 1L.

1 TLS from the WEA Committee about JLSD's death. 4 May 1916. 1L.

1 ALS from J. Richards with recollections of JLSD. 17 May 1916. 1L.

1 ALS from J.A. Smith. n.d. 1L. With 4L of AMS recollections of JLSD.

1 AL copy from AHJ (?) recalling JLSD. n.d. 1L.

1 AMS note by A.L. Smith of people to write to about JLSD? n.d. 1L.

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- Tim Procter, Modern MSS Asst, October - December 1992.

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