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Papers of Adam von Trott


The following are originals of undergraduate essays written by Adam von Trott. They were presented to the College in 1991 by Charles Collins (Balliol 1930).

All are AMS - autograph manuscript. Undated [c. 1931-1933].

Box V


i.The Basis of Political Theory. (11 pages)

ii.Trace the Developments of Post Kantian idealism out of Kantian "Criticism". (6 pages)

iii.Had Kant a Distinctive Theory of Perception? (6 pages)


The following photocopies of undergraduate essays, written by Adam von Trott for tutorials at Balliol, were presented to the College in 1992 by the Bundesarchiv, Koblenz at the request of Adam von Trott's widow, Dr. Clarita von Trott. The originals (ref. NL von Trott 33) are among the papers of Adam von Trott presented by her to the Bundesarchiv, Koblenz, 5400 Koblenz (Karthause), Potsdamer Str. 1, Postfach 320. The material in this collection cannot be copied, quoted or published either in whole, or in any part, without the written consent of the owner(s) of the copyright.

All are AMS (autograph manuscript) except ix. which is typescript. Undated [c. 1931-1933].

i.Public Opinion the Barometer of Real Demand. (14 pages)

ii. Federalism as exhibited in the Government of the United States of America. For F. Pickhorn. (7 pages)

iii. Political and Constitutional History since 1760. (20 pages)

iv. The American Senate. (6 pages)

v. The English and the American Party Systems. (20 pages)

vi. On the Nature of Profit and Interest. (10 pages)

vii. The Significance of Richard Cobden's Ideas on Foreign Relations. (16 pages)

viii. Marxist Socialism in Germany. (20 pages)

ix. Idealism and Materialism in Politics. (11 pages)

x.Monetary and Non-monetary elements in Hayek's Theory of the Trade Cycle. (8 pages)

xi. Does Croce succeed in defining Art as Expression? (22 pages)

xii. Kant's Transcendental Doctrine of Space. (10 pages)

xiii.Comparison of Kant's Method in Determining the Nature of the Synthetic activity of mind with Hume. (10 pages)

xiv. Bosanquet's Theory of a General Will. (17 pages)

xv.Examine and Criticize Hume's View that the Causal Principle is Fundamental to all Knowledge of Real Existences. (10 pages)

xvi. Croce's Criticism of Hegel's Treatment of History and Nature. (11 pages)

xvii.Professor Prichard's Criticism of Kant's Transcendental Deduction of the Categories. (10 pages)

xviii.Professor Prichard's Criticism of Kant's Treatment of Space. (16 pages)

xix.T.H. Green's Theory of Right. (11 pages)

xx. Was Palmerston's Near Eastern Policy Consistent? (10 pages)

xxi.Can Competition Exist along with Increasing Returns? (9 pages)

xxii.The Main Features of Gladstonian Liberalism. (12 pages)

xxiii.Monopoly (Stronger Enterprises gradually eating up weaker ones). (8 pages)

xxiv.The Problem of Wage Regulation. (10 pages)

xxv.Pitt as War Minister. (11 pages)

xxvi.Was there a Real Demand for Parliamentary Reform between 1760-1800? (21 pages)

xxvii.Dicey's Account of Parliamentary Sovereignty. (6 pages)


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