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Jenkyns Collection: Appendix A - Jenkyns genealogy

The essentials of the genealogy and connections of the Jenkyns family are as follows. The name was generally spelt Jenkins in the 17th century, but by the late 18th century the current spelling Jenkyns had been adopted consistently, and this spelling is used here throughout. The information is derived from the Jenkyns Papers, correspondence, and monumental inscriptions at Curdridge, Hants., where many 19th and 20th century members are buried.

Robert Jenkyns (buried 1639), of Bremhill; he had numerous issue including Robert, below.

Robert Jenkyns (1602-1670) of Bremhill; he married twice and had numerous issue including Richard below.

Richard Jenkyns (died 1702), Rector of Street and Vicar of Frome; he married Deborah Swayne, by whom he had issue including:

  1. John, below.
  2. Richard (baptised 1677, clothier, of Frome, married Mary, daughter of John Harebottle), father of Richard (born ca 1705), clerk in holy orders, of Melksham: married Anne, daughter of Thomas Selfe), who was father of Richard (lawyer, of Wells, buried 1806; he married Anne who died 1825, daughter of Henry Lockett, Rector of Crowcombe; this Richard Jenkyns had no surviving issue, and material relating to the affairs of his branch of the family passed back into the papers of the main branch; RJ was his godson and JJ was one of his executors).

John Jenkyns (died 1731), Vicar of Frome and Canon of Wells; he married Sarah, daughter of John Merchant of Frome, by whom he had issue including Richard, below.

Richard Jenkyns (1714-1764), Rector of Lullington, Vicar of Burnham and Canon of Wells; he married (1743) Elizabeth, daughter of John Bryant of Bampton in Devon, by whom he had issue including:

  1. Sarah (1747-1777), who married Henry Hobhouse (lawyer, of Hadspen, died 1792; Benjamin Hobhouse, 1757-1831, DNB, and John Cam Hobhouse 1786-1896, DNB, politicians, were his first cousin and first cousin once removed respectively), by whom she had issue including Henry (1776-1854, civil servant, DNB), who was the father of Harriet (who married Henry Jenkyns: see below), Henry (born 1811, of Hadspen; father of Henry, 1854-1937, local government pioneer, DNB, who was father of John Richard, 1893-1961, shipowner, DNB), Edmund (1817-1904, bishop and antiquary, DNB), Reginald (b 1818: father of Leonard Trelawny, 1864-1929, writer, DNB), and Arthur (1819-1904, judge, DNB).
  2. John, below.

John Jenkyns [JJ] (1753-1824), Vicar of Evercreech and Prebendary of Dinder; he married Jane Banister (see Appendix B), by whom he had issue including:

  1. Richard [RJ] (1782-1854), Master of Balliol, Dean of Wells etc (see Introduction), DNB; he married Troth, daughter of Grey Jermyn Grove, but had no issue.
  2. Jane Catharine (born 1787), who married (1832) Thomas Gaisford (d.1855, Dean of Christ Church, DNB)
  3. Sarah (died 1891, aged 101), who married (1811) John Gale Dalton Thring (Rector of Alford), by whom she had issue including Henry (1818-1907, parliamentary draftsman, DNB), Edward (1821-1887, headmaster, DNB), and Godfrey (1823-1903, hymnologist, DNB).
  4. John (born 1786), lawyer, who married but had no surviving issue.
  5. Henry, below.

Henry Jenkyns [HJ] (1795-1878), Fellow of Oriel, foundation Professor of the University of Durham etc (see Introduction); he married Harriet Hobhouse (see above), by whom he had issue including Henry (1838-1899, KCB 1892, married Madalene Sabine Pasley, daughter of Admiral Sir T Sabine Pasley, DNB, but had no issue), Richard (1842-1886, Rector of Wallsend; he had male issue including Reginald Richard 1879-1957, who in turn had male issue), Arthur 1854-1924, who had no issue, Harriet (married John Pedder, Principal of Bishop Hatfields’ Hall Durham 1854-1859, by whom she had issue including John, civil servant, KBE, father of Arthur Reid, vice-admiral, KBE; and Elizabeth, mother of EF Synge), and John, below.

John Jenkyns (1843-1915), Rector of Durley; of Balliol (1862) and Steeple Court, Botley, Hants: he married Dora, daughter of Spencer Smith of Brooklands, by whom he had issue including Stephen Spencer (1882-1956, Balliol 1901, schoolmaster, married but had no surviving male issue) and Hugh Hobhouse, below.

Hugh Hobhouse Jenkyns (1879-1947), of Balliol (1898), the ICS and Steeple Court, Botley, Hants; he married [Violet] Winifred, daughter of AH Austen-Leigh, by whom he had issue including Robert (1915-1981, married but had no surviving male issue) and Henry Leigh, below.

Henry Leigh Jenkyns (born 1917), civil servant, of Balliol (1935) and Aldeburgh; he married (1947) Rosalind Mary, daughter of C Morton Home, by whom he has issue:

  1. Richard Henry Austen Jenkyns (born 1949), Balliol 1967.
  2. Viola Mary (born 1951; married Keith Jones).
  3. Edward Congreve Jenkyns (born 1953), Balliol 1972.



- John Jones

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