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Jenkyns Collection: Catalogue 1-23

Genealogy and Family History

1. A detailed pedigree roll showing the descendants of Robert Jenkyns (buried 1639) down to about 1850. [VII.12]

2. Wills, marriage settlements, estate documents etc (8 boxes) relevant to the history of the Jenkyns family (see Appendix A) 1640-1870), and of their connections, especially the Banister family (see Appendix B) 1670-1825. See also material indicated below under JJ, RJ and HJ. [I.3; III 2 & 9; VI.A.1, 1a & b; VII]

John Jenkyns [JJ] (1753-1824)

There is a substantial amount of material in the collection concerning JJ. It is mostly only of interest in connection with the history of the Jenkyns family, but the following are more noteworthy:

3. A letter (31 Aug 1774) from JJ (who signs Jenkins) to Charles Francis, describing at length (8 sides of foolscap) a tour to Scotland. [III.5]

4. Letters (26) from Richard Jenkyns (of Wells, buried 1806), to JJ on family matters including frequent references to RJ; a letter (5 Dec 1803) from JJ (who now signs Jenkyns) to Richard Jenkyns, reporting on RJ’s election to a Balliol Fellowship. [VI.A.1.b.ii]

5. Sermons by JJ 99 notebooks and about a dozen loose sermons, some fragmentary), mostly preached at Evercreech, on various dates. [III.10]

6. Material concerning JJ’s deat hand estate, 1824. [III.9; VI.A.1.b.i]

Robert Vernon [RV] (1774-1849)

The collection includes miscellaneous papers (3 boxes, mostly 1830-1845) of the art patron and National Gallery benefactor Robert Vernon. His link with the Jenkyns family, if any, was distant; it may have been through the Selfe family, to which they were linked by marriage, as a Mr Selfe is mentioned in connectioned with the estate of RV’s father. The most notable items are:

7. A letter to RV from GM Anson on behalf of Prince Albert, acknowledging the gift of a walking stick formerly owned by King George IV, 26 Aug 1846. [II.1]

8. Letters to RV (5: 2 of 1845 and 3 of 1847) from CL Eastlake. [II.1]

9. A letter to RV (nd) from William Etty. [II.1]

10. Letters to RV (2: 1847 and nd) from George Jones. [II.1]

11. Letters to RV (15: 1841-1846) from EH Landseer [II.1]

12. A letter to RV from Robert Peel (writing as a National Gallery Trustee) concerning RV’s gift to the National Gallery, 19 Aug 1847, with a letter for Lord Monteagle (T. Spring-Rice) and a letter from GS Thwaites on the same subject. [II.1]

13. A letter to RV from George Lance, 3 Sept 1844. [II.1]

14. A letter to RV from HW Pickersgill, 18 April 1843. [II.1]

15. A letter to RV from EV Rippingille, 1 Dec 1844. [II.1]

16. A letter to RV from Thomas Uwins, 22 May 1844. [II.1]

17. A register (1 vol) of RV’s commissions and purchases, with entries mostly made by the artists, who often give background information of interest. The artists who made entries include Robert Smirke, JMW Turner, Henry Howard, Daniel Maclise, Thomas Phillips, CR Leslie, JJ Challon, CL Eastlake, SA Hart, William Collins, James Ward, William Etty, George Clint, George Jones, Charles Landseer, George Lance, EH Landseer, David Roberts and FR Lee. Many of the works were eventually part of RV’s gift to the National Gallery. [II.1a]

18. An inventory (1 vol, nd without any indication of ownership or location) of pictures, many of them by major artists, and books. [II.3]

19. Papers concerning the estate of RV’s father William Vernon (died 1 Sept 1802), a prominent London horsedealer. [II.2.a]

A more detailed description of this file is online here.

Henry Hobhouse [HH] (1776-1854)

Henry Hobhouse's mother was a Jenkyns (see Appendix A). He was Keeper of State Papers 1826-1854. A lawyer by profession, he was close to Robert Peel, who made him a member of the Ecclesiastical Commission he set up in February 1835; he was appointed a Commissioner when the Commission was established as a permanent body in 1836. He regularly fed his cousins RJ and HJ with inside information on the progress of ecclesiastical reform and advised them about aspects relevant to their own situations.

20. A letter from HH to his uncle John Jenkyns (1753-1854), with extensive comment on the composition and stability of the Government following Pitt’s death, and some remarks on the funeral, 24 Feb 1806. [III.4]

21. Letters (8) from H to his cousin RJ, 1829, mostly concerning Robert Peel, the Catholic Emancipation Bill, and Peel’s position as MP for Oxford University. [VI.A.24]

22. Letters (about 60) from HH to his cousin HJ, 1828-1841. [IV.B.[C];VB]

23. Letters (about 60) to HH from his cousin HJ, 1834-1843. [V.B]


- John Jones

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