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Archives catalogue - records of New Inn Hall


New Inn Hall (NIH) was absorbed by Balliol in 1886-1887; the site and buildings were subsequently sold. For outlines of the history of NIH see VCH Oxon, iii, 336 and Ingram’s Memorials of Oxford, ii. On the absorption of NIH and the subsequent sale of the buildings and site see A.6; D.9.28 & 29; D.11.12; MBP 121.

Some of its members were accepted into Balliol, along with its plate (which Balliol still has), its books and manuscripts (some of which are still in Balliol Library), and its administrative records for 1831-1887, which are listed below, together with J.L. Strachan Davidson’s papers concerning the men who were members at the time of closure. J.L. Strachan Davidson (Balliol 1862, Dean 1874-1907, Master 1907-1916) had the management of the men affected by the takeover. Re NIH plate, See DW Jackson’s catalogue, Plate Records 30. For the manuscripts see Mynors, MS 404 and MS 430-437.

The material now listed under this heading was previously scattered in various parts of Balliol Archives. It was brought together, rearranged, repackaged, and relisted as follows in June-July 1996.


1. NIH Accounts Feb. 1833 – Jan. 1834. 1 vol., no covers.

2. NIH Accounts Sept. 1835 – Sept. 1837. On front page a list of Bachelors not determining 1836-1840. On back page a list of those taking degrees 1832-1838. 1 vol., no covers.

3. NIH Accounts Oct. 1837 – Nov. 1839. On front page a list, probably made by and for use of a bursary clerk, of those who had taken their degrees Feb. 1839 to Dec. 1843, with precise dates. 1 vol., no covers.

4. NIH Accounts Dec. 1839 – Jan. 1842. On front page a list of Bachelors not determining in Lent Term 1841-44. 1 vol., no covers.

5. NIH Accounts Feb. 1842 – March 1844. On front page a note of three degrees taken Jan. to March 1844. Also loose bursarial papers, mainly of Thomas Blake. 1 vol., no covers.

6. NIH Accounts March 1844 – April 1846. At front a list of Bachelors not determining 1845-1848; also a list of those taking degrees 1844-1855, continued at back 1856-1863. 1 vol., no covers.

7. NIH Accounts April 1846 – June 1848. On front determining Bachelors for 1849, 1850, 1851; also a list of those who “Kept their “Three Week” before taking M.A. Degree.” 1 vol., no covers.

8. NIH Accounts June 1848 – July 1850. 1 vol, no covers.

9. NIH Accounts Aug. 1850 – Nov. 1852. 1 vol., no covers.

10. NIH Accounts Nov. 1852 – Dec. 1854. 1 vol., no covers.

11. NIH Accounts Jan. 1855 – Feb. 1857. 1 vol., no covers.

12. NIH Accounts March 1857 – March 1860. 1 vol., no covers.

13. NIH Accounts March 1860 – Oct. 1863. 1 vol., no covers.

14. NIH Accounts 1848-1866 (pp. 1-115 and 297-312, however, is a lawyer’s note-book in the same hand as Balliol MS 430). 1 vol., no covers.

15. NIH Accounts 1850-1867. 1 vol., no covers.

16. NIH Accounts.

  1. 1835-1848. 1 vol., red covers.
  2. 1836-1839. 1 vol, no covers.
  3. 1839-1843. 1 vol., no covers.

17. NIH Accounts 1831-1865. 1 vol. with covers. Butler’s Book. From the back are listed names of members on the books 1831-1887, with addresses from 1868. At the back John Antony Cramer DD and Henry Wellesley MA named as Principal and Vice Principal respectively.

18. NIH University Dues books.

  1. 1842-1848. 1 vol. Several pages at back missing.
  2. 2. 1865-1868. 1 vol.

19. NIH Accounts. Rough accounts and miscellaneous notes.

  1. 1844-1846. 1 vol.
  2. 1843-1858. 1 vol., no covers.
  3. 1846-1852. 1 vol.
  4. 1842-1846. 1 vol.

20. NIH Accounts. Rough accounts and miscellaneous notes.

  1. 860-1863. 1 vol., marbled green covers.
  2. ca 1865. 1 vol., marbled green covers.

21. NIH Admissions Book 1831-1887. 1 vol. Liber Aulae Novi Hospitii/Anno Domini 1831 on flyleaf verso. Starts by naming the 1831 Principal and Vice Principal (as in 17), then notes Henry Wellesley DD admitted Principal 26 Feb. 1847, and Revd. Henry H. Cornish admitted Principal 19 Feb. 1866; pasted in is an extract from the will (proved OU Chancellor’s Court 14 April 1709) of Thomas Bayley DD, Principal of NIH, concerning the NIH Buildings and Library.

22. NIH Address Book, ca 1867.

23. “Members of New Inn Hall in Alphabetical Order, 1887”. 1 vol. Includes non-resident members still on the books

24. lists of members. 1 & 2 both include non-resident members; both are fragile and soiled.

  1. “Alphabetical List of Members of New Inn Hall, Midsummer 1887”
  2. “New Inn Hall”. A printed list of members 1886-7, with annotations.

25. Miscellaneous loose papers – lists and accounts concerning NIH 1840-1850.

26. Miscellaneous lists and papers of J.L. Strachan Davidson concerning NIH, 1887.

27. Miscellaneous papers of J.L. Strachan Davidson concerning NIH members and affairs 1887-1888. Seven packets numbered 27.1-27.

- John Jones

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