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The Snell Exhibitioners 1699 - 1999

1699 R Duncan Medical student in 1710. Nothing else known.
R Carnegie Doctor, London.
C Gregory Professor of Mathematics, St Andrews.
J Monro Physician to the Bethlehem Hospital for Lunatics.
1709 J Carnegie Expelled 1710. Mate of the sloop Ruby, drowned 1721.
1710 J Stirling, FRS Mathematician, from the University of Edinburgh.
J Eccles  Physician, Edinburgh.
W Fullerton, FRS  Physician, London.
G Littlejohn Matriculated Glasgow March 1710, Oxford October 1710.
1716 D Drummond Aged 14 when admitted to Balliol.
1717 G Steuart Aged 14 when admitted to Balliol.
C Crawfurd Clergyman.
T Cameron Physician, practised in Worcester for fifty years.
1721 B Cochrane Vacated Exhibition 1732. Nothing else known.
1723 J Douglas Prebendary of Durham.
1728 W McGilchrist MA Oxon 1735, Nothing else known.
G Murray Chaplain-General to the Army. Prebendary of Durham.
1732 J Williamson Vacated Exhibition 1740. Nothing else definite known.
1735 J Preston Chaplain, 26th Regt.
1736 JS Menteath Clergyman.
1738 A Wood Clergyman.
1740 A Smith, FRS Political economist. Author, Wealth of Nations.
C Suttie Vacated Exhibition 1745. Nothing else known.
T Craufurd BA Oxon 1744. Nothing else definite known.
1743 J Stirling Buried St Mary Magdalen, Oxford 10 December 1743.
1744 J Smith Savilian Professor of Geometry, Oxford.
1745 J Douglas, FRS Bishop of Salisbury.
1747 J Ramsay MA Oxon 1745. Nothing else known.
1748 A Campbell Official in Bengal.
1749 CJS Douglas Barrister. Collector of Customs, Jamaica.
1750 A Cheap Vacated Exhibition 1761. Nothing else known.
1755 J Bruce Clergyman.
1756 A Lamont Lt. 57th Regt.
N Lamont Colonel 55th Regt. In many actions, India and America.
1760 D Callander Gentleman.
1761 G Maclellan Vacated Exhibition 1772.
1762 N Fothringham Clergyman.
1765 CC Balfour Minister.
1767 JA Cochrane Clergyman.
A Greenfield Clergyman.
1771 JC Sutherland Barrister.
1772 J R-Barclay, FRS Physician, London.
1773 J Hadow Clergyman.
1775 A Alison Clergyman in England; later Minister in Scotland.
1776 P Maxwell Vacated Exhibition 1786. Nothing else known.
1777 W Gregory Clergyman. Memorial in Canterbury Cathedral.
M Whyte Died 1779.
1779 M Baillie, FRS Royal Physician. Author, Morbid Anatomy.
CD Lindsay Bishop of Kildare.
1782 AH Cathcart Prebendary of York.
1783 H Fraser Clergyman.
1784 J Boyle Colonel of Militia.
1786 P Maxwell Clergyman.
1786 C Robertson Died 1793.
1788 SM Threipland Attorney-General of Bombay.
1789 G Cranstoun Judge in Scotland (Lord Corehouse).
1790 AN Brown Died in India 1798.
1791 W McDouall Canon of Peterborough.
1793 WW Moncreiff Barrister.
J Douglas Physician.
CM Babington Clergyman in England; later Minister in Scotland.
JW Moncreiff Judge in Scotland (Lord Moncreiff).
1794 D Aird MD Edinburgh.
1795 J Jardine Advocate. Sheriff of Ross and Cromarty.
R Morehead Dean of Edinburgh.
1796 F Laing Clergyman.
1797 T Rose Surgeon.
1798 J Young Clergyman. East India Company Chaplain.
1800 J Hutchison Clergyman. East India Company Chaplain.
1801 PH Goldie Captain, 88th Foot.
1803 N Macleod Vacated Exhibition 1807. Nothing else known.
P Cleghorn Barrister. Administrator-General Madras Supreme Court.
1804 WL Taylor Died 1812.
J Richmond Minister.
1805 S McCormick Advocate. Sheriff of Bute.
JG McCaul Merchant, Santa Cruz.
W Wilson Gentleman.
1807 W Hamilton Professor of Logic, Edinburgh. 
RA Taylor Advocate. Practised only a few years. 
R Macfarlane Clergyman.
A Nicoll, FRS Professor of Hebrew, Oxford.
1808 RA Scott Died 1812.
JH Christie Barrister. Acquitted of murder following a duel, 1821.
1809 A Annand Clergyman.
W Wedderburn Student in Aberdeen 1806-9. Vacated Exhibition 1810.
JG Lockhart Biographer and critic.
1810 J Traill Barrister. Metropolitan Police Magistrate.
1811 GR Gleig Lt. 85th Foot, Peninsular War; Prebendary of St Pauls.
1812 A Connell, FRS Professor of Chemistry, St Andrews.
1813 J Riddell Clergyman.
1815 C Young Died 1822.
D Young Clergyman. East India Company Chaplain. Died Bombay.
1816 A Crawfurd Died 1823.
GJ Lawrie Minister.
1817 C Innes Professor of History, Edinburgh.
1818 T Bissland Clergyman.
J Routledge Clergyman.
J Campbell Barrister.
1819 J Millar Died 1822.
JW Mylne Barrister.
WD Veitch Clergyman.
1820 J Sandford Archdeacon of Coventry.
1822 DS Meikleham Doctor, West Indies and New York.
GF H-N-Primrose Died in India.
CH Maclean Barrister.
1823 GM Drummond Minister.
1825 RA Scott Clergyman.
GL Hamilton  2nd Lt. Ceylon Rifle Regt.
1828 WWR Kerr Treasurer of Mauritius.
HJ Provand Died 1829.
J Inglis Judge in Scotland (Lord Glencorse).
1828 S Horsley Poor Law Inspector, Ireland.
1829 FJ Gardner Died 1831.
1829 AC Tait Archbishop of Canterbury.
1830 LW Jeffray Clergyman.
1832 JP Muirhead Advocate.
JJ Campbell Clergyman.
W Dunlop Parliamentary Solicitor.
J Connell Clergyman.
1833 GJ Bell Physician to HM Mission to Persia. Died Erzeroum.
G Robinson-Douglas Clergyman.
1838 JA Hamilton Clergyman (received as RC 1853).
T Ivory Barrister and Advocate.
1839 J Boyle Barrister.
1840 JC Shairp Professor of Poetry, Oxford.
1841 HA Douglas Bishop of Bombay.
P Cumin Barrister.
FR Sandford Civil Servant. Baron Sandford 1891.
1842 T Harvey Rector, Edinburgh Academy.
WY Sellar Professor of Latin, Edinburgh.
1843 HM Fletcher Clergyman.
1848 AC Irvine Clergyman.
1849 HH Lancaster Advocate.
NH Thomas Judge in India.
1850 R Baird Clergyman.
L Campbell Professor of Greek, St Andrews. Biographer of Jowett.
HH Almond Schoolmaster.
CJ Langhorne Clergyman.
1852 JM Galbraith Died 1854.
R Blair, VC Captain, 2nd Dragoon Guards. VC 1857. Died Cawnpore.
1853 H Hamilton Advocate.
1854 J MacConechy Clergyman.
DB Monro, FBA Provost of Oriel. Vice-Chancellor, Oxford.
1855 GR Luke Drowned in the Isis, 1862.
1856 J Nichol Professor of English Literature, Glasgow.
1859 AD Grant Businessman.
RB Ranken Writer to the Signet.
1860 E Caird, FBA Master of Balliol.
J Purves Fellow of Balliol.
1861 PA W-Henderson Warden of Wadham.
DA McNeil Died 1866.
1862 WE Addis RC Priest, resigned and married 1888.
CE Vertue Civil Servant
1863 JW Carlile Barrister in New Zealand.
1864 D Rose 2nd. Lit. Hum 1868. Nothing else known.
AJM Bell Private Tutor.
A Lang FBA Writer.
1865 H Craik MP. Privy Counsellor. 1st Baronet.
G Todd Civil Servant.
1866 A Rankine Civil Servant.
FJ Greg Died 1870.
1867 WMG Ducat Clergyman.
AR Murray Died 1878.
1868 JA Cross Barrister.
CR MacClymont Barrister.
1869 JM Brown Professor of Classics etc, New Zealand.
TR Wyer Civil Servant, India.
1870 AR MacEwen Minister.
WW Waddell Inspector of Schools.
1871 W Bathgate Inspector of Schools.
1871 J Scott Writer.
1872 J Forrest Advocate.
J MacCunn Professor of Logic etc, Liverpool.
1873 J Bonar, FBA Economist.
D Ferguson Civil Servant, India.
WY King Inspector of Schools.
1874 L Kay Schoolmaster.
WP Ker, FBA Professor of Poetry, Oxford.
JG Kerr Schoolmaster.
1875 T Gregory Minister.
W Muir Private Tutor.
JH Muirhead, FBA Professor of Philosophy, Birmingham.
1876 IF Burns Minister.
RH Pinkerton Professor of Applied Mathematics, Cardiff.
WD Scott Doctor. 
1877 WM Lindsay, FBA Professor of Humanity, St Andrews.
J Stuart Schoolmaster, Doctor and Journalist.
1878 AN Cumming Journalist.
J Edgar Professor of Education, St Andrews.
1879 JW Marshall Professor of Greek, Aberystwyth.
FW Clark Barrister.
1880 J Lee Civil Engineer.
H Walker Professor of English Lit., Lampeter.
1881 G Saunders Journalist.
1882 D Rankin Private Tutor.
1883 JP Nichol BA 1888. Died 1917. Nothing else known.
1884 FJ Wylie Secretary, Rhodes Trustees. Knight 1929.
1885 WA Gray Died 1891.
1886 J MacGilchrist Minister.
1887 CJM Gordon Schoolmaster.
1888 EF Scott Minister and Academic.
1889 H McPherson Civil Servant, India. Knight.
1890 JE McFadyen Professor, Biblical Studies.
1891 GD Brown Journalist.
1893 EH Wallace Judge, India. Knighted 1931.
1894 W Gow Schoolmaster.
1895 WK Gillies Schoolmaster.
1896 WGS Adams Warden of All Souls College.
1897 PW Monie Civil Servant, India.
1898 SFH Mackay Captured at Festubert and died of wounds 1917.
1899 A Main Minister. Chaplain to the King in Scotland.
1900 GH Stevenson Fellow of University College.
1901 PH Waddell Civil Servant, India.
1902 M Stewart Moderator, General Assembly, Church of Scotland.
1903 CG Nelson Civil Servant, India.
1904 WJ Auld Minister.
1905 JR Brown Fellow of Pembroke. Wounded at Gaza and died 1917.
1906 JH Maxwell Educationalist, India, etc.
1907 R Gibson Fellow of Balliol. Killed in action 1915.
1908 HJ Paton FBA Professor of Moral Philosophy, Oxford.
1909 HF Martin Schoolmaster.
1910 JB Hutton Lecturer in Ancient History, Glasgow.
1911 AN MacAlpine Schoolmaster.
1912 JF Scanlan Barrister.
1913 J Macmurray, MC Fellow of Balliol. 
1914 AB Muir Killed in action 1917.
1915 VA Lyons Died of wounds received in action 1917.
1918 JS MacArthur Clergyman. Benefactor of the College.
1920 DC Browning Journalist.
1920 CJ Fordyce Clerk of the Senate, Glasgow.
1921 A Cameron Professor of Greek, Aberdeen.
1923 DW Brogan, FBA Professor of Political Science, Cambridge. Knight.
1924 TE Wright Professor of Humanity, St Andrews.
1925 RM Wilson, KC President, Industrial Arbitration Board. Knight.
1926 A Boyle Headmaster.
1927 WE Muir Died 1934.
1928 JA Mack Criminologist.
GA Highet Professor of Latin, Columbia.
1930 JM Watt Barrister.
S Campbell Barrister.
1933 WR Ravie Killed in New Guinea, 1943.
WS Watt FBA Fellow of Balliol; Regius Professor of Humanity, Aberdeen
1934 FL Mills Killed in action, 1943.
1935 R Browning, FBA Professor of Classics, Birkbeck.
1937 A Buchanan Schoolmaster.
DC Goldsmith Died 1939.
1938 SI Smith Civil Servant.
1939 JD Bowman Civil Servant, India.
1941 JR Fiddes, QC Advocate.
DA Malcolm Lecturer in Humanity, Glasgow.
1943 BJ Fiddes Civil Servant.
1944  DGF Walker  University Librarian.
1945 G Lithgow MA 1961. 
1947 RGM Nisbet FBA Professor of Latin, Oxford.
1948 NK McCallum Civil Servant.
1949 GC Dick Civil Servant.
1951 MS Smith Lecturer in Humanity, St Andrews.
1952 AB Webster Dean of Humanities, Kent.
1953 ID Penman Civil Servant.
G Scott London Transport Administrator.
1955 WS Wilkie Schoolmaster.
1956 IL Fraser Educational Administrator.
1957 KG Dyer Schoolmaster.
1958 R Seaton Secretary, University of Dundee.
1960 RL McLaughlan Lecturer in History, Glasgow.
1961 FJ Cairns Professor of Latin, Liverpool.
1962 TD Campbell Professor of Jurisprudence, Glasgow. Dean of Law, ANU.
1963 JG Howie Lecturer in Classics, Edinburgh.
MH Lessnoff Reader in Politics, Glasgow.
DN MacCormick, FBA  Professor of Public Law, Edinburgh.
1964 RM Cummings Academic, English.
1965 DJ Cleland Classics Teacher.
JR Hay Lecturer in Social Sciences.
1966 G Anderson Professor of Classics, Kent.
AM Jamieson Chemist.
1967 RM Pinkerton Lecturer in Classics, Edinburgh.
1968 JD Bone Prof. of English Lit. and Senr. Vice-Principal, Glasgow.
DA Jackson Classicist.
DT Ulph Professor of Economics, University College London.
1969 P Chalmers BA 1972 (PPE).
1970 M Livingstone Teacher.
GH Munn BLitt 1977.
JG Williamson Professor and Head of the School of Music,
1971 MJ Horsman Historian. 
1972 DAR Blair Lecturer in English and American Lit., Kent.
JN Davie Schoolmaster, Classics.
1973 ML McLaughlin Fiat Serena Professor of Italian, Oxford University; Fellow of Magdalen College
JC Ramage Physicist.
1974 GR Forbes Professor of Philosophy, Tulane.
1975 WI Ramage Junior Dean of Balliol. Organic Chemist.
PW Wood Director PIEDA Plc.
1976 JG McGinley Managing Director Psion Computers Plc.
1977 C Kelly Solicitor.
1977 NA Macdonald Inspector of Taxes.
1978 JH Maddocks Mathematician. British Olympics Sailing Team 1984.
BW Mitchell Schoolmaster, Classics.
1979 NG Pacitti Schoolmaster, Mathematics, Australia.
1980 AG Swanson Organic Chemist.
1981 R Crawford Professor of Modern Scottish Lit., St Andrews.
CB Johnston Historian. 
1982 DP Kinloch Poet and Senior Lecturer in French Studies, Strathclyde.
David J Walker MSc Computation 1987.
1983 MGH Pittock Professor of Literature, Strathclyde.
RE Susskind Consultant and author, IT and the Law.
1984 JE Montgomery Orientalist, Oslo.
CA Troup Leave to supplicate DPhil (Law) 1991.
1985 RID Fletcher Legal Advisor.
KL Hamilton Concert Pianist.
S Martin Fellow of Magdalene College Cambridge, Mathematics.
1986 PE McGeown Leave to supplicate MLitt (Law) 1994.
AC Orr Solicitor.
1987 HM Wark DPhil (Mathematics) 1997.
1988 PD Watt Lecturer in British Mediaeval Lit., Aberystwyth.
1989 KC McCue DPhil (Music) 1994.
JE Milligan Leave to supplicate DPhil (French Lit.) 1994.
JA [Morgan] Tasioulas Lecturer in English, Stirling.
1990 MC Corrie Research in English Lit.
CJ Fraser Historian. Junior Dean of Balliol. Stockbroker.
HW Smith Lecturer in Economics, Oxford.
1991 JC Bamblett Systems Analyst.
AB Girdwood Classicist.
JC Harding Schoolmaster.
1992 G Irwin Economist. Marakon associates.
NR Royan Leave to supplicate DPhil (English Lit.) 1996.
1993 PE Galloway Historian.
1994 JA Dickson Leave to supplicate DPhil (Legal Philosophy) 1998.
CG Walker Leave to supplicate DPhil (History) 1999.
1995 ND Maclean BPhil 1997.
1996 RCA Higgins Research in Legal Philosophy.
1997 T Siddiqui Research in Music (Wagner).
H Worth Research in English Lit.
1998 RA Clayton Research in English Lit, then PGCE 1999-2000.
CM Farrelly Research in English Lit.
1999 IJ Forrest Research in History.
2000 GE Dow Research in English Lit.

- John Jones

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